cynthia foo pj

I met up with Cynthia at The Curve earlier today. It’s her last day in Malaysia – I hooked up with her and Kian in Penang, but I had to rush to the airport so I didn’t get to talk to her much. She’s slated to fly back to Perth (I think she’s on the plane now) so it’s the last chance I get to meet her until her next trip back to KL.

cynthia food montage

I got a Pharmy Army t-shirt from her and a nifty Perth NAPSA bottle opener – very useful for adding to my pharmaceutical collectibles. Thanks Cynthia! It was awesome meeting up with you, Kian and Elin. :)

Cow Car Water

wai ching ncx

I met up with Wai Ching at Niu Che Shui for a couple of beers and some food. I haven’t been to Niu Che Shui before – we hung out at Full House Cafe until it closed and then adjourned back.

wai ching me

K, you’re gonna be so fucking surprised. Small world eh?

wai ching condo 

Okay, scheduled posts resuming tomorrow. I’ve gotta hit the sack. *cough*



Well, those of you who’ve been following for a few years would know Cherie. For some strange reason, she was the only girlfriend that was accepted, and even embraced by the readers. Anyway, Cherie is one of my ex-girlfriends that I have always maintained strong ties with. We broke up in 2005 but have remained friends. I met up with her again last night and it’s great how two people can not meet for two years, see each other again, and just be comfortable together and enjoy each other’s company, just like old times. :)

…and get your mind out of the gutter, not in that way, in a strictly platonic way.

I didn’t bring my dSLR out last night so this was taken with the HTC Touch 3G.

The IntenseCure @ Cafe Libre

cafe libre

I woke up early yesterday morning to navigate the maze that is Cheras. I picked up Ginny and we went to Café Libre for coffee. Café Libre is operated by Grant and Yasmin, the husband and wife couple.

cafe libre interior

Café Libre is located opposite the KL branch of Huygens Asia where I used to work as a Systems Engineer before I went to several DATCs. It’s bright and friendly, and I hear the barista is headhunted from Starbucks in MidValley. Heh!

libre cofee

Grant and I share a lot of common traits and interests and I felt quite sorry for Ginny coz we were just talking the entire time we were there. There was so much to catch up on and we have so many common experiences that I could see Ginny yawning just listening to us go on and on. Sorry!

never enough

Grant in person!

never enough yasmin

His wife Yasmin, who runs the café…

never enough ginny

…and Ginny Yap. =D

Grant, never enough, eh mate? Kindred souls, my friend.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?


I mean seriously, who sticks Nokia stickers all over my face when I’m busy texting on my HTC Touch 3G? Charlz, that’s who. :p

I have like ze best coworkers in the world. Charlz and Teng Loo came over to my place to rendezvous for a video I’m doing, which is…not quite legal. I have scouted and identified the area, bought the Goods (TM) and even prepared RM 1,500 in bribes just in case:

coworkers bribes

There were CCTVs all around and I ran through the Plan of Action with them before I drove to the place. I can’t reveal what the video is about yet, but I’m sure it breaks a few laws. The area is a high end gated community with CCTVs running and the nearest police station is just a minute away so we did everything in a single take.

Teng Loo had the initative to drive around and pick us both up, which I didn’t factor into the Plan of Action. Nice! Since we didn’t get caught and I had RM 1.5k with me, we decided to go for dinner:

coworkers dinner

Before I wax lyrical and shit, we shall end this post on a more neutral note. You guys rock. Thanks! =D

The man is in town

dabido meet

David was in town and an impromptu meet was scheduled at Starbucks in Centerpoint to celebrate the second (third?) coming of dabido. I haven’t actually met him in person before, but I’ve seen his comments everywhere (he’s like the greatest commenter of all time).

dabido me

This is David, better known as dabido. He hails from Perth, Australia and we have a couple of mutual friends.

dabido fa

This is the very elusive FA…she will be flying off to Singapore (again). I shall be in Bali, BTW.

dabido suanie

Suanie! I suspect the only reason we meet in Centerpoint is coz it’s close to her house. ;) I can’t complain though, it’s close to my place as well. Heh!

fa pose

FA with her patented pose…

fa fu

…and her other classic feature. ;)

dabido balance

This is David teaching us the arcane magick of balancing a Frappuccino on his stomach.

Centerpoint, PJ is the center of the world

blogger meet pj

I went to Starbucks Centerpoint after an event to meet up with people I haven’t met for a good three years – Kimberly, Suanie, and Paul Tan. Other bloggers in attendance were KY and Eiling, who were with me at the event (post tomorrow), ShaolinTiger, and KY’s roommate. We were there from about 10 pm till 2 am.

eiling cigars

I smoked one of Eiling’s cigars which probably costs more than what I’m paid in a week. ;)

outing aftermath

I paid a huge price for it though. My girlfriend pushed me around a little when I got home and kinda got one of my surface bar piercings to bleed.

Outing aftermath, sial.

See how much I love you guys and sacrifice so much for you all. :p

Doris' 24th @ Baywatch


My girlfriend turned 24 on the 3rd of December 2008 – I know this post is late, but her birthday present was the trip to Cameron Highlands (Koh Samui was my first choice but the tickets were all sold out). Anyway, we made reservations at MO for 7 pm but unfortunately, I left the office too late due to work and managed to get stuck in a jam so she told me to just go someplace nearby and splurge on the Cameron Highlands trip instead (which we did, much to the dismay of my credit card).

baywatch montage

Baywatch has an al fresco dining area in addition to their smoke infused bar area (also known as the “interior seating”). Despite being in a relationship with a smoker, she still can’t stand excessive nicotine and tar emissions so we sat outside. Baywatch is also heavily inspired by the sitcom of the same name and comes complete with props like jet skis. They have a wine promo going at RM 128.00++ with half a dozen oysters and Two Oceans Shiraz 2005, which we opted for.

baywatch flaming

It is customary where we come from to have a Flaming Lamborghini (RM 38) for the birthday girl/boy. I have no idea where this tradition came from but I have a strong suspicion it’s correlated to the flashy presentation of the Flaming Lambo.

She couldn’t finish it though and got me to drink with her. The tables at Baywatch is a little bit rickety and the setup of the Flaming is such that it topples at the slightest nudge – it’s just good fortune that the house of cards (or glass) went down AFTER the drink was finished. ;)

baywatch food montage

Doris had the Sunshine Salmon (RM 25.90) while I opted for the Rack of Lamb Attack (RM 31.90). The salmon was done well, nothing fishy going on there (har har, I am the Supreme Leader of lame jokes – just call me Ayatollah Pohmeini) while the rack of lamb was done in an acceptable manner, though it’s a little bit of the small side, portion wise.

It’s still not a great infringement to the name of the one and only God though, so I shall refrain from issuing a fatwa against the infidel cooks for tarnishing the name of the religion of peace. ;)

Baywatch is not cheap though  – the bill came up to a total of RM 222.87.

Old friends are like comfortable clothes

lung comment
I have been neglecting my comments as of late due to the impending move to KL and was delighted to see a comment from a very, very old friend. We’ve known each other for more than 10 years and he’s one of my best friends. I have been searching for him ever since I got out of rehabilitation – he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Heck, even my dad loves him, he invited the both of us to his wedding reception and was the only one who came regularly (every single day!) while I was hospitalized in SGH for a week. He comes from the old skool heng tai (brotherhood) school of thought and has always been around when I needed his help.

He heard I was hauled into rehab from a mutual friend and only knew I came out when another friend told him my blog is back online. I haven’t seen him since 2006, but old friends are like comfortable clothes, it just feels good when you get back together again, and it’s just like old times.

ah lung

I had dinner with him and his wife last night and he hasn’t changed much. I admire him for his jovial attitude towards everything. Despite being embroiled in legislative issues and non-revenue generating operations, he’s always one to laugh generously and that’s something I can learn from.

Lung, if you’re reading this, you the man. Cheers buddy!

Much (heterosexual) love.

The Matriarch

grandma photo

The Matriarch of the Poh clan celebrated her 78th birthday last night at Swansea Restaurant. The dishes on the table are the obligatory deep fried boiled egg (each person eats one) surrounding fried longevity noodles and of course, ginseng chicken soup.

grandma fish

I also like this candid photo of my sister peering at the fish (also another essential dish in Chinese dinners).

grandma group

My grandmother is an inspiration to me – she got married at the tender age of 16 (!) and fathered my dad when she was a scant 19 years old. It was an arranged marriage (as was the custom in those days) and she has more than fulfilled her duties as a loyal wife to my deceased grandfather, sticking by him through thick and thin, until he died of lung cancer 15 years ago.

It’s truly amazing to see the sheer perseverance and unquestioning diligence that she exudes, taking the cards life has dealt her without so much as a grumble, and still maintaining a cheerful disposition everyday.

I take my hat off to her, she’s much stronger than me.

I bet she’s stronger than much of the current “Where’s my slice? I want more than equal rights” generation too.

Happy Birthday, popo!

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