Coke C2 (Coca-Cola C2)

coke c2

This is Coca-Cola’s low carbohydrate alternative to the ubiquitous
line of Coke drinks. Coke C2 claims to have low sodium and half the
carbs and calories of a normal (classic) Coke. Cola claims the name C2
stands for 1/2 the carbs, 1/2 the cals and all the taste of regular
Coke. It sure looks better, I like Coke C2’s colors and design.


The medium carbohydrate Coke C2 seems to be following the trend of
low carb products to target people on the Atkins diet. It retails for
RM 2.19 each here and Cold Storage has a promotion where you get three
for the price of two. It’s the outlet in Suria KLCC, I haven’t seen
Coke C2 elsewhere. It seems to be available in the US only and the ones
we get here are imported from the US.

coke c2 drink

Well, I got it just coz I haven’t tried it before and this is my
verdict – it tastes just like Diet Coke (Coke Light). That’s not a bad
decree, coming from me, since I like the taste of Coke Light. I find
regular classic Coke to be too sweet and unpleasantly fizzy. Coke C2 is
great. I liked it.

Three layer teh c peng

three layer teh c peng

The photo above shows a beautifully made Teh C Peng with three
visible layers in the mug. Look at the pretty layers! I’ve never seen
anything like this before. This was taken at an eating establishment
somewhere in Tabuan Jaya before the throwing up incident. I remember
the four of us (Ah Boon joined us) sitting there and generally making a
ruckus. We had food too but I drank 5 or 6 cups of these wonderful
things. It was just too beautiful to resist. Three layers – the bottom
one is sugar water (dense), the middle one is evaporated milk, and the
top layer is the tea (least dense). Stir it up and it makes very pretty
colors…and it finally settles into the rich, creamy brown of teh c

I remember us making orders in an unacceptably loud volume and
inserting classics like “Mesti mahu kau, if not super kau, we won’t pay
for it”.

I will reconstruct the rest of the night prior to this based on my
digicam photo time dating. I think there was a collective sigh of
relief when we left. Oh, and 2 mg of clonazepam to a completely
non-benzodiazepine tolerant person produced exceedingly powerful
disinhibition, similar but stronger to that of alcohol (based on my
knowledge of that person’s experience with alcohol), and the shredding
of proper “social behavior”. It is an interesting observation that I
made, will keep that in my notes.

P/S – The abovementioned person took clonazepam on his own free will.

Sugarcane coconut drink

sugarcane coconut

This is the famous sugarcane coconut drink in Kuching, first featured in mum-mum
[]. The sugarcane coconut drink is a wonderful combination
of fresh sugarcane juice and fresh coconut juice, with the flesh of the
coconut swimming in concoction.

ching chang drink stall

This drink can be found at the Ching Chang Drink Stall in Padungan.
I went there for lunch just now. I usually go there for lunch due to
the proximity.

sohai food center

That stall is located at Song Kheng Hai Ground Food and Recreational
Center, which is quite a mouthful. Thus, it has become acceptable to
refer to the venue in its abbreviated form – sohai food center. πŸ˜‰

Tongkat Ali vs Kacip Fatimah

Battle Royale – Tongkat Ali vs Kacip Fatimah!

tongkat ali

Tongkat Ali is a preparation that is marketed as a libido enhancer
and performance booster for men. It is said to be the “herbal Viagra”,
and it claims to be effective against Erectile Dysfunction (ED). I
discarded my skepticism and decided to sample one of this to establish
the efficacy. πŸ˜‰

tongkat ali contents

Captain’s Log:
This beverage does not only contain Tongkat Ali but ginseng for extra fortification. 250 ml was consumed in a single sitting.

T+ 0:15
Mr. Happy is still not showing up.

T+ 0:30
The trouser snake lies dormant.

T+ 0:45
Subject tried to potentiate with visual stimulation. Normal results
were noted. Length and girth did not exceed regular measurements.
Duration of erection was within the normal values.

T+ 1:00
Tongkat Ali did not give me a tongkat.

Rating: 0/10
Dud. Avoid unless you’re thirsty.

kacipm fatimah

Kacip Fatimah is another famous preparation. It’s dubbed “Tongkat
Ali for women” and is marketed for women as a libido enhancer. Despite
being the wrong gender, I took this for a spin as well.

kacip fatimah contents

Captain’s Log:
250 ml of Pearl Kacip Fatimah was consumed in a single setting.

T+ 0:15
Captain does not have a log.

T+ 0:30
No wood in the captain’s log.

T+ 0:45
Looking at the silhouette of a female figure on the tin. Slight
stirring in the nether regions, but that could just be my imagination.

T+ 1:00
Fatimah did nothing for me.

Rating: 0/10
Dud. It tastes good though, sweet and tangy, unlike the Tongkat Ali preparation.

Vitagen sale at Smart


There is a special on Vitagen (the cultured milk drink) at Smart
supermarket in King Center. It was two packs (each pack has 5 each for
a total of 10) of mixed flavors for RM 4.35. I bought one of these and
realized when I got home that I had put myself into a logistical
challenge…these things require storage below 4 C and I don’t have a
fridge here. These things always go on special when the use by dates
are getting close. The use by dates range from 11/02/2004 to
13/02/2004. Anyway, it meant that I had to drink everything at
once…and I did. 1.25 litres of Vitagen in the span of two hours. My
bowel movements improved considerably when I woke up this morning.

Sri Computers and Dragon Fruit Aloe Vera drink

Sri Computers

I went to Low Yat during my lunch break today to get a pair of
headphones. I’m going through them at a rate of about once a month! It
always breaks down on me…I miss my old Sony MDR V700 DJ monitor
quality headphones. It broke down before I came to KL. Now that’s a
real set of headphones compared to these puny plastic thingies
masquarading as “headphones”. πŸ˜‰ I swear, if this new pair breaks, I’m
going back to that one. It cost me A$ 330 (about RM 660+) when I bought
it in Melbourne, but I can only afford lower end headphones with my
current income. I had bought two headphones in the last two months
(both of them quit on me) and the third one is the Creative HQ-1000.


Anyway, I saw this “health drink stall” outside Low Yat with
interesting concoctions, so I went for the Dragon Fruit Aloe Vera
drink, which looked good from the photo at the stall. It was RM 4.90
for each drink, all of them looked colorful and fruity.


This is a photo I took of the attendant making my drink. She’s
putting the aloe vera jelly into the plastic cup while the purple goop
you see in the blender is the dragon fruit mix. The drink was also
topped with real dragon fruit as you can see in this picture here:

The green stuff at the bottom is aloe vera jelly, with the main purple
bulk being icy cold dragon fruit mix and a white scoop of real dragon
fruit to top the drink off. The cup overfloweth and dripped on me too.

Okay, I promise I’ll cut my fingernails when I get back today. :p


Anyway, after all that, I grabbed some lunch and was back in the
office before 2 pm. I had to take the overpriced KL Monorail back
though, but at least I walked there with my co-workers. I took the
monorail back because:
1. It was raining.
2. Lunch break is nearly over, I can’t walk back in time.


I saved a man’s life today. Well, maybe not his life (it was his
luggage), but he made it sound like it. I had felt like eating indomie
at 5 am in the morning and walked to the kitchen. Halfway past, I heard
a scuttling of feet and someone calling “hey”. I stopped and looked at
the dude, but I didn’t recognize him so I looked back and saw this taxi
waiting there. I assumed that the guy was talking to the taxi driver so
I walked along, but I heard more urgent “hey”‘s and frantic waving and
running while carrying 3 pieces of luggage. I stopped and the guy
caught up with me and said “Thank God I saw you, I thought no one would
be coming along”. I went like “Of course, mate it’s 5 am in the
morning” and he went on about how he was leaving Australia to go back
to Japan for good and he had already dropped off his key at the
operations office (there is a hole in the wall for after hours key
drop-off) before he realized that he left a piece of luggage in his
room. The thing with Roberts Hall is that every stairway has a locked
door which can only be accessed by a Roberts resident’s key. Since he
already dropped his key off, he couldn’t get back to his room. The
operations office only opens at 8:30 am and no one will be out and
about THIS early during the summer holidays. He said he was about to
give up on his luggage when he saw me. Anyway, I opened his stairway’s
door for him and he kept thanking me. The taxi turned out to be for him
and he has already asked the taxi driver to wait for nearly half an
hour while he waited for someone to come along. He got his luggage
anyway, I saw him with 4 pieces of luggage rushing towards the taxi
while cooking my noodles. Interesting moment. Which reminds me of the
room I lived in last semester. There was this girl who lived two doors
down who always locks herself in accidentally. So, she got to sticking
this big ass cardboard lettered with “DO YOU HAVE YOUR KEYS??? CHECK!!!
DON’T LET THE DOOR CLOSE!” and pasted it at the top of our floor’s
stairs. Man, that was a hoot. It’s good for me too, coz I always lock
myself out as well. I’m scatter brained. So the sign served 2 people
instead of one.

Anyway, look at this:


I had bought a pack of goat’s milk a couple of days ago and the next
day, I got a 2L bottle of chocolate milk. I had already drank about 3/4
of the goat’s milk the day before and drank about half of the chocolate
milk that day. Since I’m storing it for the night in the fridge, I
decide to combine the two, so I only have to store one container
instead of too. Thus, I added the goat’s milk into the chocolate milk.
The next day, this resulted. The chocolate milk + goat’s milk has
totally solidified into a jelly like sludge with the consistency of
pudding. I know because I actually tried it. Ugh. Tasted velvety,
that’s the worse thing. I loved the texture, but the taste was way off.
Sort of a dull cardboardy taste. I had expected it to be sour, but it
wasn’t. Strange. My theory is, the UHT goats milk has been pasteurized
and maybe still has a couple of bacterium killing active stuff in
there. This kind of thing is not my area of expertise, so I don’t know
how valid my theory is. Anyway, I postulate that the pasteurized
thingy’s attacked and killed the (harmless) bacterium in the (fresh)
chocolate milk when they were combined and thus the battle resulted in
the sludge, which is the pasteurized stuff absorbing the water from the
bacterium and puffing everything up and making it jelly-ish solid. What
do you think of this phenomenon?


Incidentally, I’ve been playing a lot of Natural Selection (for
Half-Life) lately. UHT’s pasteurized thingies = Kharaa and the natural
(good) bacterium thingies in the chocolate milk = Frontiersmen. The
Kharaa just killed the Frontiersmen’s spawn is just what happened to my
chocolate milk + goats milk combo. Hmm…I’m torn between liking the
fast Zergling – uh, I mean Skulk and the bountiful mass of the
Ultralisks, ah, Onos. I totally love being a Frontiersmen as well.
“gimme hmg” “rtb” and so forth. hmg = heavy machine gun and rtb =
return to base by the way. Jim Raynor, REPORTING!


I got a bottle of orange juice to wash down my dinner today. It’s
that freshly squeezed stuff that has pulp. I shook it and opened the
bottle cap. I put the bottle cap down on the table and opened Windows
Media Player 8. I took up the bottle and SHOOK THE DAMN THING AGAIN! I
estimate a good 250 ml splashed out of the bottle and went EVERYWHERE.
This is the pulpy stuff that’s hard to wipe off. The worst thing was, I
still wasn’t aware of it and KEPT SHAKING THE BOTTLE until my mind when
“uh-oh” and I went “fuck…” and THEN did my right hand stop shaking
the bottle. All this took about 3 seconds, so yeah, you can imagine the
damage it did. It was like a giant ejaculation.

Spa is APS spelled backwards

Well, now that the “catastrophic hard disk failure” (that’s the third time I used that phrase
today) issues has been resolved, I can write a bit about my day. I found this interesting drink
named Coffee Cola.

The lettering on the can suggests it’s made in Malaysia, but I’ve never seen this before in my
life. Perhaps it’s one of those “for export only” deals. The taste is…rather dismal, I’m sad to
report. It tastes like a cross between a cola sweet and a coffee sweet. In fact, the whole drink
tastes like barely carbonated melted sweets. Not very nice at all.

Anyway, I went to Doug Ellis Aquatic Center
[] with Jimmy this evening. I just wanted to use their spa, sauna and steam rooms
but did a couple of laps in the heated pool since I have to pay for pool entry anyway. It was
chilly today and I was looking forward to some sauna action by the end of the day. The pools are
rather hard to swim in though because there are floating barriers (don’t know what it’s really
called) dividing each lane. This is because there are designated lanes for slow, medium and fast
swimmers. However, there are often more than 3 people in each lane, which makes swimming very
difficult. It didn’t bother me though, coz I wanted to use the sauna/spa/steam rooms only
anyway. =D There is nothing like walking into a steaming hot sauna after a cold winter’s day.
That sure felt good.

Pepsi Twist and Diet Coke with Lemon Flavor

I went to the city today to sort out the Flemington shooting range
booking. I’m going tomorrow afternoon at 2 pm straight after my last
exam. Will be keepin’ it real G style and post some photos tomorrow to
boot. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, you know how Pepsi came out with Pepsi Twist? It’s
normal Pepsi with a slight lemon taste. It’s only available in KFC for
the time being. Well, I was grocery shopping at Coles the other day and
saw that Coke has something similar. I don’t know which one came out
first, but here’s the Coke version:

Diet Coke with Lemon flavor

I prefer the Coke version. Pepsi tastes too sweet to be thirst quenching
unless its watered down with ice cubes. Diet coke is my drink of choice.
Anyway, I’ve noticed that the KFC chicken here are absolutely miniscule.
The drumsticks are half the size of the Malaysian counterpart, if that.
It’s only slightly bigger than the Ayamas frozen mini drumsticks. While
having 3 pieces of chicken will make me feel bloated in KFC Malaysia, here
it just made me feel slightly full. And that’s the ultimate 3 piece meal
with the Picnic bar, bun, fries and mashed potatoes.

KFC’s The Ultimate 3-piece Meal

Well, I took a lot of pictures while I was in the city today. I’ve been
getting the dreaded “System Error” that plagues most Nikon digicams. I
figured out that it only happens when the zoom lens have not been
retracted properly for some reason. The remedy is to manually push (not
too hard) on the zoom lens, so that it is ‘docked’ again. You shouldn’t
touch the actual lens with your fingers, just apply pressure on the side
if you have this problem. Anyway, I’ve been doing a bit of gadget shopping
too. I went the the really cheap computer hardware place opposite
Melbourne Central. Picked up a

Canon CanoScan N670U
for A$170 and a

Surecom self powered 4-Port USB Hub EP-1004P
for A$45. I saw this
Wacom tablet going for slightly over A$100. I don’t draw, but I felt a
nearly uncontrollable compulsion to buy it. Just because. Good thing I
walked out of the store before I did. Heh. I did notice that the first
thing that the Quick Start booklet of the scanner says is “Scanning of
certain documents, such as bank notes (snip) may be prohibited by law and
may result in criminal and/or civil liability”. Oh? I had already scanned
a crinkly 50 dollar bill and was about to post it with some quip about
printing it but on second thought, that might not be a good idea.

Anyway, here’s a complement to yesterday’s POTD. I found this today while walking
to the bus loop.

Rumble of the Peters: A 3-Way, all out, no holds barred, “no need
to keep the dinner warm honey, coz I ain’t coming back” cage match.

Peter the Possum

Generally regarded as the crowd favorite, this little critter can run fast
and has pretty sharp claws to boot.

Peter the Possum Man

Not much is known about this bloke, but I hear he catches possums for a

Peter the Speed Racer

Because of the speed his vehicle is capable of, there are no known
photographs of this menace to the roads. Question mark picture taken from
CRpuzzles [].


The result:

Peter the Speed Racer Wins! (with a total knock out)

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