Archery Range @ Genting

archery range

There is an archery range at Genting that charges RM 15 for 30 arrows so me and Rene got 15 each and tried to see who gets the higher score. The bet was that I can put up her photo if I won and the opposite goes if she wins.

archery range ticket

The archery range is basically like a shooting range, with stationary target that you (try to) hit. The crossbow is a little light and the quiver goes on a nook at the front and sets at the string at the back. There are CCTV cameras pointed at the targets so you can see what’s happening in real time on a screen in front of you.

archery range me

It was fun – I managed to get about six arrows onto the target while Rene got one less so I could put up her photo. Heh!


Rene from Singapore


This is Rene. It is one of the two photos she has allowed me to post. She’s the same Rene that baked me homemade cookies [] several days ago and sent it from Singapore. I met her at JB airport before we took a taxi straight to Genting. I won RM 100 out of two games of baccarat (hey, at least it paid for the theme park access) before leaving the casino.

Choonie, Rene says hi. πŸ™‚

…and I think her hair looks great. πŸ˜‰


Starbucks Halloween themed promotional drinks

pumpkin starbucks

Starbucks came out with three (3) different drinks to commemorate Halloween. The drinks were launched last year in the US, which seems to be the test market. Dubbed “The perfect union of sweetness and spice”, this pumpkin infused coffee tastes great.

pumpkin spice coffee

Rene ordered the Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee (RM 14) which tastes great (but not after you have the Frappuccino, which makes it seem bland).The spice (think it’s nutmeg) adds a lot to the drink and you can actually taste the pumpkin if you close your eyes and think of farms. πŸ˜‰

pumpkin frappuccino

I had the Pumpkin Spice Iced Frappuccino Blended Coffee (RM 15.50) which administers a dose of Zen to the user with each sip. It is really that good, it should be put on the must try list. It’s a little sweet though, but the nutmeg offsets that.

pumpkin latte

This is the Pumpkin Spice Latte (RM 14) which is the third and final promotional drink. It’s a latte with generous helpings of nutmeg and it’s a really good drink if you’re only wearing a T-shit in Genting Highlands.


Abandon all hope, all ye who enters here…

breakfast with rene
(Insert caption)

I’m too tired to post, I feel like throwing up all the time and I haven’t slept or eaten in days. I’m looking forward to this impromptu meet though coz it’s a road trip of sorts. I’m flying to JB later in the morning to meet up with a Singaporean girl (I didn’t want to go to Singapore just in case I look (un)worth enough of a urine drug test) before getting tickets and going straight to Genting Highlands. I’ll post again later today if Genting has Wi-Fi.

breakfast with jb

I have not slept nor eaten (except juice which gave me horrible acid reflux) for several days. I can even see a pair of socks under the table which morphed into a whale and then became a bundle of leaves tied together. It only happens when I’m concentrating or talking (used nitrous recreationally and lose my train of thought before asking again with regard to the subject). πŸ˜‰

I’ve been sleep deprived almost every day and I get Risperdal 6 mg combined with Remeron 45 mg. The high is compounded with heroic doses of tramadol (500 mg) and codeine (600 mgs) and the highlight of the show was the only thing that is suppressed not sleeping.

I’m taking Concerta, Ritalin and phentermine since pentermine is easy to get and it’s goes for 50 cents per capsule at that place I told you about. I’m flying off to JB early this morning, fly again to KL again before going to Genting Highlands for a break from everything.

I’m on enough diazepam to kill a small horse in my system. I just took around 45 x 10 mg and 3 x 2 kg ) tablets of clonazepam and apparently my mom told me I was sleep walking and wanted to go to McDonald’s and also talking to myself on a cell phone (!) swear I had my friends on the “cell phone” to talk crap with. It was so bizarre coz the weird visuals were not over yet coz I saw my dad praying in the corner of the room but when I looked there was no one there.

breakfast rene

It’s not even an isolated incident; I did that air phone thing at least 20 times. My mom is worried about my nocturnal habits. I think it’s nothing but then again that’s moot since I’m going with a friend

I hope they have Wi-Fi over there…

P/S – I did that imaginary “cell phone” to call and they actually answered in the perfect pitch and timbre, I swear to God they are so real. Sleep deprivation visuals are fun.

OMG! I read the escalator and I’m going so late, which is a Bad Thing (TM).

I’m still waiting for my McDonald’s order, did I order or was it closed?


Project Blender: The Ultimate Juice

Project Blender: The Ultimate Juice is the quest to achieve V8 quality vegetable and fruit juice. It requires the below: apple Green apple pear Pear bitter gourd Bitter gourd broccoli Broccoli carrot Carrot dragon fruit Dragon Fruit oranges Oranges grapes Grapes plums Plums orange Banana celery Celery fruit Kiwi fruit groceries I went grocery shopping with my mom and bought the vegetables and fruits for about RM 50. That’s a lot of quasi V8 juice. πŸ™‚ container One plastic receptacle was used to store the sliced and diced fruits and vegetables before going into the blender. prep The fruits and vegetables were prepared and put into the awaiting receptacle. ready This is what it looks like when it’s done – there are 12 different items in there! blender The blender (it’s a juicer I found Googling for a list of the top juicers actually) does a good job at producing juice out of all these weird and zany combinations (although the banana got stuck coz it’s too mushy). You just have to put them in one by one. mugs.jpg To my surprise, the blender only had enough juice for two mugs. The one on the left is the original one (which tastes great and healthy) and the mug on the right is added with milk. It also goes surprisingly well with milk. I shall go forth and find zanier and zanier ingredients to put into our juicer coz it’s fun!]]>

Nite Devil and Spooky Halloween Limited Editions

nite halloween

I was at Ta Kiong (the local import specialist shop) today buying avocado (tell you about it tomorrow) when I stumbled upon nite []. I remember Cherie getting it in KL and now it seems like there are two new limited edition Halloween bottles. The two Limited Edition Halloween bottles complement each other – hot and cool.

Nite Spooky Cool

nite spooky

Experience the deadly chills of citrus flavored blend with a shadow of lemon juice.

Nite Devil Hot

nite devil

Unleash the beast with a fiery mix of playful exotic fruit flavors.

nite spooky devil

Nite Devil and Spooky tastes a lot like the Pepsi Fire and Ice [] concoction. Nite Devil “feels” warm to the mouth but has an intense fruity flavor. Nite Spooky on the other hand is very cold and refreshing. It is interesting to note that Nite Devil has “Warm agent” and Nite Spooky has “Cooling agent” listed as its ingredients.

It tastes great and I like seasonal promotions so I got a couple of them to keep.


Borneo Cultural Festival

bcf entrance

Hello! My name is Sam and I went to the Borneo Cultural Festival just now coz I like bright, shiny lights. I don’t like crowds though but mom and dad was with me so it was OK.

bcf henghua

This is a Heng Hua stall that my daddy told me is my heritage. I tried to eat one of the pastries and it’s actually pretty good. I got a boo boo though when I fell and scraped my knee while trying to take photos.

bcf stage

I heard sounds coming from the stage so I left mommy and daddy and went to watch some girls almost bo cheng sa one. I don’t know why but I felt funny down there after looking at the girls.

bcf chinese

My hands were also shaking so the photos are blurry. I don’t know if it’s from the girls or coz Huai Bin kor kor didn’t give me any pills today. There are a lot of stalls at BCF with ethnic segregation e.g. Melanau, Chinese etc.

bcf decor

The stage show then changed to guys so I don’t want to see anymore.

bcf stall

I went to walk around and saw this girl so I touch her nen nen. I don’t know why, but she scolded me and ignore me after that.

bcf bamboo

I was hungry after all that grabbing action and got myself rice cooked in bamboo to eat.

bcf popcorn

There was a man making popcorn and I ate that too.

I also bought four (4) SIM cards coz I’m retarded.
016 885 3221
016 864 7478
015 885 1428
014 680 7844

Seriously though, I’m think about maintaining just two (2) lines, one for business and one for friends. I had a really good number (016 869 0110) but tardiness made me lose that one. I’m using 014 680 2348 right now.

Which of the four numbers above is the easiest to remember? 7478 and 7844 means something in Chinese but I don’t like the prefix. I want to just maintain one.

Suggestions anyone?


Lormetazepam (Loramet) benzodiazepine review


Loramet is a benzodiazepine that contains lormetazepam (also marketed as Noctamid) made by Wyeth. It is a rather rare benzodiazepine and should not be confused with lorazepam or loprazolam which are different benzodiazepines. Loramet contains 1 mg of lormetazepam and I took 35 tablets (35 mg) this morning.


The pills are oval and scored, with the Wyeth imprint on one side. It is a nice benzodiazepine, it chills me out really quickly and it seems to have active metabolites coz I’m still feeling very relaxed. Lormetazepam is marketed as hypnotic but I’m not feeling sleepy (high benzodiazepine tolerance) at all. It is nice and sedating though…

I’m putting this in the same class as medazepam; it’s as nice as medazepam on high doses. I would guesstimate that 1 mg of lormetazepam (Loramet) is equivalent to 2 mg of lorazepam (Ativan) but it should be noted that the two benzos feel completely different. There is a mild euphoria on Loramet.


The holiest bible in the world

holiest bible

This is my sister’s old bible that I found just now. It was from her childhood days and it has a sticker that says “Get off my ass” (in not so many words).

bible ass

There was just an ass (donkey) there and it just went “Get off my *picture of ass*”.

The second sticker shows a rather agitated man literally chomping at the bit to become an “Animal Lover”.

bible animal lover

I’m glad we don’t have sheep at home.

It would be very traumatizing to watch Mr. Animal Lover do the horizontal boogie with animals.

I don’t think I want to be around him anyway, coz I always drop the soap. Soap is slippery. One mishandled grip and the soap would go flying. I don’t want Mr. Animal Lover to be behind me as I pick up the wayward soap.

No way, man.


Lamictal (Lamotrigine) 50 mg


Lamictal is the brand name of lamotrigine manufactured by GSK. It costs RM 50 per blister pack and one dose (tablet) of Lamictal is RM 5.


This is the other medication I’m on now – it’s a mood stabilizer for bipolar people and it not just treats the manic phases but the depressive episodes.

lamictal gsk

I’m only taking 50 mg at 6 am and another 50 mg of lamotrigine at 6 pm (twice a day) so I’m not using it to control my mania (which I like) but my depressive episodes.

lamictal 50

I’m adding this to my existing prescriptions [] with the following changes:
Remeron 60 mg at night to sleep
Risperdal divided into two doses of 2 mg each at 6 am and 6 pm for better concentrations
Rivotril 6 mg for maintenance


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