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I’ve moved the old version of my site to here
[monash.edu.au]. I’m still working on the template of this one, so read
the old one in the mean time. First thing on the agenda – how to get
rid of that damned horizontal scroll bar. I’ll need to get my POTD
thing back too. Estimated time of completion : Tomorrow. πŸ™‚ Taking a
break now. Read the old site [monash.edu.au].

First bitch!

I’ve finally installed and configured Movable Type
[movabletype.org]. It took a while because I had to manually mput,mkdir
and lcd to create all the directories. I use a command line FTP client,
you see. After all that, I had an error while building MT and had to
search around to find it. It turns out that I had placed one of the
language Perl files in a wrong directory. That happens when you do
things manually. I would use a GUI FTP client, but my Uni’s proxy is
set in such a way that I need to tunnel through one of their Unix boxes
to get to an off campus FTP address.
Anyway, everything loaded properly after that and I was in with the
default Melody/Nelson password. Due to a temporary lapse in good sense,
I deleted the Melody login before creating a new one. It should be
okay, I figured, coz I can create a new one before I log out. Well,
apparently not. MT logged me out straight after I deleted the default
login and there I was, locked out of my own blog.
I tried using one of ther resetauth.cgi scripts, but those don’t work
coz the database didn’t even have any authors in it. Thus, I had to use
phpMyAdmin to drop all the MT tables and start again. phpMyAdmin is
under https (secure http) in my host, and my Uni’s proxy does not
access off campus https servers without tunneling.
I couldn’t do it thru the Unix box, so I’m stuck with…HTTPort. Yes,
the public server proxy tunneling program. God…using a public proxy
on a Saturday night is an exercise in patience indeed. Just the login
page took 30 minutes to load.

Veritas – Latin for Truth

I have installed Movable Type on my server. Click here [sixthseal.com] for my new blog.

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November 08, 2002

Veritas – Latin for Truth

“Mr. Foaf” is back, but with a new handle. He wishes to be referred to as
“Veritas” now. I hear it’s Latin for truth. The usual disclaimers apply – I am not him, he is not
me, the views may not necessarily represent the views of sixthseal.com etc etc. This is his

Lab Report: The relationship of annual seasons with respect to

Name : “Veritas”

Hypothesis : “The THC concentrations in cultivated cannabis has an
inverse relationship with increasing temperatures” aka Damn, my weed fucking sucks in summer.

Materials :

2 grams of hydroponically grown cannabis

1 x blue smoking implement (bong)

30 ml H20

1 x combustion device (lighter)

Methods :

1. A small amount of cannabis will be manually shredded to maximize
combustible surface area.

2. The cannabis will the placed on the entry point known as the “cone” on the
smoking implement.

3. Heat will be applied to the cannabis.

4. The subject will inhale, forcing the smoke from the cannabis to enter the
chamber and exit the mouth piece.

5. The subject will hold the smoke in his lungs for 2 minutes.

Safety Issues :

Cannabis is known to induce laughter.

Solution: The subject will watch an unfunny video.

Cannabis is known to induce craving for food (“munchies”)

Solution: The subject has access to several chocolate bars and has the
option of ordering pizza.

Results :

The subject (“Veritas”) has heard an anecdote that the quality of weed
decreases during the summer months due to some unknown factor affecting the cultivation of the
plant. The source of the anecdote did not elaborate further. The subject is rather dubious of this
claim considering some of the best cannabis is produced from temperate countries like Afghanistan.
Furthermore, the very claim that heat is detrimental to cultivation is somewhat mind boggling as
hydroponics involves the use of very hot lamps to simulate the sun. Thus, the subject has managed
to get hold of some of this purported summer cultivated cannabis to prove the hypothesis wrong. The
subject has procured a new smoking implement from Off Ya Tree, which is a alternative culture shop
in Swanston Street, Melbourne. The subject has also gotten hold of a nifty combustion device which
the sales attendant at Off Ya Tree was very enthusiastic about. Apparently this device has a normal

a green (!) flame

and a purplish blue flame.

The different colors are attained from twisting a ring located near the top of
this device. The device also has a small compass embedded into the top of the lid, apparently to
help guide confused stoners to the way home. The subject has partially filled the smoking implement
(which will be referred to as a bong from now on) with H20 (that’s water for those of you who
failed Chemistry) and filled the cone with an appropriate amount of cannabis. The lighter was
applied to the cone and held there while the cannabis material slowly combusted and displaced the
remaining air in the chamber of the bong with THC smoke. The subject has found that the cannabis
does differ in potency with other batches he has tried. However, the subject maintains that this is
not because of any relation between seasons and plant cultivation times, but rather because the
cannabis is comprised mostly of leafy material and has minimal hairs and THC crystals. In other
words, this is piss poor weed. It is however, fairly damp, which supports the source of the
anecdote’s claims that this is a recent summer batch.

Conclusion :

The cultivation time of cannabis does not affect potency in hydroponically
grown plants. The subject has pulled this conclusion straight out of his ass and would advise you
not to quote him.

Unholy-ness, not amounting to blasphemy

Today was unholy, weather wise. It was already in the high twenties
when I stepped out at 9 am in the morning and it just grew warmer and
warmer and the heat has not even fully dissipated from my room as of
now. Good thing I was at the campus labs most of the day, trying to
finish up my Industrial Experience project. “But you’ve just finished your exams!” you say. Yup, no rest for the wicked.

Anyway, I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish my IE project early
and get it signed off before the client leaves for the holidays in
December. It might be possible, I’m going to try anyway. I’ll have to
fully commit myself the whole of next week and see what happens then.
If it’s nearing completion, I’ll try and push for a client review the
week after and leave one week for modifications and hopefully a sign
off after that. We’ll see. *fingers crossed* This is my last real
holiday, so I was rather hoping I could have a long 4 month one. That
is out of the question, but perhaps a 2+ month one is still within
reach. I wouldn’t want to stay here in summer anyway. From the way
things are going, it looks like it’s going to be a scorcher. I stayed
back 2 years ago and it reached 45 C at times.

CSE3002 Distributed Computing Systems Postmortem

Well I’ll be damned. The questions that came out today were EXACTLY the same
as the Semester 2 2000 one and the Semester 2 2001 one. I had read the past year exam papers, which
were actually removed from the past exams database and yet, available under a different course
code. By inferring and extrapolating, I had expected this year’s questions to be the same, and I
wasn’t disappointed. I would have done better though if I’d gotten some sleep though. It was hard
trying to recall facts that I already know and I’m sure there were some “cross-contamination”.
Cross-contamination is the phenomenon that occurs where you mix up the answers of one question with
another. The borders start getting fuzzy after a lack of sleep, you know. I might get a Distinction
if I’m lucky, but I’m going to be conservative here and predict:

Expected Grade: Credit

It’s off to bed for me. I haven’t had any sleep last night.

CSE3002 Distributed Computing Systems

My brain is absolutely saturated. I did not sleep last night to memorize the
prodigious lecture notes of this subject. It’s amazing how this subject has 80-120 (!) slide
lecture notes. Times that amount by 13 weeks. Plus, every slide has stuff to remember. I can’t even
type properly now coz I’ve archived the “language” portion of my brain to make space for the
“memorize and regurgitate” part. Quorum consensus method, Suzuki-Kasami’s broadcast algorithm,
Singhal’s heuristic algorithm, push push push, go into my brain dammit!

Segmentation fault…

Core dumped!

CSE2203 Information Technology Project Management Postmortem

Well…I didn’t do too well in this exam. I was rather appalled when I first
read the exam paper. I found out that I’ve been concentrating on the wrong stuff. However, I did
manage to rally up a bit and wrote what I feel was right, so I should be able to pass. The past few
year’s exams all had Gantt charts, which is like a free 11 marks, but it didn’t come out this year.
Bummer. Oh well.

Expected Grade: Pass

Anyway, the Doom III Alpha 0.02 (the E3 demo) has been leaked. I downloaded it
last night, but didn’t manage to unzip it until today. It damn near took 8 minutes just to unzip
the RAR file. It took another 2 minutes just to start and get to the new id animation with the
hybrid metal/flesh heart fusion loop. I tried bringing down the console and typed map
and waited for 25 minutes while my aging Athlon 750 w/ 128 mb RAM and a GeForce 2 MX
tried to load the demo, but gave up after that. It was an exercise is patience, and patience is a
commodity that has eluded me thus far.

This is an er…a screenshot of the Doom III alpha. =D


I’ve been watching a lot of Jackass lately. I like Chris-O but
Johnny Knoxville really turns me off. He only does the lesser stunts
and yet always acts so dramatic about getting hurt. Uh yeah, I have
nothing else to write coz I’ve only stayed in my room during my
revision lately. My next exam is on Monday.

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