Happy Birthday Teng Loo, Cup-bearer to the Gods!

ttl birthday

I hardly ever get close to people at work, due to a personal necessity to separate the two identities (work Huai Bin and play Huai Bin), but one of the people I got close to was Teng Loo.

ttl cake

I think of her as my older sister in a way, she’s the same age as my biological sister, and she’s my mentor of sorts. Thus, it is only befitting that I got her a cake for her birthday. :)

tll knife

The cake reads “Happy Birthday Teng Loo, Cup-bearer to the Gods!” coz she’s Aquarius. We share the same affinity for horoscopes. It’s like Lucifer’s sauna at our workplace coz the A/C broke down so we moved to the conference room for the cake cutting ceremony.

ttl blow

I hope you get your birthday wish TTL. You deserve it more than anyone else. You have been a friend, and more importantly, a confidant. You know more about me than anyone else save my parents, and perhaps not even them. :)

ttl cut

Teng Loo’s birthday falls on Valentine’s Day – the 14th of February but Secret Recipe doesn’t do deliveries anywhere close that date so I’m doing an early one for her.

Live long and prosper, TTL. May the best of last year be the worst of this year. :)

Eddy Puah's birthday @ Workshop


Workshop is one of the more private drinking establishments in town
with a regular crowd of patrons. Eddy had his birthday last Saturday night
there with a group of close friends.

condom collection

I had quite a lot of events going on
Saturday so it was a little hectic for me. I went with Faye to Condom Collection late evening to get Eddy a birthday present. It’s the only adult
entertainment shop in Sibu and I wanted to get Eddy something other than
the usual de facto necktie gift.

eddy present

I settled for a pair of edible undies (RM 24.90) and a stress ball made in the shape of a nude female torso (RM 19.90).

edible undies

The Edible Undies is…well, edible and contains the following disclaimer:

edible undies back

Edible Undies is sold as a novelty item only, and has no nutritional value. Garment will dissolve in water or excessive moisture.

stress keychain

Stress Reliever Key Chain is perfect for work related stress. I’m a big fan of stress
balls as well, but I figured popping Xanax would look less conspicuous.
Better living through chemistry…for every problem, a chemical solution!

stress back

It has the tagline: Let go of all your anger, tension and frustration with the STRESS RELIEVER K.C.

eddy gift

Faye told me that wrapping presents
has fallen out of vogue and suggested we put the items in a store
purchased but handmade self sealing paper bag. I agreed since I’m not a
big fan of wrapping stuff myself, so I wrote a birthday message on the
paper bag and we passed it to Eddy.

workshop hub

Workshop is designed to look like a
car workshop. There are neon illuminated wheel hubs on the walls and even
the tables are propped up with hubcaps from discarded tyres.

workshop interior

wine was on free flow courtesy of Eddy and I consumed quite a lot of the
red stuff. I remember belting out a particularly heartfelt rendition of
Creep (Radiohead) after a couple of hours there.

workshop pool

I also
played pool with Faye and as usual, she kicked my ass, not because she’s
better at it (or so I’ll like to think) but because I’m usually more
inebriated than her every time we play.

eddy bday group

Happy birthday Eddy! =D

Alex's birthday at the office

alex birthday 2

This is Alex, our head honcho. It’s his birthday today, so we
pitched in and got a blueberry cheesecake for him with a single candle
(see last year’s post).

alex birthday 2 blowing

In the spirit of Huygens Asia Sdn Bhd humor, he blew out the candle with our weather monitoring station. :)

alex birthday 2 cutting

The cake goes “Happy Birthday Alex” and is adorned with fruits. It’s a chilled and layered cheesecake and it tasted great!

Happy Birthday Alex!

sixthseal.com 4th Birthday!

sixthseal.com was officially launched on 19th April 2002. :)

4th birthday

sixthseal.com celebrates it’s 4th anniversary
today! It’s been up to close to half a decade and still going. There
were several setbacks this year, mostly due to a drug possession case
which severely restricted the nature of my posts so I’m going to do one
last experience report to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the
site (which is a traditionally unlucky number in Chinese culture, and
certainly is an unlucky year for me).

Ecstasy pill name: Red apples
Pill color: Pink with red specks
Circa: KL, Malaysia 2006 (er…I mean 1906, sorry about the date confusion ;))
Suspected contents: MDMA with ketamine (qualitative findings, not reagent tested)
Other substances consumed: Yes. ;)

4th anniversary ecstasy

MDMA and ketamine pill combinations are actually pretty common in
Malaysia. These are nicely pressed pills (hard) with beveled edges and
a solid, high quality imprint of an apple. These are nicely done pills,
not a shoddy home kitchen pill press product.

The subject (male, 60 kg) and a companion (female, 50 kg) swallowed
1 1/2 pills each (crushed up) on an empty stomach and interesting
dissociative effects characteristic of ketamine started to manifest, so
the decision was made to powder the remaining pill and insufflate it.

Subjective characteristics associated with MDMA (empathy, initial
“Ecstasy coming up rush”, blurred vision) started to manifest so the
remainder powdered pill was split into lines and selective sensory
deprivation (scientists refer to it by the technical term “switching
off the lights and turning up the music” ;)) was initiated.

4th anniversary lines

Nystagmus and mild hallucinations started setting in at the peak (T+
0:45) and the lines were insufflated over an unknown period of time
(snorting the powdered pills produced a “speedy” rush with dominating
ketamine qualities e.g. confabulation and time-space disorientation).

4th anniversary cannabis

Cannabis was smoked at about T+ 1:30 and throughout the next few
hours which mellowed out the trip (not an intended effect) but the
visual anomalies and nystagmus and CNS MDMA effects lasted until T+
3:00 before tapering off. Subject’s companion also reported similar
experiences. Other substances consumed:

4th anniversary other substances

Erimin 5 (nimetazepam)
Xanax (alprazolam)

Rating: 6/10
(The “pig” imprinted pills circa December, 2005 from Kuching seems to have a higher MDMA content)

Thank you for allowing me to make one final experience report of a substance consumed in…er, 1906. ;)

Without further adieu, here’s a recap of the troubled history of sixthseal.com during the past year:

I got arrested, everyone knows that by now, so I won’t go through any drug or pharmaceutical posts.

Viagra (sildenafil tablets) vs. Cialis (tadalafil tablets) [sixthseal.com]
A tongue-in-cheek comparison between the two popular ED
(Erectile Dysfunction) pharmaceuticals. Oops…did I just say
“pharmaceuticals”? ;)

Water slide for shit [sixthseal.com]
A reminder to the kids that opiate dependency is Not Fun (TM).

The bird nesting outside my window [sixthseal.com]
Before the H5N1 avian flu hit, people were actually rooting for birds! No shit!

Turtle eggs preparation recipe and report [sixthseal.com]
Before the…oh alright, people have always been rooting for turtles.

I sneezed and my atomic bomb went off [sixthseal.com]
I still think this is the funniest post title for the last
year. MapleSEA.com is another corporate time drainer – active in
sixthseal.com via MapleStory since 2006.

The cough syrup that locals abuse [sixthseal.com]
In the name of science!!111

PPS Bash 2005 [sixthseal.com]
The Project Petaling Street Malaysian blogger meetup writeup. Quite a mouthful.

Google AdSense cheque [sixthseal.com]
sixthseal.com was doing good on Google AdSense (trial case
study since the site involves drug and pharmaceutical content) until
too many complaints flooded in (from other bloggers *rolls eyes*) and I
was informed of it by my trial case handler after only the third cheque
was received.

Gone fishin’ [sixthseal.com]
sixthseal.com vs. South China Sea

Mount Kinabalu – The Summit Trail [sixthseal.com]
Mount Kinabalu summit – Climbing Lows Peak [sixthseal.com]
sixthseal.com vs. Mount Kinabalu

Snorkeling at Manukan Island, Sabah [sixthseal.com]
sixthseal.com vs. The Beach

Laman Web Dajal (Evil website) [sixthseal.com]
sixthseal.com vs. The Establishment
(sixthseal.com lost – “vs. The Establishment” is never a good nor fair, fight – I strongly suggest you avoid it ;))

Tongue Piercing – Photos and videos [sixthseal.com]
sixthseal.com goes tongue piercing (again)

Dragons Playing Pearl Fireworks Mines and Shots review with videos [sixthseal.com]
sixthseal.com in “How not to light a cake firework”
(but he does it anyway)

CNY firecrackers and fireworks roundup – a sixthseal.com Chap Goh Meh special [sixthseal.com]
sixthseal.com in “Playing with fire”

Jong’s Crocodile Farm report [sixthseal.com]
sixthseal.com vs. Crocodiles.
A tribute to those of you who can identify with crocodile farms, reptilian or mammal. ;)

and the other “Noteworthy Post” in the sixthseal.com blog year from 19th April 2005 to 19th April 2006:

I won the Sports Toto 6/42 Jackpot! [sixthseal.com]
I won the 4D TOTO (Lotto) Jackpot!
…but only got RM 30 (USD 8) out of it.

Read more in the sixthseal.com archives [sixthseal.com].

Despite everything, sixthseal.com has managed to conquer sand, sea
and surf during the past year. We’ll see what challenges the next year
provides. :)

sixthseal.com has been online for 4 years and counting and it won’t stop until I stop.

The first anniversary of sixthseal.com can be viewed here [sixthseal.com].

The second anniversary of sixthseal.com can be viewed here [sixthseal.com].

The third anniversary of sixthseal.com can be viewed here [sixthseal.com].

A big “Thank You” goes out to all the readers of sixthseal.com. The support is very much appreciated, as always.

It’s been great, guys! :)

Hail to the King, Baby!

OMG! I actually thought sixthseal.com's birthday is on the 16th instead of the 19th of April

I spent the weekend in the arms of opiate withdrawal, shitting
bricks with my nose running to the ground and throwing up every time I
eat anything. It wasn’t pleasant…and reprieve was brought today in
the form of 12 tablets of DF-118 (360 mg of DHC) which I had
intentionally saved up – I’m just buying time Morpheus, I’ll pay you
back tomorrow.

I promise. I don’t need to – you come and make me pay you back
anyway. It’s not like I can run and hide. *shrugswithazasinshrugz”

I had a dream last night. I can only remember bits and pieces of it,
but I remember a dismal landscape, with only a girl there, of my age,
who guided me through it. Except she wasn’t helping me, she was just
providing warmth and company through the journey and I was just getting
more and more lost in the dreamscape. The strangest thing she said to
me when I confronted her about that is that “I am you. You just don’t
know it yet.”

…and OMG! I just used up my opiate allowance for making a birthday post…but it’s not due yet! ZOMG! GOM!111

5th of April, 2006 is my birthday

birthday 2006

I celebrated my birthday yesterday (5th of April, 2006) by sleeping
the whole day. I wasn’t on anything…I was just depressed in general.
I’m 25 this year. I think my birthdays are not meant to be celebrated,
as is the trend as of late, if last year’s birthday [sixthseal.com] is of any indication.

birthday box 2006

Louisa sent me a huge box filled with stuff from Sibu and a card
(sent separately) which says “Our lives have taken different paths, but
I still remember the days gone by…I think of you often and reminisce
over the special times we shared. I will treasure those memories, but
time goes on and things do change, the one thing that will never change
is the warm feelings I have for you.”

birthday box blanket 2006

There is a blanket inside for me to use when I’m cold from opiate withdrawals…

birthday box toy 2006

There is a soft toy that sings “Happy Birthday” coz she’s not here to sing it for me…

birthday box others 2006

There is a box of apple juice (for my nutritional use, or for
acidifying my stomach so oral opioids do not work so well, I would
never know ;)), socks (You can never run out of socks. Ever.), a couple
of DVD’s to watch when insomnia hits me and large, black thrash bags
(it’s a bit of an inside joke, I can count the people who gets this
with one hand).

Thanks Louisa! Much love, always and forever…

Thanks to my coworkers Penny and Siaw Chin for buying me a tub of Sunny Hill ice cream for my birthday on the 4th.

Thanks to the multitude of people who sent me SMS birthday wishes!
My apologies for not being able to reply, my cell phone service has
been barred due to a lack of prompt payment.

…and finally, thanks to my parents for never failing to send me a
birthday card every year, for bailing me out of jail and the first
thing that comes out of your mouth is “Did you have access to your
medication during your time in jail?” with a look of pure concern, for
never admonishing me or condescending me with a “I told you so” look
after I was arrested after many years of using drugs, blogging about
drugs, and fucking up in general, and for loving me for who I am.

Happy Birthday Irene Chan Ai Ling! =D

irene 21st

Okay, this is a rather belated post – Irene had her birthday on the
25th of March and I got fucked up that night and also Sunday night so I
didn’t post until today. I was working OT that Saturday (crunch time
for a project) so we just met up for drinks at Luconia.

irene 21st white packet

I got Irene something very cheesy for her birthday. It was funny, at
least with my increasingly demented sense of humor. There were three
things inside, two of them I told her she could probably guess (which
she did, it was plywood ;)) but she didn’t get the third one coz it’s
just too cheesy.

irene 21st trio

This is me, Irene and David. I think we were pretty much fucked up
by that time…at least I was. Hell, I’ve been fucked up since 7 pm. :)

Happy Birthday Irene Chan Ai Ling [blogspot.com] ! Much <3 !

P/S – Aries rulez!!!!1oneone. You’re technically legal now, Irene! =D

Sean's birthday @ Mambo King, Travillion

sean birthday mambo king

Sean was celebrating his birthday last night at Mambo King
– it’s a cafe with a liquor license in Travillion. I went there with
Cherie, Irene, Owen, Ee Fen (which despite my poor memory, I could
remember coz she’s doing Pharmacy at IMU and her name is a
concatenation of Ecstasy and the Chinese word for heroin ;)).

sean birthday interior

Mambo King was packed with people when we arrived there after having
a couple of drinks at Luconia. I recall hearing a passerby mentioning
that there’s a “St. Theresa gathering in there of some kind” which was
funny in hindsight. St. Theresa is one of the biggest all girls high
school in Kuching.

sean birthday food

There were finger food served on a table in the middle – there were
plates of calamari with dip, garlic bread, chicken wings, crinkle
fries. Liquor was on the house as well – beer and Johnnie Walker Black
Label was available. I think we started drinking at Luconia, then at Mambo King and ended up at Mojo, but it’s all good – we’re all having fun here, right? ;)

sean birthday joyce dru

I saw a couple of familiar faces in there too – Joyce and Dru were
there and there was a social faux pax when I mistook one for the other.
Jesus Christ, I think the binge drinking is taking a toll on my
cerebral faculties coz I keep on forgetting all sorts of other stuff as
well…but fuck it, we’re all having fun here right? That’s my mantra
anyway to hide my self-destructive behavior. :)

sean birthday us

L-R: Irene, Huai Bin (me), Cherie, Sean

sean birthday sean

Happy birthday, Sean! Cheers!

Valerine's birthday @ MC3

val birthday me

Valerine + some guy with a Santa hat. Santa hat courtesy of Cherie from Luconia.

val birthday mc3

Her birthday was held at MC3 starting 10 pm – seats were reserved
and boxes of beer distributed. The one is the middle is Val’s sister,
who’s a really nice and friendly person, though I don’t think she was
amused by the non-alcoholic Substance Which Shall Not Be Named which I
supplied. ;)

val birthday flaming

This is Val drinking a flaming cocktail – composed of several liquors and a ring of licking flames…

val birthday drink

…and I don’t have a caption for this one coz I’m too scattered.

val birthday sister

Val with her sister – wanted to get a shot of them together.

val birthday wishes

Happy birthday, Val! :)

Alex's birthday

alex birthday huygens

Alex celebrates his birthday today, and the Huygens Asia staff all
chipped in to get a chocolate cake for him from Crown Plaza (about the
only place you can get decent cakes here). There’s an inscription on it
– it goes “Happy Birthday Boss” and a single candle was put on it
(probably coz we don’t know his age ;)).

The photo is kinda blurry since it was taken while he was moving to blow the candle out.

Happy Birthday, Alex!

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