Tanoshii Dezato – Japanese Taiyaki (Fish Cake) Ice Cream

Tanoshii Dezato

Tanoshii means enjoy, so this ice cream cafe literally means Enjoy Dessert in Japanese,” I proudly declared to my better half. It seems that my years of watching anime during college in university had paid off at last. smirk I could only piece together the two words, hardly enough for our trip to Hokkaido in a month’s time but sufficient for our dessert pit stop.

Tanoshi Dezato

We had come across Tanoshii Dezato in Tropicana City Mall, which offers the intriguing creation of a taiyaki (baked sea bream – the Japanese style fish cake) filled with custard, topped with ice cream and a fruit.

Custard Taiyaki

The Signature Taiyaki costs RM 12.80 and you can customize it with a stuffing, ice cream flavor and fruit of your choice. There’s everything from red bean to chocolate for the filling and several ice cream flavors in addition to peach, kiwi, strawberry and banana as the fruit option.

Freshly Made Taiyaki

The interesting thing at Tanoshii Dezato is that the taiyaki is freshly baked on the spot! This mean it’ll be crunchy and warm and we were looking forward to eating the unusual Japanese themed ice cream “cone”.


The woman manning the counter had two small fans to cool the taiyaki cone so the ice cream won’t melt when it’s inserted. The custard is baked inside the fish cake (see previous pic) and the fruits are all fresh!

Taiyaki Ice Cream

We went for a custard filled taiyaki with matcha ice cream and fresh peach. It tasted wonderful! The taiyaki is stuffed with the custard filling so there’s something for you to eat with the “cone” and the ice cream goes into the taiyaki cone too. I like how the fruits are fresh instead of canned.

Black Sesame IceCream

My dear also wanted another scoop of black sesame ice cream by itself. The ice cream costs RM 7 per scoop if you want it a la carte. Tanoshii Dezato also sells taiyaki by itself for RM 9.90 but the combo of the two with fruits just cost RM 12.80 so that’s the better option unless you’re too full to eat the taiyaki.

Signature Taiyaki

Tanoshii Dezato just started serving soft-serve ice cream. The signature taiyaki ice cream dessert with the soft-serve ice cream will be only RM 10.80. I asked why that was cheaper and the friendly lady there told us that it’s coz the soft-serve ice cream is made in-house while the other ice cream is imported from Japan so it’s RM 12.80. It’s worth a trip if you’re into new and unusual ice cream concepts.

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14 thoughts on “Tanoshii Dezato – Japanese Taiyaki (Fish Cake) Ice Cream”

    • Yeah, it’s nice to eat! πŸ™‚

      I think the one with azuki (red bean) would be really nice too, very traditional flavors. However, we had a big dinner at Japanese place (also at TCM) so we didn’t have space to eat another taiyaki ice cream cone so we just had the ice cream scoop by itself.

      Haha! Yeah, I think they made it intentionally like that, it looks funny.

    • It was good! πŸ™‚

      They’ve started making soft serve ice cream too. I think that would be nicer, and it’s slightly cheaper at RM 10.90 too, RM 2 cheaper coz they said the ice cream is made here instead of imported. The mix is still imported though.

    • Oh, that would certainly make it interesting! πŸ™‚

      Savory ice cream. Haha. This one is quite interesting though, and we were quite surprise to see the lady being very clean and disciplined even though we were the only ones there. She used gloves every single time and coz we ordered another one after we finished the first, she used a new pair of gloves!

    • Haha! Yeah, we took the photo there. πŸ™‚

      Wanted to make funny faces for it. This ice cream is nice, would go back to try their soft-serve version, which is cheaper by RM 2.

    • Yup, we’ll be back to try out the soft serve version. πŸ™‚

      Oh, there’s a nearby cafe with New Zealand ice cream desserts which is good too.

    • Cool! I didn’t know that! πŸ™‚

      I used to go to Sushi King when I worked in Kelana Jaya (around 2008) coz it was the nearest Japanese restaurant but never since then coz they are better sushi places in KL and PJ nowadays.


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