Throw a whole pig into boiling water

making kueh chap

That’s how you make kueh chap…basically, you pick up a live pig
(you may need help if the pig exceeds a certain size) and throw the
whole animal into a vat of boiling water. Watch it scream and struggle
as it’s being boiled alive. When the pig has stopped moving (you can
establish this by seeing if the water is still churning), drain the
water and chop it up into pieces.

stall 34 kueh chap

This was related to me by a friend as we were eating kueh chap at
Stall 34 in Petanak. He’s kidding of course, but kueh chap does contain
many byproducts of pork as well as pork meat itself. It’s a mix of pig
intestines, stomach, skin (fat), meat with other things like eggs and
tofu. Pig brains and genitalia are considered specialty gourmet items,
so those are obviously not included. The Chinese say every part of the
pig can be eaten except for its bones (though it can be used for soup).

kueh chap petanak

Kueh chap is traditionally made with pork, but hey, you can even throw in a stray dog if you want.

dog kueh chap

I’m sure no one would notice.

The world’s most unexciting police chases

worlds unexciting police chases

2:07 AM
A police vehicle was spotted in front of a karaoke establishment behind
Upwell. The law enforcement officers started driving off in a slow pace
as we passed by. This could be a coincidence, but we’re making pursuit

2:08 AM
The suspect’s vehicle is still moving slowly. We are maintaining our distance and tailing the target.

2:09 AM
The police vehicle is moving too slowly for our patience. We’re gonna
cut them off and abort this chase. We’ll be going our own way now. Over.

Hey, it’s the world’s most unexciting police chases. The title says it all. πŸ˜‰

White Mischief Paradise Gin

white mischeif box

This is a token of appreciation from my friend Ah Ann for assembling
his new hardware, formatting his hard drive and installing a new OS –
half a box of Paradise Gin.

paradise gin jsrl box

It’s 6 x 750 ml bottles of Paradise Gin in a box labeled Johnnie Walker Red Label.

white mischief paradise gin

Each bottle contains White Mischief’s Paradise Gin, a product of
India. This is a photo of the bottle. Notice that the logo at the
bottom looks familiar?

shaw wallace sime darby

It says Shaw Wallace – Established 1886 and bears a remarkable
resemblance to a logo of a certain company here, which I can’t retrieve
from my memory. Sime Darby?

white michief label

Anyway, this gin was manufactured by The Maharashtra Distilleries
Ltd. in Aurangabad, India. This batch made for export outside of India

paradise gin decor

I used to dislike the taste of gin, but I think that my daily heavy
drinking has desensitized my taste buds…everything tastes like vodka
to me…tasteless and chuggable. I could tell that there’s a slight
juniper taste to it though, which I associate with gin, but that’s
about it.

paradise gin details

Anyway, at 42.8% it is very nice indeed. I like the name too. White
Mischief – Paradise Gin. Thanks, Ann! Here at, a 6 pack
of any distilled liquor is more than welcome. πŸ™‚

Hello, my name is Huai Bin, this is my card

my business card

/me presents business card

Does anyone still remember that quote from the local sitcom? The
character’s name is Sam and he plays this sissy (hey, it was the
correct terminology at that time :p) persona and the intro jingle goes
something “tutup api”. Very catchy. Anyway, I just got my company
business cards today. There’s a stack of them and from the invoice, I
found out that business cards do not come by cheaply. The card says:

B.Comp (Aus)
Systems Engineer

(Company Logo)
(Company Registration Number)

(Company Name)
(Company Address)
Kuching Sarawak Malaysia
Tel: (Two telephone numbers)
ISDN Video call: (ISDN video phone number)
Fax: (Fax number)
Cell: (Everyone knows this anyway, but I also use 016 869 0110)
E-mail: hb@(domain name).com
(Company URL)

Now, if only I know what I’m going to do with this stack of business cards…

Ranchan pool

taman recreasi ranchan
Taman Recreasi Ranchan

I remember going for daytrips to this (natural) pool when I was
little and living in Kuching, it was a fun place to be with lots of
running water. It’s not exactly a pool per se, it’s just the name we
used to call it when we went on our weekend family trips. It was
probably during that time that I started to love going for trips (no,
not that kind, I only got to love the other kind of trip when I was 16)
and traveling.

ranchan pool

This time, I went with the usual suspects – Ah Lung, Miriam, Ah Ming
and me headed down after going to the hot spring. It’s now called
Ranchan Recreational Center but I still remember the view as we first
stepped into the place. It was just like the way I remembered it, and
the last time I went was before I was 7 years old! It has rapids and
waterfalls and all that.

ranchan view

Anyway, like I mentioned, it’s not a “pool” but a full blown natural
water park before the term water park has been coined. There’s a cold
stream (river?) of water running from the top to the big pool at the
base. The big pool is deeper but dirty, obviously, due to being
downstream from the picnickers and their debris and grease that
inevitably get filtered down.

ranchan grease

Behold the greasy water! Look where the sun shines through the water
– there is a slick of grease on top of the pool and cigarette butts,
snack wrappers and other garbage at the sides. It’s much cleaner
upstream, but we went for a dip here first. The water was as cold as I
remembered it to be…

ranchan beng

The downside to this place is that there seems to be a lot of Ah
Bengs smoking and throwing their cigarette butts into the water. Look
at that guy sitting on top of the rock in the middle of the pool! Damn
beng, want to act cool, sitting on rock and smoking. Tiu! Knock that
guy upside the head for me if you see him. πŸ˜‰ All jokes aside, it
should be noted that I do not smoke, I was just holding the cigarette
for someone. *cough* It was hard getting up to that rock, one of the
girls sitting on top helped me up, but she couldn’t pull 60 kgs so I
used the other easier way up.

ranchan dfa

Which reminds me, I had swallowed a significant amount of the dirty
water in the big pool (it makes me retch just thinking about it) while
attempting to guide Ah Lung across to a waterfall. He was the only one
who couldn’t swim and I was covering his back and Ah Ming was covering
the front, but we stalled in the middle and it took both of us to get
him back to shallow waters. It should be noted that benzodiazepines
acts as muscle relaxants so you shouldn’t be swimming for two under the

I thought I was a good swimmer but it took two of us to get him
back…you could call it a near drowning, but thankfully Ah Lung didn’t
panic and pull the both of us down. I’ve encountered such an experience
several years ago – the girl was barely 40 kg and I was an even better
swimmer then (meth haven’t got all my muscles then ;)) but damn if I
wasn’t scared shitless coz she was panicking and pulling me down with
her. Never underestimate the strength of an oxygen starved person.

ranchan fishing

There’s another smaller pool yet downstream from here where you can
see people trying to fish using a…damn benzos, what do you call those
things? Those little nets with a handle?

Anyway, here’s a shot of us at the bottom pool:

ranchan us
L-R: Ming, me, Miriam, Lung.

ranchan upstream

We walked up to the higher water areas. There are plenty of small pools upstream. The photo below shows one of them:

ranchan up

We opted to go further upstream for cleaner and cooler waters. We
finally found an area with a mini waterfall that suited our fancy. The
water was clean here and you can see to the bottom of the riverbed.

ranchan rapids

We played slick and slide on the mini rapids (watch out for rocks –
genitalia < rocks any day) and bounced stones off a rock, much to
the dismay of the group of people a little downstream from us. Haha!
The rapids there was like a mini natural water slide. We also got some
burgers to eat while submerged in the water. It was perfect, soaking in
the water and eating burgers…

ranchan lung me

This is me and Ah Lung with our burgers. I don’t remember much due
to heavy benzodiazepine consumption but my burger was missing so I
postulate that I’ve already finished mine.

Hello, my name is Huai Bin and this is tandem white water rafting with no raft. πŸ˜‰

ranchan slide

Ranchan pool is a nice place to be, perfect for a Sunday afternoon swim and general R&R.

ranchan woosh

Annah Rais hot spring

annah rais hot spring

This is Annah Rais hot spring in Kuching. Please be warned that the
“Hot Spring” sign is pointing the wrong way. The correct route is not
straight through, as the sign would lead you to believe, but on the
turning to the left into Kampung Annah Rais. It’s the third bridge
after you make the turning, there’s no other signage to indicate that
there’s a hot spring here.

annah rais trail

It’s one of the best kept secrets here…not many people actually
know about this place. We had a hell of a time finding it too, we
aborted the trip last Saturday due to other commitments, but we were
dead set to find the damn hot spring this Sunday. The picture above
shows the trail that leads there…there is no parking, basically you
just park beside the road and walk down that unmarked route.

annah rais parking

You shall behold this sight when you reach the actual hot spring:

annah rais party

It’s a running river that seems cold, until the party that was just
leaving informed us that the “hot spring” is a little nook opposite the
river. There’s the obligatory Caucasian in the photo – he’s from
Amsterdam and he came with the group of tourists.

annah rais river

This is the view of the running river. It’s quite shallow and has a
moderate current which would carry you downstream if you float on the
water – very nice. Here’s a photo of the actual hot spring pool:

annah rais hot springs

It’s basically a warm nook by the river surrounded by rocks. The
water and sand is truly hot, as I unfortunately found out when my
gonads came into contact with the hot spring. There are some places
where it’s extremely hot and there are bubbles and a smell of sulfur
permeating the area.

annah rais sand

It’s fun to dig up the sand and see the contrasting colors of the
rocks. It gets hotter when you dig deeper. There are some parts which
are visibly bubbling in the hot spring:

annah rais bubbles

We thought it’ll be nice to bring some eggs and bury it into the hot
spring sand and eat it later, but we forgot to bring eggs.
Nevertheless, it’s nice to soak in the hot spring and then switch to
drifting afloat in the cold river while blissfully sedated. Highly
recommended, it’s about 70+ km from Kuching. Here are some other shots
from that day:

annah rais leg
OMG, the goo has got my leg!

annah rais me
Please do not attempt this unless you want to decrease your chances of producing offspring.

annah rais ming
Ah Ming

annah rais miriam

annah rais lung
Ah Lung

Faham? Awas! (Understand? Beware!)

lung toilet awas

I saw this classic toilet sign at a washroom facility in a row of
shophouses. It was apparently handwritten to dissuade wayward
proprietors (shared toilet) and their customers from changing the state
of the toilet to an unacceptably filthy level. This is what it says in

Keep this toilet clean
If we find it dirty…we will…take the necessary measures ok…

It didn’t seem to strike the fear of God into the hearts of the urgent though, because this is what I saw:

lung toilet floater

It even had a floater in it…there’s a log of human excretion to the left, which is visible if you squint a bit.

Peppermint Fusion Cafe

peppermint fusion cafe

Peppermint Fusion Cafe is an eating establishment offering Oriental
and Continental cuisine. They have a wide range of offerings on their
menu. Here’s a shot of the interior:

peppermint interior

The establishment seems to attract a wide range of clientele, the ones which we noticed:

1. One mother and son. The mother was trying to get her son to study
and was admonishing him in a rather voluminous manner about the
mistakes he made in his most recent test. The mother in question
apparently found the test results unsatisfactory for a child of her

2. One group of females comprising of about 7-8 women in their late
20’s. They were talking about some trivial thing in Hokkien. The
conversation sounded inane…

3. One couple. They were apparently executive level white collar
folks, talking about their respective lines of work. I just realized
something – the major races of Malaysia was represented in that very
moment in Peppermint Fusion Cafe. The mother and son patrons were
Indian. The females were Chinese, and the couple is Malay!

That went way off tangent, my apologies, there is elevated of CHT
(ass backwards) activity right now. Here’s another photo of the
interior for you to have some idea of what the ambience of the place is

peppermint decor

Back to the food, here’s what I ordered for the drink.

Peppermint Tea RM 1.50

I figured it was appropriate, considering the name of the eatery. This is what our starter was:

Peppermint’s Garden Salad RM 4.50

We shared this, though I admit, I don’t really like vegetables and I
wasn’t exactly hungry right then. It does have a nice peppering
of…er, pepper on the garden salad, which lends it a rather nice tang.

This is what my dining companion had:

black pepper sliced beef rice
Black Pepper Sliced Beef Rice RM 4.50

She commented that it tasted nice but was a little too salty. I had
a bite of that, but did not find it salty. It should be noted that I
like salty stuff, so only the hardiest of salts (or would that be
saltiest of salts) will get my seal of approval, and this one gets my
nod of approval, which is different from a seal. πŸ˜‰ It is salty enough
to taste nice to me, but I wouldn’t say it was too salty.

This is what I had:

grilled nz lamb shoulder
Grilled N.Z. Lamb Shoulder RM 11.50

I asked the waitress what their specialty is and she pointed this
one out. It should be noted that this is the most expensive item on
their menu. Heh. All jokes aside, I found it pretty nice, as did my
dining companion. It was tender all along and raw in the right parts
and I love that game flavor. It just had a hint of that though.

peppermint cafe

Peppermint Cafe is located along Ban Hock Road in Kuching.

The missing doctor shopping episode


This is Doctor Shopping #2 Kuching Edition aka The Missing Episode.
Yes, this is a filler post coz I’m very busy today, so it’ll be a short
one. You may have heard me mentioning about this weekly refill before.

2 mg clonazepam (Rivotril) in the mornings.

2 x 1 mg lorazepam (Ativan) at night.

Thus, I’m getting 2 mg clonazepam (Roche branded) and 2 x 1 mg (2
mg) lorazepam (generic Lorans) daily from this doctor. You can see that
I’ve actually dipped into the clonazepam stash before taking the
photos, my apologies, sometimes there are emergencies and clonazepam is
my favorite high availability benzodiazepine with alprazolam running a
very close second. I’m actually not allowed to write about doctor
shopping anymore, due to orders from my significant other, but this is
the missing episode so that’s the end of it.

I’m busy today so all comments will be replied tomorrow. Your patience is appreciated and thanks for visiting πŸ˜‰

Earthquake, Kuching

earthquake kuching

This is Earthquake in Kuching, affectionately dubbed E-quake. It’s
marketed as a pub and bistro but it’s more like a club atmosphere. We
went here after Denise.

Feel the earth quake!

equake dancer

There are dancers on poles (hired by management) but the music is
not very conducive for chemicals, it caters mostly to the ethanol
clientele so we didn’t stay long. We dropped by coz one of my friends
knows the owner. It’s a nice place though, if you like this kind of
ambience. The place was packed!

equake dj



It also seems to have a reputation for having the best looking
chicks (substitute with non-offensive and politically correct term for
young females) in Kuching. Here are the photos, my apologies about the
quality, I wasn’t exactly sober at this point…hell, I wasn’t sober
the whole day…

Saturday is Substance Day! πŸ˜‰

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