Running around in circles

I had a group meeting scheduled today at 2 pm, so I took the 1:40 pm
shuttle. Right as the shuttle was turning into the campus, I got an SMS
telling me that the meeting is cancelled because everything has already
been completed (!). Well, that’s a first. =D Thus, I decided to go to
Store X to shop for Item X. I have to be discrete you see, because Item X
is supposed to be my girlfriend’s birthday present, and she reads my blog.
There is a Store X in Carnegie, so I headed down there to see if they have
Item X in stock. There is a promotion involving Item X where Store X is
selling it at less than half the price of other retail outlets (for a
limited time only). Unfortunately, Store X is Carnegie is out of Item X,
but I was told that the Store X in Glen Waverley might have some in stock.
If you haven’t figured out by now, Store X is a large chain. Now, a
temporary lapse in cognitive thinking made me associate Glen Waverley with
Blackburn. I had dinner at Glen Waverley with a couple of my friends last
Mid-Autumn Festival, and I swore I saw the Blackburn station right in the
middle of Glen Waverley. Anyone with a map of Melbourne will know that
this is rather unlikely as the stations are in fact quite far away.
However, I didn’t know this, so I took a train to Richmond station to
catch a Hillside train back down to Blackburn.

<——————- Carnegie



As you can see in the ASCII map (an overstatement) above, I had to first
travel in the opposite direction from my destination to catch a train to
Blackburn. This is because the trains in Melbourne runs on different lines
so if you want to catch a train to a different line, you need to go to to
a switching station, which can mean backtracking. That trip took nearly an

Anyway, as I arrived in Blackburn, I started to sense something amiss. One
side of the station exit houses residential estates and the other side is
populated by just a small strip mall. Hmm…I thought. Upon questioning
several passerby’s, I was forced to conclude that Glen Waverley !=
Blackburn. Luckily, I spotted a 703 Blackburn bus pulling into the bus
stop, and boarded it, safe in the knowledge that the 703 bus will pass by
Glen Waverley. Alas. That is not true, as I soon found out. I could take
the 703 back to the halls, but I really wanted to go to Glen Waverley
before Store X closes, so I asked the driver how to best get there. He
advised me to stop at Syndal station and take the train down to Glen
Waverley. A good 2 1/2 hours after I boarded the train in Carnegie, I
finally arrived in Glen Waverley. I hurried to The Glen and rushed into
Store X right before it closed only to find out that…they were out of
Item X too. What a waste of time. At least the store personnel told me
that the Store X’s in Springvale and Ringwood still have a few Item X’s in
their inventory. I will follow it up tomorrow after my tutorials.

On the other hand, I managed to find out that the

Forest Hill Chase Shopping Center
has a 10 theatre Hoyts. This is more convenient for me than Chadstone
since the 703 bus passes right outside my halls and goes right to the door
of Forest Hill Chase. Also, I managed to stock up on some Cadbury 250g
bars. 2 for A$5 dollar dazzlers in Coles rule. They usually go for A$3.59
each. Oh, and the new Vanilla Coke is pretty good as well. Tastes like a
vanilla ice cream coke float (or spider or soda or whatever you call it).
Interestingly, it coats the mouth with a rich vanilla taste.

Word of the day: HAMPALANG EH (from Daniel)

Foochow. Adjective. A sarcastic term for someone who acts like he/she
knows everything. Correlates to “Smarty Pants” and “Mr Know-It-All” in
English. See also: HU NO EH, DEI LEI KIAN.

My hair is shagging in my eyes

Dragging my feet to hit the streets tonight, to drive along this shit town

I need a haircut badly. I feel like I’m wearing a furry hat on my head. It
really is that thick and heavy, but unfortunately I don’t have time to get
a haircut until the weekend. The thing is, I need to take a bath after a
haircut coz I cannot stand those short hair bits trying to crawl down my
neck and have their way with my chest and back. Thus, I have to put aside
about 2 hours if I want to get a haircut, and I’ll rather sleep than wake
up early to get a haircut. So, I’ve decided to wait until the weekends
before I get my much needed haircut. I hate the way it pokes into my eyes
and feels all heavy on my head. Hmph.

Link of the day:
Quaoar FAQ
[] (maintained by one of the co-discoverers)

Rock on…

I just came back from

Rock Kung
[] in Glen Waverley. Had supper with Adrian
and Jun Wei. I saw two other halls ressies there too. It’s the only
Chinese restaurant nearby which is still open in the early morning.
Perfect for supper, except I probably shouldn’t eat so much before going
to sleep. I had spicy pork chop with fried rice. Eating Chinese food
before going to sleep presents another problem – the MSG gives you two

1. Drink heaps of water and therefore have to get up every 5 minutes to
take a piss or 

2. Don’t drink enough water and wake up with a headache and sore throat.

Decisions, decisions…

It’s hailing!

I was wondering why the rain sounded so loud just now. It sounded like it was
hitting my roof directly, and I didn’t even live on the top floor. Puzzled, I opened up a window
and was assailed by chucks of ice the size of M&Ms. I’ve been caught by hail in Christchurch,
NZ before but I’ve never seen hail in Melbourne. Hail!

Putting it bluntly (haha)

Ellen Feiss is hot. I only knew about
this meme today. That translates to a two month lag between the propagation of the meme and the
time I hear about it. I heard about the All Your Base and Mahir one several days after they
become popular and now I have to resort to hearing about Feiss from The Age
[] of all places. Alas, I have been out of the scene indeed.

Anyway, I heard this Indian couple arguing on the shuttle while on my way back home today. They
were sitting beside me and talking so voluminously that the whole shuttle bus were exposed to their
quandary. It seems that the boyfriend was tardy in introducing his girlfriend to his project group
mates. Allegedly the girlfriend “finished photocopying half the fucking book” before the boyfriend
thought to introduce her. Good thing he didn’t introduce her as only a friend because she sweared
she “will knock you down there and there if you introduced me as your friend”. I could see several
other people in the bus making minute changes like shifting their seating subtly and casually
removing their headphones to maximize their auditory bandwidth.

I have a lucky 10c coin

Well, not really lucky, but it was in my shoe for the whole day.

I noticed a slight anomaly in my shoe soles when I stepped out to go to uni today. Upon further
tactile inspection, I found that it has a distinct coin-like feel to it and surmised that it was a
10c coin. For some reason, I never took the time to remove it from my shoe, I just walked around
with the coin inside for the whole day. It felt kinda nice too, a change from the usual feeling.

Anyway, my mid-semester holidays is coming up next week. I couldn’t possibly make it to Sydney
or Canberra because I have meetings in the first few days. The final exams comes 3 weeks after the
holidays too, so I probably need to be studying in the holidays. I wonder why it’s called a
mid-semester holiday when it doesn’t come in the middle of the semester. It’s either 3 weeks from
the start of the semester (in the first semester) or 3 weeks from the end of the semester (in the
second semester). Alas. However, I’m planning to go on a short overnight trip somewhere. Currently,
I’m still mulling over whether to go to:

1. Hepburn Springs []

It is known as Australia’s spa capital. It would be nice to go for one of those mud wraps and
soak in a natural mineral spa before my finals. There are free hand pumps dispensing the legendary
Hepburn Springs sparking mineral water all over town too.

2. Bonnie Doon []

Waterskiing! Bonnie Doon is a really small town on the way to Mt Buller. It is famous for
waterskiing, but there are other stuff to do like fishing and horse riding.

3. Sovereign Hill []

A replica gold rush township in Ballarat. They have a nightly play called Blood on the Southern
Cross which I hear is really good. It’s about the revolt of gold miners against unfair taxes.

Three different places offering three different experiences. Hmm…

Mid-Autumn Dinner

I had a belated Mid-Autumn Festival dinner today with a group of my friends from high school.
The list of attendees are: Ung Hing, who arrived 1 1/2 hours late because there was a train
accident which delayed his train, Karen, Fu Liang (the only one who is not from our high school),
Thien Na, who drove her Lancer down from the city, Chuck Fong and his brother Chuck Yong, the
elusive Christopher, Adrian and of course me. We went to Ocean King in Glen Waverley and had one of
their banquets. Off my memory (which is slowly becoming erratic) there was abalone soup, prawns
with noodles, black pepper beef, fish (a meal isn’t complete without fish, or so I hear), spicy
breaded chicken, some tofu dish, fruits and tong shui. Thien Na and I had the misfortune of sitting
beside the rice holder so we were delegated to serving rice the whole night. Heh. The banquet only
came to about A$15 each, so that’s pretty good for the dishes that are available.

Group photo at Ocean King. I forgot to put force flash on, making the picture somewhat

After dinner, we headed down to Intencity, an arcade just opposite the restaurant. Chuck Fong
trashed everyone with his Virtual On skillz and I dominated the Daytona race track. Well, perhaps
dominate is not exactly the right term because Thien Na kept catching up to me. Karen on the other
hand was nowhere to be seen. =D

Daytona action. Karen (furthest from camera) is devastated at her loss. Heh.

The fruity looking guns are from…

Point Blank.

It’s not even 10 pm yet, and Karen and Ung Hing are already sneaking off to get some quality
time alone behind the arcade machines. =D

The line forming to dethrone Chuck Fong at Virtual On.

Another victim falls to Chuck Fong’s Virtual On skillz.

Pedal Faster Karen!

You don’t want to meet us in a dark alley. We’ll probably force you to play Point Blank with us
or something. =D

I find pictures in my digicam that I don’t remember taking. Heh. =D

This is me and Thien Na. She sat in the row beside mine in Form Five. Interesting fact: All but
three of the people that came tonight are from the same class in Form Five.

The girls. I’ve been in the same class as Karen since Primary 1. Imagine that. =D

A partial group shot in the arcade.

Roberts Hall annual photo

The annual Roberts Hall photo for 2002 was taken today at 6 pm. The photos
will not be out till later, but here are some preliminary shots:

6:05 pm People start arranging themselves. The guy with specs with his
arms crossed is the photographer.

6:08 pm A formation starts becoming apparent.

6:12 pm This is the view from the top.

6:27 pm This is my next door neighbor, Michelle Yuen. The room beside mine used
to be occupied by a guy named Glenn but for reasons unknown, he moved out
early this semester and Michelle moved in.

6:31 pm This is Jessica Albin who lives three rooms down. I couldn’t find my
other neighbor from two rooms down. There are 4 rooms in a floor of each stairway.

6:37 pm People milling around after the session. The girl in the red dress, the
guy with the bluish tie, the girl in the blue wraparound and the girl in
the purple dress (partially off frame) all live one floor above mine.

Elune save us! The Undead advance in waves!

The halls external network connection was down practically the whole day!
I’ve only been able to get online at night, no problems accessing internal
sites in the day, just can’t get into any external ones. Never mind that,
at least I got some solid hours in Warcraft 3. I can’t really play
Warcraft when ICQ is on because it’s too distracting. It’s my pet peeve
when someone messages me while I’m in a game. =D Anyway, I’ve never
actually played the single player campaign until recently because I jumped
into multiplayer the moment I got it. The single player story is pretty
good, but a bit hackneyed. I’m at the Night Elves campaign now and damn,
the Archers look good. I am retarded.

Well, I got a pack of these egg puddings yesterday and lemme tell you,
those are EVIL! The sweet stuff (caramel?) on the bottom is all congealed
and shit and it tasted horrible. I sacrificed them as offerings to the
porcelain god 15 minutes after I ate them. πŸ™

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