20 photos from my trip to Kapit

Kapit Boat

I went to Kapit a while back for a 2D/1N stay. Kapit is a town 3 hours from Sibu by express boat. There is no other way to reach it – you can’t drive there and you can’t fly in either, the river is the only route.

Sibu Kapit

This is a uniquely Sarawakian feature, there are a lot of random towns that is connected only via Rejang River and lacks the proper highways or road connections to civilization.

Express Boat View

The funny thing is that you have to fill in a form detailing your name and IC number so they know who’s on board. This didn’t exist before, it was the high profile express boat capsizes and accidents resulting in multiple deaths that initiated it.

Live Chicken

I meant human deaths, not livestock. ;) You can find lots of interesting cargo onboard, including live chicken!

Kapit Sibu Express

Interestingly, they don’t overload the express boats anymore too. This makes it a lot safer compared to previous journeys. Previously, there would be people *on top* of the boat, hanging on to the side rails.

Kapit Jetty

We arrived in Kapit 3 hours later and had to disembark.

Sarawak Express Boat

You do this by walking along the side of the express boat. I’m used to it coz I’ve done it when I was a kid, but new people might find this disconcerting since the river is just beside you.

Kapit Town Square

Kapit is a very small town. You can walk around town in a matter of minutes and that’s what we did. We passed by Kapit Town Square on the way to our hotel.

Star Hill Inn

We stayed at Star Hill Inn, one of the best hotels there.

Kapit Hotel

I took a room and my bro Eddy took another room.

Kapit Shoplots

The hotel is in a shoplot, as you can see from the view.

Kapit Roti Canai Goreng

One of the highlights of the trip was eating roti canai goreng. This is a distinctive Kapit invention, they literally fry the roti canai inside a wok of boiling hot oil. Ingenious, and very tasty too.

Kapit Fair

We managed to have some time off the next day and went to see what was going on in Kapit Town Square. It turns out there’s a lot of games of chance, like an indoor funfair of sorts.

Fun Fair Games

I took a spin as well. You pay RM 1 for a can of soft drink and put it at a color of your choice. You get a 1 in 6 chance of winning equal odds e.g. you win 2 cans if you wager 2 cans.

Fun Fair

This works by throwing a tennis ball into a receptacle with 6 possible colors which matches the one on the table. You get unlimited tries, there’s no penalty if you miss or if the ball bounces back up. You simply try again until you get the ball into a color square.

Kapit Gambling

Behold! These are the high rollers of Kapit! smirk

High Rollers

Seriously though, these whales are betting cartons of 24 cans at once. We thought that was quite funny.

Durian Isu

I also managed to get some wild jungle durians to bring home. This is a native durian called durian isu. It’s very different from regular durians, it only has 4 segments. I’ll do a comprehensive review during the weekend.

Maggi Instant Noodles

We had a quick lunch of Maggi instant noodles at the wharf the next day before we departed…

Kapit Wharf

…and caught the afternoon express boat back. It was a really fun overnight trip with my bro Eddy. I haven’t been to Kapit in such a long time!

Lundu Children Amusement Fun Fair

lundu funfair road

Lundu is a town about an hour’s driver from
Kuching. I headed there with my friends one night during a drunken
impulse to eat seafood there (Lundu is renowned for its cheap and
delicious seafood) and so we drove down in the middle of the night in
search of food.

lundu funfair town

Well, we didn’t find food coz all the seafood restaurants were
closed, but some coffee shops were still open so we got more beer and
drove around the place. We figured we might as well scout around since
we’re already there.

lundu funfair entrance

It turns out that there was a local Fun Fair going on there – the Lundu Children Amusement Fun Fair so we decided to check it out. The entrance free was RM 2 and it looked so inviting while inebriated so in we went. ;)

lundu funfair carousel

There were carousels with pretty ponies going round and round, with
a glass mirror facade in the middle and the handrails that feels so
familiar from childhood days…

lundu funfair ferris wheel

The obligatory Ferris wheel was slowly spinning around with the
bright neon lights covering the cages producing a swirl of florescent

lundu funfair games of chance

The games of chance that various booths ply to lure in the crowd was
also there in abundance, offering gifts of soft toys if you could just
toss the ring into the steeple, roll the ball down a nail obstacle
course, or dart a space the size of a postage stamp from three feet
away to get the prize instead of just a congratulatory sweet…

lundu funfair tarp

…and then all of a sudden, one booth pulled up the tarp on their
setup. The carousel music that was playing in the background started to
mute. The Ferris wheel lights dimmed and then ground to a halt. OMG!
The fun fair had closed and we haven’t even gotten on a single ride! :(

lundu fun fair bumper cars

However, loud techno music started to reverberate through the fun
fair grounds as the other rides and booths shut down for the night. The
bumper cars! The ride was still open! It seems that everyone was at the
bumper car place getting on the rides so I got a bunch of credits and
started to get into the bumper cars.

lundu funfair bumper cars people

The credits goes for RM 10 for four (4) tokens and each ride on the
bumper cars took two tokens so it’s RM 5 for a one minute ride. I spent
RM 50 on tokens anyway, coz I have fond memories of our local
semi-dilapidated safety regulation hazard fun fairs. :)

lundu funfair bumper cars cheng

It was fun driving the bumper cars around, making it go fast,
watching the contact wires spark on the mesh ceiling like lighting as
you drive around, bumping into other cars. It certainly did bring back
many fond memories.

lundu funfair bumper cars video

Download: Bumper cars scene video [sixthseal.com]

lundu funfair bumper cars pov video

Download: Bumper cars POV video [sixthseal.com]

The bumper cars were fun and even though that was the only ride we
got on at the Lundu Children Amusement Fun Fair, we drove the one hour
commute back to Kuching laughing happily (ever after).

The End

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