Of underwear and balconies

underwear and balconies

I really should stop waltzing out to the balcony in my underwear for a smoke. The security guard has taken to smiling at me every time I do that and as of late the smile has a certain suggestiveness to it that I don’t like.

I hope he doesn’t think I’m doing it for his benefit. 😑

There is no spoon


This is supposed to be a much longer post with a lot of photos and videos but after much thought I decided it was best to pull the reins until the reincarnation of The Other Blog Which Shall Not Be Named. πŸ˜‰

Why would someone subject an innocent spoon to high temperatures on a stove?

Good times in Sibu during CNY.

:) :) :) :) :)

I take this as “sending a lot of goodwill”.

I thought it was a bit excessive at first but it works very well in conveying positive intentions.

Oh, how the youths of today have evolved into a wondrous generation, one that I wish I was part of, as many trillions of people before me has longed for.

No, I am not on drugs.

This is what old school blogging uses to be.

Pure streams of consciousness.

Old skool like flirting on SMS. πŸ˜‰

Coz, you know, we have IM, Twitter and all that now.

End verbal diarrhea.

You don’t owe anyone an explanation

This is the inaugural post of the annual *don’t want to commit to weekly* SixthSeal.com Self Help Saturdays. πŸ˜‰

self help

People like to be liked

It’s natural for people to want to be liked. The problem with this is that you’re essentially living life for others…and that, my friends, is no way to live.

People are going to talk about you and form opinions of you – and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Just look at Tiger Woods – he has this squeaky clean image, someone you won’t hesitate to introduce to your parents (unless your name is Elin Nordegren). His recent indiscretions left sponsors abandoning him in droves. He has also announced a hiatus from professional golf for reasons unknown to me.

Your skill on the golf course and on the bed are two separate things. This public-figure-as-role-model mindset is alien to me. Bush (Junior) used cocaine. Clinton smoked cannabis (but didn’t inhale – would love to hear his definition of inhaling and whether it gels with his definition of sex).

I don’t see it as a problem – it’s just a matter of rebranding.

He can always come back as the bad boy playa of golf.

“Tiger Woods – driving the 9″-Wood straight into the hole…all 18 of them”

Just be yourself.

The Leaning Tower of Prata


This has gotta be the highlight of today. We were having lunch at a mamak when this waiter started collecting used plates and bowls into a structurally unsound configuration which flies against all the laws of gravity. It’s an abomination! This Bonanno Pisano wannabe was just BEGGING for his hodge-podge construct to come apart.

It started wobbling when he walked over to our table.

I can see the look of consternation of his face, as well as a glint in his eye that suggested DETERMINATION to reach the dirty plate washing basin before it deconstructed.
He was fighting a losing battle and he shifted left, and then right in an effort to correct the wobbling structure.

His face started showing signs of dismay and horror as he realized he’ll never cross the finish line without it toppling over. The leaning tower of old soup, rice, and gravy from various people’s leftovers was just beside us at this point.

In a last ditch effort to do some damage control, he sharply veered right and let his body act as a splatter shield as everything came down.

It still got to us though. I was trying hard not to laugh coz his expression was PRICELESS. I wish I had videoed it but I didn’t know it was going to fall.

I still think it’s funny even though my left sleeve smells like old onion soup.

Speed eating video

speed eating

I’ve always waxed lyrical about this particular chap fan place in Kelana Jaya. It is hands down the best place for lunch and I’ve missed eating there ever since I moved. Anyway, I decided it was high time to head back and do a video of myself eating a huge plate of nostalgia so I drove back yesterday afternoon.

I videoed myself eating it – this really is how fast I usually eat the stuff. It took me ages to upload this coz I’m not on Streamyx right now. I’m waiting for my account to get transferred over here so I can get proper broadband. I finished the entire plate of rice but I’m not too pleased at my own pace so I’m going to have to do it again.

No la, that’s just an excuse for me to head back. I really love their offerings but you have to be there around 9 am coz the good dishes sell out really fast.

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