Shooting an apple off your head


There was this game last night which we kinda butchered. You’re supposed to shoot a slingshot (medieval style, yo) at a target but somehow or other we got an apple. Thus it turned into the classic shoot-the-apple-off-the-head stunt.

Karen really used the slingshot (which was why I was covering my face) and the most amazing thing is, she actually HIT the apple.


The reason I let her do it was coz I trusted her to aim in that general direction (instead of down south where the family jewels are – only son k). It’s also why I use Streamyx broadband…cross my heart and hope to die, I have really been using exclusively that since I got of dial up. I guess it’s just one of those things – you believe in the service.

Just like I trusted Karen not to aim down there. >.<

These things only happen in movies

I thought stuff like this only happens in movies, like slipping on banana peels. However last night I had the great misfortune of DROPPING my keys INTO A GRATE. You know that kind of drain – you can call it a sewer even. It’s a good meter down and inaccessible so you can’t reach into the bacteria infested water and fish out your keys.


It’s a good thing it happened beside my condo so I got security to use a hook apparatus to fish it out. Apparently, it’s not as rare as I thought…else, why would they have that thing lying around the guard house? Granted, it can be used to pull down rolling shutters as well, but there are none in my place.


It’s a good thing they had that nifty pole lying around or I’ll have had to call one of my friends to come with a piece of steel wire (my first thought). It wouldn’t be very difficult since the Xpax XXL double bonus allows me to make more calls but it still wouldn’t be fun waiting for them to come while peering apprehensively at down the drain and hoping the water won’t wash my keys away. >.<

One World Hotel. Two people. Six hours.

one world hotel

It was a totally impulsive decision. I was chatting to my friend on MSN earlier this week when I suddenly thought, “Hey, won’t it be great to just check into a nice hotel after work tonight and work?”

Of course, working wasn’t the primary agenda of this nocturnal sojourn….watching TV was. 😉


Thus, I booked a room in the afternoon through the Internet and went to pick her up after work. However, a series of unfortunate events ended up with us checking in only after 8 pm.

room service

We were so occupied in…er, our work *cough* that we ordered room service.

lamb shank

The lamb shank was atrocious – almost inedible, but the wine sure hit the spot.

We spent a total of six hours in the room before checking out at 2:22 am and going home coz we both have to work the next day.

It’s such a waste of money right?

Cost breakdown:
Internet RM 30 (told you we were working)
Room service dinner RM 192.50
Hotel room RM 325.00
Service charge RM 32.50
Tax RM 16.25

one world bill

Total: RM 596.25

Watching TV, talking and chilling out in an impromptu hotel excursion: Priceless

The point of my post is that sometimes we do things that may not make much financial sense. However, I’ve come across a promotion that really rewards you. I present the Every Month Bonus XXL by Xpax.

Why XXL? Xpax is DOUBLING their existing bonus when you use RM 50 or more in November and December 2009. Their monthly bonus is now bigger and better. Check out the details here.

I am using the Xpax BB so this is great news for me. At least I’ll still be able to communicate after burning that amount in six hours earlier this week. :p

P/S – Seriously, we did get some work done. Honest. Cross my heart and hope to die. I don’t remember watching TV though. 😉

My dSLR is ruined!!!

dslr lcd ruined

I have been shooting blind for the past few days since the LCD on my dSLR is totally FUBAR. I’m not sure what happened to it actually but I think from the damage pattern it seems to be…water.

I have no idea how water came into contact with the dSLR. It’s like one of those mysteries that you just don’t think about lest you hurt your brain.

H20…sigh, with one hand you giveth life and with the other taketh away.

Unfortunate taglines

eggs you'll take to heart

Eggs you’ll take to heart.

This is not exactly the best selling point since we all know eggs are laden with cholesterol and it’s definitely going to clog up my arteries at some point in life. Yes, it will go straight to my heart and make me do an MJ but don’t remind me when I’m enjoying the fluffy egg whites and rich egg yolks.

I don’t want to take it to heart. T_T

Mama my nen nen got thing stuck inside

chest x ray

I love this chest X-ray. Pretty nifty eh? I don’t have a light box so I improvised with my window. Check out how my nipple piercings show through. =D

Project Alpha Episode 2 is out!

I finally remember why I’m so rigid in the episode – I was sitting precariously on a stone and couldn’t really move or risk falling down. T_T

I’ll post up behind the scenes photos soon!

Okay, gotta go, just received a BBM on my Xpax BB for breakfast!

Beondegi – Korean silkworm pupa

canned food

I got this can of mystery food in Busan and had it last night for supper. I call it mystery food coz I still don’t know what it is. I don’t read Korean and since I bought this in Korea, there are no English translations anywhere.

Update: I have found out what this is! =D It’s Beondegi Korean silkworm pupa. It’s a very popular snack in Korea and can be found in convenience stores in cans, where I got mine.

korean canned food

It looks remarkably similar to cockroach larvae right?

cockroach larvae

Exhibit A

Update: I emailed the photo below to the Korea Air flight crew that I met and she translated it for it – it is Beondegi (Silkworm). Mmm…I’m so glad I accidentally purchased this! =D

Beondegi Korean silkworm pupa

I would have dedicated a longer post if I knew it was silkworm pupa though, but worry not, I have ANOTHER CAN (had the foresight to get two – haha) so I’ll do a cooking post with that one. 🙂 

It’s crunchy too, just like how cockroach egg casings sound when you step on it. I found it quite delicious actually.

Eating dog meat in Korea

dog meat

I managed to get gastronomically acquainted with man’s best friend during my trip to Korea. I have made it a personal jihad/crusade to sample their wonderful canine products. It was harder than I thought, despite the English – Korean word translator because: 

dog meat translate

Contrary to popular belief, selling dog meat is illegal in Korea

eating dog meat korea

We had to ask a lot of street vendors, who all shook their heads and looked away. Just as we were about to give up, one kindly old lady overheard us, proclaimed gae jang guk (dog meat soup) and made the appropriate “woof woof” sounds. She led us down this really dodgy and narrow side street and we half expected to be mugged in the cobbled alley. 

dog meat shop korea

…but lo and behold – there it was, an eating establishment in the middle of nowhere, out of the sight of casual tourists and probably accessible only to locals. 

dog meat korea

We entered the establishment and I asked for gae jang guk. The female proprietor eyed us and our entourage of cameras with some suspicion and I improvised a combination of sign language and enthused “I eat”. She finally nodded and let us into the seating area. 

dan gogi tang

I present to you dan gogi tang (dog meat soup) made with 100% authentic dog meat! It’s served with the usual Korean condiments and steamed rice. 

dog meat soup

It should be noted that the dog meat in Korea is not from your pet Labrador but a specially bred dog made for eating. 

gae jang guk

I find the dog meat excessively gamey and there is a lot of fat in this breed of dog. It tastes like nothing I’ve ever sampled before – the best I can describe it is a cross between lamb and pork but with a VERY strong smell and aftertaste. The odor was quite overwhelming despite the hot peppers and what not used to flavor the soup.

I would love to try it again though. I’m thinking back to the fatty-lean texture and pungent odor infusing the meat, and I’m drooling at the thought of chewing that in my mouth right now, allowing my palate to savor the taste of dog meat.

Bon appétit!

Oh, and the first dog I met barked at me. I’m serious. Does he know I ate his brethren?

I kena whack by an auntie in Korea

fireworks auntie

I was bargaining with this aunty who approached me on the beach to sell me fireworks and managed to get her to sell me one which costs 5,000 won for 3,000 won. I bumped into her again when I was getting it from the street vendor and told her I’m gonna buy it for 2,000 won this time.

She whacked me with her fireworks. T_T

It was pretty funny though…and I might have inadvertently triggered off a turf war between the beach vendor and the street vendor. Heh!

Posted: 4:27 am Korean time