Prosperous Mee Sua

Okay, it’s listverse time! What do you need to do before Chinese New Year kicks down your door and sprays you in the face with FOX 5.3 million SHU OC pepper spray?

sibu haircut

Well, the obvious thing is to (as my grandma would put it) GET A FUCKING HAIRCUT. I’m totally down with that, I totally understand that an untamed mane is a liability when all and sunder gathers around during CNY eve a.k.a. The Reunion Dinner (TM).

I still haven’t figured out what to tell them when they bug me about not being hitched when I’m 30 but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. smirk

jeanie movie

Anyway, I’ve been hanging out with Jeanie the past couple of days and last night we ate this super sized portion of Prosperous Mee Sua (longevity noodles) for RM 18.50++.

It’s pretty good – there are lots of goods in the middle – squid, prawns, mushrooms etc etc but what makes this dish from Tanahmas special is the way it’s served. Mee sua in Sibu is usually soggy and drowned in chicken broth – this version is a crispy and soaked in gravy and it’s very tasty!

mee sua sibu

The portion is a bit too large though coz my stomach has shrunk during my hibernation (not eating for 24 hours) so it took us quite an effort to even make a dent in the dish.

I told Jeanie that according to custom, you’re not supposed to break the strands of mee sua lest the Powers That Be/God/Sol Invictus/(insert deity) frowns upon you and casually strikes off a few years from your lifespan in His righteous anger (at least according to my paternal grandma).

jeanie mee sua

I reckon we sacrificed 20 years (cumulative) of our lifespans coz we couldn’t finish the generous portion but still it was a good dish and I loved the goodies in the middle.

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24 thoughts on “Prosperous Mee Sua”

  1. *sigh* CNY. I hate the gatherings and reunions and whatnot. It’s the same old things over and over again. When ur not married, they’ll ask you when you’ll have kids. When u have kids, they’ll ask u when u wanna have another. I got sick of people prodding me about my sex life… so this year I’m just going to go ahead and tell my outlaws that my husband can’t ‘get it up’. Den I’ll probably just boohoo on the spot…maybe that, or I’ll tell them I’m having an IVF treatment cuz my man’s sperm is lazy swimmer!

    • Heh! Well, there’s the good and the bad cleffairy, my friend. πŸ™‚

      The bad is as you said.

      The good is the sense of family (no matter how fucked up, all families can be civilized to each other for 1 day in an entire year) and together-ness.

      LOL! That’s a good answer (and hilarious too) – awesome comeback!

      All the best and happy CNY cleffairy! πŸ™‚

    • It’s a seasonal promotion in Tanahmas. πŸ™‚

      Eating mee sua during CNY is a must, my reunion dinner at my grandma’s place always serves it in lieu of rice (although she cooks a small amount of rice as well).

      We (Heng Huas) eat it dry though – without any soup. πŸ™‚


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