Uncle BOB fried chicken

uncle bob stall

Uncle BOB is a fried chicken franchise that holds claim to the fact that their breast meat is as “smooth as a drumstick”, without the skin and the fat. There is one stall at the Jalan Song food court.

uncle bob operation

I decided to check out the breast meat (the only cut they sell) to see if it really tastes like a drumstick. I’m a big fan of dark chicken meat (thighs and drums) but not white chicken meat (breast) so I’m something of an authority on the subject. 😉

uncle bob fried chicken

There are two varieties – spicy and normal and we got them both. I wouldn’t say that it’s as smooth as a drum but it comes close. The texture doesn’t feel like breast meat, which is a Good Thing (TM). 🙂


Johnnie Walker Swing

johnnie walker swing

Johnnie Walker Swing is a Johnnie Walker product line that has one cool factor – the bottle design. Johnnie Walker Swing is described as an “exceptionally smooth whisky created in the early part of the 20th century in the golden age of transatlantic travel” which explains the bottle design which swings back and forth, probably for stability in ships.

johnnie walker swing drink

Johnny Walker Swing costs RM 300 and the best thing about it is that it actually swings. The bottle actually swings. Check out the swinging action:

johnnie walker swing video

Download: Johnny Walker Swing [sixthseal.com]


Goodbye Huygens Asia!

hasb resign

I have resigned from Huygens Asia effective immediately. It was an amicable departure and I will stay on for a full handover to facilitate the transfer. It is a relief in a sense as I have bipolar issues which stress me out. I am going to Sibu for my next job, temporarily as a teacher (no, seriously) before going into another private company I’ve lined up after I’m better (stabilized on the meds).

I had fun at Huygens Asia. I’m still friends with Alex. Goodbye, and all the best everyone!


Fried Fresh Fish Head Mee Hoon @ John's Place

johns place

John’s Place is a small, family owned eating establishment in town that cooks up the only Fried Fresh Fish Head Mee Hoon in town (F3HMH for brevity’s sake).

johns place cook

The place also serves a variety of fresh fish head dishes, and the photo here shows the preparation of John’s Special.

johns place f3meehoon

The fried fresh fish head mee hoon over at John’s Place is really good. I’m not much of a mee hoon (rice vermicelli) eater, much less of soup based dishes but I still think it was good.

johns place f3meehoon macro

Here’s a closer look at the F3HMH @ John’s Place.


Sidewalk Cafe review


Sidewalk is an eating establishment located at the BDC / Green Heights area which is similar in concept to Oregano [sixthseal.com], the other eating establishment it is frequently compared to.

sidewalk exterior

Sidewalk Café has a large al fresco dining area with a seating capacity of 40 diners as well as a small interior which seats 10 people.

sidewalk ambience

The décor at Sidewalk Café is charming and the ambience given off is very much one of warmth.

sidewalk open kitchen

Sidewalk also subscribes to the open kitchen school of thought…

sidewalk bar

…and has a fully stocked bar to boot.

sidewalk special

This is the SideWalk Special (RM 5.80) which I ordered.

sidewalk greenheight

I also had a Green Heights Breeze (RM 5.80) which are two of the flagship drinks.

sidewalk lamb leg provencal

Grilled Lamb Leg Provencal (RM 19.80) with tomato herb sauce.

sidewalk lamb leg provencal flash

My dining companion had this one, and I had a few bites. It tastes great!

sidewalk codfish

Pan-fried Cod Fish (RM 32.80).

sidewalk codfish flash

I went for the “pan fried cod fish with tomato caulis, apple balsamic, and basil oil infuse”. It was alright.

Sidewalk Café is a cozy eating establishment. It comes highly recommended from me.

P/S – This is the 100th food review post.


Project MISER Month – FAILED

yientao box

Project MISER Month is a failure. I just opened a bottle of Johnny Walker Swing (RM 300) last night so it’s over. Thanks to yientao.com for sending me a care package:

yientao supplies

It’s very much appreciated and I will eat it, but Project MISER month (I have a tendency to repeat myself) is terminated due to budgeting issues. It was a fun project though and I would like to try it again next month.

I need to exercise more financial restrain. No more drinking next month. I’ll start Project MISER Month again in October with a RM 300 limit. I don’t cheat on my own projects so I have to tell you all that this month’s attempt was a failure. 🙁

Remainder: – RM137.80 (RM 0)


McDonald's SEGA 3 video games – TAILS SKY ADVENTURE

tails sky adventure

McDonald’s came out with the 3rd iteration of their McDonald’s / SEGA video game franchise partnership and this time it’s free with every purchase of a Happy Meal. I collected the first McDonald’s / SEGA collaboration [sixthseal.com] as well as SEGA 2 [sixthseal.com and I wasn’t about to miss the third.

tails sky adventure game

TAILS SKY ADVENTURE is the first electronic game in the Sega 3 series and David was kind enough to get it for me while I was in the hospital (it was the very last set). It came with a Cheeseburger and Corn Happy Meal if that interests you, which I don’t think it does. 😉

tails sky adventure man

The manual is printed like the previous iterations of the McDonald’s / SEGA collaboration – it’s a single sheet of paper with instructions on how to play the game – in this case TAILS SKY ADVENTURE, a Sonic franchise character.

tails sky adventure clamshell

TAILS SKY ADVENTURE opens up like a clamshell phone to reveal the game which has two directional buttons and an action button. The premise of the game is to shoot down rogue squadrons by moving left and right and pressing the button while navigating TAILS to victory.

tails sky adventure screen

Here is a screenshot of the action – it’s a little harder than the previous games, or perhaps I’ve just lost a lot of my hand eye coordination from the benzos and antipsychotics I’m taking coz I couldn’t even finish it after the sixth attempt!

Bring down the enemy ships! Good luck!


Project MISER DAY 9: Groceries


I went grocery shopping at Ngiu Kee just now with my dad so the financial impact on Project MISER month is non-existent due to the kind patronage of said dad:

Kellogg’s Frosties (RM 7.70)
Devondale Skim Milk (RM 3.39)
Aquarius Mineral Water x 3 (RM 3.90)
Dutch Lady Fresh Milk (RM 4.50)
Nestle Low Fat Milk (RM 3.70)
Nescafe Coffee Ice (RM 1.40)
Nescafe Coffee Ice (RM 1.40)
Darlie toothpaste (RM 6.50)
LP Cloth Peg (RM 2.70)
Shirt Hanger x 2 (RM 7.80)
Eagle Steel Mug (RM 14.90)
Total: RM 57.89

I got some groceries including essentials like a mug, clothes pegs and shirt hangers since I’ve moved into a new apartment and I need a receptacle of some sort to eat my cereal anyway. 🙂

I ate it for lunch, breakfast and dinner. Frosties rock.

Remainder: RM 162.20


Personal ad: Girlfriend wanted

I’m still not over my ex (who dumped me, if you have the burning urge to know) and I’m starting to think that the best way to forget about her is to go into a rebound relationship. I’m looking for a girl (no age limit) that has the qualities below:

Speaks English
Reasonably intelligent

and does not mind:

A slightly psychotic boyfriend
Some emotional baggage

…it’s not too much to ask right?

Call or SMS 014 680 2348 if you’re interested.


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