Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi with fried chicken drumsticks and sunny-side up egg

Mi Sedaap Ayam Goreng

I’ve always been a huge fan of Mi Sedaap since it came out. I’m not the only one either – I’ve seen many people at the hypermarket aisles grabbing packets of Mi Sedaap and/or asking their parents to get that particular brand. In fact, all my friends living in Australia wants me to bring over Mi Sedaap whenever I’m visiting down under!

Mi Goreng Ayam Krispi

I think a lot of this is due to the awesome springy noodle texture and the generous 91 gram packs. This is very unusual – in a good way. You’ll notice that no other commercial instant noodle manufacturer has such a large serving – it’s usually 79 grams or less. I can barely manage to eat 3 packets while I can easily eat 3 packets of any other manufacturer.

Mi Sedaap Flavor Sachets

The other important bit is in Mi Sedaap’s flavor sachets – there are five (5) of them in total! There’s the 3 liquid ones – chilli sauce, soy sauce and flavored oil, plus the 2 dry ones – powdered flavor and the dried onions. It’s important to mix everything except the dried onions, that one goes in last, so the crispy element is there.

Now, with the new Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi, all these wonderful characteristics are amplified!

Noodle Cake

I just tried the new Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi with fried drumstricks and it was awesome! You will need:

  • 1 packet Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi
  • 1 chicken leg, portioned
  • 1 chicken egg
  • Flour, baking powder, salt and pepper to taste

I first battered and deep fried the chicken leg and set it aside to rest. You can do this in any type of oil except EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) since the flash point of EVOO is too low for deep frying tasks like these.

Cooking Noodles

I also fried a sunny-side up egg before I set a pot to boil for the Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi.

Springy Noodles

The Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi just needed a quick 3 minutes in hot water before it’s tossed in all the flavor and oil sachets (except the special Krispi Krezz Krezz bits).

Sachet Trick

Pro tip: It’s highly important that the Krispi Krezz Krezz sachet is only opened and poured on top of the noodles after it’s tossed so that it doesn’t get soggy. It’s meant to provide a crispy contrast to the springy noodles and it’s delicious!

Tossing Noodles

I love the Krispi Krezz Krezz bits! I feel that all the other “Mi Goreng” type competitors are sorely lacking in both getting the flavor profile right and in the crispiness of the fried onions. You’ll notice that once you go Mi Sedaap, you’ll never go back coz the flavor sachets are amazing! It really makes the noodles taste like real Mi Goreng with its robust and full flavors.

Krezz Krezz Krispi Sachet

I also personally like the springy texture of Mi Sedaap’s noodles. I consume a lot of instant noodles and I can wholeheartedly endorse Mi Sedaap’s noodles as the best! Just follow the timing instructions and you’ll never get soggy or “gritty” (from uncooked flour) noodles anymore.

Krezz Krezz Krispi Bits

The latest Krispi Krezz Krezz Yang Lebih Rangup bits brings this to a whole new level! It tastes like fried chicken has been added to the noodle. I’ve always been disappointed with other manufacturers fried onions – they’re either soggy or flat, there’s completely no crunch to the fried onions, which is a very important component in Mi Goreng. The texture contrast that the crispy Krispi Krezz Krezz bits bring to the table (no pun intended) is amazing.

Eating Mi Sedaap

The new Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi is a huge improvement that tastes like all Mi Goreng type noodles should – check it out and see what I mean. Remember to put in the Krispi Krezz Krezz bits in last, a lot of people put it in together with the rest of the ingredients prior to tossing due to laziness or ignorance and that’s wrong – it’s meant to be crispy, so think of it as a topping. 🙂

I heard Mi Sedaap is also giving out tickets for Hot Air Balloon rides now. Check out the Mi Sedaap Malaysia Facebook for more information, tips and recipes!

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26 thoughts on “Mi Sedaap Goreng Ayam Krispi with fried chicken drumsticks and sunny-side up egg”

    • Yeah, I tend to eat 3 packets myself! 🙂

      That’s if I’m very hungry, usually I’ll eat 2 packs, but if there’s other stuff e.g. meat and eggs, I can eat one and fill up on protein.

  1. My missus’ favourite, this brand. She will always stock up on soto ayam – she loves that best. Gotta tell her about this one – looks really good. For one thing, this brand is cheaper than most – those “nicer” ones, that is…and some overrated ones (including those from Singapore or Korea) are really so expensive, not much better – not worth it, if you ask me.

    • It’s the #1 selling dry noodles nowadays! 🙂

      Us too, we have been buying this for the past few years coz the kids love it and so do we. The best thing is the crispy bits, I was too lazy to put them in last at first, just dumped them in with the powder and the chilli and the oil and soy sauce.

      One time I forgot to put in the crispy bits and put them in last and it tasted awesome! I’ve always put them in last as a topping since. Yup, this is better than a lot of the more premium brands, very savoury, I love it.

  2. I like Mamee Chef tomyam flavour.. Oh yes, I’ve heard of this Ayam krispi Krezz thingy.. Of course, there is no fried chicken inside, but I’m interested to know how the “krezz krezz” thingy taste like..

    • The Krispi Krezz Krezz bits are actually fried onions! 🙂

      It’s not just fried onions in this new one though, it’s fried onions *with* chicken flavoring so it actually tastes like chicken bits mixed in with crispy fried onions. It’s really very good!

      You put it in last of all, don’t mix it with the other ingredients or it’ll turn soggy. It’s supposed to be a topping and gives a nice crunch and texture change to keep the palate interested.

    • Yeah, me too! 🙂

      I don’t think it’s available anymore though, haven’t seen it around in at least 2 years! I’ve switched to this brand, it’s much better than Indomie – tastes better and there’s more to one pack too. The flavoring is unbeatable, that’s why lots of kids likes Mi Sedaap too.

    • I ate boxes of it when I was in uni too! 🙂

      I think it’s a huge part of every college and university student’s diet. Haha. I would eat 4 packets back then but I can’t now. I can eat a max of 3 packets if I’m hungry. I used to be able to eat a lot when I was in uni but getting older now and I can’t eat the crazy amounts I used to be able to do.

  3. Back in Hawaii when I was 8 year old kids like to crush ramen noodle uncooked and mix with dry soup base to form a snack to eat. Teachers does it also. San Francisco not popular thing to do too bad.

    • I know what you mean! 🙂

      We do that here too, it’s popular among primary school kids as well. It was even popular as far back as the late 80’s/early 90’s when I was in primary school, a lot of people ate it as a snack without cooking it. I bet people before my generation were going it too.

    • I don’t think Indomie is available in Malaysia anymore! 🙂

      I heard a while ago that they’re exiting the Malaysian market. I’ve personally never seen it for over 2 years! I’ve switched over to Mi Sedaap for several years now, bought it to try it out and got hooked, it’s a lot better tasting and it’s bigger in size too.

      Haha! Yeah, we replicated the look of KFC chicken with salted egg yolks. It doesn’t really have egg yolks but I dusted it with McCormick’s oregano.

    • It’s really good! 🙂

      The kids love it too, and it’s not just us, it seems like a lot of other people do as well. We overheard a bunch of private school kids asking their parents to get Mi Sedaap at BIG in Publika, they only wanted to eat this brand.

      I like the small touches – the chilli sauce and soy sauce is easy to squeeze out, unlike other brands.

  4. There’s a lot of great instant noodles in Japan but my favorites are still Maggi and Indomie. I haven’t tried Mi Sedaap before but if it’s better (if not comparable) to Indomie, I’ll probably like it too.

    • We can’t get Indomie here now! 🙂

      It’s been unavailable for a couple of years. However, Mi Sedaap came in and it more than made up for it, it’s a lot better than Indomie, have never looked back since. I bet you’ll love it if you try it, not sure if you can get it in Japan (the land of awesome ramen) but check it out when you come back – it’s truly delicious! I love the crispy onions.

  5. For the dry mee goreng, I agree that there’s none better than Mi Sedaap…I love their Perisa Asli flavour and especially the fried crispy bits. So, these fried bits have chicken taste in them? Mmm, I’ve gotta try! Your version is more decadent…got a real “ayam goreng” + a fried egg! 😀

    • Yeah, it’s really good eh? 🙂

      I love it too, have always ate the Mi Sedaap noodles since they came out with Perisa Asli. I like the crispy bits too, and I was so lazy that I just mixed it in with everything before tossing the noodles last time (which made the onions soggy) and once I forgot to put it in and put it as a topping and it was TWICE AS GOOD!

      I always put the fried onions crispy bits in last now. Haha! Yeah, we had a chicken leg in the fridge so I fried both the drum and the thigh.

    • I love it too! 🙂

      It’s just soooo delicious. It’s easy to prepare too and you can spruce it up with some ingredients to give it more protein e.g. chicken and egg.

    • I think it should be available there! 🙂

      I’ve seen it in my sister’s pantry in Singapore, but I’m not sure if she got it from Malaysia or if she bought it from Singapore. Looking at the amount, I would guess Singapore.

  6. wah bro. memang know how to enjoy. now i got good tips on how to enjoy my dry noodles. (no more boiled sausages, fried chicken now!)

    for me, i will buy the chicken outside haha. (am lazy)

    • Boiled sausages is a good and fast way to add protein to noodles too! 🙂

      I used to just boil fishballs and surimi (crab sticks) with my Mi Sedaap to quickly add a bit of ingredients to it. I’ll sometimes blanch veggies if I feel like having some greens to go with the noodles too.


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