Bowling Part III

Went bowling again with Daniel, Johnny, and Frank. Played three games,
however there was not
much improvement this time. Didn’t get a strike, got a couple of
spares though. Anyway, I saw this group beside us, it’s a family of 5.
Only the father was playing, while the wife was sitting there dutifully,
cheering when he bowled a good game, and making comforting comments when
he didn’t. For some reason, I felt kinda sad when I watched them. Granted,
I don’t know whether the wife wanted to play or is just content watching
him play. The man is what one would call the dominant husband type, the
wife is pretty submissive. Interesting. It’s not that I feel sorry for the
wife, coz I don’t know if she likes it that way, but that scene just seem
melancholic to me. Anyway, we went to North Star Cafe after that to get
some supper. Had some of their renowned deep fried yew char kueh (oil
fried pastries?) with mayonnaise.

Sibu Superbowl Part II

I was planning to update sooner, but I was caught up in a game of scramble
(a word game) in #kuching. Pretty fun and addictive stuff. Anyway, I went
out with Yi Ching, Daniel and Johnny today for some bowling action. Me and
Daniel had a game of pool while waiting for Yi Ching to arrive and I can
safely say that my pool skillz have not atrophied. It feels good to be
able sink shots using a dodgy cue. =D

My bowling skillz have improved somewhat too. I managed to get a strike in
this game.

Overall, I did better than last time. I used a heavy bowling ball and
rolled it down the lane with brute force, which seems to work much better
than that spinning nonsense I was trying last time. Heh. Managed to down
plenty of pins for a change. I think the velocity of the ball when it hits
the pins is very important, so I used a heavy ball and just hurled it down
the lane for maximum pin trippage.

After a couple of games, we headed down to the UCA (United Chinese
Association) food court in Bukit Lima. Had a bowl of those “longevity
noodles” that people eat during Chinese New Year and birthdays. It’s that
thin, clumpy rice vermicelli that is eaten with chicken soup. I don’t know
what possessed me to order that, since I don’t like that stuff at all.

Sibu Superbowl

I went to Sibu Superbowl today for some bowling action. There was a 9 pin
tag competition going on too, so we had to wait for a bit before a lane
was available. I think I’ve only bowled about 3 times before in my life
but it should be fun. My fingers were numb by the end of the session
because bowling uses muscles in my hands that I haven’t used in years. Heh.
We played for a total of two rounds, and I came in last. Johnny played a
couple of times before so he did pretty well. Daniel is a novice too, but
had a bit of practice a couple of weeks ago, and managed to get a score
close to Johnny’s courtesy of three strikes. I didn’t get a strike, but I
did get a spare, so I’m pretty happy with that. Anyway, we were using Lane
22, which has a bit of an anomaly with the pin grasping machine. A 1 point
score is guaranteed each time because the machine only grasps 9 pins
instead of 10 and thus 1 pin will be swept away each time when it resets.
That probably boosted my score a bit too. =D

6SEAL    = Huai Bin (me)

SUCKA  = Johnny

NIEL       = Daniel

Not off to a good start. The 1 mark is due to the glitch, my ball went
into the drain both times.

The anomaly. Look at that one pin that wasn’t felled but is about to get
swept away by the bar because the machine didn’t pick it up.

End of first round: 47, 91, 86

End of second round: 115, 231, 176

Zerg Soccer

Well, since the World Cup is going on now and all, me and Jimmy played a
couple of rounds of Zerg Soccer as a break from studying. It’s a custom
map for Starcraft made by Blizzard.

Most people assume that the Zerg
are a malicious species with no sense of humor or fun. While they are
quite malicious, some Cerebrates have demonstrated both humor and a desire
for pure recreation. The recent popularity of soccer among the Swarm is a
prime example. Besides sporting a name even a Hydralisk can pronounce, it
gives opposing Broods an opportunity to safely compete, and has recently
surpassed “Pin your tail through the Terran” as the Zerg sport of

Description and pictures taken from
SCC: Map

Basically, you have two Guardians
and two Mutalisks and a Queen. You attack Da Ball, which is a
heavily armored and Zealot with high hit points. There are Hooligans
on all the sides. The Hooligans are Hydralisks on the long side and
Zerglings on the back. If Da Ball hits the side, the Hydras use their
spines to move it back from the wall. If Da Ball hits the wall beside the
goal posts, you get a free kick. Each match consists of two 10 minute
halves. Now on to the battle report.

Game 1

killuminati [Me] leading
Jormungand United

Silencer [Jimmy] leading the Baelrog Footballers

The game started with my Guardian spitting
out a spore at the Zealot (Da Ball), propelling it slightly
forward. Both of us haven’t played this scenario before, so we were just
experimenting around. After seeing that I have 2 Mutas at the sides, I
quickly hotkeyed them and moved them up to help move the ball. I left the
other Guardian and the Queen in front of the goal post. With the help of
the Mutas, the Guardian managed to edge the ball closer and closer to the
goal posts. Silencer tried unsuccessfully to block the ball and into the
beacon, er…the goal it went. w00t! The half time whistle blew and into
the second half we went.

Half-time score: 1-0 to
Jormungand United

At the sound of the second half whistle, I
immediately pushed the ball into the other side with my Guardian and
hotkeyed the two Mutas and moved them to the front to help. I also
commanded the Queen into the fray for some Ensnare goodness. When the
Queen neared the ball, I moved my Mutas and Guardian away and ensnared
Silencer’s two Mutas that were trying to get the ball over to my side.
Unfortunately my micro skillz were lacking today and I Ensnared the ball
as well. I did manage to get it to the side, before the Hydralisk
Hooligans spined the ball back into play. The Ensnare was starting to fade
so I Ensnared Silencer’s Guardian again and pushed the ball further into
his goal area. Unfortunately the Ensnared Guardian managed to push it into
the side before I got the ball into the goal, resulting in a penalty kick.
I used my two Mutas to kick the ball into the goal, but was intercepted by
Silencer’s Mutas. The final whistle ended the game with a score of 1-0.

Full time score: 1-0 to
Jormungand United

Game 2

killuminati [Me] leading
Jormungand United

Silencer [Jimmy] leading the
Baelrog Footballers

The game started off badly, with Silencer
getting off a shot before I did, moving the ball closer to my side. My
Mutas tried unsuccessfully to stave off this brazen attack and I quickly
called my goal keeper Guardian up to help. Bad move. Silencer’s speedy
Mutas (Mutalisks move faster than Guardians) took this chance to push the
ball into my goal post! Arrrggghhhhh! The
Jormungand United
leader, killuminati took this chance to let
off a Hokkien expletive which sounds like cheese and bye mashed together.
The Baelrog
coach replied with a
celebratory “whoot!” and proceeded with another goal attempt with his
Guardian. I decided to use my Mutas to “foul” the forward Guardian in a
show of un-sportsmanship. Unfortunately, the players don’t damage each
other so that was for naught. After a close call in which I just managed
to push the ball to the side using copious Ensnares and furious Muta
microing the half time came.

Half-time score: 0-1 to the
Baelrog Footballers

I started off the second half determined to
even the score. However, Silencer got hold of the ball again despite me
flying my Mutas back and forth to hold off the push. My poor Mutas got
Ensnared by Silencer and their flying speed was greatly reduced, resulting
in the ball nearly reaching my goal before a timely block by goal keeper
Guardian (Jersey Number: 2) managed to push it to the side, resulting in a
penalty kick for Silencer. My Mutas got Ensnared yet again and it was all
I could to to push the ball off to the side before it went in this time.
However, Silencer was not to be denied and the third try using a Guardian
and 2 Mutas rewarded him with ANOTHER goal, dashing the hopes of
killuminati to even up the score. With only 2:47 minutes left with the
second half, I renewed my vigor and pushed forward with all my players,
leaving the goal post unattended. I was just one step from Silencer’s open
goal post when suddenly one of his Mutas materialized close by and pushed
the ball off to the side. With that, the game ended with:

Full time score: 0-2 to the
Baelrog Footballers

‘Tis a sad day for Zerg Football fans.

Astraware Contest

Received an email today telling me that I have won a prize in the

Astraware Bejeweled Birthday Giveaway
[]. Basically
anyone that enters the “contest” will win a prize.

I got:

Zap! 2000 – A game for Palm, which I already have (albeit mine is a warez
version). But it’s still nice to win an official version. After clicking
on the link:

I was told that a mail will be sent to me with the registration code.

I received a mail with a download link and my registration code. This is
version 1.5 of Zap! 2000, which has three versions – grayscale, 256 color
and 16 bit color. Apparently, v1.5 is supposed to run faster on the m505
and other Palms.

Synced it to my Palm and registered using the reg code that was provided.

Zap! 2016 on an m505.

Roll me a blunt and pass that brew…

Going to head down to the Flemington Shooting Range next weekend, probably
on Saturday. They have a firearm shooting range, basically you get to
shoot with a 9 mm Semi Automatic (15 rounds of ammo), .45 Caliber Semi
Automatic (12 rounds of ammo) and a .357 revolver (12 rounds of ammo). It
will be a good stress reliever too. πŸ™‚

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