Stuck in Frankfurt due to bad weather with no confirmed flights back to KL

lufthansa sign

This is quite a funny story. Not LOLOL funny but an interesting experience coz I like to take things in stride and things like this happen. I had a flight cancelled due to fog in Melbourne when I was in uni. Hey, it’s an adventure to me. :)

Our flight from Berlin to Frankfurt was delayed due to bad weather in Frankfurt. No flights were allowed to take off from Berlin. We all waited in the plane for ages. No flights were allowed to depart from Frankfurt too – all the planes there were grounded so we thought we could still make the connecting flight.

frankfurt delay

Everyone boarded an hour ago but we could not take off – at least we got updates from the Euro 2012 Germany-Italy semi-finals match from the pilot, sorry for your loss Deutschland, I supported your team…coz we were in your country and it’s a fine one. Heh.

Anyway, when we finally managed to get airborne, we ended up taxiing above Frankfurt coz there was a sudden influx of inbound and outbound air traffic. That’s when we knew we couldn’t make the connecting flight to Bangkok…and sure enough, we only landed way after that flight has departed.

sheraton frankfurt

Lufthansa issued us a free night’s stay at Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel and 30 Euros in “credit” which turned out to be dinner. This is dinner:

lufthansa dinner

There were heaps of people trying to get on a flight – any flight – so one of the staff advised us to get some rest and come back the next day. There were over 200 people on the waiting list after midnight! Thanks for queuing up and checking Nigel!

german cigarettes

I had packed my cigarettes into my check-in baggage so I had to get another at the airport – it’s 5 Euros, which is almost double our price, but with a long flight ahead and no bookings yet, you gotta have that nicotine hit.

checkin line

We went to the hotel and found out that the queue there was quite impressive too. This is where all the cabin attendants stay – it’s connected to the airport so that was good. The queue was still there after we finished dinner. Mind, this is only the Business and First class people so imagine how many people in total which was affected.

sheraton frankfurt internet

I had my notebook and bought 24 hours of WiFi from Sheraton for 19 Euros (about RM 76) using my credit card. I didn’t know how long I would need to wait, and I ended up wasting it coz I crashed at 2 am and woke up at 4 am to go line up at the airport. Oh well.

frankfurt shower

It’s a good thing I had a souvenir t-shirt of the Berlin Wall so I could change my shirt at least before heading to the airport. I didn’t even unpack coz I fell asleep after the long flight delays.

lufthansa delay queue

This was the line this morning. I started queuing at 4 am and this is what it looks like at 7:37 am. (!)

I waited in line for hours before one of the Lufthansa staff saw my ticket and brought me down. I managed to get a confirmed ticket – a husband and wife team with us went through India at 12 pm and Nigel also managed to get the 3 pm flight that I was on.

(all times are GMT +2)

lufthansa breakfast

The reason for splitting up is due to the sheer amount of stranded passengers so we couldn’t stay together. There just wasn’t enough seats. The grounding of the Frankfurt airport really affected a lot of people – several thousand people stayed at the airport (Economy) or the Sheraton in Frankfurt (Business and First).

sheraton frankfurt airport

You know what the worst thing was? No one could retrieve their check-in baggage! There’s a rule that it has to stay at the airport or something to that effect. I’m pretty sure I’ve broken the record for wearing the same underwear, jeans, socks and shoes. I could only change my shirt. I can smell myself from 200 meters away. Heh.

I’m also staying awake on willpower and coffee alone. I’ve drank more than 15 cups in the past 24 hours. :x

I’ll have to wait for a while before I’ll know if my flight back to KL later is 100% confirmed. I’m the only one left here coz there were just too many people needing to fly to various parts of the world.

It’s a good thing the Thai Airways Royal Lounge in Bangkok has a shower room so I could use their fresh, fluffy, wrapped towels and brush my teeth and freshen up.

thai air lounge shower

Thanks for booking us on Business Class, Volkswagen Malaysia – that really helps when stuff like this happens. :D

I’m still wearing the same clothes from several days ago (except for the t-shirt) but that shower really freshened me up. I can semi-write coherently while being extremely sleep deprived. Heh.

Now, I shall go back and check if my outbound flight is confirmed. I need to go back today. I don’t even know what “50% confirmed” means. *shrugs*

bangkok shower

Oh well, it’s all good! Sawadee krap from Bangkok! :)

Posted: 11:33 am Bangkok time (GMT +7)

Gourmet Market @ Siam Paragon

siam paragon

Siam Paragon is the newest shopping mall in
Bangkok, Thailand and it would be heresy not to check out the latest
and greatest after all the comments about Siam Paragon. Dubbed “The Pride of Bangkok“, I went with my gf one night to walk around the mall (it’s a lot like KLCC) and eat at the Gourmet Market.

siam paragon decor

Siam Paragon is an imposing building catering to upscale shoppers
and has an Ocean World (aquarium) and a cinema attached to the
building. The décor is absolutely amazing both indoors and outdoors and
the sheer newness of the building is overwhelming.

siam paragon entrance

The main entrance to Siam “The Pride of Bangkok” Paragon
is via a glittering glass façade. There are No Photography signs but I
took photos anyway and no one stopped me (my gf reckons it’s coz I look
like a tourist).

siam paragon maze

Siam Paragon is practically a maze to navigate, much like the first
time you step into MidValley Megamall. There are escalators everywhere
and it’s hard to get out of the place (we had to ask for directions).

siam paragon armani

Siam Paragon, as previously mentioned, is home to up market labels like Emporio Armani (check out the creepers on the levels)…

siam paragon gourmet market

…but we were there to eat so we went to the Gourmet Market.

wrapped noodle pork

The first thing we ate was the hilariously named “Wrapped A Noodle With A Pork” for 50 Baht (RM 5).

wrapped noodle pork eat

It tasted great, despite the Engrish name. Very Thai, with the pork.


Next, we went to iBerry for some sorbet.

iberry sorbet

This is us, my apologies for the mosaic, it is necessary.

minced crab

Next up was a trip to get some Minced Crab Meat + Crab Meat Sausage + Shrimp Meat Sausage (120 Baht).

minced crab eat

It comes in a set and we ate it right there at the counter…definitely tourists. ;)

minced crab mmm

This is easily the best meal of our gourmet market adventure. I love
the minced crab meat stuffed back into the shell of the crab.

fermented pork

The next thing we ate (highly recommended by my gf) was fermented pork sausage (110 Baht).

fermented pork lady

The lady at the counter mixed the fermented pork with a rice ball
(pictured above) and asked us if we wanted chillis (probably coz we
look like tourists). I told her to make it as she would serve a Thai
customer coz I’m a big fan of spicy food.

fermented pork mix

It’s a Thai delicacy and it tasted great! It has an interesting
texture and it’s spicy as hell. One funny incident happened during this
gourmet food tour – we actually recommended the fermented pork to
strangers (a couple from Singapore) and they thanked us for it. Heh!

paragon department store

Having satiated our appetites, we walked into Paragon Department Store
and I got my gf some cosmetics. The litmus test of love is to see if
your bf actually tags around when you go shopping for “boring” stuff
like cosmetics. ;)


There was a Porsche on display at Siam Paragon too.

Siam Paragon is a great shopping mall…it truly earns the tagline “The Pride of Bangkok”.

T-shirts from Bangkok

t shirts

These are some of the t-shirts I got from Bangkok. My gf told me
it’ll fill the surface area of an entire bed and I didn’t believe her
so she arranged them…and much to my chagrin, there were more t-shirts
left. The bed wasn’t enough to hold them. It’s all good though, some of
my favorites are:

I’m a virgin
(This is a really old T-shirt)

Sorry girls, I’m gay

Life is full of choices
(Photos of different strains of cannabis)

You are here
(Image of female performing fellatio)

(Picture of beer and driving)
(Picture of beer and a couple copulating)

Bangkok Best Coffee (BBC)

bangkok best coffee

Bangkok Best Coffee seems to be a franchise in
Thailand and I went to check it out after seeing it one too many times
(it’s a compulsion I have, I can’t stand seeing something multiple
times and not go ;)).

bangkok best coffee drink

I don’t know if they deserve the moniker Bangkok Best Coffee but
their coffee is alright…and most importantly it’s got caffeine in it.

I just realized that I have so many Bangkok back posts that it’ll take me ages to clear…

Got meth caffeine?

Bangkok Transit System (BTS) guide


BTS or the Bangkok Transit System
is the fastest and cheapest way to get around Bangkok. BTS is a train
much like the LRT and they offer airport services via the BTS Skytrain
network too.

bts tickets

The BTS trains are operated using a coupon system – the tickets are bought at the respective train stations…

bts turnstiles

…and used in the turnstiles to exit or enter the station.

bts phaya thai

The train station closest to Siam City Hotel Bangkok is Phaya Thai station (3 minutes walk) and the BTS network connects this station to stations which are in Pat Pong, Siam Square, Siam Paragon etc. Basically, you can get to anywhere you want to go in Bangkok city using the BTS.

bts ticket

This is what a BTS ticket looks like – it’s a coin operated vendor
machine dispensed magnetic strip card that has a preloaded value onto
it. Two train stops costs just 15 baht (about RM 1.50) so it’s the most
affordable method to get around Thailand.

bts train

BTS trains are long and relatively new, much like its counterpart in
Melbourne, Australia except that it runs on suspended rails instead of
on the ground.

bts interior

Here is a peek inside a BTS train. It’s usually packed with people
at all times of the hour but the same thing can be said of Bangkok.

bts on nut

Sure, the BTS connects you to strange stations like On Nut and Mo Chit but get around the initial chuckle with the names and you’ll be fine. :)

Koko, Bangkok


Koko is an eating establishment in the busy Siam
Square district of Bangkok, Thailand. I went in with MDC coz she was
really hungry and it’s the nearest restaurant.

koko interior

Koko seems to be popular with the locals as a lot of Thai natives
were in there when we walked in and only one person speaks English.

koko decor

I take that as a good sign for authentic Thai food. The interior of
Koko is nicely decorated with interesting pieces like this plant in a
test tube.

koko coffee

I had Thai iced coffee (which tastes like the iced coffee over here)
and MDC had mineral water since we both had the runs after eating
street food the night before. The interesting thing about Thai tube ice
is that it’s much smaller in diameter than ours.

koko shrimp

Lunch was ordered a la carte with rice and this is the appetizer
which we didn’t order. It’s raw prawns in chilli paste. Koko messed up
our order something awful and they don’t speak English (except for one
person, and he wasn’t that good) so it was certainly an interesting

koko macaroni

Macaroni cooked in Thai sauce was served up (which we didn’t order)
and the waiter took it away and gave it to the guy behind us (who
ordered it). Koko really needs to get their orders right.

koko curry

This is curry pork which we DID order for once. ;) It’s really good
– the pork makes all the difference in the curry – and that’s the
verdict from MDC and me.

koko morning glory

We also ordered a dish of morning glory stalks which was really sweet and has an interesting texture.

koko chicken

The other dish we ordered is deep fried chicken which was alright.
Koko serves good food but I cannot recommend it based on the mixed up
orders which happened at an appalling rate.

The lunch set us back about 600 baht or so (RM 60) so it’s not cheap either…

McDonalds in Thailand

mcdonalds thailand

McDonald’s in Thailand has one
important menu item that Malaysia doesn’t – pork. The Thai sure love
their pork (and mangos) over here. I make it a point to go to
McDonald’s in every country I visit (and managed to drag MDC with me
despite her new found reluctance for all things McDonalds).

mcdonalds interior

The McDonald’s at Siam Paragon (the newest shopping
center in Bangkok) has a nice interior – there is ample seating and
iPod stations for listening to music. I checked out the Thai McDonald’s
menu and couldn’t read it so I got passed and English menu. I found
four different menu items – McSalad Shaker, Samurai Pork Burger, McPork
Burger and Pepper Chicken Burger and ordered them all.

Samurai Pork Burger (66 baht)

samurai pork burger wrapper

The Samurai Pork Burger was ordered as a large value meal so it came
with fries and Coke. The Samurai Pork Burger is wrapped in an
appropriately aggressive red wrapper.

samurai pork burger

Samurai Pork Burger consists of a pork patty topped with mayonnaise
and lettuce. I don’t know what’s so Samurai about this concoction but
it tastes great eating pork. Malaysia doesn’t server pork due to
religious considerations.

McPork Burger (19 baht)

mcpork burger wrapper

McPork Burger! I just love the name. McPork! McPork! McPork!

mcpork burger

The McPork Burger is the lower end offering (equivalent to a no
frills cheeseburger) priced at 19 baht (about RM 1.90) and it comes in
a purple wrapper and has pork in it. Mmm…(Mc)Pork.

Pepper Chicken Burger (23 baht)

pepper chicken burger wrapper

MDC ordered this one coz I ordered all the pork. The pepper chicken burger comes in a blue wrapper and tastes like chicken. ;)

pepper chicken burger

Pepper Chicken Burger in Thailand is not slathered with pepper sauce
but rather grounded pepper on a deep fried crumbly chicken patty. It’s
alright, but it’s not pork.

McSalad Shaker (32 baht)

mcsalad shaker

McSalad Shaker is the current promotion in Thailand and it’s salad
in a plastic container with a choice of “Salad Cream” (mayo) or 1000
Island Dressing.

mcsalad shaker contents

The McSalad Shaker in Thailand has REAL HAM as in ham made out of
pork like God intended it to. MDC says it makes all the difference in
the salad. It certainly made it very savory.

mcsalad shaker dressing

I put the Salad Cream into the McSalad Shaker…

mcsalad shaker shake

…and shook it as per the instructions. It was quite fun actually, or perhaps I’m just retarded.

mcsalad shaker shaken

This is what the McSalad Shaker looks like after it’s been…er, shaken.

mcsalad shaker done

MDC and I agreed that it tasted great. They have cherry tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and most importantly – ham!

mcdonalds end

McDonald’s in Thailand is great if you have a hankering for pork since we don’t get pork in Malaysia.

Mango Tango @ Bangkok


Mango Tango is a dessert specialty shop in Siam
Square, Bangkok that found it’s niche in mango desserts. Thailand is
famous for its mangos and they certainly like their mangos over here.
Mango Tango offers a variety of mango desserts and is a franchise with
chains all over the world.

mangotango display

Jia Chui had came here the previous night and she brought me and MDC
here coz the Mango Tango outlet was supposedly very delicious – we were
not disappointed. The front of Mango Tango has a nice display of fresh
mangos and replicas of their mango desserts outside the counter.

mangotango interior

The interior of Mango Tango is divided into two floors with seating
arrangements for two and four. Mango Tango is very clean by Bangkok
standards and the walls are adorned with phrases proclaiming the
benefits of mangos. It has a really nice and cozy ambience.

Mango Tango (130 baht)

mangotango mango tango

Mango Tango is their signature dessert and consists of a halved and
partially diced mango served with a side of mango pudding topped with
whipped cream and a ball of mango sorbet. It tasted really good – it’s
THE must try flagship dish.

Mango Delight (120 baht)

mangotango delight

Mango Delight is a selection of tropical and imported fruits served
with huge mango chunks. It’s a great dessert for people who like fruit.

Mango Sticky Rice (100 baht)

mangotango sticky rice

Mango Sticky Rice consists of a scoop of mango sorbet, sliced fresh
mangos and mangos with glutinous rice (sticky rice). It tastes
surprisingly good – especially the mango mixed with sticky rice…it’s
out of this world!

Mango Iceberg (74 baht)

mangotango iceberg

Mango Iceberg is a dish with mango ice cream, milk sago and mixed
fruits. It tastes a lot like cold bubur cha cha except it’s full of

mangotango me mdc jia chui

The Thai sure like their mangos (and pork) and mangos are practically a national dish over here. Check out Mango Tango if you’re in Siam Square – it’s worth every single baht to eat the famed Thai mango desserts.

Patpong – Red Light District of Bangkok

patpong redlight

Patpong is the red light district of Bangkok
offering live topless and nude shows in the many alleys that has pimps
(promoters?) offering live shows and girls. I went to Patpong just now
with MDC to check out the place at night.

patpong massage

Patpong is a lot like Petaling Street and Jalan Alor combined
together – it is full of narrow and crowded alleys with the sides lined
with street vendors selling everything from t-shirts to BB guns. There
are also bars and the relentless glow of neon lights advertising “Hot
Go Go Girls Live Show” as well as massage centers (which don’t just
give you a massage if you catch my drift).

patpong vendors

Patpong is not just a red light district but also a shopping haven. There are goods ranging from bags…

patpong shirts

…to attire…

patpong shoes

…and shoes. It’s possible to get cheap stuff from here but you
need to have strong bargaining skillz. I usually try and get discounts
for bulk purchases and walk away if the price wasn’t right. It usually
works – the vendor will beckon you back with a “OK, just for you,
special price” and the deal is sealed. ;)

patpong girls

Patpong has a really lively nightlife that constitutes mostly of
live shows of women in various states of undress. There are also pimps
that would approach you to offer women or lap dances in addition to the
various self-promoting girls standing outside their topless bars.

patpong pimps

I was walking with MDC and got accosted many times by promoters
despite the fact that I seem attached. I did want to go in and check
out the live shows but MDC gave me THE LOOK when I casually brought it
up. One promoter who saw that blurted “Girls can also see!” which I
found rather funny and kept on bugging MDC about it.

patpong gogo

She didn’t let me go so I’m sorry guys, the best I can do is show
the outside of the clubs and strip dance places and the girls standing

patpong video
Download: Patpong red light district video []

Patpong is a great place to go if you want to shop
for cheap goods and catch a live sex show while you’re at it but I
highly recommend that you leave your girlfriend or wife back at the

Trust me, you’re gonna thank me for it. ;)

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