New Capitol Restaurant, Sibu

gold tablecloth

I just came back from dinner with my parents! I brought my better half along, we just flew in this morning – it’s been a while since I’ve visited my mom.

new capitol restaurant

She just went through another killer bout of radiotherapy from tumors spreading to her scalp and it’s been impeding her movement and cognitive systems a little so I thought I’ll drop by and say hello.

blended ice lemon tea

My mom is usually in Singapore but my dad convinced her to come back for a 1 week sojourn to eat the chicken over here. Apparently, it’s more nutritious. πŸ˜‰

raw vegetables

I was thinking about where to bring them to dinner tonight when New Capitol Restaurant came up. This is a very old establishment in Sibu – look at the display case with cognac bottles and the old school gold tablecloth!

sliced century egg

We wanted to have the signature Claypot Mutton but unfortunately it was sold out, so we ordered:

fried kampua
Fried Kampua
This is for my dear, who has eaten a lot of different incarnations of Sibu’s most popular noodles – except fried. New Capitol Restaurant does a pretty good rendition.

sweet sauce chicken
Sweet Sauce Chicken
This is quite good actually – it has cashew nuts and other goodies inside. I ate the most of this dish.

fu kui
Fu Kui Vegetable
I have no idea what this is. The New Capitol Restaurant waitresses came up with a platter of raw vegetables (see above) for us to choose from. My dad went with this one.

Tofu Soup with Oysters
It’s tofu, I ate half of my bowl just for the sake of eating it but I don’t like tofu as a general rule. It’s so funny, I just realized that I didn’t even take a photo of this dish coz I don’t like tofu! Haha!

foochow wine duck
Red Wine Sediment Duck
This is the famous Sibu Foochow cuisine condiment known as β€œhong zhou” – literally the remains of home made red wine. It’s slathered over a duck and deep fried. I’m not a huge fan but it tasted alright.

huai yee

The bill came up to RM 66.70 – it was cheaper than our extravagant lunch! It’s good to talk to my parents and spend time together with all my loved ones over dinner though.

red wine duck

That was worth the price of the flights back home! πŸ™‚

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22 thoughts on “New Capitol Restaurant, Sibu”

    • Yup, just decided to come back coz my mom is here! πŸ™‚

      Ah, too bad, was hoping to meet up Sunday after my parents leave for Singapore. No worries, next time then!

      My mom is getting better (according to my dad) by the day, thanks for asking buddy. Just going to spend some time with the family before we head back. Cheers!

  1. ahhhhh..good to be back in the old charming town and childhood places. Capitol was THE outlet many years back fro function esp weddings. Food is nice for local standard. Enjoy ur stay and may u mum gets better.

    If you meet my brother AD Puah, gv him my warm hugsss…

    • Yeah, it was *the* place to be back in the days! πŸ™‚

      It was one of the first few places to provide a good wedding reception, been to a couple when I was a kid – this was before the spawn of the specially built mega-restaurants complexes e.g. near the bus station, where they have 3 floors of room just for weddings! I always wondered how they can survive just doing the wedding business during “peak seasons” when the other floors are non-revenue generating during other times.

      Thanks for the well wishes mate! It’s a family visit but I’ll say hello if I bump into him. Cheers for the regards to my mom!

  2. Your mum look healthier here. Glad she’s doing better! And ! I hate tofu too. Even with my clean eating now I leave tofu at all course. Hehe but if u happen to be in Isetan KLCC get their fried home made tofu. They placed it around the chillers where they placed milk, juices and such. It’s very good. Only tofu accepted in my books πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks Mel! πŸ™‚

      She’s putting on weight (water weight) from the steroids that she’s taking. It’s been a really long fight, and I just want to encourage her.

      I know right! I don’t like tofu at all! Maybe only mapo tofu coz it’s spicy!

    • Yeah, this place has the best fried kampua in Sibu! πŸ™‚

      It’s the one of the oldest banquet restaurants still operating too, if not the oldest!

    • Thanks Kathy! πŸ™‚

      Indeed, it’s always good to be home! My mom is usually in Singapore so it’s good to catch her and my dad in Sibu.

      We got some kompia for you too! There’s this nice buttermilk one that we both liked!

  3. What a good son and future hubby! I am sure your parents loved her too.
    The meal looked delicious and reasonable for the price in such a nice restaurant ambiance.
    I hope your mum is doing well with treatment. I am still wondering if you ever received my email which I tried to re-send you several times about the cancer topic.

    Anyway I thought you might explore the story of Gary Young who battled his paralysis with essential oil and survived to create a huge factory to supply the purest essential oils worldwide that could even cure cancer based on testimonials. I am not selling products here but sharing about these bottles which I order monthly to keep both my old parents walking & alive. The oils are very pure & expensive but I am willing to try anything. Please read >>

    • Thanks mate! πŸ™‚

      Yup, my parents are all good. Prices for food and drinks in Sibu is surprisingly more expensive than KL on average.

      The cost of living with regards to food can be quite high, brewed beverages like Milo (cold) is several cents more expensive than KL/PJ.

      Thanks for the uplifting stories! I’ll share it with my mom, but she’s on strict chemo medication which leaves little room for other alternative/herbal treatments.

      • My dad refused to eat any other supplements other than medications and treatments from the specialists to treat his prostate cancer therefore my essential oils come in handy as I just massaged them into his legs to enter his system. I have to massage both my old parents’ frail & shaky legs every week and they swore that they could walk better each time. Just my 2 cents.

    • That’s good dear! I’m glad you liked it! πŸ™‚

      It’s good to have you come back with me to Sibu. I love you and I’m lucky to have you dear! <3

    • Thanks Rose! πŸ™‚

      That’s their version of iced lemon tea! Haha!

      It’s made not with slices of lemon but ice blended lemon juice! It’s really good!

    • Haha! I know right! πŸ™‚

      I was surprised they sold out that fast too considering we went for dinner at about 7:30 pm.

      However, people in Sibu usually have dinner really early, around 6 pm for some people, 8 pm – 9 pm is considered *late*. It’s a small town after all.


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