O woe! I lost in Resorts World Sentosa casino, chaos theory and the SGD 400 text message

resorts world sentosa casino

Dammit! I popped out of Universal Studios for a quick smoke (you get a UV chop for reentry) and the casino was just beside it. I had told myself:


last night. I passed by it on my way in but never thought about going in. It had an:


large blinking neon sign in my head.

…but I succumbed. *hangs head

I wanted a mere SGD 100 win – just one bet at the Baccarat table – that was how modest I was vs my 5 figure bets last time. I just exchanged SGD 200 for chips.

Thus, I put SGD 100 on a hot table where everyone else had their chips on Player as well, and also on Tie. I had a STRONG URGE to move it to Banker to ruin everyone’s mojo but I didn’t. I also wanted to bet on Tie since in my last sojourn to the casino it came out as a Tie the first time…but I didn’t.

Guess what?

Round 1:

Remaining chips: SGD 200 (no win or lose)

Round 2:
Banker wins with a fucking natural nine (Ace, 9)
Everyone was still on Player – literally thousands on the Player side and when the Tie came I had an EVEN STRONGER URGE to move my chips to Banker.

This would have ended in a happily ever after story with a small SGD 100 win (my aim) if that had been the case. It wasn’t.

Remaining chips: SGD 100

I moved to another table since there’s this dude exchanging money and I wanted to be fast.

Round 3:
I told myself, don’t let the pitfalls of being attached to Player dictate your bets. I didn’t listen. I bet on Player.
Banker Wins.

Remaining chips: SGD 0

I topped up another SGD 200 for the buy in. Now I have used SGD 400 (about RM 1,000) in the casino and decided to end it once and for all.

Remaining chips: SGD 200 (after another SGD 200 top up for a total of SGD 400)

Round 3:
I put SGD 200 on Player despite it being an obvious Banker dragon (roll) on the table.
Player came out with a 7, which I thought was pretty safe, considering Banker only had a 3.
Banker drew again for an 8.

Remaining chips: SGD 0 (again)

Considering I only brought SGD 300 over and I lost SGD 400 (which is technically SGD 200 if you recall that I won SGD 200 in Marina Bay Sands casino) I didn’t have any more money to bet since I used some money for topping up taxi fares, drinks at Ku De Ta and a souvenir at Battlestar Galactica.

I think I’m down to SGD 12 or so in my wallet.

I shouldn’t have gone in. I told myself the SGD 200 win at Marina Bay Sands casino was good enough but I went through that door anyway. I lost SGD 400 (about RM 1,000) in the process. It took just 10 minutes to lose that.

It seems that I’m cursed in Genting casinos. :p

I’m totally broke now and it’s all my fault. T_T

Oh well, at least they checked my age to verify that I was above 21. Small consolation. 😑

Chaos theory and the SGD 400 text message

You know how chaos theory goes right? Anyway, being broke is no fun, but looking back, if I didn’t lose in the casino, I wouldn’t have gotten a text message from an old friend (13 years since we first met).

It was technically two text messages and a phone call but it totally made my day. I mean, seriously, it’s damn worth it if chaos theory deems that must happen for this to happen. Heh!

Thank you for making my day. You know who you are. I still can’t wipe this stupid grin off my face. smirk

Keeping your head above water

water start

An abnormal fear of water

water fear

I like to bring around a compact camera that I can slip into my pocket for capturing moments – it’s like an auxiliary brain for me. I bring a digicam everywhere and if you’re clumsy person like me, you’ve no doubt dropped your digicam countless of times.


I have even dropped it in a waterfall, much to my chagrin. The digicam was a complete write off but luckily the memory card was still intact. Sigh. The quote which goes “Fire, water and government know nothing of mercy” is true indeed…until now! (at least the water part)


I have recently acquired a Sony Cyber-shot TX5 camera which meets all my requirements – it’s water-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof and even temperature-proof!

cable car

I decided to take it for a spin up in Genting under different conditions to see how well this camera performs. I intended to go to Fraser’s Hill but decided that Genting gives me a more exhaustive repertoire of lighting conditions and shooting opportunities.


This is my favorite photo. The Cyber-shot TX5 has excellent low light performance. I used the Handheld Twilight mode and it captured all the psychedic details in this rave-meets-bowling center perfectly.


I haven’t bowled in years and Naomi beat me by 3 points. >.< It was luck more than anything, I got a strike once and a spare in another but most of my attempts went down the drain (pun intended).

The next day was spent at the theme park where I covertly recorded several of the rides. *feels like James Bond* smirk

This video illustrates just how good the recording frame rate of the Sony Cyber-shot TX5 is. It’s that ride in Genting called Space Shot where you drop so fast the seat of your pants actually lifts off the ride for a second.

The best thing about the video recording function in the TX5 is that it records in Full HD at 1280 x 720! I wish I had this when I went to KK coz my other digicam only records at a paltry 640 x 480 – which was awesome…in the 90’s. >.<


I also like the easy mode switching in the TX5 – there’s Scene Selection, Anti Motion Blur, Inteligent Auto Adjustment and…iSweep Panorama!

angry whopper

A very angry Whopper

Okay, now here’s some proper shots in Gourmet Mode:

I went to Manhattan Fish Market to check out their new offerings – it’s a new menu based on American Idol:

manhattan idol

Manhattan Idol.

Flamin Tuna Pie

Flamin’ Tuna Pie. They really mean flaming when they say it, the cheese is heated until it’s warm.

Flaming Tuna Pie

Awesome presentation and a great dish but my favorite, hands down goes to:

shrimp on the rocks

Shrimp on the Rocks. Fresh and juicy shrimps served on a bed of ice with Cajun Honey Mustard as the dip. Delicious!


Well, if you’re been using digicams for a long time you’ll know how difficult it is to get panoramic shots in the past. It used to be all manual – take a photo and part of that will show up for you to align with your next shot. It’s just painful to have to do that and most of the time it doesn’t come out right.

genting panorama

However, with the iSweep Panorama mode, you just need to literally sweep your Cyber-shot TX5 to capture a panoramic scene! The wonders of modern technology!

theme park panorama

Underwater video is a breeze to use too. You might get a couple of weird looks since water-proof digicams aren’t that common (underwater casings alone sometimes costs more than the actual digicam). I’ve actually gotten stares and even a shouted warning – “Hey, careful, your camera is touching the water!“. Haha!

water zen

Unlike the bulky monsters in the small water-proof digicam segment, the Sony Cyber-shot TX5 manages to come up with a tough water-proof, shock-proof, dust-proof and temperature-proof digicam that is sleek and slim. You’ll be proud of slipping this baby out when you need to take photos and it’s sturdy enough to go anywhere with you.

Even underwater so you can take photos like this:

rainbow fish

Trust me, a water-proof digicam is a sound investment – hey, water damage is pretty common, someone might even spill their cocktail on your camera on a weekend night out. πŸ˜‰


You have the option of taking photos is 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio too!

teddy bear

Nuffnang is running a contest called My Water Moments – just take a photo and explain how it connects to the theme of The World’s Slimmest Water-proof camera. Hint: Write about how the photo would be improved if you have a water-proof digicam like the Cyber-shot TX5. It’s water-proof up to 3 meters! You also need to mention the features of the cam before submitting the URL here.

The best 3 entries will be given a free Sony Cyber-shot TX5 digicam! =D

naomi water

The Sony Cyber-shot TX5 retails for only RM 1,499 and comes with the ExmorR sensor for low light performance. It has a burst mode capable of 10 frames per second at 10.2 MP which makes it ideal for me for those of you who’ve endured my constant requests of taking several shots in a row coz the perfectionist in me demands the best shot. Heh!


Now, I’ll only need to ask you to take one photo…in burst mode. smirk

How I lost RM 35,000 in Genting

21000 cash

Haih. Damn no mood to blog la. I went up to Uncle Lim’s domain armed with a bottle of Absolut Flavor of the Tropics which impaired my judgement for an overnight stay (and a bit of gambling on the side).

We went up pretty early – not check in time yet, so I went into the casino with a buy in of RM 6,400. I put RM 2,000 on Roulette and RM 300 on 24 or 25 (can’t remember) based on Naomi‘s advice.

I won the even odds, even payout, which nets me RM 1,700.

I should have left at this point. I wanted to go to Port Dickson, but all the rooms were booked, and actually made a reservation for Fraser’s Hill. Unfortunately, it was raining so after a bit of thought…Genting!

Now, if I had left at that time, I would have gotten a bit of pocket money minus the trip costs.

Unfortunately I made a second bet (also 2k) and lost, before switching tables and lost all of my initial RM 6,400 buy in.

This forced me to go to the International Room to withdraw RM 5,000 from my credit card. I was actually up at one point, playing Baccarat.

1000 chip genting

However, two bad decisions (going against the dragon instead of chasing it) with a RM 4,000 bet each time made me lose RM 12,000 (inclusive of credit card charges).

Now, if that is not bad enough, I went out, and was about to check into the hotel when I saw Maybank. My ethanol impaired decision made me withdraw RM 21,000 from my savings account.


20k chips genting

I wanted to put RM 20,000 on Black on Roulette (when there was a Red dragon going – 7 in a row) but I was in the First World Hotel casino where they only allow RM 12,000 max instead of the RM 20,000 max in the main Genting casino.

This is SINK OR SWIM. It is the deciding factor of whether I would lose big or win back all my losses plus a neat RM 7,000. It was the:

genting roulette table

Moment of Truth (TM)

Photo discretely taken with my cell phone after I finished texting someone.

Look at the pile of chips on Black. Motherfucker. That’s all mine. It’s only 10k though.

The RED DRAGON (fuck you, cunt face) which I attempted to break was stronger than I thought it was. It turned out to be Red.

Lost 10k.

My obstination made me bet AGAINST the dragon again, with the last RM 10,000 bet on Black.

Yeah, bitch guess what? It was RED!

Total loss: RM 33,000

Fuck! I am allowed to use expletives in this post coz 30k is nothing to sneeze at. πŸ™

The next day, I went on Rapid Roulette and the slot machines. The damn one armed bandit got me up to RM 700 with just a minute RM 400 buy in but how can I be content with that when I have lost so much?

Thus, I went to the Roulette table (the only one that can save me) and put RM 100 on 6 and RM 100 on 29. Yup, no points for guessing here. I lost both.

As Mike a.k.a foodcrazee put it, I “smelled blood” and went in for the kill. Hazardous coz the house ALWAYS wins.

If gambling was a game and there is a Save Mode I could have gone back to many places:

1. The initial RM 2,000 bet on Roulette and RM 300 on a number. That netted me RM 1,700 – more than enough for trip costs. I should not have been greedy. I should have left there and then and checked into the fucking hotel.

2. In the International Room, I was up by RM 11,000 and made a stupid RM 4,000 bet on Player during a Banker run (Banker dragon). I should have shifted to Banker. To compound the mistake, I made ANOTHER RM 4,000 on Player, which I lost as well.

3. My friend saw this table with a Black dragon on Roulette in my last ditch attempt to do a comeback. If I had gone to that table, this post would have been very different – it would have the title “COMEBACK KING!!! Won RM 7,000 after a huge loss. Hail to the fucking King baby”

4. In the International Room, I had a single, lone RM 1,000 chip and put it on 29. There was a HUGE influx of people changing money and placing their bets and I got very impatient and wanted to move to the next table. I should have…coz guess what? That table came out with 29. Motherfucker! I would have covered my losses and went out with a couple of thousands if that had happened.

slot machines

However, that is gambling. It’s like Choose Your Own Adventure (remember those books?). If I had done things differently. If only:

1. I left when I won the first game. RM 1,700 net win, more than enough to cover trip costs. Yay!

2. I didn’t go against the dragon in the International Room. I would have won RM 3,000. Yay!

3. I went to a different table during my last ditch do-or-die RM 20,000 bet. I would have won RM 7,000.


Well, all that didn’t happen and it’s not a children’s book. I’m not even going to sulk coz hell, that’s what every loser says so I’m not going to say it.

The principles of gambling is “WHAT IF”. What if all that happened and I added more cash to my condo fund? That is the hook, that is the line, that is the sinker.

I lost RM 35,000 and that’s that. You can’t turn back the clock.

There goes my condo…and my trips…and even my fucking F&B.


On the bright side, perhaps eating bread and water would stop me from my daily drinking. I can’t afford to drink anymore. To be honest, I only have RM 107.35 to my name.


Oh well, it’s all my own fault and I shall take all the blame.

I shall console myself with a phrase I learned in China:


It means “Money is a curse, spend it and earn it again“. πŸ˜‰

All photos taken using the Sony Cybershot TX-5 except the crappy one discreetly taken on the Roulette table.

How I lost RM 11,100 over a week

genting 1000 chip

A lone RM 1,000 chip

The Signs (TM) were all there. I lost my ATM card so I had to withdraw from my credit card instead. I went up with the sole intention of winning back my Auckland losses (RM 5,000). I was talking about chasing the dragon when I went up but my obstination made me go against it.

Anyway, let’s cut to Auckland Sky City Casino. I actually WON in New Zealand with a paltry NZD 2,000 buy in. I started REALLY badly and was down to about NZD 300 when I chased this Player dragon that netted me a cool NZD 2,100. There I was, with NZD 4,100 of chips which I cashed in and sat for 45 minutes drinking beer while waiting for my friend to finish her game.

auckland sky city casino

I’m not very good with waiting so in the end I started playing again. I was very, very drunk at that point and was just putting money on the Blackjack table, holding with a 6 and other stupid stuff like that. Not surprisingly I lost the NZD 2,100 plus my buy in of NZD 2,000. That’s about a RM 5,000 net loss (not factoring in the win, else it’ll be something close to RM 10,000).

Back to Genting, I just had an urge to head up this weekend, coz I had nothing to do. Thus, I headed up with RM 2,000 (with the intention of withdrawing an additional RM 4,000 from my credit card when I get into the International Room). We were staying in First World Hotel so against my better judgement, I went into that casino first.

There was a Banker dragon going on. I bet 1k on Player (against the dragon) and lost. I bet another 1k on Player (talk about obstinate!) and lost again. That’s the end of my RM 2,000 buy in so I had to head to the main casino. It didn’t help that the Banker dragon was broken RIGHT AFTER THAT with four Players in a row, which, if I had withdrew the cash first, would have made me win.

Thus, down by 2k, I went into the IR and withdrew RM 4,000 in 4 x RM 1,000 chips (shown in the first photo) and sat down on Elite Baccarat. I put 1k on Player as usual and won. However, in Elite Baccarat you have this option to switch and I accidentally switched (wanted to hold) and lost the 1k.

It was a series of unfortunate events which happened really rapidly after that. I was betting with my emotions instead of my analytical skillz. I went Player all the way. After a couple of wins and losses (got a natural 9 once, and a really lucky win of 3 vs 2).

However, at the end of it I was left with a sole 1k chip which I went to the toilet to take a photo of before heading back to the table. While I was away, Player won 3 times. >.<

I lost a total of RM 6,100 (RM 100 was a last ditch attempt for a comeback by putting it on the number 6 on Roulette) and now I have to eat Maggi Mee every single night to save up for my condo. T_T

Things you can buy with RM 11,100:

A nice bed for my new condo
A nice sofa for my new condo
A nice TV for new new condo

Experiences you can buy with RM 11,100:

A trip to pretty much anywhere in the world for a week if you’re careful with accomodation

However, I’m always prepared to lose my buy in when I come up to gamble but things would have worked out so differently if I just followed the Banker dragon in the first place. Oh well, I don’t complain when I win so I don’t complain when I lose too. πŸ™‚

It’s just life, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. My approach to betting is just too risky. A man beside me can absorb the losses coz he bets RM 100 – RM 200 each round. I don’t play for fun. I play to win so I reduce the times I have to play by betting high.

Anyway, I’m going to have to skip Subway and Dominos and cook 2 packets of Maggi with 2 eggs every night from now on. I’m NOT going up to Genting anymore until I purchase my condo.

RM 19,000 from Genting

19k genting

Yes, yes, thank you Uncle Lim. Another successful run in Genting. Can I hear a “Hell Yeah?“.

Anyway, I wouldn’t call this a run per se since I stayed overnight. I usually don’t but my house doesn’t have power due to a lack of foresight in payment compounded by a renegade ex tenant who doesn’t believe in paying bills.

genting winnings

The first night, I won RM 10,150. I got a RM 10,000 cheque and the RM 150 in cash.

It was an easy run. Here’s the “battle report”:

RM 2,000 on Even on Roulette and RM 100 on the number 6 – LOST

RM 2,000 on Even and RM 100 on 6 – won the even, lost the RM 100

RM 2,000 on Player on Baccarat – WON

RM 2,000 on Banker on Baccarat – WON

I walked away with RM 10,150 with a buy in of RM 6,350 which nets me a cool RM 3,800.

genting abalone

Cut to hotel room, fun and games at the outdoor theme park and stuff like Ah Yat Abalone.

The next day I resumed my war with Genting.

I put RM 2,000 on Black in Roulette – WON

Switched to RM 2,000 on Red in Roulette – WON

I have won 4k so I decided to cash out and leave.

genting 10k slip

Unfortunately, the cheque took too damn long so I decided to test Jerine’s theory. I withdrew RM 1,000 for Casino War.

I put RM 200 on mine and won. She put RM 200 on hers and DREW with the baker. Eh, Banker not baker. Anyway, I added RM 100 to hers and she lost.

I lost 5 consecutive games after that. T_T

It is true…Jerine is a good luck charm, but ONLY if she doesn’t play. Let her stand or sit beside you. Don’t let her touch the chips. :p

jerine win

Nevertheless it was a good fucking run. Minus all expenses (I know I bulk up my trip expenses to be safe, but this time I really spent a lot) like transport, accommodation and two trips to the outdoor theme park (where it rained both times) and other fun and games and alcohol and blah blah blah (not to mention the corrupt cops) I guesstimate my nett winnings as:

RM 2,500

No shit. RM 19,000 minus alcohol, bribes and games and all I got was 2.5k.

genting me

Hell, I’m happy though. Beats losing any day right brothers and sisters in GA? πŸ˜‰

RM 10,000 from Genting

genting 10000

A clean 10k in chips. =D

I went up to the Highlands of Sin on Saturday since I was bored and I wanted to see if the winning streak still applies. *pretends* I put RM 3,000 on Player for 3 rounds. Motherfucker, it tied two times but I stuck with it and didn’t withdraw and won in the 3rd round with a natural 9. Sweet.

(for the uninitiated, you don’t lose money if it’s a tie on Baccarat)

I lost RM 100 on Player double though. RM 3,000 on a single bet is a grey area, sometimes they allow it, sometimes they don’t (since technically one person is supposed to bet max RM 2,000 per round).

I left the table and put RM 100 on the number 4 in Roulette and it came out as…3. >.<

I decided to call it a day and went to the cashier. Unfortunately, there’s this Baccarat table just blocking my way to the cashier and I put down my spare RM 200 on Player. I lost that bet and wanted to go but something just told me to go again.

Thus, I put a RM 1,000 bet on Player and guess what? Natural fucking 9. =D

I won RM 3,600 in total and in combination with my RM 6,400 buy in that comes out to a neat and even RM 10,000 cheque.

I’m glad I didn’t move tables when I went in. I went to a cold table (as in there’s no one there) and started exchanging my cash for chips before people started thronging in. I wanted to leave since it takes a long time for everyone to start up but I was adviced not to – and a good thing too. I had RM 3,100 riding on that – I always take up the spot 6 and 7 and after the gnarly two times in a row draw, I finally won RM 3,000. Heh!

One last thing, I finally managed to clear up the winning vs non-winning cheque issue – if you get a winning cheque you will NOT get the full amount since Genting will tax you. However if you get a non-winning cheque it’s nice and easy, you get everything. I also bought two jeans and shirts and minus all expenses I think it comes up to about a RM 2,500 nett win. Mind you though, my calculations are terribly flawed and includes stuff like buying attire. πŸ˜‰

genting 10k cheque

Anyway, those of you who have been following me on Twitter would know about my mom’s battle with cancer. It’s not something I want to talk about now, but will post about it soon k? I’ll be flying to NZ to be with her before her operation. Thanks for all the mentions, DMs, SMS, emails and IM well wishes – much appreciated.

RM 3,000 in 5 minutes

luck of the irish

The luck of the Irish! Thanks to my good luck charm Jerine and everyone else at St Pats who wished me luck, not forgetting our friendly taxi driver too!

I decided to go up to Genting after St Patrick’s to fund my Hong Kong trip next month. I went into the casino with RM 7,000 but bought in RM 6,500 for Bacarrat. I missed the first round coz I was counting the chips and thank God for that! It came out as Banker and I was going to bet Player. Anyway, this session was nothing short of amazing. I bet RM 1,000 on Player three times and won every single time – with a 9 to boot, the highest possible number.

I wish I had bet my usual RM 2,000, which would have netted me RM 6,000 but Jerine told me to play small so I halfed my usual bet. It’s probably a good thing coz if I had put RM 2,000 I might have been more inclined to follow the trend – I broke a 9 Banker dragon (Banker came out 9 times in a row) in my first bet. I went against all the other punters and was the only person on the table with money on Player.

9500 in chips

RM 9,500 in chips

Another interesting anecdote – after winning RM 3,000, I went to cash in my chips and decided to get a cheque so I won’t have to lug around RM 9,500 in RM 50 notes. I had tweeted about wanting to bet on 5 or 10 in Roulette so while waiting for my cheque, I walked over and put RM 50 on 5 and RM 50 on 10.

I swear to God with Jerine as my witness, as soon as I got there and the dealer called out “No more bets” (so I had to wait for the next round) the ball settled on…

…you guessed it.


Oh well. I decided it could still happen, but so I placed my bets and 0 was the number that the ball decided to stick to.

jerine cheque

Thus, I got my cheque and left – it was actually an RM 2,900 win (coz of the RM 100 bet on Roulette for fun) and after taxi costs (RM 130 up, RM 120 down) and miscellaneous costs (which I calculate as $ spent during that day – had a lot of Guinness at St Patrick’s) it was a RM 2,000 nett win.

Not too shabby.

However, a word of caution – if you can win 3 times in a row, you can lose 3 times in a row too. It could have turned out the other way, but it was good for me this time…again. πŸ˜‰

genting cheque

Oh, and one last thing – if you want to get a cheque from Genting, always get it as a non-winning cheque a.k.a. losing cheque. The cashier will give you the option to do so. It’s just for their records. If you get a winning cheque, you will be taxed for it – by the government, not Genting so they don’t really care even if you won but requested for a non-winning cheque.

Come to think of it, I seriously have the luck of the Devil himself. Heh!

Casino War II: The Player Strikes Back

genting rm 6300

RM 6,300 in chips

Always remember, you could be getting all the 3 and 8’s while the dealer gets all the Queens. I won on my first and second round with bets of RM 500 each before doubling up to RM 1,000. I have won RM 1,500 before I foolishly decided to go for one last bet of RM 1,500 spread across two lines – the table maximum is RM 1,000 so I put RM 1,000 on one and RM 500 on the other.

I was dealt with a 4 and a 6 while the dealer got a 10.

Fuck! I lost everything I have won thus far.

I decided to go in with RM 1,000 bets and won the first with a 9. The dealer also got a 9 of clubs – mine was a heart, which usually wins but in Casino War it requires you to put your initial bet again to win your original bet. This means you put 2k on the table and the dealer puts 1k and starts dealing a new set of cards.

I won by a comfortable Queen while the dealer got a 6.

I put one last 1k bet and won, also by a Queen vs the dealer’s 9.

I decided I have been lucky enough and proceeded to leave, thinking I have won a clean 2k from my buy in of RM 4,400 – an arbitrary figure produced by the ATM’s RM 1,500 max per transaction done three times, RM 50 spent on food and another RM 50 spent on pints of beer.

I was puzzled when I cashed out and got only RM 6,300 – a win of RM 1,900. I have been betting in multiples of RM 500 so this is impossible.

I suspect I donated a RM 100 chip to the Genting toilet while taking photos. Oh well.

I also paid RM 150 for the taxi ride back for 2 stops. It was a most exciting cab ride home with the illegal taxi taking dangerous turns downhill with real pedal to the metal action and fast and furious driving which nearly resulted in 2 collisions and us getting sandwiched between a BMW Z3 and a van in front, eliciting a ni ah ma chow hai from our friendly tout driver.

jerine genting

This is my Lady Luck fast asleep on the trip home – I’ve never lost when I go up to Genting with her.

It could have gone either way, but it turned out good for me this time. I actually misplaced another RM 100 somewhere so I estimate I have a RM 1,300 nett win after all expenses deducted. My rent for the month is sorted!

I typed all this on my cell phone using T9 while on the thrilling ride home. It took 14 SMS drafts.

Footnote: In Casino War you play against the dealer, you canΒ  login sbobet to play poker online game like a option – the highest card value wins. It’s as simple as that.If you are a SGP Fan ,You can also check SGP pool output here on prediksi sgpΒ  πŸ™‚

Casino War: I won RM 1,200

casino wars

I went to Genting last night as a prelude to CNY gambling. Six of us went up in two cars and I had an initial bankroll of RM 3,000 with an absolute RM 4,500 buy-in (meaning if I lost my bankroll, I’m prepared to withdraw another RM 1,500).


For the first time in my life, I didn’t play Baccarat AT ALL. Desmond introduced me to this game called Casino War which is much faster paced than Baccarat. Basically, the dealer deals cards to everyone and him/herself and the largest face value wins. It’s just as simple as that.

The table limit was RM 500, which is a bit smaller than the RM 2,000 max in Baccarat – this complicates my betting strategy (what betting strategy? ;)) a bit but let me give you the gnarly battle report:

Casino War

I didn’t count but just took out a slab of RM 50 notes. It turned out to be RM 900.

I bet RM 100 and lost. I doubled up to RM 200 and won, bringing me back to my initial RM 900 bankroll. I then bet the table max of RM 500 and lost. Grr…

I took out some more money, dealer counted it and gave me an additional RM 1,100 in chips.

Bankroll: RM 2,100.

I’m now down by RM 500. I started betting the table maximum each time. I lost twice in a row, which brings me down to:

RM 600 (lost RM 1,500)

This time Lady Luck favors me with her smile coz I got a King and a Jack for the next two rounds, which is quite hard to beat.

RM 1,600 (lost RM 500)

The next card dealt was a 10 which I thought would have gotten me back my bankroll but the dealer got a Queen! Thus:

RM 1,100 (lost RM 1,000)

I bet three more hands and as luck would have it, won all three, depite one being a fucking 5 of diamonds (dealer got a 3 – haha).

RM 2,600 (won RM 500)


Thus, I left the table to join the others at Roulette. I placed my bet on Odd every single time with wins and loses until one final round when I thought I’ll just round it up to a net RM 1,000 (the magic four figure win) and put RM 300 down.

It turns out I miscalculated. I won that round but due to the lack of my math skillz, I won RM 1,200 instead of RM 1,000.

This is usually a good thing but it also opens up temptation due to the “excess” RM 200. I decided to stop betting and be happy with my RM 1,200 but the Imp of the Perverse called me again.

I used the RM 200 to bet small on another Roulette and lost it all.

Thus, I’m left with:

RM 3,100 (win RM 1,000)

I wanted to get back the RM 200 so I put RM 200 on Odd. I lost. I doubled up to RM 400 on Odd and lost again. I didn’t want to deviate despite the Roulette wheel constantly churning out Even numbers and put RM 800 on Odd. The ball dropped on an Even number again! Ish!

RM 1,700 (lost RM 500)

I made a last ditch RM 1,600 bet on Odd and watched as the wheel goes round and round. If I lost this round, I’ll have lost RM 2000. The ball tumbled into an Even number, jumped a couple of times and landed on…


Haha! That RM 1,600 bet saved the day, pushing me back to RM 3,300.

I went home with RM 3,300.

Net win: RM 1,200

Lessons learnt and moving forward:

When you feel like you’ve already won enough, just leave. I could have lost a lot of money with my absolute RM 4,500 bankroll if I lost that last RM 1,600 bet coz I would have put down more money.

It’s a good thing I won back my RM 1,200 win after an epic battle at the Roulette table. πŸ™‚

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