I have a revelation


The world really is as bad as all your ketamine trips tells you. In fact, it might be a tad worse.

Everyone is out there to get something out of you.

Be careful…be very fucking careful.

This is not a WUI (Writing Under the Influence) but something of supreme importance that I feel obliged to share.

The world is a spider web of abused relationships, people gossiping and conspiring everywhere, fucked up marriages, and betrayal most foul.

It’s not the land of milk and honey we’ve been promised.

Player FAIL

jestina post

I’ve just been told that I’m a nice person. Now this is usually a good thing no? Well, not when it is followed by a very polite and politically correct sentence which in effect goes “You’re too nice to be my boyfriend”. πŸ˜‰

Now, I have to admit…I don’t get this very often. It’s new to me. Novel. I was actually quite pleased to get this “I don’t like you but we can be friends” treatment.

Okay, I won’t say I’m pleased but I think it’s for the best. I think I understand agape now. I’ve been interested in this girl for ages (no points for guessing who).

She is interested in another person. I think that’s great, if the person is a nice guy.

I have a feeling I went about this entire thing the wrong way though. I tried too hard to be nice instead of being the indifferent player. I think all girls like bad boys to some extent.

This entire “Let’s just be friends” thing is different from what I’m used to receiving, but now I think of it, it’s for the greater good.

I usually make people cry. *cue song I’m a heart breaker*

She didn’t make me cry though. I totally understand. I still feel the loss though coz she’ll make a great life partner.

On the other hand, knowing my history, friends will DEFINITELY outlast my average relationship. πŸ˜‰

Now, when is karma coming to bite me in the ass?

My sister is pregnant!

hb sister

My sister is pregnant and will be giving birth to a baby girl slightly after Chinese New Year 2010. That’s just a couple of months away! My parents are in town from their trip to Taiwan and went shopping for baby clothes. I went to My Babies Planet, and found the most popular baby products. They’re going to visit her in New Zealand after CNY so this is the umpteenth time we’ve not celebrated the Lunar New Year as a family.

I’m not particularly close to my sister. Despite having only one sibling, we are total opposites of each other. She’s practicing medicine in NZ (married another doctor) and we don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things. I mean, we half-heartedly attempt to keep in touch (usually via birthday cards, a once a year thing) but I think that tradition died off recently. πŸ™‚

hb family

However, blood always runs thicker and I’m happy for her and Alvin. It kinda takes the pressure off me too, ya know? I still think my dad is counting on me to produce Proper Offspring (TM) for him (defined as having the family name “POH”) but they sound so happy for my sister and her husband that I think they’re gonna let it slide for a couple of years at least. Heh!

I’m just wondering. My sister is about to give birth and I only knew last night when my dad called. I wasn’t even in the loop.

I didn’t get the memo. T_T

*weeps silently into my pillow*

Seriously though, I love babies and by the time I see my sister the year after I doubt it would be baby anymore. I think I should start planning for a trip to NZ, be a good uncle and all that.
I have doubts about my lifespan with my kidney and liver problems so this is great news to me. I don’t mean to sound morbid or fatalistic but I’m really happy the bloodline continues.

Finally, someone deserving whom I can state as my EPF (and other meager assets) recipient. πŸ™‚

I think it’s gonna be quite complicated though since the baby is an NZ citizen.

It’s okay, I’m in a really, really good mood coz of this.


…and what it all boils down too, is that everything’s gonna be quite alright! Coz I got one hand in my pocket and the other one is flashing the peace sign. =D

The world can be a beautiful place sometimes. πŸ™‚

Relationship status: It’s Complicated

Greetings from Sibu! I was nearly late for my flight yesterday for the very obvious reason detailed in the photo below, which I’m sure requires no further explanation.

jan relationship

On another note, my relationship status has changed from Single to It’s Complicated (TM). πŸ˜‰

Okay la, In a Relationship with Jan.

Jab in the ass

jab in the ass

I have been feeling slightly unwell since yesterday, but dismissed it as a particularly nasty bout of gastric (a decidedly un-masculine affliction) and soldiered on. I am rather puzzled though since I don’t get gastric and it’s never been as bad as this.

I went to see a doctor at the prompting (threat?) of a friend after work last night. I went at about 9 pm, just as the clinic was closing, so the doctor just gave me a perfunctory once over and prescribed some unknown tablets. I felt worse when I woke up this morning – acid reflux and the return of the cursed gastric pains with a Super Size Dose of Nausea (TM) so I quickly wrapped up the urgent stuff that was due at work and went to see a doctor at 10:30 am.

I turns out that I have peptic ulcers. The doctor found out coz I puked when she stuck that ice cream stick thing into my throat and there was blood in the vomit. Thus, she jabbed me in the ass and sent me back home…with a RM 60 bill.

Don’t stick that stick down my throat!


To err is human, to forgive divine

I have a tendency to forgive easily and I don’t hold grudges. I’ve been reconsidering my stance since this character defect (?) allows people I care about to hurt me again and again (and again, for good measure).

I always maintain that I won’t ever forgive anyone if a transgression is deemed to be serious enough to justify it. I can be nice to you, I can work in a professional capacity with you, but no, we won’t be “friends” ever again. I’ve only been able to do that coz I approach it like my relationships – I distance myself.

It can be hard to distance oneself when the other party goes out of the way to patch things up. This is a bad thing coz at the slightest enticement; I’ll just fall back and go back to trusting that person again…just like nothing ever happened.

That’s my Achilles’ heel and over the years I’ve learnt that in order to learn from mistakes, I should never let someone who’s embezzled my trust to ever get close again.

It might sound harsh, but it’s just self-preservation. I know myself. I’m the type of person to just brush off apologies and easily slip back to being friends again, and a lot of people have abused this personality flaw that I have.

This is a reminder to myself – never get close. Trust no one.

Okay, to counter that short and concise overshare, here’s something I found funny today.

Link of the day: 20 funny job related charts and graphs



I’ve been reading this book courtesy of Karen from work and it’s been helping me to uncomplicated my life. It’s Blink by Malcolm Galdwell and I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it already. It explores the first impressions we get when we sense something is “off” and I wish I had read it earlier and saved myself the trouble of going about it the traditional way.

Friend a.k.a. fiend: I have sliced you and found you wanting. Hypocrite. Backstabber. I think I’m much better than you coz at least I don’t talk shit behind your back.

Ex-girlfriend: I don’t think patching up is the solution coz the problem lies with me, not you. There is no saving the relationship, coz the greatest of the Four Horseman is the root of our problem. I’m sorry.

Taking advice from a book might not be the best decisions out there, and I’m sure many people (including my fiend) would have a lot to say about that but yeah, see if I care. You’re full of shit, and people smart enough to see that can slice you and see right through you.

Regular non-emo sixthseal.com programming will resume after I eat dinner. πŸ˜‰

Last day at work

brave new world

Today is my last day at work and I must say that I have mixed feelings about moving to KL. I am excited at the prospect of working at the new company but I will miss all my colleagues and the familiarity (comfort zone?) of working in this company for 11 months.

E, you have been a great mentor and I couldn’t have asked for more from a superior. Always willing to give more than receive, generous with advice from your experience and above all, going beyond the call of duty and being a friend to me instead of a boss. You have a great sense of humor and you accepted me despite all my piercings and tattoos and am able to look below the surface to see what I don’t even see myself – as a talented and gifted person. You have made me more confident about myself and my abilities and for that, I am forever indebted to you. I love you as a bro, heterosexually speaking, of course. You will be missed. Thanks for all the good memories.

J, thank you for your kind offer. It takes a great leader to be able to talk to his employees as a friend and to genuinely care. You will be in my thoughts always.

A, I was surprised that you are such a humble person despite your wealth of knowledge. Always unassuming and quick to smile, your imposing stature which made me think of you as unfriendly in the beginning has quickly changed to one of respect. I will miss your comments about politics and general life. I will miss the good conversation and your easy going nature.

J, thanks for being the first one to approach and befriend me. In spite of all that has happened, I still appreciate that you included me in your social circle when I just started work.

A, thank you for the ride home…and dreams come true. πŸ˜‰

To my two teammates S and S, thanks for everything, we work as a team and nothing can break that. Esprit de corps!

…off to a brave new world!

…until the cows come home

until the cows come home
Until the lembus come home…

I have been withholding this post and I think that now is the right time to reveal my plans for the future. I have decided to move to KL to work and have submitted my resignation letter a while back. I feel the need to strike out on my own and gain experience and skills in a more competitive environment while I am still under 30. πŸ˜‰

I will be moving there for good this weekend and have been busy arranging for my car to be shipped over (and other miscellaneous stuff). I will be working in Kelana Jaya – which is technically in PJ, but the entire Klang Valley is referred to as “KL” by Sarawakians. :p

Regular sixthseal.com programming will resume tomorrow. Cheers all! πŸ™‚

I’ll see you all in KL! =D

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