SARBEX 2004: The day before the big day…

sarbex 2004

SARBEX 2004 is going to start opening its doors to the public
tomorrow. This event is located at the Permata Carpark Building on
Level 5 and is organized by IDA, the very same people who brought us
BTS 2004 and ICT 2004. SARBEX is The Sarawak Builder’s Expo property
roadshow and we are going to have a presence there. This will have been
the third expo I’ve gone to under the banner of Huygens Asia and
organized by IDA.

sarbex arch

The event is not as large scale as previous ones, due to the
relatively niche market it represents. The roadshow only occupies the
inside of the modified carpark, instead of extending into the outer
areas, like in previous events.

pre expo huygens

Huygens Asia is located in Booth #5, which is the side booth near
the stage. We were allocated a 2 x 4 meter space, but was later
upgraded to a 2 x 8 meter floor space. We’re not done setting up yet,
as you can see from the photo.

sarbex stage

The stage is just to the side of our booth…this is usually a Good Thing (TM).

pre expo setup 1

I went there to see the progress of the exhibitors and noticed that there were only two other exhibitors setting up besides us.

pre expo setup 2

It’s all partially set up, tomorrow is the day when the roadshow
opens to the public, and the day before is usually earmarked for
exhibitors to get their booths ready.

sarbex me ida

I went inside the administration office, and found, not to my
surprise, the same good people in IDA who managed the previous two
expos I’ve attended. Well, SARBEX 2004 is going to open tomorrow, so
expect daily from-the-expo-floor reports. πŸ™‚

Photo of me for the company website


This is the photo that’s going into the newly revamped Huygens Asia
website. It just went live about 5 minutes ago. Happy, shiny people,
eh? πŸ˜‰ We have five individual photos going into the management team
page. The one above is mine.

Anyway, we have an exhibition going on for the next four days.
SARBEX 2004 @ Permata Carpark Kuching. We’re at Booth #5. I’ll be
heading over to see the preparations soon.

Bernice has left the building…

bernice bye

Bernice has decided to pursue a different career path and she will
be going to KL to work as a branch manager in a different field. She
has left Huygens Asia on her own accord and will be flying over to KL
to start on her new job soon. She told me about the offer – she’ll be
pulling in a paycheck that’s bigger than mine. :p

I have learned a lot from her about marketing and working life in
general…she’s intelligent and experienced – I still have a lot to
learn from her and I appreciate the invaluable business knowledge that
she has imparted to me. I lack a lot of smarts in that division. I
reckon you can learn from anyone if you keep an open mind and you’re
willing to learn.

All the best, Bernice! Take care and good luck…you will be missed. πŸ™‚

Hair in pizza = free pizza from Pizza Hut

pizza bernice

One of my coworkers went to Pizza Hut for lunch and found a hair in
her pizza. Pizza Hut gave her a free Thai Seafood Sensation pizza to
go, which she kindly gave to me. I haven’t had pizza in a while, tastes

pizza bernice me

This is a photo of my coworker, Bernice Cheng, with me. I know you guys probably just want to see her alone, so here you go:

pizza bernice closeup

Nice smile, eh? πŸ˜‰

Sibu, here we come!

huygens sibu sept

I’m flying to Sibu again tonight with my CTO and CFO on the
company’s account. My return ticket is open, courtesy of my CFO, who
thought I might want to stay back for the weekend after our meeting
there on Friday afternoon and another one on Saturday afternoon. I
think I’ll pass on that though, I’ll just go with them, in and out, and
be back by Saturday night.

Meet the new employees of Huygens Asia!

huygens new staff
L-R: Ted Fook, Dominic Liew, Bernice Cheng Shu Yee.

Three new people come in today to join the company. We had a
recruitment drive and this is the new wave that passed the interview
stage. It’s the start of the month and my new coworkers are the new
batch of people to be part of the Huygens Asia team.

huygens bernice

This is Bernice Cheng, our new Marketing Executive.

huygens bernice me

Naturally, this being, this is me with Bernice, the only female in this batch. πŸ˜‰

RM 300 monthly salary increase!

huygens rm 300

I now pull in RM 2,500 with this permanent RM 300 monthly “transport
allowance” that I just got. It’s a token of appreciation for my work in
securing proposals before the annual KPI salary increase, which I hope
will push me into the RM 3k region. πŸ˜‰

One can wish. Heh!

Oh, and I thought up the company new slogan too – Huygens means assurance. Simple, but I’m rather fond of it. It’s going into our new batch of business cards.

MBKS news coverage – photos of me in major papers!

papers stack

I have managed to get my photo in SIX newspapers! =D There was a
press release yesterday afternoon organized by MBKS (South Kuching
Council) for the CCTV system we installed for them. Our company
actually specializes in remote surveillance solutions, but we can and
do provide conventional security solutions as well, and this one has an
option to upgrade to off-site monitoring and recording.

Sin Chew Daily

sin chew macro

This paper gave us (meaning me ;)) the best photo coverage. Although
it’s not front page, it more than makes up for it with the multiple
color photos. It’s on page five of today’s paper and I took great pains
to stand as close to the mayor as physically possible to increase the
probability of my photo appearing in the papers. πŸ˜‰

sin chew 1

Here’s a close look at the first photo. It probably helped that I
gave out my business card to every press photographer and turned on my
charms on the predominantly Chinese female photographers. πŸ˜‰

sin chew 2

This is the second photo. I can’t read Chinese, but my coworkers
told me that my name is also mentioned in there along with my position
(System Engineer). I was asked for my Chinese name, which I can’t
write, but a helpful reporter managed to get it right for me. πŸ™‚ I can
recognize the characters, I just can’t write it.

The Borneo Post

borneo post macro

I got into the second page of The Borneo Post, which had a black and
white photo, but it was a good one nevertheless. It’s the largest
English daily over here too.

International Times

intl times macro

This one gave us front page coverage. woot! Color photo, and the caption has my name and position too.

Utusan Sarawak

utusan sarawak macro

The largest BM paper put us on page 3, with a B&W photo. I’m
“Jurutera Sistem Encik Poh Huai Bin”. πŸ˜‰ The caption reads: Pilot
project…The mayor of MBKS Mr Chan Seng Khai (middle) listening to the
explanation of the functions of the CCTV system that was installed in
the MBKS building grounds from System Engineer Huygens Asia Sdn. Bhd.
(Huygens) Mr Poh Huai Bin (left). Also seen is the Marketing Manager
Mr. Ainsey Lai KC (right) in Kuching, yesterday.

See Hua Daily News

see hua macro

This one gave us a large front page splash and a large column. It’s good. πŸ™‚

United Daily News

united daily macro

This is the paper that scooped all the others yesterday. It gave us
front page again, with a color photo. This is the sixth paper that has
a photo of me. There were other papers covering the press release, but
those were only text only or didn’t have photos. I managed to get into
every single photo that has the mayor in it. πŸ™‚

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