Rasa Ayamas Arabian Delight

ra kl sentral

Arabian Delight is the new offering by Rasa Ayamas and it retails at
RM 7.50 for a meal consisting of 2 pieces of Arabian Delight and
crinkle fries.

ra arabian delight

Here’s what it looks like. It’s actually something like a KFC
Twister being cut in two so it’s really one piece instead of two.
Arabian Delight is also served with secret Dakkous Sauce, whatever that

ra arabian close

Here’s a closer look at Arabian Delight. The meat is nestled
underneath so you can’t actually see it. The wrap is warm while the
filling is cold. It didn’t taste all that good to me.

This is the last KL post, I had this at KL Sentral before flying
back to Kuching. I’ve cleared all the backlogs. Posting will go back to
real time as of now. ;)

McDonald’s and Sega2 mini video games promotion

sega2 compilation

The Sega2/McDonalds mini video game promotion has ended. McDonald’s
released a new mini video game made by the Sega team every week on
Thursday. It’s a joint promotion that continues where the first one
left off, thus the name Sega2. The mini video games retails for RM 6
each with every McDonald’s meal purchase. There were six different mini
video games in total, and it’s all reviewed and linked here:

Sega2 Mini Video Games #1 – Sonic Skateboard [sixthseal.com]

Sega2 Mini Video Games #2 – Cream Flower Catch [sixthseal.com]

Sega2 Mini Video Games #3 – Tails Soccer [sixthseal.com]

Sega2 Mini Video Games #4 – Shadow Basketball [sixthseal.com]

Sega2 Mini Video Games #5 – Amy & Rouge Tennis [sixthseal.com]

Sega2 Mini Video Games #6 – Knuckles Baseball [sixthseal.com]

The Sega2 series is a definite improvement over the first Sega series. I’ll love to see a third promotional run.

The Kapitan's Club

kapitans club

The Kapitan’s Club is a restaurant that is set to look like the
heydays of old world Malaya. I’ve been intrigued by the interior decor
ever since I saw it, but never did get around to eating there until

kapitan decor

This outlet is located in Pusat Bandar Damansara. I went with my
girlfriend during my last day in KL. It has a nice (really) old Chinese
coffee shop ambience to it.

kapitan chairs

The tables and chairs are the old skool type you’ll expect to find
in some obscure coffee shop in a small town that time left behind.

kapitan regal

There’s even a huge portrait of a regal looking woman covering one of the walls.

kapitan coffee

I went for the freshly brewed coffee (RM 4.50). It’s good coffee, strong and served piping hot with milk and sugar.

kapitan nasi lemak

This is Nasi Lemak with Kapitan Chicken (RM 10.50), which we both
had. It’s served with acar, sambal ikan bilis, and coconut flavored
rice with Kapitan Chicken. Kapitan Chicken is their flagship dish that
is described as a delicious curry cooked with at least 20 different
spices. It was good.

I think the primary attraction of this place is not its food (which isn’t anything to write home about), but it’s ambience…

Nude Crab Burger!

nude crab burger intro

I was intrigued by such a delicacy, which I’m told is a whole deep
fried soft shell crab in a burger. One of my coworkers told me about it
and I’ve been chomping at the bit to try it ever since. We went there
after work last night.

d alif restaurant

The eating establishment that serves nude crab burger is called D’Alif Restoran Sejahtera
and it’s a restaurant by the Kuching Riverside that has crabs as it’s
flagship meal and claims to have invented the nude crab burger.

d alif bb plaza

The readers in KL might be interested to know that nude crab burger
is also available in Bukit Bintang. This establishment opened up a new
outlet at BB from the literature the waiter passed me.

d alif ambience

Back to the restaurant, the place has a nice ambience, two tiered dining areas made to look like a serene rainforest.

d alif rainforest

It’s a good place for dinner; it has an al fresco feeling even
though it’s indoors due to the massive outside ventilation and no
artificial air conditioning.

d alif mud crab

D’ Alif Restaurant also has a live crab display on their premises.
This is not the soft shell variety used in the nude crab burger but mud
crabs, for normal crab cooking. This place specializes in crabs, and
crabs only. You’ll be hard pressed to find a non-crustacean based meal

d alif cordial

I ordered the D’Alif cordial for my drink…its iced rose syrup with a lemon slice inside.

d alif fried rice

This is D’Alif fried rice, which Bernice ordered.

d alif crab delight

Here’s the Crab Delight that we shared – its two deep fried soft
shelled crab on a bed of salad, with Thousand Island dressing liberally

d alif soft shell

I also ordered Deep Fried Soft Shell crab which says “Tired of
cracking the Crab shell, try our special deep fried fresh Soft Shell
Crab coated with Egg & Flour mix topped up with Thousand Island
Dressing. You can eat the whole crab including the shell”.

d alif crab inside

Indeed you can, the shell can be eaten. Here’s a look at the inside once it’s been bitten into.

nude crab burger

Finally, I present to you, the dish we’ve all been waiting for…Nude Crab Burger!

nude crab burger inside

There is a whole soft-shelled crab inside, as promised.

d alif bernice me

I strongly endorse nude crab burger! *thumbs up* ;)

d alif nude crab burger

Nude Crab Burger – World’s 1st Soft Shell Crab Burger.

La Bodega, Bangsar

la bodega

La Bodega in Bangsar is supposedly the first authentic Spanish tapas
bar in Malaysia. I went there on my final night in KL to celebrate my
RRMA win. The ambience in Bangsar was as lively as usual, despite it
being a Sunday night.


La Bodega tapas y vinos is a bistro restaurant that serves their flagship tapas as well as other Spanish cuisine.

la bodega bar

The interior is nicely designed, with bar style seating arrangements around the bar, and tables on the side.

la bodega wall

The walls of La Bodega are covered with B&W pictures, showing
life, as it were. I liked it a lot. There’s also something very
interesting, if you look up…

la bodega wine top

The top of La Bodega in Bangsar is custom fitted with a wine rack!
There are literally bottles of wine hanging on top of you. Nice!

la bodega order

We placed our orders and I got a bottle of champagne to celebrate,
but they were out, and the attendant recommended Torres Grand Coronas
Cabernet Sauvignon, which was okay with me, coz I like red wine.

la bodega food

We ordered from the hot tapas and raciones menu as well as from the
paella menu. The photo above shows the various tapas that we ordered.
It all tasted good, the sauces were soaked up well by the bread.

la bodega tapas 1

Pollo al ajillo (Chicken sauteed in olive oil, garlic and parsley)

la bodega tapas 2

Chuletas de cordero a la parrilla (Grilled lamb cutlets gratinated with garlic mayonnaise)

la bodega tapas 3

Albondigas “Saint Climent” (Lamb meatballs in a rich brandy sauce)

la bodega paella

This is the main meal – Paella Valenciana mixta. It’s prawns,
chicken, mussels and clams cooked in a paella with saffron, peppers,
peas and rice.

la bodega paella flash

Here’s a photo of it with flash. This dish requires a minimum of two
people and a 30 minute wait, but that wasn’t a problem with us as we
all had this for the main.

paella mixed

This is what it looks like after it’s mixed. It’s counted per
person, at RM 18, so if there’s four in your group, the dish is RM 72.

paella mixed flash

Here’s a clearer photo, with flash. It’s surprisingly filling and they were generous with the ingredients. It tasted wonderful.

la bodega group

This is a group shot of us at La Bodega in Bangsar. L-R: Alice,
Richard, Louisa, Huai Bin (me). The bill came up to about RM 300, but
it’s worth it. Good food, highly recommended!

Jade Pot Tea House

jade pot tea house

I’ve often passed by this eating establishment, coz the place to pay
utility bills here is just beside it, but I’ve never been there for
lunch before. I went today with my coworker for lunch.

jade ambience

The ambience of the place is alright, it’s pretty crowded during
lunch hour and the popularity of this place surprised me. The cuisine
is self-dubbed Taiwanese.

jade counter bar

This is the main counter. I found the mix of ancient Chinese tea cups and wine glasses to be pretty odd…

jade drunken lady

I had a concoction called Drunken Lady for my drink. I can’t
establish what is inside i.e. what it’s made of, but Bernice says she
tasted Ribena, but I didn’t.

jade taiwan beef noodles

This is what I ordered for my main meal – Taiwanese Style beef
noodles. It was recommended by the waitress as being their flagship
dish and the most popular one. It was alright, but nothing to write
home about.

jade spicy noodles

This is what Bernice had – Spicy noodles. We both agreed that it
wasn’t spicy enough. It seems that we’re similar in this sense…we
like to eat ultra spicy food. Heh!

jade bernice me

Jade Pot Tea House. Pay your utility bills and eat at the same time!

Sega2 Mini Video Games #6 – Knuckles Baseball

knuckles baseball

This is the last mini video game in the Sega2 mini video game
promotional tie in with McDonalds – Knuckles Baseball. It just came out
this morning and it’s the sixth and final one in the series.

knuckles packaging

The packaging of this one has a slight difference from its previous
five predecessors. This one opens up at the top and bottom instead of
from the sides.

knuckles game

Here’s what Knuckles Basketball looks like. It has a dark orange
color scheme, with the usual transparent cover. It only has two up-down
directional buttons though, to make Knuckles go in three possible
positions to catch the baseball.

knuckles manual

The manual indicates that this is a simple game, and true enough, I finished it on the first run.

knuckles bg

Here’s the pre-printed color background. It shows a baseball field and Sonic as the batter.

knuckles gameplay

I caught your curve ball Sonic, try harder!

There is no such thing as a non-drowsy antihistamine!

carinox non drowsy

All antihistamines produce a slight hypnotic effect, which I don’t
feel, and all benzodiazepine dependant people won’t as well, due to the
stronger benzodiazepine hypnotic qualities. The “non-drowsy”
antihistamines are all packed with a mild stimulant, in most cases,
pseudoephedrine or caffeine to counter the slight hypnotic effects of

carinox back

Well, this is Carinox, which contains Loratadine 5 mg and
Pseudoephedrine Sulphate 120 mg (!) per capsule. It’s certainly not
recreational, but there’s a flu bug going around the office and I came
in sneezing, as did most of my co-workers and I got a runny nose, which
I really hate, coz it makes me irritable when I do my work.

carinox working

Thus, I popped over to the nearby pharmacy and got some
antihistamines to dry up my nasal passages. I took three and I can feel
it working already. Back to work. :)

New Bugles Chips Sampler

new bugles girl

This is the promoter giving out free samplers of the new line of
Bugles chips (or crisps, depending on which country you come from). She
was very insistent on giving us every flavor – off the top of my head
there were classic, BBQ and corn.


It’s all packaged nicely in a Bugles custom made cone. This was at
Berjaya Times Square. I love these things – these custom samplers.

Coke C2 (Coca-Cola C2)

coke c2

This is Coca-Cola’s low carbohydrate alternative to the ubiquitous
line of Coke drinks. Coke C2 claims to have low sodium and half the
carbs and calories of a normal (classic) Coke. Cola claims the name C2
stands for 1/2 the carbs, 1/2 the cals and all the taste of regular
Coke. It sure looks better, I like Coke C2’s colors and design.


The medium carbohydrate Coke C2 seems to be following the trend of
low carb products to target people on the Atkins diet. It retails for
RM 2.19 each here and Cold Storage has a promotion where you get three
for the price of two. It’s the outlet in Suria KLCC, I haven’t seen
Coke C2 elsewhere. It seems to be available in the US only and the ones
we get here are imported from the US.

coke c2 drink

Well, I got it just coz I haven’t tried it before and this is my
verdict – it tastes just like Diet Coke (Coke Light). That’s not a bad
decree, coming from me, since I like the taste of Coke Light. I find
regular classic Coke to be too sweet and unpleasantly fizzy. Coke C2 is
great. I liked it.

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