Our biannual staycation in KL!

Hotel Royal

We have made a tradition of taking time out to do a staycation (which refers to staying at a local hotel, not staying at home) twice a year in addition to our yearly overseas trips (Melbourne last year and Frankfurt and Paris this year) and our shorter trips like to Hat Yai about a month ago.

Pavilion KL

You could say that travelling is our passion in life. 🙂

Timelapse Hotel

It’s actually a lot of fun and you get to experience the city where you live from a visitor’s perspective!

Hotel Royal KL

This time around, we stayed at Hotel Royal in Kuala Lumpur and basically:

Staycation Food

1. Ate a lot of food

Mamma Mia Musical KL

2. Caught a musical

Blurry Photo

3. Enjoyed each other’s company.

Staycation 2014

I’ll write more tomorrow, part of the purpose of having a staycation is to get away from the daily things you do and not do anything remotely work related. smirk

Posted: 10:38 pm Kuala Lumpur time

The Stall with No Name – great herbal chicken

stall no name

There is a stall in town that doesn’t have a name but serves up great herbal chicken twice a day. The operation is quite quaint and rather appealing in a sense – tables are lined along the side of a narrow lane and you can practically see flora growing out of cracks in the centuries-old building.

quaint operation

The food choices are quite simple – there’s herbal chicken drumstick (which I highly recommend) and stewed pork (which doesn’t taste good to me). They both cost RM 6.

herbal chicken stall

All the provisions for washing up and cooking is located right by the stall itself. The clientèle consists of office workers around the area, according to the proprietor.

roadside food stall

The herbal chicken is cooked in aluminium foil and this retains a lot of the moisture of the drumstick.

reconstituted pork

The meat for the stewed pork on the other hand is picked from a container and then mixed with hearty broth from a large simmering pot by the side. I don’t think much of “reconstituted meals” like this – it works for some items, but not pork, since what comes out will be one tough piece of un-kosher meat.

herbal chicken

I am hugely impressed by the herbal chicken though. The tasty broth bursts out of the foil when it’s opened and the hot, hearty soup goes very well with rice – it’s very salty.

lane stall

The chicken is ultra-tender too – the meat literally falls apart from the bone when you pick one up. Delicious, and a rather good find in the alleyways of KL.

great herbal chicken

The Stall with No Name is located in Lorong Bandar 4. It’s open from 10 am – 3 pm and then again from 5 pm to 10 pm. Go for the mouth-watering tender herbal chicken. 😀

Photos of Jalan Sultan Ismail – Jalan P. Ramlee – Suria KLCC – Bangsar

Here are photos of my trip back from work. I took these set of
photos yesterday coz I left the office at 7 pm which is early (I left
at 9 pm the day before) and still bright so I decided to take photos of
the route I use to get home:


This is what it looks like when I step out of the building I work in. The KL Monorail currently only runs limited hours.


Walking down the street – it’s Fitness First. There’s always some sort of program going on.


This is Warp Disco, I hear it’s the place to be if you don’t
like pretentious “trance” clubs. 😉 It’s just a 3 minute walk from my
work place. Kananga International is just beside and interconnected to
Komplex Antarabangsa if that helps.


Walking into the intersection, there’s this mysterious metallic structure.


This is the intersection of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan P.Ramlee, where there’s a string of entertainment venues.


The metallic structure is Nouvo – it’s the sister club of Salt (Melbourne) if you’re wondering what kind of club it is.


Next up is Chakri White House.


Modestos and Bar Ibiza is opposite it.


After that, it’s Suria KLCC – the shopping mall beside the Petronas Twin Towers (tallest building in the world as of now). You can catch a glimpse of the girth of the twin towers beside it.


Walking through Suria KLCC to the KLCC Putra LRT station.


Still walking…


It’s straight down the left of the main entrance. Head right into the station.


Here’s the ticket vending machines.


This is the train pulling into the KLCC station. It runs once every 7 minutes.


I get down at Bangsar LRT station.


and take the Ecstasy bus home. Triton 02. It’s a yellow tablet with
a smiley face imprint. Didn’t test out as anything with Marquis or
Simons. Suspect bunk, but when I take it, it brings me where I want to
go. Home, that is. Enough stupid jokes, I’m going back to work, I have
to stay back tonight to finish up a project that’s going live on
Monday. By the way, I don’t have time to apply for a phone line and an
ADSL connection at home yet due to my work hours, so I won’t be posting
until Monday. Please don’t refresh during the weekends ok? 🙂

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