I am tired. I woke up early for an IE group meeting in South Yarra and I
just got back after 6 pm. Anyway, I’ve noticed that 7-11 now carries a
variety of calling cards. They don’t actually have the cards, but they
call a number and prints out a paper receipt with a PIN number on it.

28 days

Original image

All the toilets of Stairway 8 seems to be not working. The tanks must have
burst or something because I can hear constant gurgling behind the toilet.
Thus, the water pressure is less than optimal, making flushes practically
impossible. I took a shit this morning and it damn near took me 3 whole
minutes of constant pressure on the pump to flush away the assorted shit
and toilet paper. The water pressure has degraded since then and someone
disposed a menstrual blood stained piece of toilet paper on the front of
the bowl. Since water travels from the back to the front in most toilets
and the water pressure is seriously lacking today, this resulted in that
period stained toilet paper laying undislodged for the rest of the night.

Close up

Assignments galore!

Well, I haven’t been updating much these few days. I’m actually
swamped by work but it should abate somewhat after this weekend. I’m
very looking forward to my mid semester break after Week 10. It’s the
end of Week 7 now, so it’s still two weeks away. I’m planning to go
somewhere. I saw this advertisement for a 7 day Tasmania holiday for
only A$300. That seems pretty cheap but I can’t afford to go on a 7 day
holiday while doing my IE project. Not just because my group partners
will kill me, but because I have other assignments due after the mid
semester break. Heh. Perhaps a 3 day holiday will not be out of the
question so I’m thinking about where to go. Somewhere near like Sydney
or Canberra probably. We’ll see. Anyway, I was doing my assignments in
the psychology faculty labs today and I passed by what they call a
Sleep Lab. There was a guy in there with electrodes all over his head
and a couple of students were reading off a monitor which is analyzing
his brain wave patterns. How interesting. Anyway, I’m going to catch
some sleep now. More updates tomorrow.

Best places on campus to sleep and take a dump

I’m feeling pretty bushed now. I was in uni the whole day from 8 am in the
morning till 6 pm and I only got a couple of hours of sleep last night. I
did manage to catch up on my sleep today though and that makes me very mad since I really wanted to try out my new mattress from the labor day weekend mattress sales. I had no classes from 10
am – 12 pm and went to the library to take a nap. =D It’s pretty
convenient to sleep in one of those tables with privacy screens in the
silent area of the library. I fell into such a deep sleep, I actually
dreamt! It was a pretty weird dream, all jumbled up. The characters seem
to be people I saw on the way into the library but I’ve forgotten about
the dream by now. It was quite interesting though. Oh, and I drooled all
over my arm while I slept and woke up with a wet patch on my long sleeved

The best place to sleep on campus

Anyway, I also found one of the best places to take a dump on campus. I’ve
always favored the S block toilets because they are some of the newest on
campus. However, I’ve found an even better one. The N block second floor
toilets are really something. Even though it’s rather old, it has a nice
ambience to it, courtesy of the clouded glass windows on one side of the
toilet. Furthermore, the furthest toilet even has a ledge on the side to
put your bag on. Nice indeed. Every time I need to take a dump while on
campus, I’ll be heading to the N block toilets.

Well, by the time I got back to Clayton, I was pretty much dead from lack
of sleep. However, I managed to spy the elusive security bus and got onto
it. Heh. It’s a bus that loops around the campus every half hour and it
stops right at the halls of residence. It actually takes longer to use the
bus than walk, so I’ve never bothered to get onto it, but I was so tired
today I appreciated not having to walk back even if it meant it takes

Anyway, it turns out that the book sale isn’t today after all. It’s on
Thursday. My bad.

“Fill a bag for only A$5.00”

I missed the shuttle again today and thus was forced to take the
Huntingdale bus to connect with the Flinder’s Street Station train. The
thing is, the 12:40 pm bus gives you exactly 5 minutes to walk from the
Huntingdale bus stop to the train station. Normally this is more than
enough, but today the bus was delayed by this long ass truck who was
trying to back into a plaster factory right off the highway. The trailer
was so long, the truck actually had to go over the road divider to back
into the driveway of the factory. Thus, all four lanes of the northbound
traffic was down to a standstill to accommodate the truck. The truck took
a good 5 minutes to completely back into the driveway and thus, by the
time the bus got to the train station, the train was already pulling in. I
had to sprint to get to the train platform and the doors started closing
just as I ran noisily into the train, startling a poor old lady who was
about to doze off. Heh. I think only 3 of the 15 people on the bus managed
to get on that train. The next train is a good 20 minutes away and that
would make me late for my tutorial so that’s why I wanted to get on this

A router in action

Anyway, I had my Network Administration lab today and there was this movie
being shown to explain the concept of the Internet. I’ve seen this one
countless times before, the movie is
Warriors of the Net
[warriorsofthe.net] and it’s made by
Ericsson for internal purposes but seems to have spread far and wide
because, truth to be told, it actually is a very good movie that explains
networking concepts in easy to understand terms.

A$5.00 per bag

Well, as I was heading back I saw that the bookshop is having a sale
tomorrow. It’s not your normal, run of the mill sale, but one where you
can fill a bag with as many books as you can for only A$5! Basically, they
provide you with a bag and you go around stuffing books into the bag until
you can’t fit anymore in and you pay A$5 at the counter. I’m not sure what
books will be available and what the size of the bag actually is, but it’s
a pretty good deal nevertheless. If you’re interested, that’s the bookshop
of the Caulfield campus of Monash University.

This is not a fire drill?

I went to campus with my digicam today to take some photos and heard the
fire alarm going off in Block B as soon as the shuttle pulled into the
loop. I saw a fire truck in the alley so I snapped a couple of pics of
that as well as the fire fighters walking into B block. I must have looked
a bit suss taking photos like that. I wonder if they think I pulled the
fire alarm? Heh. Here are the photos, click on them for a larger picture
that opens up in a new window.

All pictures are clickable to bring up a larger picture.

The fire engine sitting idle in the alley. Block B is camera right.

The fire fighters were studying a fire indicator board very intently.

The fire door leading to the computer labs in Floor 3 of Block B. Please
make your way in an orderly fashion to the evacuation area.

The file of people using the escalators to go down to the second floor.

The fire doors leading to the left wing computer labs. It is closed.

On the top of the escalators.

The bridge area on the second floor is where everyone decided to go.

Masses of people standing around and talking at the bridge.

More people milling about.

Still more people hanging around.

People, people everywhere…

The all clear is given and everyone started to go back to the labs.


I was browsing my C++ subject webpage to look at the sample exam
questions. The first one I clicked on nearly made me
, until I read the words FINAL EXAM. Phew…I thought that was the
mid semester test.

Word of the Day:

Excessive and frequent evacuation of watery feces, usually indicating
gastrointestinal distress or disorder.

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