Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

big bad wolf books

I went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale earlier this week and came home with a cache of books that I’ve been intending to get – Neal Stephenson’s Baroque cycle, some Stephen King, Anne Rice’s Christ trilogy and Dune novels. It’s really cheap – going from RM 8 – RM 10 (and some of them are hardcovers, mind). Racking up a RM 122 bill is a bargain, since I got 14 books for the price of 4. πŸ™‚

Born to Complain

complain king

My landlord is this effeminate 40 year old virgin (no, seriously) who has a penchant for nitpicking. The first time I met him, he launched into a tirade about the previous tenant over a single missing curtain ring. No shit.

Well, said landlord dropped by my place early this morning. He’s supposed to pass me back my deposit since I’m moving out on the 23rd of this month. He was late by an hour, waltzed into my place and…started complaining.

If Steppenwolf had sang Born to Complain instead of Born to be Wild, my landlord would have been on the cover of the album.

Hell, he would have snagged Malaysia a Gold Medal if the Olympics had a sport called Complaining. He certainly has a flair for it.

I listened to him rant for half an hour about the breakfast bar, niggle about the dust, and go on and on about the state of the guest toilet (which I don’t use) before I shooed him out and told him I have to get to work.

Jesus Christ, this is one natural born complainer. Pure talent. I was shocked and awed by his aptitude for grumbling.

He should have been on the cover of Maximum Whinge and Moan.

Stranger in a strange land


I’m going to have to evac my current premises by 27th of May. It’s rather unfortunate that I signed a tenancy agreement that allows for a 1 Β½ month termination notice by either party. I didn’t think much of it when I put my John Hancock on the dotted line since I needed a place to stay. This condominium has great security, plus it’s spacious and quiet. I’ve grown to love it in the six months that I’ve lived here.

Anyway, I’m quite adaptable so I don’t mind moving. It’s just the hassle of finding a place that’s close to the office AND affordable that’s the problem. I’ve been looking into Kelana Sentral Apartment but the place is a bit too small for my liking. The rent is RM 1,100 (which is essentially the same amount I’m forking out right now) and it doesn’t even have air conditioning to boot.

I guess it’s time to hit The Star and look for places to rent…which brings me to another dilemma – should I be purchasing instead? Paying 1.1k for rent every month for a place you won’t ultimately own is a financially ludicrous arrangement. I hear Casa Suites is going for RM 1,100 per month after the initial down payment, but it’s a bit far from my workplace.

Does anyone have any idea where I can establish the pad in Petaling Jaya? I work in Kelana Jaya so I need to be reasonably close. Cheers!

Condom trust


I was working on some copy for one of our projects and did the usual screen shot with text box (and arrows) to show which sentence goes where. However, I neglected to clear my search history before taking a screen shot and emailed it to about 7 people. I didn’t even think anything was amiss until my dear PM emailed me:


I honestly couldn’t stop laughing. It just so happens I was researching for tag lines for a project and I typed in “condom trust” coz I wanted to see Durex or Trojan’s take on their branding strategies with regards to trust and reliability.
My PM’s exact words were: What have you been researching la…

Her reply totally cracked me up. OMG! I’m still laughing now.

It’s just little things like this that brightens up your day in the office. πŸ™‚

Condominium mail

condo mail

The logistics of condominium mail is bound to produce some interesting results. The occupancy density practically guarantees it. The system at my condo is quite secure (if you trust the fallible homo sapiens) – no one gets in or out to deliver mail. The mail is passed to the guardhouse, who distributes it to the respective resident’s mailbox. I opened mine yesterday to get my Streamyx bill and was aghast at the sheer amount of correspondence inside.

There were four (4) different people’s worth of mail inside. I recognize one as my landlord, there were two other girls – Adeline and Siew Choon, and a guy named Suresh. There is  another envelope that was supposed to be delivered to Kelana Parkview Condominium (which isn’t my condo and is quite a distance away).

I don’t really trust the system so I prefer to have my mail sent to my mailing address in Sibu.

Anyway, about the fire, all has been resolved. My landlord asked me to pay for the cabinets, which is fair enough. The condo management didn’t ask me to pay for the damage and got an electrician to fix my power for free.

I guess that’s the plus point of condo maintenance fees. πŸ˜‰ goes to Cheras!

cheras htc

I can finally find my way to Cheras! =D Okay, it has been a bit of a running joke that I have a terrible sense of direction. I admit, it’s true. However, with the HTC Touch 3G + Google Maps + GPS I can now find my way to Cheras:

cheras ginny


The only problem is, I have trouble keeping my hands on the prescribed 10 – 2 position while driving and smoking. Oh well, you can’t have it all. πŸ˜‰

Car clamping policy in 1Utama

car no clamp

I have always wondered about car clamping in 1Utama. There was once I pushed my luck and blocked practically half an access road for eight (!) hours and the car was still there, sans scratches or clamps. I don’t usually do it though, it was an experiment of sorts.

Okay, it wasn’t, I was just irritated at not being able to find a parking space. :p

I had to do it again today coz I was running really late for dinner with Yiling and SOMEONE (not Yiling) gave me wrong directions, resulting in a massive 20 minutes wasted on the road from the congestion and a massive U turn.

yiling notes

I was at Coca Restaurant courtesy of Andrea and I kinda gave Yiling a hard time coz she was late for our last eating expedition at Bondi Beach. I felt really bad coz I was late for 30 minutes this time!

I guess people who knows me realize that I have a thing about time. Okay, I’m very particular about time which is the reason I go to the office at 8 am even though work starts at 9 am. Unfortunately, I was late today coz I had to drop off someone (the very same person who gave me the wrong directions to 1U).

I don’t like people making me wait (coz it shows that you don’t respect my time) and in turn, I don’t like making people wait.

I tend to be early and I was – arrived 6:55 pm for a 7:15 pm appointment on the WRONG side of 1U and had to make a huge U turn to get to the parking bays. It was 7:09 pm (yeah, you can tell I’m a bit obsessed with time :p) when I drove down to basement parking so I just parked at the nearest entrance and made sure I had RM 50 for the unclamping if it happens.

It took a good 15 minutes to find Coca and I had to rendezvous in front of Jusco with Yiling to actually find the place. Oh well, at least I was in time for the reservation but Yiling had been there since 6:55 pm and I felt really bad since I was the one who told her (repetitively) not to be late. I’m really sorry Yiling!

The worst thing was, she was really cool about it, which made me feel bad about last time. I guess I have a few things to learn from this soon-to-be mass murderer. πŸ˜‰

coca pre us

Anyway, dinner at Coca Restaurant was great, will post up the full review first thing tomorrow morning. πŸ™‚

I need sleep, I know coz I’m being verbose and writing random stuff and shit. :p

BTW, Cheryl, we were actually still having dinner inside Coca Restaurant when you came over to collect the voucher just now. πŸ™‚

RM 40 car wash

rm40 car wash

I haven’t washed my car ever since it was shipped to KL about two months ago and I figured it was high time it got some foam lovin’ before I drove down to Ipoh. There is a car wash near my condo so I drove over and asked for it to be cleaned, both the interior and exterior. This was the eve of Chinese New Year and there was a long queue at the car wash. I was told to pick it up two hours later.

Car wash dude: Boss, sudah siap!
Me: Okay. Berapa?
Car wash dude: RM 40 sahaja.
Me: RM 40???
Car wash dude: Ya, sudah murah ini. Saya cuci luar dalam, vacuum, lap semua bersih bersih.
Me: Terlalu mahal la…RM 30 okay la.
Car wash dude: Tak dapat boss, sekarang Tahun Baru Cina, banyak orang mahu cuci kereta. Harga biasa ni, tak naik untuk Tahun Baru Cina.
Me: -_-!!!

I’ve never paid RM 40 for a car wash before. It’s daylight robbery! It’s not even waxed; they just vacuumed the insides of the car and washed the outside. I must look like I’m not from around here, coz I was slaughtered by these dudes.

How much do you usually pay for a car wash in KL anyway?

P/S – I forgot to mention, my Touch’n Go card was stolen by these fellas too! I only realized the next day when I drove down to Ipoh and couldn’t find it in the coin drawer where I keep it when I had to pay for toll!

I kena mugged at Bangsar

I was in the process of hailing a cab in Bangsar when three motorcycles stopped abruptly in front of me and five people alighted. I knew I was in trouble coz they were wearing full faced helmets but before I could do anything, one of them punched me in the stomach and pulled out a knife.

I knew I was fucked – five people, three armed with edged weapons and me, totally unarmed and alone. One of them demanded my cell phone and wallet and tried to physically get it from my pocket. I could see they were kinda nervous – I think they’re still newbies to the whole mugging scene. πŸ˜‰

That, and the area is actually pretty well lit and it’s along a main road. I knew it would be a really bad idea to set a precedence by allowing him to get into my pants (no pun intended) since I’m likely to lose everything if that happens so I brushed his hands away. He didn’t really like that so he grabbed me by the collar and pointed his knife and me while shouting miscellaneous threats detrimental to my general well being.

I quickly got my cell phone out and passed it to him, and got my wallet out and threw it on the ground before walking (at a very rapid pace, which some people might describe as more as “running“) to the shops behind me.

I didn’t want them to get my dSLR – which they probably didn’t see as they didn’t surround me – they came from the front and the bag was slung around my back. Thus, by throwing the wallet on the ground, I can make a hasty retreat in the opposite direction.

Oh well, at least I wasn’t stabbed or beaten up before being relieved of my belongings. I think that’s a combination of good luck, amateur muggers, and being at a relatively well lit street. It was an opportunistic crime, me thinks – I was alone and thus an easy target. I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I hailed two other cabs after that who won’t take me home when I told them I’ve just been robbed and can only pay them after I go up to my condo and come back down. I just kept mum the third time and only after reaching the condo did I tell the cabbie that I had to go up to get the money to pay him. He was quite unhappy about all that, but I told him to trust me and I give him RM 10 extra.

Thank God for cash reserves at home. I actually have to thank Zoe for that, coz she was indirectly was responsible for said cash reserves. I spilled her soup all over some RM 50 notes and laid them out to dry on the breakfast bar.

I lodged a police report at the station after that and went back home and realized that my power has been disconnected due to outstanding issues with the previous tenant (which I thought had been resolved and the bill paid!). It’s like Murphy’s Law, anything that could go wrong will. The HTC hasn’t been charged since I got it, and the battery died when I used it to go to Google Maps via EDGE.

I woke up this morning and went to Maybank first thing to get a new ATM card. I only had a couple of hundred in the house and I needed to pay TNB so I could get power reconnected. I need to have power to get some work done over the weekend in time for Monday and I needed the Internet for research.

I went back home and realized that I couldn’t call anyone at work to tell them I have to take emergency leave – all the contacts are in my cell phone! I couldn’t get online to type in the company’s website to get the number or MSN my coworkers coz my house does not have power (and thus no WiFi). I knew I had the business card of the boss somewhere from the interview so I searched for that and called him to tell him that I was mugged and needed to take a day off to resolve everything.

I should have drove to the office instead, it would have been much faster, but I was so stressed out at the thought of getting lost in PJ and KL that the thought never occurred to me!

Good things:
I still have my RM 3,800 Sony alpha 350
I still have the RM 3k + HTC Pocket PC which isn’t even mine

Bad things:
I lost my MyKad, driving license, credit card, debit card cum ATM card the first two of which will take AGES to replace.
I lost ALL the contacts in my cell phone and I haven’t backed it up for a long time.
I had to take Friday off so I could get all my stuff sorted out. The worst thing was, all the contacts for work was in my cell phone so I didn’t have the office number.
I got lost all over PJ and KL since I didn’t have a cell phone and couldn’t call to ask for directions.
I even got so lost I had to resort to paying a taxi RM 14 to guide me back home by driving in front of me!

Thanks Suanie! Appreciate you giving me directions to TNB and letting me into the office to use Google Maps.

I just got my SIM card back from DiGi Center in SS2. I need everyone who knows me to text 016 888 2069 with your name so I can repopulate my contacts list. I just got a replacement SIM card. It’s a good thing I have a HTC Touch passed to me by a friend so I can use that for the time being while I hold off on purchasing a cell phone until next month.

I am really broke this month, and I can’t buy a new phone until next month at least.

Anyway, thanks for all your concern, I’m fine and I still consider myself lucky coz I got away with the dSLR and the Pocket PC. I do not relish the thought of losing RM 7k + in gear.

Count the little blessings. πŸ™‚

I lost my digicam at Sunway Lagoon :(

lost digicam

I have got to be the unluckiest person around. I was at Sunway Lagoon with my ex-boss from Sibu and his friends yesterday and dropped my digicam at the very last roller coaster ride. I think they have signs against loose items for a reason. I miss all the wonderful photos and videos (especially the AJ Hackett G-Force X one – it looks better taken from the outside, though I have the DVD which I will upload soon) that’s lost – two days worth.

I miss The Apartment set of photos and the G-Force X video the most. Oh well, at least I have a temperamental Sony T-70 as a backup while I go hunting for a dSLR later. You can’t very well lose a dSLR, it being the size that it is.

I lost/dropped four (4) digicams in less than a year. That’s not good. Okay, I’m officially pokkai this month.

lost city

Ironically, I lost the digicam at the Lost City roller coaster ride. Hmm…

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