Klang Bak Kut Teh

klang bak kut teh

I know…who the hell goes to Klang to eat BKT at an eating establishment inside a mall instead of sweating it out like a man in some authentic looking (preferably run down) and well loved coffee shop?

klang bak kut teh cynthia

The new port coolies of course!

klang bak kut teh claudine

Although our line of work has more to do with computer ports than harbor ports, nothing beats a bak kut teh breakfast!

klang bak kut teh pork leg

The pork knuckles with enough fat to make 20 whales clutch their hearts with their flippers and float belly up.

klang bak kut teh pork ribs

The meaty pork ribs that just slides off the bone…

klang bak kut teh dishes

There’s nothing like the hustle and bustle of salt-of-the-earth hardworking men chowing down on bak kut teh before their daily honest backbreaking toil.

klang bak kut teh pork knuckles

Please excuse my wanton exhibition of the flavorful pork knuckles that squirts out its juicy secrets as you bite through the layer of fat into the meat, bursting into a million taste bud orgasms in your mouth.

klang bak kut teh aftermath

It’s too good! I’m going to go off and…er, lift some heavy objects or something now.

Photos you don't want your parents to see

k us

A long, long time ago…in a karaoke far, far away.

k came on to me

A friend’s friend came on to me…

k kiss

…and there are actually a lot of photos in the series but yalor I shall not post those photos to protect the integrity of my reputation.

What reputation?

Oi, you at the back. My saham already jatuh -6666666 points from this post k?

Actually I’m just lazy to post, I wanna go watch Lost and sleep.

Oh boy, am I gonna regret posting this tomorrow.

This is not just photos you don’t want your parents to see but photos you don’t want your girlfriend/wife/future incarnations of both to see.

sixthseal.com in the Malay Mail

I’ve always wanted to appear in the papers (for a good reason instead of the usual reasons) and I was delighted to see a full page feature in the Malay Mail yesterday:

malay mail

Thank you so much! I’ve always dreamed about what it would be like to maybe appear in the papers someday, but I never actually thought it would have happened. I write crappy satire/parody so thank you so much for giving me a chance to appear on the Malay Mail!

I’ll like to thank Nuffna..

kanye west

Yo HB, I’m really happy for you. Imma let you finish but Xpax has one of the best BB plans of all time! One of the best Blackberry prepaid plans of all time!


That man is a jackass.

3, 2, 1, Action!

adidas action 3 roadshow

adidas is the main sponsor of Project Alpha and I headed down to their adidas Action 3 Roadshow at MidValley on Saturday with the other six bloggers in Season 1 for some fun and games and a sneak preview of the first episode of Project Alpha

adidas chick

Thus, in classic sixthseal.com fashion, here’s the event coverage, which completely violates every single rule of writing for the net with extremely verbose copy and frequent asides. ;) 

adidas roadshow

So, go brew a nice hot cup of tea and settle down with a comfy cushion, this is going to be a long one. :) 

action 3 girl

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 

first arrival

I’m kidding! Okay, here it comes: 

adidas games

I’ve always been a big fan of adidas and most of my sports apparel is exclusively adidas (which is spelled in all small caps, BTW). I think a lot of it had to do with them being the “alternative cool” brand instead of the overhyped other label. 

action 3 ball

I’m also a huge fan of Korn and the song a.d.i.d.a.s in their self titled debut album, while not sanctioned or related to the brand, is a very awesome song. ;)

adidas bonus hour

The road show was held at LG of Centre Court (God is in the details, my friends, and I wouldn’t feel proper without providing excessive minutiae) and I happened to arrive during Bonus Hour so the place was PACKED. It was so crowded I won’t even attempt to make witty analogies. The Bonus Hour really lasts for one hour (thus the namesake) and is a PWP promo (buy 1, free 1) so it brought a influx of people much like what Pakistan experienced when the US bombed the living daylights out of the Afghans. 

adidas roadshow buying

Anyway, after everything settled down, the Project Alpha sneak peak was shown on the LCD TV. I was so enthralled by the trailer and promo for Episode 1 that I didn’t take any photos. I’m telling you, Project Alpha is going to be a hit, and I’m not just saying that coz I’m in it. :p 

project alpha teaser

We were split up into teams for a foosball tournament after the screening – the 7 Project Alpha Season 1 bloggers and Jojo Struys in a 4 team knockout competition of 6 goals. I was paired with the 4′ 9″ wonder (which you’ll see in the first episode). 

foosball attack

It started out very promisingly with several consecutive goals, including a rather neat trick which I attribute more to luck than skill. Sam even commented that I was a “foosball hustler” which I took as a compliment. Alas, everything went downhill since that providential shot. 

foosball defend

The Red MummyBudiey crew started gaining on us and the FourfeetnineSixthseal team did the unimaginable – an own goal. This is bad…hell, if I were Andrés Escobar, I’ll be shot dead by now. :( 

foosball team

Nevertheless, we pushed on while The Enemy (TM) started closing the gap until we were tied 5-5. 

foosball concentrate

It’s damn kan cheong okay! 

foosball kancheong

It was the game ball and after much effort and twisting of the handles…they scored. I can’t believe we lost after a 5-1 lead! OMG!  My bad Aud! 

foosball prize

Oh well, at least we still got a prize. :) 

adidas voucher

Adidas also provided us with a RM 100 voucher which can be used to redeem anything from the roadshow. I decided to stock up on the adidas shampoo + shower gel combos and I got 9 (nine) bottles of that. (!) Haha! 

adidas shower gel

I’ve sorted out my shower needs for the rest of the year! Yay! I’ll never have to buy shower gel until 2010 (at the very least). Heh! This is budgeting at its very best. ;) 

adidas game prize

The adidas Action 3 roadshow had this contraption which has 1-5 in huge buttons. You get a chance on it after a purchase of RM 45 and above. There are prizes associated with each number – everything from bags to eau de toilette. I was keen on the bag and Agnes was kind enough to tell me that she’ll sort it out. I pressed the button and got a 5 (eau de toilette) but she gave me the bag anyway. Thanks Agnes! =D 

project alpha bloggers

It was just about buka puasa time and adidas arranged for us to dine at Alexis in The Gardens. Now, this isn’t a buffet line setup, mind. This is proper dining with you ordering a la carte with wine provided. 

alexis at gardens

I thought that was mighty generous of adidas. 

chicken liver pate

I had chicken liver pate for the appetizer. I liked this; the chicken liver pate is smooth and creamy and comes with a topping of cheese. It’s perfect for slathering on top of the bread or just eating it on its own. I love liver pate and Alexis does it well – the almost melt-in-your-mouth texture is orgasmic! 

wagyu ribeye steak

This here is a deliciously juicy and rich medium rare Wagyu ribeye steak with perfect marbling which weighs in at a staggering RM 155 for the 200 gram serving. 

waygu steak

It’s smooth and velvety, awesome stuff. It could have been done better though; I’ve had Wagyu beef which was crispy on the outside and nicely rare on the inside. I guess they mistook medium rare for medium.

pecan pie

I also had a Pecan pie. It tasted absolutely fabulous despite the fact that I was stuffed at this point. The nuts were warm (almost toasty hot!) and sweet (the pine sweetness of nuts without additional sugar) which contrasts very well with the scoop of premium vanilla ice cream. 

adidas dinner

I nearly fell asleep after all that good food. 

dinner at alexis

The dinner was courtesy of the largess of adidas. Thanks! I won’t be able to afford a RM 155 steak otherwise. ;) 

adidas girl

adidas – all day I dream about steak. :p

Twin nipple piercings

I did a dual nipple piercing last year. It’s the only piercing I have left since I swallowed my tongue piercing for the umpteenth time (yes, again) and my wrist piercings got infected so I had to take it off. 

twin nipple piercing

I didn’t manage to write about the nipple piercings before since the videos and photos were back in Sibu. I managed to grab the external HDD when I went back home a couple of months ago, so all the assets are with me now! =D

I already had something in mind when I went in – I want both nipples to be pierced, but with a twist (no pun intended). I wanted one to be horizontal and one vertical

twin nipple piercings clamp

I was also adamant about using spiked bars instead of rings, much to the consternation of my attire. I wager the piercings have poked more holes in my clothes than I care to count. :( 

twin nipple piercings pierce

This piercing is hands down the most uncomfortable piercing I’ve ever done. I’ve had most of my face and various bodily parts pierced with no more than a shrug and a smile. However, my nipples are really sensitive and this piercing was…well, QUITE UNPLEASENT. 

twin nipple piercings done

I had to use both my hands to hold out my shirt so it doesn’t come into contact with the newly pierced nipples when I walked out of the place. It looked like I was attempting to create two imaginary man boobs by tenting up my shirt. :S 

twin nipple piercings

I did the piercings in Sungei Wang, so I got a lot of weird looks…but it sure beats the hell out of constantly wincing from the geli-ness produced from friction between my clothes and the fresh nipple piercings. Heh!

The opiate of the masses

I used to chat on MSN while attending mass. I know, I know, heresy. :p I didn’t want to go (I’m not even Catholic) but I went for the sake of my ex-gf who was convinced she’ll spend at least another trillion years or so in purgatory if she misses even one evening mass. It was mind-numbingly boring, but with my Pocket PC and a GPRS connection, I managed to chat with people on Pocket MSN. It helped make those monotonous sessions where you just want to gouge your eyeballs out and run screaming from the place of worship into a more civilized and polite tapping on the screen.

I misplaced my Pocket PC but I haven’t lost those monotonous moments.

I’m glad I’ll be one of the first to get the Xpax Prepaid BB Curve 8520 – now I can IM to my heart’s content wherever I go with Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ (yes, I have an account – 7345320) and more!

It’ll sure make those dull moments (secular or otherwise) more bearable. ;)

25 things to do in Sri Lanka


1. Drink a freshly cut sweet Sri Lankan coconut by the beach

sri lanka coconut

It’s dubbed the King Coconut and the juice is called thambli

coconut me

2. Sample their cloyingly sweet cakes

sri lanka cake shop

It’s available at the bountiful local sweet shops dedicated to selling sweets (cakes).

sri lanka cakes

It’s very, very sweet, crumbly and tasty!

eat sri lanka cakes

3. Eat Kothu Roti

cooking Kothu Roti

It’s a Sri Lankan dish made with roti, meat (beef and chicken), vegetables and egg. It’s spicy!

Kothu Roti

4. Share your table with a local

eat with the locals

5. Haggle with tuk tuk drivers

sri lanka tuk tuk

Get on a tuk tuk with cars zipping by a scant 2 cm away!

tuk tuk sri lanka

6. Look at gemstones


7. Visit a temple


8. Take a photo of one of their gigantic Buddha statues


9. Drink faluda


It’s a sweet local drink made with fresh milk, rose syrup and vermicelli, basil and tapioca seeds.

sri lanka drink shop

10. Try Nannari Sherbet

Nannari Sherbet

It’s a refreshing drink made with Indian Sarasaparilla root said to have medicinal properties.

sri lanka drink shop maker

11. Marvel at a Sri Lankan elephant’s…tusks


12. Eat at a hotel with your hands (hotel means curry house in Sri Lanka)

local hotel

13. Drink Ceylon tea from a street vendor

ceylon tea mug

14. Eat seafood on the beach

dig in

15. Drink their local coconut arrack

sri lanka arrack

It’s traditionally mixed with ginger ale – go for Old Arrack or VSOA.

ginger ale

16. Taste “short eats” from the many stalls

sri lanka street food

There’s samosas, deep fried rolls, and more!

short eats

17. Take a photo with a soldier

soldier last

18. Visit Pettah

Pettah market

Pettah is a famous local market with everything from cell phones to shoes.


19. Buy something you don’t need e.g. 10 hammers for 20 cents

buy stuff you don't need

20. Drink wood apple juice

woodapple juice

21. Try the watalappam


Wattalappam is a Sri Lanka dessert of coconut custard made with eggs, coconut milk, cashew nuts, cloves, nutmegs and spices.

wattalappan eat

22. Eat their local “Maldives fish” from a street vendor

sri lanka maldives fish

It’s deep fried and savory!

street fish

23. Visit the beach on a Sunday

beach sunday

24. Go fly kite at the beach

fly kite

25. Pimp your blog!


Spare some change for the people living on the streets…

sri lanka poverty

…and leave a smile on their faces! :)



The veritable Urban Dictionary describes it as grooming for men, a rather polite term for the “back, crack and sack” hair removal it actually means. It just goes to show how David Beckham (bless/curse his soul) has managed to sell metrosexual to the modern man. 


I have recently been…er, convinced to try out a line of facial products. I know what you’re thinking!

What? The man renowned for using soap for everything (including my hair) is testing out cosmetic products? 

leach me

Er…well…that is…*shifts around uncomfortably*


Okay, yes I am!


Truth to be told I’m 28 and feeling every bit of it. Le sigh. Age is starting to catch up with me in ways I’ve never imagined. Wrinkles, my dear friends, wrinkles galore!


I had my face analyzed by the good people at Cellnique and was prescribed the following:

Drench Me
Off With Those Heads
Submerge Me
Shield Me SPF 25
Glow & Shine
Leach Me
Spots Got Shot


I was pleased to find out that there are no major blemishes (acne, blackheads etc) on my face – at least according to the consultant. I could have sworn I have a lot of large pores on my face as well as blackheads but apparently it wasn’t that bad.


Okay, back to the products I’ve got dry skin so I’m supposed to wash my face with Drench Me as a daily moisturizing cleanser before applying Off With Those Heads, which makes removing those pesky blackheads easy (I love this, I feel like the Queen in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland whenever I say it). It works with whiteheads too! Just before I go out, I’ll be applying Shield Me (such descriptive names!) to retain moisture and prevent the dreaded Aging by Sol Invictus (The Invincible Sun).


The weekly procedure starts with Glow & Shine, which is an exfoliating mask. I was told to scrub softly instead of going around like a bull in a china shop. I didn’t know I portrayed that image. Hmph. Next comes Leach Me, the moisturizing mask which hydrates your skin to prevent aging. I have to keep this mask on for ½ hour before applying Submerge Me as a deep moisturizing booster.

wash face

The Spots Got Shot is there as a blemish treatment serum cum oil control for pimple outbreaks and such (I do get them from time to time) so your skin can be blotch free!


It was like a crash course in skin care products. I leaned so much during the session that I can probably be a consultant (even memorized the terminology!) for guys hesitant to delve headfirst into this brave new world of metrosexuality. ;)

mask open

The b.liv range is available at your friendly local neighborhood Guardian, Watson’s, Sasa, Alpro and Caring Pharmacy (which I hear is really caring).


b.liv is coming up with a new tagline search contest for their new packaging relaunch where you stand to win cash and prizes worth RM 1,500! Read more about the contest and the terms and conditions at the b.liv site. There’s no purchase required (the magic words!) and the first 30 entries will walk away with a b.liv product hamper worth RM 200! You can also get a free sample from the site.

mask done

Squeeze your creative juices and participate by emailing blivskin@nuffnang.com


Back to the b.liv treatment range, I quite like it actually, despite the time I need to apply this and that. I consider it a time investment towards looking good and I’m going to be using more of it (since it’s a free sample from the good people at Cellnique – thanks Iris!).

I’ve gotta keep my #1 asset (my face) in pristine condition.

You know la, need to kao lui. I’m still single you know? ;)

Blackberry Prepaid!

Man, I see all these people with Blackberry devices (plural: Blackberries?) doing everything a notebook can at a fraction of its size and I have to be honest, I find myself looking enviously at their canggih-ness.

I used to be an early adopter, getting PDAs and Pocket PCs before it came into vogue, but I have a problem with losing devices and now I can’t afford to get a BB.

I hear Xpax is coming out with a pre-paid version though, no details yet, so let’s see how this goes.


Blackberry Curve 8520 Prepaid Plan by Xpax

I’ll be getting one from them soon (w00t!), so more information when I get my grubby hands on it! =D

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