Raro East Meets West Cuisine

soup in bread bowl

Raro serves up a mish mash of cuisine, like the restaurant’s name suggests. However, the “Eastern” dishes consists basically of rice with the steaks and other mainstays of “Western” cuisine. My dad is a regular there with his friends and he says the bread is really good.


I took my dad out to dinner last night and checked out the Chef’s Special Mushroom Soup. That’s the official moniker for it, it’s mushroom soup inside a hollowed out bread bowl. The bread is sourced from a bakery here and it’s pretty good.

soup in bread

This appetizer goes for RM 6.90 and you can opt for it to be separated (like my dad’s order) if you don’t want the bread to go soggy. I like the soup inside the bread though so I went the regular way.

bread in soup bowl

I also had a New Zealand Lamb Chop (RM 20.90). It’s quite cheap for the portion – three thinly sliced lamb chops served in an oblique dish with half a boiled potato and some vegetables. I wasn’t very impressed with the sides but the meat is solid enough.

nz lamb chop

My dad doesn’t eat a lot of meat so he didn’t order a main and just had some off mine. Even with his help, the portion is quite satisfactory. However, one thing I didn’t like is the fact that everything comes in at once – they don’t wait for you to finish the appetizer before serving the mains.

hb dad

I think that’s how it’s done in Sibu but I still don’t like it. The drinks are pretty good though – had a Milo Shake (RM 8.90) and they didn’t skimp and dilute it. Raro East Meets West Cuisine is primarily known for its steaks and soup in a bread bowl but I didn’t find it exceptional.

raro restaurant

Good bonding time with my dad before everyone comes back tomorrow though! 😀

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17 thoughts on “Raro East Meets West Cuisine”

    • Yeah, the servings are pretty generous for the price! 🙂

      I didn’t like how they served up everything in one go though – didn’t wait for us to finish appetizers before sending in the mains.

      Nice! I didn’t know it was under a different name before, I think this was my first time there. My dad loves the soup in bread bowl.

    • Indeed! 🙂

      It’s pretty good bread too – sourced from a local bakery. I liked it, but the serve-everything-out style is really a bit of a put-off.

      Cheers mate! 😀

  1. I remember that bread from some travel program earlier last month. It’s not soggy at all, and it’s pretty tasty. How much did that cost, though?

    Ah, the lamb chop. That’s what I like about small towns; the dishes are being sold at a cheaper price there than here.

    • Yeah, there’s a franchise in KL that does this as well – think it’s called Zoup of something to that effect. 🙂

      It’s RM 6.90 – not too bad for the size of the bread.

      Indeed! It’s cheap even for here – actually, there’s not much difference between a lot of higher end F&B outlets here and in KL, price-wise. The quality and service is much better (usually) in KL though except in certain places like Payung Cafe, which has superb service. 😀

    • Yup, I liked the soup in bread bowl – it’s done well since they source the bread from a local bakery.

      It’s a good thing to realize that they can’t bake as well as a bakery (coz they don’t have the equipment) and concentrate on the food instead. 🙂

      Come on over to Sibu!

  2. I don’t take lamb but the lamb chop you had definitely looks succulent. Ahahhah….can give a pass to the sides. Not enticing at all.

    I hardly dine with dad alone but I always bring him to shop because he will pay for his anak manja.hehhhehehh

    • I know right! The sides are just bland and uninteresting. 😡

      I took a bite of the boiled potato and that was about it – didn’t even touch the vegetables.

      Haha! That’s great! I eat with my dad coz it’s just the two of us here in Sibu right now (mom and sister coming home today though). It’s a great time to talk about all sorts of stuff coz we usually just call each other once a week. 😀

  3. Perhaps next time you can tell them specifically to not bring all out once. Some people might prefer the other way round and just gotten used to it, hehe. Bread soup bowl is rather comforting.

    • Yeah, I’ll be sure to do that next time! 🙂

      Hmm…you’ve got a point there, maybe there’s just used to bringing it out all at once, like the chu cha places over here.

      Indeed, I don’t like soup all that much but I do love bread. 😀


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