Goldfish (Kim Hu) Durian

Goldfish Durian

Goldfish Durian is known locally as “kim hu” in Penang. Kim Hu is the Hokkien word for Goldfish. I have no idea why this durian is called Goldfish, maybe due to its large and round shape. smirk I had wanted to eat this right after the Susu Durian but was too full so I came back later at night with my better half and the kids.

Durian Goldfish

The Goldfish Durian is a big fruit with a short, thick stubby stem that weighed in at 2.4 kg. It was slightly cheaper at RM 16/kg so this one cost RM 38 (RM 46 inclusive of a bunch of rambutans). The durian tasted sweet to bittersweet and the flesh was nicely wrinkly with completely no fiber. The skin just comes off and it was very, very creamy.

Kim Hu Durian

I had specifically come to Penang for these varieties and wanted to have Ling Fong Jiao, 604, 600 durians etc but they’re all early season durians and Susu Durian, D15 Durian and Ganja Durians are the late season durians that were left. Most of the varieties here are available in George Town and meant for local consumption only. I was quite pleased at the chance of being able to sample the Kim Hoo Durian (Goldfish Durian). It was good – although the kids wouldn’t touch it, my dear liked it too. πŸ™‚

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14 thoughts on “Goldfish (Kim Hu) Durian”

  1. Been catching up with your posts and reading all the durian reviews back to back is making me crave for some. Haha. I never knew there were so many variants of durian. All I know is the super mainstream Musang King.

    • Yeah, I crave a lot for durians too! πŸ™‚

      I think about durians everyday and I want to eat it everyday. It’s become a bit of an obsession with me during every durian season. It’s nearing the tail end now but there’s always durians around, just had an awesome 5.4 kg Monthong that was sold as a “durian kampung”.

  2. Goldfish durian? Whoa, more & more new names for durians.. So far, I’ve only had D24 and musang king, and some durian kampung.. This goldfish name reminds me of “kam yue lou” (hamsap men who wana cheat small girls), wakakakakakaka…

    • Yup, the Goldfish Durian is quite famous in Penang. πŸ™‚

      Kim Hoo Durian. It was one of the durians I had planned to eat when I went to Penang with my better half. I just had one D159/Monthong sold as “durian kampong” – it was 5.4 kg! Haha! I’ve never heard that phrase before. Maybe that was what the durian was named after, it “cheated” me, that’s for sure. Delicious!

    • Yeah, I want to eat as much as I can before the season ends! πŸ™‚

      We were at Rebellions over the weekend and I wanted to buy some durians for my better half but after we ate (it was maybe 7:30 pm or so?) Ah Seng has already closed up. That means he has sold out, and he usually doesn’t sell out that quickly. There are less durians now, gotta eat em while they’re here.

  3. Gosh!!! I am lost! So many different types. They are selling Musang King and another type, D something here in Sibu. RM50 a kg, and 1 kg, you may get about 5 seeds, RM10 each. No, thank you.

    • Yeah, it’s my friend who brought them to Sibu! πŸ™‚

      Wonderful Supermarket right? She asked me on Facebook for durian contacts once and I told her it’ll be hard to get back home since they spoil quickly. I didn’t know she had *already* done it – flown Musang King and D24 back to Sibu via cargo plane. Yup, she’s selling it for around RM 50/kg – the flight transportation costs are high. I would buy them if I were in Sibu and didn’t have access to Musang King – it’s around RM 28/kg here for regular ones and RM 45/kg for highland Musang King.

    • Yeah, it’s awesome! πŸ™‚

      I love Penang durians, they’re really good. They have a lot of durians that we don’t get in KL, and award winning ones too. D175/Red Prawn/Udang Merah is from Penang, so is the recent Black Thorn/Ochee/Duri Hitam. They have some lesser known but good durians like Goldfish, 604, Ling Fong Jiao, Green Skin 15 etc too.

    • I think there are over 300 types of durians. πŸ™‚

      That’s just counting the most common durio zibethinus species – the number could be closer to 400 or 500 nowadays with all the hybrids and new cultivars being bred. There are other durian species too, like our lipstick red Borneo jungle durians, I read somewhere that durians are over 700 million years old! More than enough time to evolve into the many delicious species we have nowadays.

  4. Is this Kim Hu only sold in Penang? After reading your post, this Sat I must go and eat some durian for lunch since it is the end of the season already.

  5. When I read your title I thought you are rearing goldfishes as pet or something but till I read durian at the end. Oh. Another durian post. ^^

    I never heard of such durian before. Maybe only in Penang.

    Now it is season in Kuching too and guess what? I prefer the durian flowers than the fruit. Yummy durian flowers cooked in belacan. Now I missed it. Going to hunt for it later. πŸ˜‰


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