The infamous RM 35 bowl of noodles in Sibu!

big prawn noodles

Yup, it’s the most expensive noodles in town! RM 35 for a bowl of big prawn noodles and RM 30 for a plate of fish noodles. It’s ludicrous!

(but quite a satisfying indulgence)

peeled big prawns
They even peel the prawns for you – including the “claw” of the freshwater Tiger shrimp

The last time I ate here was in 2008 and at the time the big prawn noodles are priced at RM 20. There’s been a RM 15 increase in just five (5) years for the same dish! In comparison, the big prawn noodles were just RM 15 in 2005. We just came back to Sibu to visit my mom and decided to have lunch here. I told my better half about their ridiculously priced noodles just earlier in the day before we flew over.

most expensive noodles

Min Kong is famous for their Foochow style fried and cooked noodles (char chu mee) and it usually comes in a huge bowl (but the portion is just enough for one person). My girlfriend went for the plate of tapah fish noodles (RM 30) while I went for the big prawn noodles (RM 35).

min kong couple

I must admit, we received absolutely *fantastic* service the moment we stepped into the door and asked for the high flying dishes. They also have normal versions (sans fish or prawns) at much more reasonable prices.

We both enjoyed the RM 67.30 lunch though – it does taste good, albeit overrated and overpriced. The extra RM 2.30 is for a glass of iced Milo – yeah, Sibu prices are much more expensive than the going rates in KL for brewed drinks.

sibu foochow noodles
Portion is for one, despite the high price

My dad tells me no one (locals or visitors) actually orders this nowadays due to the absurd cost. I guess we were the first in quite a while – we certainly did got top notch service. πŸ˜‰

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39 thoughts on “The infamous RM 35 bowl of noodles in Sibu!”

  1. Oh I saw this on Yee Ling’s blog too, i wouldn’t mind to try since it’s not commonly found here in Penang, seafood with noodles are always the best πŸ˜€

    • Yeah, I talked to her about this on the plane to Sibu! πŸ™‚

      It’s something I grew up eating and the price is becoming exorbitant! It’s not seafood noodles though e.g. they won’t mix the fish together with the prawns so it’s either fish noodles or prawn noodles.

      There’s a good one in Sarikei (a town about 50 minutes away) too!

  2. Hahah…Dear, looking back at the last photo..Not because it’s delicious and good but also the ridiculous price that we must not left anything in the bowl.

    Love it dear…Hugs.

    • Haha! Indeed, must eat everything and the prawn broth stock from real prawns is good too! πŸ™‚

      The price for lunch was even more expensive than dinner despite only 2 persons eating versus 4 people. We got awesome service too when they heard we’re ordering this when everyone else is ordering chap fan.

      I’m glad you like it dear, next time we go to the Sarikei one! <3

  3. Whoooaaa!!! The “fantastic” price really shocked me and made my heart skip a beat. Only HB would would not mind any price for the best. I wanna be your guest next time as I know I will love it like crazy. It reminds me of that Big Prawns Noodles at outskirts of SS2 which is expensive but very tasty too.

    • It was a lot cheaper when I ate here in 2008 – RM 20! πŸ™‚

      The prices just went up and up. There’s another good one in Sarikei (1 hour drive) too, that is an asam version and also features big prawns for RM 25 (last time I checked).

  4. I simply refused to go and eat when it was RM25 and then, RM30…and definitely not going now, at RM35 a bowl…for 1 and a half prawns. RM35 at the wet market, one can get one kg…and at least 40 of the prawns, medium-sized. Over-rated and ridiculously over-priced.

    • Yeah, it is rather overpriced eh? πŸ™‚

      I know companies would bring overseas guests over here for lunch, another popular option is empurau fish dinner. Other than corporate, I don’t know many people who goes there without an expense account.

      I still like the one in Sarikei though (Glory Cafe) but calculate fuel costs in and it’ll come out the same.

    • Indeed! Had to finish the prawn broth, that’s probably RM 10 worth of soup. πŸ™‚

      Haha! Yeah, the last time I was here was in 2008 so I reckon a return in 5 years isn’t too bad. I haven’t had it for a very long time and had been hankering for Foochow style noodles (they’re both the same, one just has less water).

      The way they do it is to fry the noodles then add water to further cook it. It tastes good!

  5. The famous Prawn mee in Bintulu is also around that mark. So is Sang Har Meen in KL, around RM27 per portion at Green View. But once in a while is fine la.

    • Yeah, but it used to be cheaper! πŸ™‚

      It was RM 20 back in 2008 and they increased it in RM 5 increments until the RM 35 price now. The price of prawns have gone up, apparently.

  6. Woah! Price went up!
    My bro. visits Sabah every year due to work. Many friends from his study years brought him to this place some years back. He painted a heavenly picture of it. Aaaah.. the big fresh succulent seafood~ & at that time he felt the price is reasonable too.

    Since you’re in Sabah. Have you tried the bat meat before?
    My bro’s friends said it’s high in collagen & tasty like kg. chicken, which contributed to their smooth skin (secret recipe). My bro. verified even the grandma has good skin look younger thn most ppl. her age & good hair (she uses coconut oil hehe).

    • Hello Vera! πŸ™‚

      Yeah, the price goes up every year if I’m not mistaken! It used to be RM 8 when I was a kid, then RM 10 and RM 15 and it just went crazy from there.

      I’ve had bat meat but in 10th mile in Kuching, don’t know places in Sibu where they sell it.

      BTW, this is in Sarawak, not Sabah, although Sabah has a lot of awesome food (especially cheap seafood like RM 15 abalone) too!

  7. I thought I had it RM15 almost 15 years ago.. and when I brought my WM friend there, he mentioned of overdose of MSG thus feeling thirsty after the meal. Agreed its over-rated (over-priced) but what the tend to spend/splashes for loves one especially when traveling. Go for it. Just Do It! hope u had a safe trip back to work too. Cheers

    • Yup, it’ll be RM 10 or RM 15 at the time, depending on whether you had fish or prawn! πŸ™‚

      They do have a lot of MSG in their noodles! It’s the Foochow way of cooking “chu-char” e.g. frying dry and then adding water (lots in my prawn noodles, a little in the fish noodles, you can ask for it “dry” which has less water or regular, which is a huge bowl of soup but both is watery) and we both felt very thirsty afterwards.

      Thanks mate!

    • I know, when I asked about the price, the lady faltered for a while before telling me it’s RM 35! πŸ™‚

      She was gauging my expression, she thought I didn’t know how much it was and would be shocked to hear the price. I knew about the price increase, though last time I ate here was in 2008 for RM 20.

      It was funny though, we got such great service from them.

  8. i heard about this and yes.. i think we tried it once when we went to Sibu few years back.. crazy expensive.. but it was nice.. I don’t think i’ll eat this during my December trip to Sibu cos i feel that Papa won’t allow me to eat such expensive food in Sibu.. hahaha !!

    • Yeah, it’s a Sibu landmark of sorts! πŸ™‚

      They used to be really famous for their prawn noodles until it became so expensive that they had to do a chap fan sideline (which is now their main source of income) to cater for the average Joe.

      It used to be that they only wanted to do the big prawn noodles but it’s unsustainable.

  9. Ah, reminds me of something I have back in Kuching. Similar price point though I’m not so sure about the prawns they use, not a big enough fan of prawns to justify splurging on something like this. I’m sure it’s a heck of a meal though.

    • I haven’t heard of the Kuching one but would love to try it! πŸ™‚

      I worked in Kuching for 5 years and spent the first 7 years of my life there (born in Sibu but my sister is born in Kuching and we were living there then) and I like the place – not too big, not too small.

      It’s quite delicious, I wanted to eat it for the nostalgic value, last time I had it was in 2008. It’s delicious but not RM 35 delicious. Maybe RM 20 delicious. I’m sure more people would eat it if it’s still 2008 prices.

    • Yeah, it’s pretty good! πŸ™‚

      I haven’t had it in 5 years and it has increased RM 15 in that time. It used to be just RM 20. I would eat it once in a while but a better version is the asam tom yam big prawn noodle in Sarikei. We initially wanted to go there (it’s a 1 hour drive) but my mom was too tired.

    • Yeah, it tastes good too! πŸ™‚

      I like how they peel the bits of the two long “claws” for you – that meat would be quite messy to get at with just chopsticks and a soup spoon!

      The tapah fish one is pretty good too – both are basically cooked the same way – the noodles are fried and the water is added (how much depends on your order) and “dry” results in the fish dish (which is still “wet” by most people standards but it’s cooked in the broth until reduced) while “wet” results in the soup dish where no reduction takes place.

    • Yeah, it’s not something I can afford to eat every day! πŸ™‚

      I haven’t had it since 2008 so I thought I wanted to show my better half what the fuss is all about.

      Part of the price increase is due to the price of prawns and fish going up…but not by that much. They just want to make a huge margin off this and part of the “appeal” for some folks is the ability to afford to eat this e.g. that’s why some corporate customers bring their clients here.


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