Like, speed kills man…


It gives you lung cancer. I hate running out of cigarettes while
tweaking, that is like totally uncool, man…seriously though, I’ve been
without smokes for two days and it’s killing me. Not literally of
course, it’s doing my lungs a whole lotta good in fact. Anyway, I’m too
lazy to go out in the cold weather and go “I’ll have a pack of Marlboro
reds 25’s please”. Needless to say, I’m living quite far from
civilization. The nicotine monster running through my veins is
(unwillingly) satiated by my large stock of nicotine gum…but nothing
beats inhaling a nice lungful of smoke! I’ve caught myself putting on
my sweater and ready to walk out the door, but nah, I’m not going to
take a long walk just to buffer the war chest of Philip Morris Limited.
I have been resorting to some stuff that probably every smoker out
there has done though. I’ve subjected half-smoked cigarette butts in my
ashtray to a second combustion process. Don’t look at me like that…in
times of need, we make do, don’t we? I’ve also upturned by room to find
old boxes of cigarettes to extract the wealth that is loose tobacco
leaves. It’s surprising how much brown toasted tobacco one can yield
from cigarette boxes, especially if you pack them before opening. I’ve
managed to harvest a nice pile, which I smoked with my bong. I wouldn’t
say it tasted good, especially the stale bits, but you gotta do what
you gotta do. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I also bummed one off CT today. That’s the one that weakened me…I haven’t had RYO’s for years!


It was nicely rolled and the tobacco was that rum and wine (I think)
mix that I favored years ago too, and damn was it good!!! I didn’t let
the atmosphere sneak a single wift off that one, dragged on it
constantly till I was holding it like a joint and ended up getting a
(okay, three!) lungful of burning filter. I have tasted human blood…get
out of the way everyone! I decided I needed more and I remember seeing
the guy who lives downstairs smoking, so I went knocking at his door. ๐Ÿ™‚

Me: Hello, I live upstairs and this would sound strange, but
I ran out off cigarettes and I was wondering if I can buy some off you.
Guy: Oh, sure! No problems, how many do you want?
Me: Can I get 5 off you? I’ll pay you for the trouble.
Guy: Don’t worry about it. It’s fine.
(Guy goes and gets his pack and gave me five.)
Me: Thanks! Here, I don’t feel good about taking them.
(Hands him a A$5 note)
Guy: No, don’t worry about it, it’s fine, being neighbours and all.
Me: Nah, I would prefer it if I paid you for this, I’m not comfortable with bumming them off you like that.
Guy: It’s fine. You can just give some back to me when you get a pack.
Me: Ah…I really don’t feel good about it, coz it’s not like I’m just getting one or two off you.
Guy: Really, it’s fine. You don’t have to worry about it. You can just return them when we bump into each other next time.
Me: I would feel much better if I paid you for this. Seriously, I insist.
Guy: Well…you sure?
Me: Yes. Thanks for the smokes.
(Hands him the A$5 note)
Guy: Oh…thanks.


That was uncomfortable…it’s like that ang pow pushing back and forth
thing, I can see why he’s reluctant to accept the money since we live
near each other, but I would not feel good about getting that many off
him without paying him. It’s not like we know each other all that well,
it’s a nodding acquaintance, so it feels funny to bum that many off
him. Anyway, I’ve had three already. No! Conserve!!! Unfortunately,
he’s partial to the brand I find most distasteful…Winfield! I think
it’s lights some more. He doesn’t pack his cigarettes either. Oh well,
beggars can’t be choosers.

It’s such a disgusting habit…it’s a wonder it’s legal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Cigarette Bible

The Cigarette Bible



To be a cigarette…

is to be squashed with other strangers for weeks or months in a dark
room with no air to breath, no space to move, and constant full
physical body contact with other cigarettes. Unfortunately, this is the
best part of your life. One day, your world-box will be suddenly
inverted and pounded against an invisible but strong object as your God
packs the box. That is your first indication that the world is not
limited to the box-world. There will be much rumbling and dissonance as
the box-world starts to undergo permanent changes – the sky will open
wide and you will meet your God.


God stares down at you with a ecstatic expression on His face and
you rejoice! God reaches down and takes one of your fellow inhabitants
and gives him a kiss. “Praise the Lord!” you exult as you watch one of
your neighbors go to Heaven and receive blessing from the Lord
with…fire? The awful realization dawns upon you…your God is not a kind
and loving God. The joyful expression on His face is not the benign
love you think. The path leads not to Paradise, but to the burning
fires of Hell. The fire of Hades will consume you slowly…leaving you
with nothing but a disembodied head. However, you are right in that He
is your God. He does not go by the names “Messiah”, “Prince of Peace”
or “Savior” because that is not his nature.


There is no deliverance. God decides when and where you die. It is
not possible to move around the “world-box”, and you start to realize
the worst thing of all – you know when you’ll be next. You watch as
your neighbor gets forcibly removed by The One Most High. You are next.
The dreadful waiting, the terrible uncertainty about the actual time of
death…you only know you’re NEXT. Maybe you will get temporary
salvation. Your other neighbor is chosen by The Almighty. But that
means you’re definitely next. Your time will be filled with fear and
insanity as you realize The Meaning of Life. Your average life span
after you meet God is 3 minutes. The 3 minutes are filled with agony
and pain and leaves you with only your consciousness, and a head
without a body.


There is a purgatory called Ashtray and there you will receive your
second punishment with your fellow sinners. “Purgatory is good” is the
general consensus in there. “We have burned for our sins and now we
must repent! That is the only way to heaven!” is what everyone in there
believes. Soon, you will start to believe it too and you worship and
make penance. You will realize that there are several levels of
purgatory and their names are Wastepaper Basket, Rubbish Bin, and
Garbage Truck. The Day of Atonement will come after that and everyone
will get raptured towards a bright light.


“Glory to The One Most High! Hallelujah!” and everyone sheds tears
of joy for you have paid for your sins and now you’re rewarded with
eternity in Eden, where the fruits grow as far as the eyes can see and
there is no suffering. Unfortunately, the destination is not Eden. The
trash combustion chamber is not Heaven, though it’s easy to make that
mistake as both has “bright light” as one of their attributes. It is
not Hell either, for that suggests your spirit lives on. The final
destination is Omega – The End. There is no afterlife for you.

The End

My attempt at creative writing. No blasphemy intended. There are
lots of verb tense inconsistencies in there, so I broke the story into
“books” make it more uniform. ๐Ÿ™‚
The idea came from reading the post Being an actor would be good [].
Link: aciddreammer [].
Photo courtesy of veritas.

Someone is drinking my beer…

Note: This is a post by veritas.

I’m sure of it. Strangely enough, only the limited editions seem to be susceptible to stock discrepancy.


My 6 pack of Foster’s “Australian Grand Prix 2003 Melbourne 6 – 9
March” is missing two cans. I got that ages ago and alcohol is not my
first drug of choice so it’s been sitting in the fridge for a while.


My Heineken 500 ml “iRB Rugby World Cup 2003” 4 pack is also missing
a can. Why? Why is the generic Hahn Ice Beer and Toohey’s New left
untouched when they’ve been in the fridge for even longer? Questions,
questions. Oh, fear not, dear readers, I’ve not turned into a raging
alcoholic in my quest to find a more socially acceptable substance
during my break from chemicals. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just like a drink (with a couple
of benzos, please) every once in a while.

Anyway, here’s a chat log of me talking shit to an indifferent teddybwear:

veritas 4/18/2003 3:21 AM
well shit these things are illegal
if only it were legal, i’ll have no worries

teddybwear 4/18/2003 3:22 AM
ah dont you wish that

veritas 4/18/2003 3:22 AM
why should drug users be in jail?
why not spend more resources on rapists and
murderers and other violent crime offenders?

veritas 4/18/2003 3:22 AM
the law is fucked up
its unholy
if god were here he’ll fucking smite the law
with his anger

teddybwear 4/18/2003 3:23 AM
are you sure ๐Ÿ˜‰

veritas 4/18/2003 3:23 AM
he’ll be sending down brimstone and hellfire
and all taht

teddybwear 4/18/2003 3:23 AM
ah thats brutal

veritas 4/18/2003 3:23 AM
for god says, everything i have created is

teddybwear 4/18/2003 3:23 AM
drugs arent pure o_o

veritas 4/18/2003 3:24 AM
well looking at that phrase logically it can
be interpreted that god is saying everything i
have given the world is “pure” in that its
holy and for all his children to use

veritas 4/18/2003 3:25 AM
who made laws?
did god say drugs are bad?
it’s not in the 10 commandments or anywhere in
the bible
nothing specifically mentioning intoxicating

veritas 4/18/2003 3:25 AM
the legal system is SATAN

veritas 4/18/2003 3:25 AM
because satan is guilt and fear and thats what
i’m feeling now
god is all about love and peace

veritas 4/18/2003 3:26 AM
beware! the end is nigh
it is nigh i tell you

veritas 4/18/2003 3:26 AM
the world has gone away from the loving

veritas 4/18/2003 3:26 AM
holy things are now unholy under satan’s rule

veritas 4/18/2003 3:26 AM
okay i’m gonna stop talking now

veritas 4/18/2003 3:32 AM
i’m feeling snubbed

Note: The nicknames have been changed. Those are not our real nicknames. The chat log is

unmodified otherwise.

P/S – Check back again late tomorrow night. ๐Ÿ™‚

[Edit (18/04/2003 – 2:58 PM): I’m closing down the comments
for this post at the request of a reader. This is the most verbose
comments box to date, but unfortunately, it was degenerating into a
potentially volatile religion pissing match. :)]

Nicorette Inhaler Review

Note: This is a post by veritas.


The lack of postings on my behalf is due to the fact that I’ve been
taking a break from substances, and still am. Don’t ask, it’s a really
long story. ๐Ÿ™‚ Long story short – I have a strong inclination (read:
dependency issues) towards stimulants, which I’ve chosen to ignore and
it took a good friend to make me realize (read: admit) my stimulant
usage can no longer be properly described with the adjective ‘moderate’
anymore, and so I’m staying away from all substances of that class for
a while to regain perspective. Flush, flush, ho hum. No one likes to
talk about the dark side. Anyway, here’s a legal review for a change –
the Nicorette Inhaler
[]. This is marketed as a product to assist in stopping
smoking and retails for A$5.45 for the starter pack with 6 cartridges.


Inside the starter pack is the inhaler tube (wrapped), the 6
cartridges (sealed), a booklet and a plastic pack for storing the
inhaler tube and cartridges.


The cartridges are sealed into a pack containing 6 cartridges. This is the front view:


This is the back view:


The cartridges are supposed to contain 10 mg of “nicotinum” each,
which is a time release nicotine formula by Nicorette. This is a side
view of an individual cartridge:


Notice the cotton center which has the actual goods. Here’s an isometric view to show the sealed edges:


What you’re supposed to do it to put the cartridge into the inhaler
tube and screw it in. This breaks the foils you see on the edges of the
cartridge picture above and releases the nicotine contained in the
cotton center of the cartridge.


After the cartridge is in place inside the inhaler tube, you’re
supposed to use it like a normal cigarette – inhale, exhale. Each
cartridge has the equivalent of 10 mg of nicotine and is supposed to
last for 20 minutes of continuous use. Upon consulting my pack of
Marlboro Reds I noticed that each cigarette contains 1.0 mg or less of


Now this is really funny because using one of the cartridges is not
10 times stronger than smoking a cigarette, at least not in my
experience. I’ve used the cartridges over a period of a couple of days
and the experiences have been much less than smoking a regular
cigarette. Don’t get me wrong, having two of the Nicorette Inhaler
cartridges in a row will floor your ass, but it just doesn’t feel the
same. This is what a used cartridge looks like:


The inhalers has a nicotine buzz that sorta creeps up on you, you
don’t feel it until after a while and then it still doesn’t feel like
the buzz that you get off a cigarette. It just doesn’t feel the same.
The stuff inside the cartridges can be a bit harsh too if you inhale
too hard, it’s like inhaling aerosolized water droplets. A regular
cigarette produces a light headed buzz that this product doesn’t
emulate. I think this light headed buzz is because of the carbon
monoxide content in a normal cigarette.

Well, I don’t think Nicorette Inhalers is anything like smoking a
regular cigarette, but it’s better than nicotine gum for quitting
smoking. You still get the experience of “holding a cigarette” and you
go through the same motions as smoking a cigarette. It does give you a
nicotine buzz too, and even though the buzz is different from a regular
cigarette, it can reduce the craving (for a while at least) and it’s
convenient to have in places where you can’t light up, like in a
cinema, lecture theatre, office etc. But that’s defeating the purpose
of the product, this something to help you quit smoking, not a
convenient replacement for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Sidekick Cranberry Flavor Schnapps

Disclaimer: This post and all other drug related posts is made by veritas, who is a guest author on this blog. The owner of this domain is not responsible for the posts made by any guest authors.

The weekend has landed! Ouch! My left nostril is burning like hell.
I’m going to seriously reconsider snorting the 5 mg dexamphetamine
tablets. Those fillers and binders must be doing some damage to my
nose. Anyway, I’ve just been chilling out today, taking a couple of
clonazepam (Klonopin) and diazepam (Valium) tablets and having a couple
of beers and some of this sweet and nicely packaged schnapps.


It’s called Sidekick Cranberry Flavor Schnapps and it comes in a 4
pack which costs A$3.29. Pretty good price, and the design looks so
nifty I just had to get a pack of those. They have other flavors as
well, but the cranberry one sounds the best to me. Anyway, each of the
Sidekick schnapps looks like a shot glass with an extra long bottom.
It’s 30 ml and 20% Alc/Vol which makes it 0.5 standard drinks each. It
tastes really good.


I finished all of them in a couple of minutes. They just tasted too
good…had a couple of beers with my buddies and smoked a couple of bowls
of weed and popped a couple of benzos, which leads to the dex. Doing
all the downers made me a bit sleepy, so I wanted to perk myself up. My
poor left nostril, it’s still burning. Seriously, I’ll think very hard
before I insufflate so much binder and filler into my nose again. Ouch…

Oh, and drugs are bad mmmkay…even prescription drugs. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I think I’m pissed but I just don’t know it yet coz I’m on CNS stimulants and CNS depressants at the same time. I feel…weird. =D

Ooh…I’m eligable to get 100 0.5 mg dexamphetamine tablets again in
7 days. For my ‘narcolepsy’ you see. That terrible, terrible
affliction…my ‘excessive daytime sleepiness’ is affecting my studies.

P/S – No offence intended to genuine sufferers of narcolepsy. I apologize if I tend to come across as proudly drawing attention to my exploits
[]. I don’t agree with Dave’s idealistic views on
prescription medications (there will always be doctor shoppers and
scripters and medical professionals are trained to pick them out, and
that’s still not going into what constitutes someone who’s truly in
need) but I agree with what he said about me. ๐Ÿ™‚ I do get
overenthusiastic at times and writing gives me pleasure. I applaud his
moral stance regarding prescription drugs but unfortunately, I don’t
share the same view. What do you think? Do I subconsciously glorify
drug culture and use?

Green Dragon

Green Dragon

Substance: Cannabis dissolved in 95% alcohol
Also known as: “Green Dragon”

The main ingredient

allowed to steep in the 95% spirit

Preparation: I shredded some cannabis buds into small bits
and put them in this 95% (190 proof) pure grain alcohol called
Spirytus. Yes, that’s 95% Vol/Alc. I think this is the highest amount
of stable alcohol you can have without it pulling moisture from the
atmosphere and re-diluting it self. This is similar to the spirit
marketed as Everclear in the United States. I got this bottle at a
Greek bottle shop near my place. It’s A$ 50 for the 500 ml bottle. The
cashier asked me what I wanted it for, and I said “to dissolve plant
material in” and he went “oh okay”. ๐Ÿ™‚ Heh.

The front of the bottle – Spirytus

Anyway, I did drink quite a bit of the stuff, it really packs a
punch if you drink it neat. I usually pour some of the stuff into a
plastic bottle of diet coke and drink it. I learnt that this could be a
bad idea though, the grain alcohol is also solvent grade so it could
dissolve plastic. I’m not saying that it can, I really don’t know, but
it could. It easily rubbed off the blue use by dates on those bottles
anyway. It also tends to turn a chilled drink into a warm drink. Yuck.

The back of the bottle – Spirytus Pure Spirit 95% Vol/Alc

I’m digressing. Anyway, before I came back for a holiday, I shredded
some cannabis buds and put it into what remained of the bottle. When I
returned a couple of days ago, I noticed that the alcohol had been
colored a nice green by the cannabis. The cannabis has been left in the
bottle for a total of 5 weeks (and 3 days) so that should be sufficient
to allow the THC to leach out from the plant into the alcohol. I kept
it in a dark cupboard all this while and it turned a deeper green when
I shook the bottle. Anyway, I felt that this was a good time as any to
have a taste so I took a couple of shots in some diet coke on an empty

The result after 5 weeks (and 3 days)

Time: 1:16 am

Poured 3 1/2 shots into 300 ml of diet coke. It tastes EXACTLY like
what marijuana smoke tastes like when inhaled. nice. yum. I think the
alcohol dissolved some nasty stuff from the plastic bottles too…yuck.
it tastes chemical. Chugged it anyway

Time: 1:40 am

Felt slightly drunk with classic finger numbness. heh.

Time: 2:07 am

Feeling slightly stoned too, but the alcohol is masking most of the
good aspects of mj. can feel enchaced auditory appreciation but no
munchies yet.

Time: 2:18 am

ah feeling slightly stoned now. ๐Ÿ™‚ good. but it’s a more relaxed
laid back kind of stoned though, not like the seriously stoned you can
get when you smoke bowl after bowl after bowl

Time: 2:27 am

it feels strange, but good. ๐Ÿ™‚ i’ve had alcohol + mj before, in that
order. drank a six pack and smoked a couple of bowls and felt great
too, but this is somehow slightly different to that feeling. for one
thing i don’t feel so sedated i’m about to sleep. perhaps that coz of
the caffeine? had a couple of coffees before this too. it is a very
nice feeling though, very laid back and chilly. much more mellow that
smoking bowls but it’s fun too. not as intense, and you have to consume
a whole lot of pesticide while at it too.

Time 3:15 am

Feeling wasn’t satisfactory so i pored another shot of the stuff
into a 500 ml can of beer and skulled it. i can smell the mj. mmm

Time: 3:34 am

feeling pretty good now. 1/2 drunkish 1/2 stoned but not a lot of
head fuck unlike when i’m stoned. it’s pretty mellow and nice though.
would go well with a couple of valiums but i’m saving my stash for a
rainy day.

Time: 3:50 am

yeah feeling nice. stoned and a little pissed at the same time. nice
nice nice. I’m watching My Wife is 18 – the one by Ekin Cheng and I’m
laughing myself to tears
not so funny is the fact that i watched disc 2 before watching disc 1 though coz the files were mislabeled on the network.

Anyway, the stuff was good, but not as intense as I would have
liked. Perhaps I should have dissolved more cannabis buds into the
alcohol, I’ll do that next time. Note that you need a high proof
alcohol to dissolve the stuff in, coz THC is alcohol (and fat) soluble
but not water soluble, thus you’ll want a high proof alcohol like
Bacardi 151 or even better, this 95% stuff.

Coming soon: Cooking with Cannabis ๐Ÿ˜‰

Beer bong, beer bong…don’t drink too slow!

The semester has ended. I’ve handed in my last assignment today and I have one
more week till my first exam on the 1/11. In light of that, I’ve decided to celebrate (legally) by
having a couple of beers. I leave the illegal stuff for Mr. Foaf, my uhm…friend. No, I wasn’t
going to say alter ego, dammit. I’m not that far gone. =D Anyway, as I was walking to uni today, I
saw a lot of men in suits with ear pieces at the research department car park. Found out later from
the radio in the shuttle bus that Premier Steve Bracks was present at the Ceremony of Reflection
and Respect of the Monash shooting victims. I also heard that the shooting victims have been
awarded honors degree posthumously. A nice touch, that.

Anyway, I’ve finally been reviewed at The Weblog Review. Wendy [], the reviewer, gave me a 2.5/5.0. It’s
not a high score, but she’s honest in her review and she said some positive things too, so I
can’t help but feel pleased. Here’s the review in it’s entirety:

Huai’s a student in Melbourne who started up his weblog
in April of 2002. Since then, has been very consistently updated with the happenings
of Huai.

The site’s design is very basic. There’s a light blue table on the left with the naviagation
portion of the menu, which is very simple to use. And to the right is the weblog. The main page
features a photo of the day (POTD) at the top of the page. It’s not exactly a photo of the day,
however, but more like a photo of the week. That’s not really a major concern of mine, but I could
certainly see how readers could get disappointed with the photo not being updated daily like one
would assume.

The majority of the entries are simple to read updates of what’s going on in Huai’s life – dorm
life, his social life, how his classes are going, etc. It’s fun to read through the progress of the
school year and the entertaining mishaps that get written about.

A nice touch to this weblog was the introduction of posting pictures from time to time. While the
POTD might not be updated on a regular basis, Huai does a good job of peppering in pictures that
he’s taken with his digital camera throughout a good portion of his entries. Doing that breaks up
the constant text and gives the readers something more than just words.

Is this a site I’d visit again? Personally, no. Is it one I’d suggest to those in college perhaps
experiencing the same thing that Huai is going through? Certainly. And I’d even go as far as saying
you should at least check it out once – perhaps you’ll find the connection that makes you want to
keep coming back.

This site was reviewed on 2002-10-20 by Wendy.
They felt this site belonged in the Personal category.
Wendy felt that deserved a rating of 2.5.

Or you can check it out here []. Oh, and
my name is Huai Bin. You don’t truncate Chinese names like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Premium beer review
Beer #1 Witbier

frothy…had to catch the froth before it overflows from the neck of the
tastes urm, tasteless
very light beer taste
tastes like water actually
the head stays throughout the drinking session in the bottle
doesn’t dissipate
at 5.0 , gives a mild kick when downed on a semi full stomach
marketed as a premium (traditional belgian style – oh la di dah) beer
cost me A$11.99 for a 6 pack
the first bottle was agitated a little though
second bottle just had a nice gas escaping slowly and then a nice heady froth on top

Beer #2 Sapporo (Japanese Import)

frothed up something wicked when i opened it. no, i did not agitate it. it’s an easy to drink
and rather tasteless beer. i had it pretty chilled though. maybe a slight bitter aftertaste and
thats it. but don’t take my word for it, my tastebuds are screwed. the beer is easy to hold too.
slightly contoured (or is that tapered?) at the bottom, which fits the hand nicely. the shiny
aluminum conducts the cold nicely too. and there’s just something good about holding a large can of
beer. it’s twice the size of normal beer cans, and it holds 650 ml of 5% alcohol beer. i forgot
what i paid for it, but it isn’t cheap. its somewhere around A$7. take note that beer here is cheap
compared to Malaysia.

Beer #3 Redback

curses. i’ve already typed a review but accidentaly clicked no when it asked me whether i wanted
to save. anyway, i’m try to recall the best i can from my (foggy) memory. this local premium beer
(oh, la di dah) is made from malted wheat and brewed in matilda bay,western australia. it weighs in
at a dismal 4.7 % alcohol by volume. the 6-pakcs looks rather pretentious, with wood colored
packaging and stickers (with gothic writing, no less) over all the caps. it tastes strangely
“heavy” like milk or milo but did not have an objectionable taste or aftertaste. the beer seems
rather malty, but did not have a characteristic bite of malty beers. i’ve had malt milkshakes that
were much more bitter than this nice beer here. the heaviness is strangely pleasing and satisfying.
however, this thing here did not have a twist off cap. wtf? i thought twist off caps are standard
for local brewed beers. i tried twisting the cap off anyway, but that did not acheieve anything
other than give me bottle cap shaped grooves in my hand. i tried prying the cap off with my key,
but that’s going to take too long. luckily, i bought a nail clipper today and peering over, noticed
that it has a bottle opener. mmm…

Well….all that beer made me sprout this gem here:

Silencerยฎ (9:45 PM) :
u hungry? (9:46 PM) :
nah i drank a lot of beer


I was planning to go and see Mamma Mia (the musical) today but the tickets
were sold out. Oh well. I’ll just catch it after the exams. I picked up a
4 pack of Cranberry Flavored Bacardi Breezer while on the way back.
Hmm…I can’t even taste the rum in these drinks. Naughty stuff. Most of
the drinks coming out nowadays mask the taste of alcohol very well. Weird
and disturbing trend. Anyway, I played several games of old skool
Starcraft and Unreal Tournament with Jimmy tonight. My skillz have pretty
much atrophied and I’m wondering it its the new mouse (which I’m been
blaming all this while) or I just suck now. I used to wreck the horizontal
and the vertikal but apparently not nowadays. Oh well. Anyway, we did a
late night run for food at the nearest gas station. I had an Aussie Hero
(Supreme) Pizza Roll. The attendant was from Roberts Hall too last
semester, what a coincidence. Pretty nice guy. What’s that Mr. Sandman?
Say what? Be right back, someone wants to speak to me…

Never have urinary tract infections again.

Taken on the dirty table beside the microwave in the gas station store.

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