Eating stinky tofu in Hong Kong

eating stinky tofu

Stinky tofu is one of the great gastronomical items that Hong Kong does very well. It’s available from most street vendors and you just have to follow your nose to find this wicked delight.

hong kong street vendor

The smelly tofu in Hong Kong is astonishingly odoriferous. It smells really, really bad. It made me wince the first time I had it. The pungent stench is quite intense.

smelly tofu

This is what the innocent stinky tofu (called chao dau foo) looks like before it’s deep fried. Smelly tofu is basically marinated and fermented tofu, which produces the signature smell. I remember an old HK movie where a Caucasian complains about the smell, tries it and then becomes an ambassador of sorts, loudly proclaiming “This smells really bad but it tastes wonderful”.

stinky tofu hong kong

That was exactly how I felt. I’m not a big fan of tofu but I was eager to try stinky tofu in Hong Kong. I had it twice at two different street vendors. It’s usually eaten with long wood skewers straight from a paper bag. The smelly tofu costs around HKD 9 (RM 4) for two pieces and you can opt to have spicy hoisin sauce on it.

stinky tofu

Stinky tofu has a crumbly crust that smells strongly of ammonia. The odor is palpable – it smells like a public toilet that has not been cleaned for months! The intense aroma is matched by the equally breathtaking taste. Smelly tofu tastes like someone dusted the tofu pieces with dried urine.

It also makes for very messy eating as the entire thing is so greasy it dripped everywhere. However, the experience is very rewarding. Stinky tofu tastes like nothing else in the world. You can smell/taste the ammonia as you chew it and the crust is quite salty. It’s crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and best eaten piping hot on the street.

eating smelly tofu

You’ll have really bad breath for the rest of the day but it’s worth it! smirk

Brain Tofu

Tofu brain.

The picture above shows what my brain has become. Rows of rows of
smooth tofu. Taufu lembut replacing my grey matter. I need at least 40
hours of solid, uninterrupted sleep to recover, but there’s not enough
time. My mental faculties did not escape this week totally unscathed
and I’m about to fall asleep right now. It feels like there’s a void
inside my skull where my brain once was. It’s Saturday morning and I
haven’t had felt this bad in a very long time. :)

There’s stuff to do tomorrow…I mean, later today. Ah fuck, I don’t
even know what to write. I tried writing a review and tried doing a bit
of work that I took home to do over the weekend but I can’t think.
Paleolitik 35,000 Mesolitik 25,000 Besi dan Gangsa 2,500. That’s what I
mentally recite during certain periods when my mind doesn’t want to
play nice. I don’t know if the times or spelling is correct it’s just
something I repeat in my brain. It’s from Form 1 Sejarah (History).

I want to eat but I can’t move. I can sleep (with help) but it won’t
be enough. Excuse this post. I will update tomorrow with the really
long due chicken rice post, which would be much less depressing, I
promise. :) I will go to sleep now.

Paleolitik 35,000. Mesolitik 25,000. Besi dan Gangsa 2,500.

I still have this at least.

My apologies for not being able to reply the comments today. Thanks
for putting up with my sporadic updates and lack of feedback. I will
sort things out after sleeping. Meh, I’ve had worse. Everything is
fine. :)

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