RM 150 fish

expensive fish

This is a fresh water fish that sells for more than RM 13 per kilogram. It’s nearly in the same league as what the locals call empulau, the most expensive fish here, which will set you back about RM 2,000 for a fully grown fish.

expensive fish eye

(looks accusingly)
“I’m dead because of you!”


McDonald's SEGA 3 video games – BILLY'S GIANT EGG

billy giant egg

McDonald’s just came out with BILLY’S GIANT EGG this Thursday and I just got one of the few remaining units. The packaging has a typo on it and only says BILLY’ GIANT EGG.

billy giant egg game

BILLY’S GIANT EGG is the second last electronic game in the Sega 3 series and I got a Cheeseburger Happy Meal but didn’t eat it (told the McDonald’s server that I only wanted the game, but I took the drink). πŸ˜‰

billy giant egg man

The manual is printed like the previous iterations of the McDonald’s / SEGA collaboration – it’s a single sheet of paper with instructions on how to play the game – in this case BILLY’S GIANT EGG, another Sonic franchise character.

billy giant egg clamshell

BILLY’S GIANT EGG also comes in a clamshell design and has two directional buttons in the shape of eggs. The premise of the game is to get Billy to collect fruits while the egg gets bigger and bigger (three sizes) while avoiding hazards.

billy giant egg play

Here is a screenshot of the action – BILLY’S GIANT EGG was way too easy for me. I finished the game on the first try and consistently managed to get through all three levels and hatch the egg. It was a total contrast to the previous unit’s hard gameplay.

Collect 20 fruits to advance a level and hatch the egg!


CBTL Breakfast

brek o day

Brek ‘O’ Day (RM 11.50)

tasty toast treat

Tasty Toast Treat (RM 9.50)

wasabi mango salad

Wasabi Mango Salad (RM 12.00)
A new taste sensation – chunks of fresh mango, tomato, cucumber, and red capsicum in a creamy Wasabi dressing that would make you say “Yum!”.

salmon egg muffin

Salmon & Egg Muffin (RM 12.00)
Succulent slices of smoked salmon in an English muffin, topped with a poached egg and served with a fresh side salad.

poached egg

I really like the poached egg…

salad with nuts

…and the assorted nuts in the salad.


I hate Sibu

sibu medical

It hasn’t been an hour since I arrived at Sibu and I hate it already. I’m sorry to say it, but I hate Sibu. I hate everything about it.

sibu medical bed

Sibu is just so…Chinese. I can’t read or write Chinese so the Chinese signs irks me. I’m starting to loathe this place and the people.

sibu medical nurse

I don’t know why or how I got this way. Perhaps I’m in my depressive mood and the sheer Sibu-ness of Sibu just gets to me. I don’t think I can stay here and work.

sibu medical nurse call

It hasn’t been an hour and I already abhor the idea of staying here.

sibu medical oxygen

I don’t know if Sibu has changed (probably not) or it’s me who’s changed but I can’t stand it anymore.

sibu medical pack

I didn’t know it was possible to change someone in a month, Steph.

sibu medical sign

I hate it when Sibu people don’t wait until people get out of an elevator before pushing in.

sibu medical tv

I used to do that too coz I’m from Sibu and I’m supposed to be rude and uncouth (or did I pick up the elevator trick from KL?).

sibu medical ward

Did my Sibu-ness drive you away? I’ll never know coz you’re not answering my calls.

I hate Sibu.

The pure, unadulterated Chinese-ness of this place is depressing and it’s driving me insane.

…or maybe I just hate MYSELF.


FedEx Cookies from Rene in Singapore

rene fedex

I got a call from the office telling me that a package has arrived for me from Singapore from Rene. I went to the office to pick it up before going to the airport coz it contained cookies and I wanted to eat them. πŸ˜‰

rene gift

It just took a couple of days for the package to be sent from Singapore to Kuching, Malaysia. It was declared “non-perishable” and a “personal gift” so perhaps that’s why it cleared customs so rapidly.

rene open

I couldn’t wait until I got to Sibu to sample the cookies to I called Rene to thank her for the package and opened it up. There are five (5) containers of her home made chocolate chip cookies in various wonderfully decorated tins.

rene england

I took one of the tins and opened it up…

rene cookies

…to reveal Rene’s home made chocolate chip cookies!

rene chocolate chip cookies

It tastes delicious!

rene newmans

…and she also threw in a box of Newman’s Caramel Thins (a non-perishable) for good measure.

rene writing

Thanks a lot Rene! The cookies are delicious!


Project Best Way to a (Wo)man's Heart: Macaroni and Cheese with bacon and caviar

maca cheese ingredients

Project Best Way to a (Wo)man’s Heart was instantiated in the sixthseal.com kitchen with the intention to cook macaroni and cheese with bacon and caviar (Super Premium macaroni and cheese) with the ingredients below:

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (two packets)
Lurpak Butter pack
Farmhouse Fresh Milk
Betty Crocker’s BacOs Bacon Bits
Emborg Lumpfish Caviar
Sara Lee Apple Pie
Walls Vanilla Ice Cream
Angove’s NINE VINES Grenache Shiraz Rose wine

Let me introduce the other two cooks in the project:

maca cheese two cooks

Cherie and Joanne. They have come to wreck havoc in my kitchen, much to my dread.

maca cheese cheesiest

The main course in this project is the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner packs. It was pre-made, alas, since we didn’t know how to make bona fide macaroni and cheese. It was appended with “The cheesiest original flavor” which made me very happy.

maca cheese boil

One pot of boiling water was set to boil and the Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dumped in with a little McCormick Onion Salt.

maca cheese boil cherie joanne

The other two chefs stirred the mixture constantly while it cooked for 7 minutes…

maca cheese strainer

…and the macaroni was transferred into a strainer once it’s done.

maca cheese butter

The macaroni was put back into the pot after straining and ten (10) packs of individually wrapped butter were added in.

maca cheese butter cheese

The Kraft Macaroni and Cheese cheese powder sachet (we used two packs) was emptied into the same pot.

maca cheese butter cheese milk

Cherie emptied a quarter cup of milk into the mixture as per the instructions.

maca cheese stir

The pot containing the macaroni and cheese mixture was put back on low heat and stirred for three (3) minutes.

maca cheese oregano

The macaroni and cheese were transferred into serving bowls and sprinkled with McCormick Oregano Leaves

maca cheese bacon

…and liberally garnished with Betty Crocker’s BacOs Bacon Bits.

maca cheese ode

Cherie even made an ode to sixthseal.com.

maca cheese caviar

Caviar was heaped on the macaroni and cheese to add a touch of flair.

maca cheese apple pie

Apple pie a la mode (a pretentious term for apple pie with ice cream) was had for dessert.

maca cheese served

The macaroni and cheese was served with Angove’s NINE VINES Grenache Shiraz Rose wine for the meal.


Azza Burger review

azza burger

Azza Burger is not just a mere burger stall, it’s practically an institution here in Kuching. Located at the Kuching Waterfront, this Ramly burger stall caters for drunks and other nocturnal creatures from its notorious open-till-late (or early, depending on how you look at it) hours.

azza burger menu

The most popular burger here is the Special Azza Burger (Semua Ada) which translates to the Special Azza Burger (With Everything). It goes for RM 5 and contains one beef patty, one chicken patty and one sausage wrapped in an egg. It’s very popular with stoners.

azza burger grill

The wait at Azza Burger can be anywhere from 15-30 minutes due to the large amounts of customers patronizing this burger stall. There are seats provided for the wait but most people just wait in the car. I personally like to entertain myself by watching them grill the burgers.

azza burger special

Special Azza Burger is the best thing to order and its value for money at RM 5 coz you get everything (except the kitchen sink) with it. The entire concoction of beef, chicken and sausage is wrapped in an egg like the photo above and slathered with chilli sauce.

azza burger special bite

This is what the Special Azza Burger looks like. Its takeaway only and the burgers are great. I highly recommend the Special Azza Burger with everything on it. It looks like a soggy mess but it tastes great!


Project Bachelor Breakfast – Bacon omelet with Edam cheese

This is a recipe for a 12 egg bacon omelet (serves one) that requires the below:

bacon omelet ingredients

1 dozen eggs
200 grams of bacon (about six strips)
Fisher Sunflower Kernels
Edam cheese wedge
Bertolli CLASSICO Olive Oil
McCormick Oregano Leaves
McCormick Onion Salt seasoning
Kahlua coffee liquor
Farmhouse High Calcium Low Fat milk

bacon omelet bacon fry

The first thing that needs to be done is to fry the bacon. Use olive oil as an additional fat source to coat the pan and fry the bacon.

bacon omelet bacon crispy

It doesn’t matter whether its crispy bacon or soggy bacon, it’s up to your taste. I like soggy bacon.

bacon omelet bacon done

The bacon needs to be transferred to a plate once all of the bacon is cooked.

bacon omelet eggs

Crack 12 eggs into the bacon fat and olive oil mixture and let it simmer on low heat. Your kitchen space should look as messy as this if you followed the instructions.

bacon omelet egg yolk

Mix up the yolks into the egg white to make an omelet.

bacon omelet eggs bacon

Add in the cooked bacon into the omelet.

bacon omelet sunflower

Open up the Fisher Sunflower Kernels (the secret recipe) and add about half the container into the omelet mix.

bacon omelet done

Generously heap on McCormick Oregano Leaves and season well with McCormick Onion Salt.

bacon omelet serve

Serve the 12 egg omelet with the wedge of Edam cheese. It serves one (1) if you mix the Kahlua liquor in a 1:1 ratio with milk.

The sunflower kernels soaks up the bacon fat really well, and it adds a new dimension of texture to the omelet. It’s a great, hearty breakfast.

P/S – People with high cholesterol levels are advised to make drastic changes to the recipe.


Frappe review


Frappe is a coffee establishment located in Travillion Mall. I went there with Joanne last month to check it out and haven’t gotten around to writing about it until now.

frappe interior

The interior of Frappe is pretty trippy and you would be forgiven for thinking you accidentally dropped some acid while looking at the reflective full length mirrors.

frappe red chairs

There are also cup shaped chairs as lounges in the inside of the air-conditioned coffee establishment.

frappe coffee bar

The coffee bar at Frappe offers a range of cakes and other delights (don’t ask me why I’m using weird words, my brain is malfunctioning right now) showcased at the…er, bar.

frappe cake

I ordered a piece of chocolate cake that was called something fancy, moist Vienna chocolate cake or something to that effect.

frappe half

I also had something which I can’t remember the name of except it has the name of the establishment on it which was why I ordered it. The flagship dish, or drink, in this case is a half and half mixture of milk and coffee.

frappe frappe

I also had Frappe which is the other namesake dish, or drink, which was Mocha flavored and I don’t remember how much it cost coz I lost the receipt (thus the incomplete names and prices) but I do remember sitting there until they closed. Heh!

frappe carrot

This is Joanne’s drink – she had carrot juice. In a coffee establishment. Honestly, I don’t know what’s wrong with her (other than intolerance towards caffeine). πŸ˜‰

Oh, so this is what sixthseal.com has come to be – a self-parody of itself and a predisposition to use redundant fillers. :p


Guide to killing boredom in between jobs

guide watch movie

I have had a new found freedom during the period since I resigned from Huygens Asia and before my work in Sibu and I have capitalized on this freedom to do stuff which brings me glee, like going to watch the movies at 3:15 pm. πŸ˜‰

guide monster house

It feels like I’m playing hooky from work when I’m actually not. I went to watch Monster House yesterday with Joanne. It’s actually a pretty fun thing to do to kill boredom in between jobs.

guide popcorn

Just add popcorn. πŸ˜‰

P/S – I’ve gained a staggering 10 kgs on Remeron, putting me at 70 kg instead of my usual 60 kg now. I’m going to go on phentermine when I go back to Sibu to bring it back down to the usual weight coz I don’t like carrying excess weight around.


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