Contest: 3 pairs of Coca Steamboat Set Meal for two worth RM 150 each up for grabs!


Coca is organizing an ang pow giveaway to three (3) lucky winners of and you don’t even have to do anything! There are no hoops to jump through, no slogans to crack your brains on, and no pesky forms to fill up.

Just comment on this post and state what you think of Coca Restaurant. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter – constructive criticism is key. Just make sure your email address is valid coz winners will be chosen by the great random number generator known as so you know this contest won’t be rigged in any way.

If you want to boost your chances of winning, write about this giveaway and link back to this post with the words “COCA GONG XI Giveaway“. It doesn’t even have to be a dedicated post, just a passing mention in the body of your post with the link and the phrase will do.

Just paste the link of the post and your name (with a valid email address) into the comment box and you stand to win:


1 x Steamboat Set Meal for two (2) worth RM 150

There are three (3) of these to be given out and you have to collect the vouchers at Coca Restaurant, 1 Utama. However, you can opt to either dine at the outlet in 1U or Subang Parade.

The contest will run until the 21st of January 2009 and the vouchers are valid for one (1) month.

Good luck!

Gong Xi Fa Chai from and Coca Restaurant!

The Making of the Nike Advertorial

nike script

I received the Nike advertorial pretty late in the game (pun intended) and scripted out two major scenes that I wanted to be in the writeup. The first was to be shot at an athletic wear/sports gear shop/active lifestyle outlet (I don’t even know what these places are called nowadays anymore ;)) to do the visualization (Read: camwhoring) aspects of the design contest.


Due to the limited number of such outlets in Sibu carrying Nike products, I decided to go to Lea Sports Center at Wisma Sanyan since I distinctively remember them having a Nike showcase while I was…er, getting adidas trainers earlier this year. πŸ˜‰

cast crew

Thus, I geared up in my Nike ACG (All Climate Gear) windbreaker that I got in KK back in 2004 before climbing up Mt. Kinabalu (the highest mountain in South East Asia) for a bit of product placement pimpage and went out with Clare to do the photo shoot after work.

script 1

It should be noted that my tracksuit trousers were actually adidas and so were my trainers. It doesn’t look very obvious though so I thought it would pass The All Seeing Eye of Nike. πŸ˜‰ I do have Nike apparel in my current wardrobe – I remember getting a limited edition Nike tennis shoe during the Melbourne Open 2003 and have several other pairs of Nike trainers.

nike sweatshirt

There’s also a Nike sweatshirt with a hoodie that I got for chilly spring weather in Melbourne which has found a new role as a tattoo concealer for Casual Saturdays in the office. The dress code in my office does not allow for visible tattoos so I wear long sleeves every single workday – even on Saturdays. Yes, we do work half day on Saturday over here in Sarawak.

nike swoosh

We then proceeded to eat dinner at Sushi Tie and got the waitress to camwhore with me. I liked the deer-caught-in-headlights expression on her face. I’m going to caption this “Fear the Nike Swoosh“. πŸ™‚

script 2

I proceeded to Delta Mall to meet up with Mary who was going to do the second major scene for the advertorial. I got a a lot of stares from people due to my athletic gear – I looked like I just finished a particularly grueling training session, but I kinda liked the attention. Heh! You’ve got to be able to take the double takes and stares if you’re a blogger going all out.

clare mary

Anyway, the second bit called for a video shoot in which I was getting heckled by two people while running laps around the mall. I initially planned for Mary to be doing the heckling but she introduced me to this guy who was PERFECT for the role. This is the take with only Mary doing the heckling:

I preferred the one with both of them doing the heckling so that’s the one I submitted for the advertorial. Mary is great as usual with her excellent repertoire of expressions and I loved the guy coz he pulled off the correct intonation and derisive-yet-humorous gesture in a single take. The video calls for me to be doing slow laps (basically a simulated slow run) while two people calls out:
“You run like a girl” and
“My grandmother runs faster than you”

script 3

The duo had great localization which was not in the script with Mary going “You run like a girl lah” and the guy going “Hey, my grandmother runs faster than you, okay?” which I really liked.

However, the best scene in the advertorial is, IMHO, one that I did not anticipate or script out. I was having my nicotine fix after finishing the photo shoot when I saw a security guard outside the mall doing the same. I remember the shoplifting scene for the Oreo advertorial and decided it would be fun to include the same theme into this one.


I got the security guard to grab me while I was attempting to run and he was kind enough to comply. This was the best ending for the writeup since I figured I could put in a quirky caption before the contest regulations. It ended up being “…and design a lightweight pair of trainers so I can outrun mall security next time“. πŸ™‚

Deleted Scenes:

ready alt






I had also planned a Ready, Set, Go series of photos (this is the original trio) with me doing all three poses but decided to include just one (the Ready pose) due to fears of an unintentional overdose of camwhorage. πŸ˜‰

The exclusion was a really good decision in hindsight coz it seems so cheesy now. Heh!

Bonus Features:

jay chou

The girls convinced me to do a Jay Chou pose. I’m not even sure why I did that, since I don’t even listen to his music!

This was one of the fastest advertorials that I’ve ever done with all the shoots completed in a day from script to editing. It was fun to go with the flow and see what scenes came out that wasn’t planned out. Cheers to Mary and Clare for helping out on this one!

LG Scarlet – The Saga Continues


I’ve always wanted to do three things before I kicked the bucket – write a book, travel the world and direct a movie. I haven’t got the chance to do the first two but the last one is finally within my reach. I don’t even have to purchase a high quality video recorder, rent an expensive studio or deal with actors overdosing and dying on me before the voice overlay is done. πŸ˜‰

Wardrobe malfunctions are minimized and temper tantrums avoided. It’s pure fun!

LG Scarlet is running an online contest where you get to direct your own video. The action sequences and adrenaline pumping music in the LG Scarlet video is amazing to work with. You can customize it by adding snap scenes and your own captions and it’s very user friendly.

The contest will be run for four (4) consecutive weeks and there will be a weekly prize for the Director that accumulates the most votes. There will also be a grand prize at the end of the contest.

If you’re not interested in being a Director, there is also a concurrent contest for being a Fan. The Fan wins by having the highest number of successful virals. A viral is defined as a vote garnered (gained in plain English – I just use garner coz the LG Scarlet movie reminds me of Alias) from that particular Fan’s video promo link.

I have tried to decipher that statement and it just means that you basically promote the video you like either via your blog or email and you get an extra vote for every registered user that votes for that particular video link. The more registered users you get, the higher your chances of winning.

There will be a weekly and grand prize for both Fans and Directors. The weekly prize is a Hi-Fi Micro FB163 for every week of the four week campaign and the grand prize is a 37″ LG Scarlet LCD TV!


Now, you can finally be the director of a video without learning to use video editing software with more buttons and menu items than you can shake a stick at.

I’m registered under as a Director and you can vote for my video at the LG Scarlet site. I’m planning a vote buying campaign where I pay RM 1 for every person that votes for me. Terms and conditions apply.

Terms and Conditions:
RM 1 will be sent via snail mail for every valid registered user who votes for me.
This vote buying campaign is only open to Malaysian residents.
Please send a SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) with an RM 1 note in it for processing fees. πŸ˜‰

All kidding aside, head on to the LG Scarlet website to register as either a Director or a Fan and participate in the contest. This is one of the most interesting Internet viral marketing strategies I’ve seen – my hats off to the people at LG.

Calling all armchair/office chair directors! Here’s your chance to Shine (reference intended). πŸ˜‰

Watch my video here.

Make your own video today or be a fan and get a chance to win the LG Scarlet 37″ LCD TV now!

Heineken Chelsea Asia Tour 2008 Malaysia Contest Winners


The submissions for the contest to win a ticket to the Chelsea match on the 29th of July 2008 and the included pass to the Heineken House has been carefully harvested, measured, sieved, filtered, marinated and roasted to perfection. The fermentation process was a little on the lengthy side, my apologies about that, but here are the winners:

Suresh Krishnan-Dass
You’re the very first person to get BOTH of the bonus questions right, which is amazing due to the admittedly vague nature of the photos. Kudos for that! You just won a ticket to the match and the included invite to the Heineken House.

The Blur Queen also managed to get both the bonus questions right. Respect! You’re the second one to do so, congratulations! πŸ™‚

Melvin Raj
Melvin also got both of the bonus questions right, with the additional information that the firm was originally known as the Chelsea Shed Boys. Cheers!

Nurvia Ooi
Nurvia won by pure virtue of speed. The email was the first one in that had all the questions answered correctly. First post award. Congratulations!

This one takes the cake in pure effort and length. She wrote a very lengthy email with educated guesses of the possible answers to the bonus questions. An except:
picture two:
you are standing. the clue is firm.. standing firm? or are you talking about a football firm?

1. Lampard stays firm in Chelsea as I have just read in the newsletter…
2. Chelsea Headhunters, the firm where people formed with the intent to engage in fights and inflict pain with members of firms from other clubs. Riot! Sound like a bit of fun :] I know in 2006 that 2 players received death threats from the Headhunters. I will wikipedia that later to see what I can find.


Congratulations to all the five winners! You each get one (1) ticket to the Chelsea Asia Tour 2008 match at Shah Alam Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 8:45 PM on the 29th of July, 2008 and one (1) invite to the Heineken House courtesy of Heineken, the sponsor of the contest.

The answer to the first bonus question is The Rising Sun pub where Chelsea was founded (thus the hint “Origin”). The second bonus question with the hint “Firm” refers to Chelsea Headhunters – the football firm of Chelsea.


Judges decisions are final and based on purely unscientific qualitative standards. πŸ˜‰

Thank you all for participating and I’ll be calling the winners to verify their attendance. I want to ensure that all the winners can go, so should any one of them be unable to make it, the ticket and pass will be given to another submission selected at random* with priority given to the first few people who emailed me with the correct answers.


Frank Lampard, Michael Ballack, Joe Cole are all coming for the friendly match against Malaysia. Be at the Shah Alam Stadium on the 29th of July to watch Chelsea play against our national team!

*Fine Print (TM): You have to answer the phone within 6 rings coz I really don’t want to be on the phone the whole day. πŸ˜‰

Nike Project Lightweight Design Competition


Have you ever wanted to be a designer for Nike? Here’s your chance! Project Lightweight is a contest initiated by Nike for talented young student designers. Lighter, stronger, and faster is the Nike design philosophy and this initiative is open to all college and university students to design a future lightweight product for athletes.


Nike is encouraging aspiring designers from all disciplines to participate in the contest. You just need to design any product (not just footwear, but apparel etc) for any sport. Project Lightweight is encouraging futuristic designs for a new lightweight product – your imagination is the only limit here.


The best thing about this contest is that entries are not just limited to a specific medium such as film, art, installation, or product. In fact, complete freedom of design is encouraged! Each entry must be accompanied by a description of the design (limited to 200 words). You can even email a consulting expert at to seek advice or ask any questions.


I know what I’ll like to see – a Nike shoe that is lightweight, breathable (but water repellent for those rainy days) with a Bluetooth connection AND a kinetic or piezoelectric energy harvesting system that can power not just the Bluetooth interface chip, but an iPod or cell phone as well. I don’t know how that can be achieved, but hey, think out of the box and all that.

“You run like a girl!”
“My grandmother can run faster than you!”
Have you ever been taunted before? Hopefully, with the latest products coming out of the Project Lightweight contest, we won’t have to put up with those insults anymore…coz we’ll all be running on lightweight footwear! πŸ™‚

That’s the beauty about the Project Lightweight design competition – it’s meant to showcase YOUR point of view. YOU get to decide on what a lightweight footwear (or apparel) should be like and submit your entries to the Project Lightweight website. Calling all aspiring designers of all disciplines. The future is yours!


Ready? Set. Go!

Go forth, and create history!


(and design a lightweight pair of trainers so I can outrun mall security next time)

Project Lightweight is offering a grand prize of an all expenses paid trip to Nike’s World Headquarters in Oregon, USA. The winner would not just get a chance to tour the grounds (which is called The Campus, much like Microsoft’s headquarters) but will also have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the “Kitchen”, where the top designers of Nike brainstorm and design new products.

You’ll also get the chance to meet and pick the brains of Nike’s legendary design team!

Project Lightweight Design Competition
The competition allows participants to design any product (e.g. footwear, apparel etc), and they are not limited to any particular sport. All submissions must be made between 1 – 31 July on the Project Lightweight website

For more information, log onto for full details on how to enter, participation requirements, submission details and other terms and conditions.

Contest: Five (5) FREE tickets to see Chelsea FC Live in KL

Chelsea Asia Tour 2008
Chelsea Asia Tour 2008 Malaysia

Chelsea is going on a tour around Asia and they’re scheduled to perform at the Shah Alam Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 8:45 PM on the 29th of July, 2008. Heineken is sponsoring five (5) free tickets to watch Chelsea LIVE and I’m going to give them away to the first five people who gets the answers to the five questions below correctly.

The winners will also get an exclusive invitation to Heineken House, a hospitality tent where only invited people can attend. The hospitality area includes light finger food, good music and good company. Also present is the opportunity to win some autographed merchandise.

Chelsea Football Club (also known as The Blues, due to their colors) is probably the second most recognizable English Premier League team. They’ve spent most of their history playing in the Premier League and I’ve had considerable success betting for this team in the UEFA Champions League in 2000. πŸ˜‰

chelsea crest

Chelsea FC was founded in 1905 and has thus been around for more than a century, much like Heineken. Their official crest features a blue lion looking backwards and holding a staff. Their home colors are blue but their official away colors will probably be a shade they call “electric yellow” when they play in the Shah Alam Stadium later this month.

Chelsea is a team to watch out for, having ranked the highest in the UEFA coefficient ranking system after the 2007/2008 season. I tend to root for the underdog so I’m always pro-Chelsea instead of Manchester United, which has become rather commercialized as of late.

Chelsea is also noted for football hooliganism during the 1970’s and the 1980’s and the “Chelsea grin” which I first came upon while watching the movie Green Street. My favorite line from that movie was “Do you take…American Express?” before the GSE (a fictitious football firm) jumped in to save the day. I love that film and highly recommend it to everyone who’s interested in movies.

Chelsea is coming to Malaysia to play against a Malaysian lineup in a friendly match for the Malaysian leg of the Chelsea Asia Tour 2008. RM 50 says Chelsea would win, Asian handicap of 1 goal to Chelsea. Any takers? πŸ˜‰


Heineken is Chelsea’s official beer and it’s one of my favorite lagers. It’s a standard 5% alcohol content beer and the interesting history behind the beer is the development of Heineken A-yeast for the fermentation process by Dr. H. Elion in 1886. The good doctor was a student of Louis Pasteur, the very same man who made pasteurization a household word.

This beer has been around for over 100 years and in the good old days of football in England, beer is drunk before, during and after a game. I’m a big fan of Heineken myself and the best I could do is drink it during…




and dinner. Heineken is pretty much a common name in Malaysia, having established themselves as a brand to be reckoned with. Most people would associate a foreign beer with Heineken. It’s kinda like the Malaysian brand name association:

When you have a headache, you take? Panadol
When you want instant noodles, you eat? Maggi
When you order beer, you ask for? Heineken

Contest for five (5) free tickets to watch Chelsea during the Chelsea Asia Tour 2008 Malaysia and the included invite to the Heineken House.

Please answer the following five (5) questions and email it to to win a ticket to watch Chelsea live in KL on the 29th of July.

1. Where is Chelsea’s home stadium located?

2. Who is Chelsea’s all time top goal scorer?

3. What is the official founding date of Chelsea Football Club?

4. What kind of beer is Heineken?

5. What is the official corporate logo of Heineken?

Bonus questions:

hint 1

Hint: Origin

hint 2

Hint: Firm

Terms and conditions:
1. Only email submissions are accepted.
2. Please provide a valid cell phone number with your contest entry for validation.
3. The first five (5) winners will be awarded one (1) ticket each.
4. In the event of a tie, the bonus questions will be used as a tie-breaker.
5. Each person is only allowed to make one (1) email contest submission.

human crest

The human Chelsea crest wishes you luck! Cheers! πŸ™‚

Nestle Trophy ice cream promotion contest

nestle promotion sibu

Nestle has a range of “premium” ice cream under the Trophy brand which is considered a poor man’s Magnum []. They are running a two day promotion at Wisma Sanyan in Sibu to promote the Trophy ice cream, in particular its latest strawberry flavored Trophy.

nestle promotion sibu ice cream

I was at the shopping mall with my gf just now and decided to get an Almond Choc Ace Trophy and the new strawberry flavored Trophy. The Trophy ice cream by Nestle is based on the concept of Magnum ice cream and comes with the cringe inducing tagline “You deserve a Trophy“. *groans*

nestle promotion sibu trophy

The promotion is anchored to an instant draw prize collection (or “Sure Win” as they so eloquently dub it) for every purchase of RM 5 worth of Nestle ice cream OR two Trophy ice creams. Our Trophy purchase entitles us to one “Lucky Dip”. I was so excited I nearly creamed my pants, pardon the pun.

nestle promotion sibu box

The list of prizes in the instant draw box starts from a Mountain Bike and ends with a Sarsi Frizz in descending order of monetary value. The last three items are Nestle ice cream products. The entire promotion boasts a payout amounting to the grand total of RM 1,000!!! Talk about big budget promotions!

nestle promotion sibu win

I wasn’t surprised when I stuck my hand into the “Lucky Dip” box and came up with Sarsi Frizz. The box probably has Sarsi Frizz printed on almost all of the little pieces of folded paper. It’s one of the lowest priced Nestle ice cream products – a frozen ice water stick vaguely tasting of sarsaparilla.

nestle promotion sibu purchase

Oh well, it’s better than nothing…

(and the promotion DID keep its word about every instant draw being a sure winner)

P/S – My apologies about the sarcasm laden post. I just bought a Nintendo GameBoy Micro on an impulse and I can’t wait to check it out. I’m not a big fan of consoles or handhelds but it looks so amazingly small that I couldn’t help getting it. It’s cheap enough for impulsive purchases and yet packs enough value for a few hours of fun. Full review coming up soon on πŸ™‚


Astraware Contest

Received an email today telling me that I have won a prize in the

Astraware Bejeweled Birthday Giveaway
[]. Basically
anyone that enters the “contest” will win a prize.

I got:

Zap! 2000 – A game for Palm, which I already have (albeit mine is a warez
version). But it’s still nice to win an official version. After clicking
on the link:

I was told that a mail will be sent to me with the registration code.

I received a mail with a download link and my registration code. This is
version 1.5 of Zap! 2000, which has three versions – grayscale, 256 color
and 16 bit color. Apparently, v1.5 is supposed to run faster on the m505
and other Palms.

Synced it to my Palm and registered using the reg code that was provided.

Zap! 2016 on an m505.

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