Longlife cigarettes

longlife cigarettes

Longlife cigarettes is a brand of cigarettes in Taiwan. This is the
full flavored version that comes in bright yellow packaging and the
characters for “long life” in Chinese written in the middle.
Jesus…and to think that for all this while, I had harbored the
mistaken thought cigarettes are bad for you. πŸ˜‰

longlife back

Anyway, this is the premium full flavored version of Longlife
cigarettes that was purchased in Taiwan. It contains 1.1 mg of nicotine
and 13 mg of tar.

longlife expiry

The interesting thing about Taiwanese cigarettes is that they have
expiry dates printed on the bottom of each pack (!) – this one says

longlife cigs info

Heck, they even have a phone number you can call or an email address you can send enquires about the cigarettes to! Now that is support! πŸ˜‰

longlife cigarettes filter

The strange thing about the full flavored Long Life cigarettes is
the white filter, which is the norm for lights over here, but not full
flavored ones. Nevertheless, I found Longlife cigarettes to be a
smooth, satisfying smoke.

longlife smoke me

Smoke me! I give you long life! πŸ˜‰

Gigantic pack of Dunhill cigarettes

dunhill twin pack store

I saw a huge pack of Dunhill cigarettes retailing for RM 12
just now. It contains 40 cigarettes and I loved the box the moment I
set my eyes on it. The sheer audacity of the Dunhill 40’s pack needs to
be personally experienced – I wanted to put it into my pocket just to
see if it fits (which it obviously won’t).

dunhill twin pack box seal

The liner on the Dunhill cigarette pack has “DUNHILL TWIN PACK RM
12.00” written on it. It’s a promotional item, probably to counter the
tobacco price wars with Philip Morris retailing Marlboros at RM 6 and
Next going for RM 4.

dunhill twin pack 40

The side of the huge Dunhill flip top box has 40 cigarettes stamped
on it. The box is made to look like one gigantic Dunhill pack with all
the appropriate detailing in. It’s actually a box housing 2 x 20’s.

dunhill twin pack open

This is what the inside of the huge Dunhill box contains – there are two ordinary Dunhill 20’s inside.

dunhill twin pack seals

The individual Dunhill boxes has “Twin Pack RM 12.00” instead of the
usual liner text. I love the entire concept and bought it even though
I’m not a big fan of Dunhill’s. I love the huge promotional pack though.

dunhill twin pack monolith

I mean, just look at it! It’s monolithic!

I’m going to keep it on my desk. πŸ™‚

Cigarettes from Langkawi in the mail!

mr lim package

I received a Pos Malaysia Pos Ekspres (Next Day Delivery) package in
the mail today from Mr. Lim in Langkawi. He was kind enough to send me
cigarettes for review purposes. Thanks Mr. Lim! πŸ™‚

mr lim package contents

I was puzzled regarding the initial content of the packaging at
first (having been on the receiving end of several items of *cough*
dubious nature in the past) but since it did not come with an entourage
of police, I decided it was safe to open the package up. πŸ˜‰

mr lim package cigarettes

Peel – Menthol Orange and Fisher Lights
are two of the cigarettes that Mr. Lim sent me. He’s also the
distributor of DJ Mix cigarettes in Malaysia and can be contacted at limmalaysia@gmail.com
[gmail.com] for the people who’re interested in obtaining the entire DJ
Mix range of cigarettes. He has a real brick and mortar shop in
Langkawi and has sold the DJ Mix line to people overseas and inside
Malaysia from the sixthseal.com comment queries in the past.

…and no, Mr. Lim, there’s no commission for this. sixthseal.com is a pure community oriented site. πŸ™‚

P/S – Future new cigarettes for review purposes would be much appreciated though. πŸ˜‰

Legal disclaimer: sixthseal.com cannot be held legally responsible for third party transactions.

NEXT cigarettes review

next whats new

Philip Morris International has recently launched a new brand of
cigarettes called Next to fill the void left when the Malaysian
cigarette tax hike priced their flagship Marlboro brand out of the
reach of lower income bracket smokers at RM 6.50. Next is the new wave
of cigarette brands that retails at RM 4.50 – close to the “old”
(pre-tax hike) prices of mid-range cigarettes.

next cigarette packs

Next cigarettes comes in the standard two established tobacco
industry standard types – full flavored and lights (mild). The full
flavored packs comes in a darker shade of blue than the lights. The
design of Next cigarettes is minimalist, with just a characteristic
“streak” down the box aligned with the X of NEXT.

next cigarettes

The full flavored packs taste like a milder version of Marlboros –
and that’s not a bad thing at all. PM did well with NEXT, it tastes
like their premium flagship brand but is priced at a very affordable
price at RM 4.50 for a post cigarette tax hike.

next lights

I won’t bother with NEXT Lights, since the full flavored version is
already like a watered down Marlboro so you can imagine what the Lights
taste like…

next cigs fault line

There is one minor gripe I have with the quality of the cigarettes
though – all of the NEXT cigarettes (both full flavored and lights)
have a distinctive defect in the wrapper. There is a fault line running
down every cigarette, which seems to make the cigarette look fragile.
However, testing the cigarette by rolling a cannabis cigarette (which
stress tests the wrapper integrity) proved me wrong…the “fault line”
is not a bad wrap at all – the wrapper didn’t open up or tear at that
line (where I expected it to). It’s just the way NEXT cigarettes are
made – it’s not a structural integrity issue at all. Nice.

next cigs best thing

I like Next cigarettes since I smoke Marlboros and NEXT basically
taste the same, and it comes from the same tobacco company as well. The
retail price of RM 4.50 is making me switch from Marlboros to NEXT full
flavored cigarettes.

NEXT cigarettesThe next best thing… πŸ˜‰

Guide to rolling a concealable cigarette joint

guide worktable

This is a basic beginner’s guide to rolling a concealable joint that looks like a cigarette for discreet use in public. The orthodox method of joint rolling does not seem to be popular in Malaysia due to the low proliferation of rolling papers, compounded by the unique customs in a country where drug use is generally frowned upon and the sociological factors affecting ganja (cannabis, marijuana, weed) consumption and the local etiquette involved with cannabis use, people prefer to use healthier ways to smoke like the Liquido24 .

Listed below are the items necessary for making a cigarette joint:

1. Cannabis (also known as ganja, marijuana, weed, grass, pot etc)

guide malaysian weed

Shown above is the commonly available cannabis in Malaysia – highly compressed for minimal bulk.

2. Cigarettes

marlboro cigarettes

This is the Marlboro “Racing Edition” packs – Marlboros are ideal due to the high structural integrity of the paper. Pall Mall is also acceptable due to the extreme ease of tobacco removal (low density) but
has a more fragile paper.

3. Syringe

defanged syringe

Please snap off the needle for safety purposes – only the plunger is required, though the body provides a relatively clean receptacle for storing it. IV users should remove the orange cap to avoid mistaking it for a usable syringe (which is why the needle should be snapped off).

Guide to making a cannabis cigarette:

cannabis shredded

Step 1: Prepare a “workspace” i.e. a clean sheet of
glossy paper to “shred” the cannabis. There are some people who prefer to utilize scissors for this tedious task, but manual shredding can be enjoyable for the people who enjoy working hands-on with cannabis.
Prepare an amount according to personal preference.

cigarette guideline

Step 2: Take one cigarette and hold it at the
reference point shown in the photo above. User preference is the overriding factor here, but generally 1-2 cm above the filter is a good guideline.

cigarette prep

Step 3: Work you way down the length of the
cigarette by applying rotational pressure with an appropriate amount of force to “loosen” up the tobacco inside the cigarette. Please do not use excessive force as the integrity of the cigarette will be compromised. Marlboros generally can withstand moderately rough
treatment without adverse effects.

tobacco removal

Step 4: Extract all the tobacco from the cigarette
starting from the reference point. The tobacco can be pulled out when it emerges during Step 3 and stroking the cigarette downwards will loosen up the remaining tobacco for spinning (mixing with cannabis).

cannabis tobacco mix

Step 5: It is essential that at least some tobacco
is used as cannabis alone will not burn well. The ratio of cannabis to
tobacco should be very high (for non-smokers) or 2:1 (for smokers). 1:1
ratios are also acceptable in times of low cannabis availability.

hollow cigarette

Step 6: The emptied cigarette should look like the
photo above. The entire cigarette should be hollow up to the reference
point. The reference point is used to avoid cannabis wastage by
ensuring that the very end of the cannabis cigarette contains tobacco
only. This will prevent users from having to smoke right down to the
filter, which can be unpleasant to the palate. Notice that the
structural integrity of the hollowed out cigarette is maintained.

cannabis tobacco sift

Step 7: Combine the cannabis with tobacco by
sifting it using the fingers. Please ensure that an equal distribution
is prepared and ensure that there are no excessively large pieces of
the mixture present. It is also important that the stem and seeds of
the cannabis bud is not used as the former can tear the cigarette when
repacked and the latter would result in an uneven burn.

adding surplus

Step 8: Previous cannabis + tobacco preparation
surplus can also be added at this point (if any). Ensure that the
sifting process is repeated if surplus mix is used.

cannabis mix heap

Step 9: There should be a pile of cannabis and
tobacco mixture on your workspace at this point. It is important to
note that potential sources of airstreams such as ceiling fans should
be neutralized. Working with cannabis requires a wind free environment,
much like methamphetamine use. This rule should be adhered to strictly,
at the expense of extreme displacement of substance(s) due to changing
wind currents or existing atmosphere disturbances. The latter includes,
but is not limited to, people breathing over your neck, sneezing, and
coughing either by yourself or others.

syringe plunger

Step 10: Prepare the plunger by removing the plunger from the body of the syringe completely.

plunger first pack

Step 11: Grip the cigarette firmly on the filter
tip and insert plunger carefully into the cigarette, making sure to
minimize unnecessary contact with the sides or (more importantly) the
top of the cigarette to avoid structural damage. This first step is
done to ensure that the 1-2 cm of tobacco intentionally left behind in
the cigarette is packed properly as the base for a smooth draw.

filling cannabis

Step 12: Hold the hollow cigarette at 45 degrees
and proceed to fill the cigarette with the cannabis and tobacco
mixture. It is essential that no contact is made with the fragile tip
of the cigarette. Instead, allow gravity to do most of the work by
using the thumb and forefingers to “drop” the mixture into the
cigarette. This can be achieved by using the motion used to snap your
fingers (without actually doing so) while holding the mixture on top of
the cigarette.

packing cannabis

Step 13: Periodically insert the plunger into the
slowly refilled cigarette to ensure that the density is maintained.
Using the fingers of one hand to tentatively grip the paper top of the
cigarette and holding it while pushing the plunger in and
simultaneously “docking” the filter to the table to provide support
will “pack” the cigarette effectively, though it should be mentioned
that this requires some expertise to avoid compromising the integrity
of the cigarette paper.

cannabis cigarette filled

Step 14: Repeat Steps 12 – 13 until the cigarette
is repackaged with cannabis. It should look like this after it’s being
filled – with minimal damage to the exterior. It justifies reiterating
that no stems should be present in the mix due to the possibility of it
tearing the paper.

cannabis cigarette repacked

Step 15: The refilled cannabis cigarette can be
left as is, though this practice is not recommended due to the
possibility of confusing the cigarette joint for a real cigarette.

cannabis cigarette

Step 16: Twist the tip of the cigarette to produce
a classic joint “twist close” shape to differentiate the cannabis
cigarette from factory packed cigarettes.

Congratulations! The cannabis cigarette is now ready to be enjoyed or transported under the guise of a normal cigarette.

filter trimming

It should be noted that smoking the cannabis joint disguised as a
cigarette would not produce optimal effects due to the cigarette
filter. The cigarette filter should be removed, stripped down to a
minimal amount and reinserted to produce a more THC laden smoke. The
video below describes the methodology involved and includes a cool
trick to remove the filter (Thanks dc!):

cannabis cigarette video

Download: Cannabis cigarette filter removal trick and lighting up [sixthseal.com]

Please note that smoking cannabis in public is illegal and there is
a very real risk of a law enforcement officer stopping you and asking
for a toke. πŸ˜‰

cannabis april fool

Happy April Fool’s Day! The “cannabis” above is just tobacco and
nothing illegal was used in the making of this post. I know I’m a day
late, but who would believe it if it was posted on 1st of April? πŸ˜‰

Rin Japanese cigarettes

rin cigarettes

Rin cigarettes is the latest offering in the Japan tobacco market
and has an almost Zen like minimalist approach to the design of the
pack. It’s marketed by Japan Tobacco (JT) and the most interesting
thing you’ll notice straight away is the URL listed in front of the
pack – http://www.mhlw.go.jp/topics/tobacco/main.html. It goes to a WHO
tobacco health warning website. You think you’ve seen everything, and
something like this comes along… πŸ˜‰

rin cigarettes back

The back of Rin cigarettes is similarly verbose, in a minimalist
way, of course. Did that even make sense? Nevermind. Anyway, Rin
cigarettes from JT come in a beige colored pack with a single red
Japanese character for “Rin” (I presume) which makes it stand out. This
product was bought in Japan (Thanks ff!), so the only English
characters I could make out is the phrase “Japanese Original Blend” and
the numerical “100%”.

rin cigarettes texture

The flip top pack is embossed with a raised grid texture too – a
very novel design decision that I’ve never seen implemented in
cigarette boxes before. The grid is not merely functional e.g. to
provide a better surface grip, but is pleasing to the senses as it
portrays a throwback to the old days of Japan (not that I would know
what that is like, it just gave me that feeling).

rin cigarettes filter

The open pack of Rin cigarettes also reveals another complementary
unconventional design aspect – the filters of Rin cigarettes come in a
very interesting shade of light amber. The grid texture combined with
this unusual choice of filter makes it stand out from other cigarette

rin cigarettes taste

Rin cigarettes is a near full flavored cigarette blend at 11 mg tar
and 1.2 mg nicotine per cigarette too. It tastes good…very smooth
draw and it has a nice, toasty aftertaste.

rin cigarettes single

The tobacco contained inside Rin cigarettes is unusual too…the
color is distinctively different, but unfortunately, I only noticed
that when I used one to spin…it matches the filter color in some
shades. Nice…

Pall Mall Classic cigarettes

pall mall classic

Pall Mall came out with Pall Mall Classic cigarettes earlier this
year as a limited production run. It’s billed as a cigarette with more
refined tobacco mix and the classic taste of the original Pall Mall
cigarettes. Unfortunately, Pall Mall Classic was taken off the shelves
due to low consumer interest before I could get a pack.

pall mall classic box

I was pleasantly surprised to find a 25 pack of Pall Mall Classic at
the store of the grocery shop one of my friends own. It was supposed to
be recalled by the manufacturer, but he kept one anyway, and gave it to
me, knowing my legendary tardiness and paradoxical fondness for new
and/or limited edition cigarettes.

pall mall classic foil

The gold foil preserving the (dubious) freshness of these long due cigarettes has the letters “Pall Mall” inscribed on it.

pall mall classic 25

Tearing off the foil lining reveals the familiar sight of the 25
cigarette array (used to get Marlboro 25’s in uni coz it’s cheaper)…

pall mall classic cigs

…and each of the Pall Mall Classic cigarettes has the standard black font “Pall Mall” letters scripted on the tip.

pall mall classic stick

Despite the time, the Pall Mall Classic cigarettes taste good. There
wasn’t any hint of the staleness that I expected. I thought Pall Mall
Classic is a great complement to the existing Pall Mall line. It’s a
mystery to me why Pall Mall decided to pull Pall Mall Classic off the

Just like the mystery behind Cherry Coke being taken off the shelves years ago. It still keeps me up at night…

Lite-Up cigarettes – RM 1.50 only!

lite up cigarettes

I’m pleased to present to you the cheapest pack of cigarettes I’ve
seen to date – it’s called Lite-Up and comes in a red box and retails
for the amazingly low price of RM 1.50 per pack!

lite up sibu

Lite-Up cigarettes is made in Sibu, which also happens to be my
hometown. It’s a limited distribution locally produced tobacco product.

lite up open

The pack of Lite-Up opens up to show the standard King Size filter
20’s cigarettes. It has a stylized L on the tip of the cigarette and a
stylized “LITE-UP” font in red on top.

lite up single

I can’t say much about the taste of the cigarettes…it’s not all
that good, which is pretty much obvious when you take into account the
incredibly low RM 1.50 retail price.

lite up spin

You can’t argue with the price though…and the tobacco is nice and dry. I just use the tobacco to spin. πŸ˜‰

Sobranie Mints cigarettes

sobranie mints

Sobranie is a London based cigarette brand and Sobranie Mints is one
of their slim cigarette product lines. Sobranie Mints are not available
in Malaysia, as far as I know, but I managed to get a pack of these,
courtesy of Irene. Thanks!

sobranie mints back

This pack of Sobranie Mints is from Korea and the back of the pack
describes it as “A menthol cigarette of style and distinction from the
famous House of Sobranie”. These cigarettes are definitely different
from the first look – the pack is long and thin.

sobranie mints specialty cigarettes

Sobranie Mints are marketed as specialty cigarettes and retails for
much higher than normal premium cigarette brands, from what I gather
from the prices on the Internet cigarette retailers. It certainly looks
nice, with the blue-green hued graphics…

sobranie mints made uk

This particular pack is made in the UK despite the Korean
characters. It’s an ultra light cigarette with 5 mg tar and 0.5 mg

sobranie mints pack compare

Here’s a size comparison to give perspective to the dimensions of
the Sobranie Mints cigarette pack. It’s much longer and slimmer than
regular King Sized cigarettes.

sobranie mints foil

The pack is lined with gold foil with “Sobranie” inscribed on it.

sobranie mints cigarettes

The Sobranie Mint cigarettes have a nice greenish blue hue on the
filters, which slowly tapers off as it reaches the end. The tip of the
filter has a gold band and letters spelling SOBRANIE, also in gold. The
cigarette body is inscribed with “Mints”, written in the same bluish
green color, in italics and underscored. This is one classy cigarette…

sobranie mints filter holes

Here’s a closer look at the Sobranie Mints filter – notice the two arrays of airflow holes…

sobranie mints cigarette compare

This is another side-by-side comparison to a regular cigarette.
Sobranie Mints are much longer and slimmer, with an equally generous

sobranie mints cigarette

Sobranie Mints are fun to smoke. It feels strange to hold such a
slim and almost fragile cigarette instead of the regular sized ones.
Sobranie Mints smokes well too, with nice notes of mint dominating the
tobacco taste. It’s well made and burns nice and long, producing a very
satisfying smoke.

sobranie mints end

I finished the pack of Sobranie Mints before I knew it. It really is
that good. I wouldn’t say that it’ll replace your regular cigarettes,
but these things are so fun to smoke that you can’t help but smoke
every one of them…

L&M promotional cigarettes packs

lm collector pack

L&M came out with this limited run packaging for both the
menthol and full flavored variants last year. It’s nothing to write
home about, I imagine it’s marketed as a collector’s item.

lm collector pack slip

It has a pack of L&M cigarettes and a lighter for RM 9. I
remember L&M cigarettes were going for RM 4 before the price hike,
so that means the lighter is RM 5. That’s one hell of an expensive
lighter, considering it’s not refillable, like a Zippo.

lm collector pack naked

Here’s a closer look at the front of the pack, without the distracting translucent cover…

lm collector pack back

…and here’s the back of the pack.

lm open pack

The limited edition box features a slide-out, flip-open design –
revealing a recessed receptacle containing a pack of L&M cigarettes
and the L&M lighter.

lm open design

It’s quite well designed, though I can’t imagine the target market with the pricing…

lm lighter instruction

The interesting bit in this particular is the lighter, which also
came with an instruction booklet (!). I’m glad it did, God knows I
can’t operate a lighter without reading a manual first. πŸ˜‰

lm lighter

This is a closer look at the lighter in question…

lm lighter light

…and the L&M lighter when it’s in action.

lm new promotion

L&M seems to have a fondness for designing clothes for its
cigarettes for they came out with another promotional pack recently.

lm new promotion pack ff

This is the full flavored packaging design. It features a male and
female model in what I presume is supposed to be a rugged, rough look.

lm new promotion pack menthol

The menthol version features what seem to be the same two models,
this time going for the hip and cool look. Is hip even a word nowadays
or did it get deprecated in the turn of the millennium?

lm push out

Anyway, the interesting part of these new promotional packs is the
price – it retails for RM 8! That’s two packs of L&M cigarettes,
together with the push-out packaging for the pre-price hike price of RM

lm new promotion packs

It’s a great deal! L&M – Mellow, distinctly smooth… πŸ˜‰

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