Vietnamese Coffee

hanoi coffee outlet

Hanoi does not have a coffee drinking culture, at least not in the Old Quarter. The people congregate and have communion over unsweetened iced tea instead. However, there are cafes around which serves coffee though I would hazard to say that tea vastly trumps coffee over here.

I have walked around the various streets and I’ve never seen the complicated Vietnam drip coffee contraption – except in high end (by Vietnamese standards) cafes. I choose to go where the locals go instead. This is a form of pride, I must admit – I shun all touristy places and eat and drink where the locals go to get a dose of their culture.

hanoi coffee stool

I am a very firm believer that when you go somewhere, you should do as they do, not go on some guided tour. Be a traveller, not a tourist and go about it yourself. I am a travel snob when it comes to this. I can never figure out why people come to eat…steak or drink beers which are available at their home. *snob

Anyway, back to Vietnamese coffee, they don’t put the drip contraption at your table coz there are no tables. smirk

hanoi coffee

You sit on the ubiquitous stools that are available while you enjoy your coffee. It’s served black with sugar over ice but you can also opt for condensed milk. The people there don’t speak much English so I pointed at a guy opposite me and said I wanted that. The coffee here is really good – rich and strong.

It’s a very refreshing drink on a hot day. I paid VND 20,000 (RM 3) for this and I saw the guy opposite me paying VND 10,000. I called them on it and they said it’s a different drink. How can it be a different drink when I specifically pointed and said I wanted the same drink? hmph

hanoi coffee guy opposite

Some places put a “foreigner surcharge” so I purposely waited until the guy paid since there are no menus or price lists over here. I guess they felt bad coz when I was about to leave they called me and gave me VND 10,000.

*thumbs up*

Posted: 7:00 pm Hanoi time

Nam Heong: The Original Ipoh White Coffee

nam heong

Ipoh is well known for their puzzlingly named caffeine export – Ipoh White Coffee. It’s not white, but it certainly is coffee. It has also spawned franchises of Ipoh White Coffee outlets at the speed rabbits breed but the original birthplace of Adam is none other than Nam Heong in Ipoh. It’s like the Bethlehem of Ipoh White Coffee, except I went with three queens instead of three kings.

nam heong ipoh

You have to queue beside tables for an absurd amount of time before seats are available. I’m sure this problem is compounded by the fact that it’s CNY and everyone from Ipoh was back for the holidays. I bumped into Jen there. Nam Heong is also famous for their dim sum which was probably why it was so packed.

nh coffee

We ordered Ipoh White Coffee (someone ordered the unorthodox herbal tea though). I forbid the EZY sisters from saying who drank what under the threat of cruel and unusual punishment. πŸ˜‰ I’m sure someone would tell anyway, Ziling and Yiling has threatened me as much. :p

nh ytf

Yong Tau Fu is also a great dish there – the fish is fresh and good. I think it cost somewhere around RM 13 for the bowl though, not cheap for Ipoh standards, but it was good.

nh kueh tiaw

This is Ipoh style char kueh tiaw, pretty good. I like the taste.

nh dim sum

It would be akin to heresy if we didn’t at least order a dim sum dish in Nam Heong so we went for the egg tarts. We had a quarter each since we were very full from all the eating that we did.

nam heong ipoh white coffee

Wanted: Alibi for the morning of 28th January from 9 AM to 10:30 AM certifying I was in Ipoh consuming genuine Ipoh White Coffee from the original birthplace of said beverage.

nh group

Thanks for the hospitality! More food posts coming up soon! πŸ™‚

San Francisco Coffee

san francisco coffee

I went to the rather derelict looking San Francisco Coffee outlet at Miri to grab a quick snack before heading to the airport. I’m clearing all my Miri trip backlogs – this is the final one before the Miri beach writeup tomorrow. πŸ™‚

sfc counter

The decrepit and understaffed San Francisco Coffee franchise didn’t even have a barista at the counter at first. The staff was just lounging around OUTSIDE the premises. I was told that this franchise outlet is closing down soon, that probably attributes to the low morale.

sfc stand

The San Francisco Coffee souvenir stand was unmanned so you could probably just nick some of the stuff if you’re thus inclined. I’m pretty sure the staff would neither notice nor care about anyone doing the Five Finger Discount over here. πŸ˜‰

sfc interior

There were a couple of other customers besides us but the place exudes a general feeling of barrenness (not in the biblical sense).

extreme buzz 

I ordered the Extreme Buzz with an additional shot of espresso (RM 16). I needed the caffeine to keep awake during the trip back just in case I become an unwitting drug mule from certain people slipping stuff into my baggage during the numerous microsleeps I had. :p

oj did it

This is OJ DID IT – an orange juice fruit frappe that Faye ordered. I just love the wordplay, it’s cracked me up to no end. πŸ™‚

sfc cheesecake

This is the San Francisco Cheesecake (RM 7.95). It was alright, nothing to write home about that’s for sure.

sfc waffles

The place also serves waffles (RM 4.95). It comes with Heinz marmalade, Anchor butter and honey on the side.

sfc us

I was the only one that was due to fly back that day due to work commitments. I was totally exhausted by the end of it all.

life is good

San Francisco Coffee – Life is Good (except for the staff of this soon-to-be-closed outlet). πŸ˜‰

Ipoh Town Kopitiam

ipoh town kopitiam

Ipoh Town Kopitiam is a hugely successful franchise that takes the old skool kopitiam (coffee shop) concept and markets it to the new generation. Gone are the rickety stools and chipped marble tables, replaced with air-conditioning and Wi-Fi. I went to the beach during my last day in Miri and we dropped by the Ipoh Town Kopitiam to get a hot cup of coffee before heading back home.

ipoh white coffee

Ipoh Town Kopitiam is plastered with informative wall length displays on the origins of the franchise and introduces Ipoh White Coffee. Ipoh White Coffee is associated with Ipoh and is a mixture of “white” and “black” coffee blended in the traditional Malaysian method originating from Old Town Ipoh.

ipoh town kopitam interior

The franchise serves a wide range of traditional kopitiam food such as soft boiled eggs as well as a variety of tea and coffee. The ambiance of Ipoh Town Kopitiam is reminiscent of the golden old days of ye olde coffee shops, which has been popularized nowadays with other franchises like Cuppa Kopi Roti.

Ipoh Town “Cham” Coffee Tea Mix (RM 2.20)

ipoh town cham

I ordered the Ipoh Town Cham. Cham is the Hokkien word for “mix” and it’s a hot drink consisting of equal amounts of coffee and tea. It tastes pretty good actually and warmed me up after my swim at the beach in Miri (and later being rained on). I was also wearing a wet pair of swimwear under my clothes so I appreciated the heat from the drink.

Ipoh Town White Coffee (RM 2.20)

ipoh town white coffee

Faye had the iced version of the Ipoh Town White Coffee despite the heavy rain (which was what drove us from the beach in seek of shelter in the first place). She later denied ordering it and promptly appropriated my drink…despite the fact that my swimming trunks were still wet under my pants and I was literally freezing my balls off.

ipoh town us

Guess which blog the Pocket PC is logged on to?

The Coffee Bean Hazelnut Ice Blended and Latte

cbtl hazelnut

The Coffee Bean just came out with a new promotional drink (I should know, I’ve been going there every day for the Wi-Fi) called Hazelnut.

cbtl hazelnut promo

Hazelnut comes in two forms – ice blended and latte, the classic hot and cold beverage options.

cbtl hazelnut ice blended

This is what the ice blended hazelnut (RM 12) looks like.

cbtl hazelnut latte

This is the hazelnut latte (RM 11).

It is basically coffee with hazelnut overtones. It’s nice for a change, coz I just usually go for The Ultimate EXTREME.


Starbucks Coffee merchandise

starbucks genting

Starbucks Coffee has been my main hangout with Rene in Genting Highlands. It has free Wi-Fi so I can update my blog from here.

starbucks city mug display

Starbucks Coffee makes City Mugs (RM 35), a huge ceramic collectable 20 oz mug from 20 different cities in the world.

starbucks city mug

This is the Kuala Lumpur one. I got one as a souvenir and another as a birthday present for Cherie.

starbucks after coffee gum

I noticed that Starbucks makes After Coffee Chewing Gum (RM 9.50) as well. The Starbucks chewing gum comes in peppermint flavor and has the Starbucks logo on it.

starbucks after coffee gum peppermint

Rene got one of those and it tastes great. It’s a great marketing strategy for “coffee breath”.

starbucks trick or treat

This is Trick or Treat (RM 17.50) which is a Halloween menu special.

starbucks trick or treat contents

Rene fed me while I was updating the blog so I can eat and update at the same time.

Thanks Rene!


Frappe review


Frappe is a coffee establishment located in Travillion Mall. I went there with Joanne last month to check it out and haven’t gotten around to writing about it until now.

frappe interior

The interior of Frappe is pretty trippy and you would be forgiven for thinking you accidentally dropped some acid while looking at the reflective full length mirrors.

frappe red chairs

There are also cup shaped chairs as lounges in the inside of the air-conditioned coffee establishment.

frappe coffee bar

The coffee bar at Frappe offers a range of cakes and other delights (don’t ask me why I’m using weird words, my brain is malfunctioning right now) showcased at the…er, bar.

frappe cake

I ordered a piece of chocolate cake that was called something fancy, moist Vienna chocolate cake or something to that effect.

frappe half

I also had something which I can’t remember the name of except it has the name of the establishment on it which was why I ordered it. The flagship dish, or drink, in this case is a half and half mixture of milk and coffee.

frappe frappe

I also had Frappe which is the other namesake dish, or drink, which was Mocha flavored and I don’t remember how much it cost coz I lost the receipt (thus the incomplete names and prices) but I do remember sitting there until they closed. Heh!

frappe carrot

This is Joanne’s drink – she had carrot juice. In a coffee establishment. Honestly, I don’t know what’s wrong with her (other than intolerance towards caffeine). πŸ˜‰

Oh, so this is what has come to be – a self-parody of itself and a predisposition to use redundant fillers. :p


Starbucks Coffee Jelly Frappuccino

starbucks coffee jelly 1 u

One of Starbucks Summer Fun beverage items is the much lauded Starbucks Coffee Jelly Frappuccino. This is the outlet in 1 Utama.

starbucks coffee jelly promo

Here’s what the literature says – Coffee Jelly Frappuccino Blended
Coffee “Take a sip of the world’s finest coffee, complemented by tasty
pieces of coffee jelly”.

starbucks coffee jelly

I ordered one and it didn’t disappoint. The coffee jelly is amazing,
it’s firm but yet, oh so pliable jelly, made of real coffee. It’s

starbucks coffee jelly jelly

It looks like cincau with caffeine. It tastes like a Frappuccino
with coffee jelly. It’s amazing. This is the last KL post. Phew, I’ve
cleared the backlog. πŸ˜‰

Adem Finest Cuisine


Adem Finest Cuisine is the latest Vietnamese restaurant to hit Sibu
and I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. I went there for
lunch today to check them out.

adem interior

The seating arrangements are divided into two areas – the inside
(shown above) which offers a pub like ambience and the al fresco area
outside (shown below).

adem al fresco

I chose the latter coz it was a bright and cheery sunny day and also
because I found the water lilies they had growing in the trough lining
the al fresco area intriguing and very peaceful.

adem water lilies

I saw that the umbrella covers were all showing Trung Nguyen Coffee,
and the waitress confirmed that it’s their specialty Vietnamese coffee
so I had that.

adem vietnamese coffee

It came in the form of some metal contraption on top of a cup and saucer.

adem coffee lift

Noticing the befuddled look on my face, the waitress kindly
explained the system…basically, it’s a coffee filter, and you open
the lid when the water has seeped through and put it upside down on the

adem coffee side

The other two contraptions is then lifted and put on top of the said
upside down lid “to avoid the coffee from spilling” or something.

adem coffee strong good

The resulting coffee was fragrant, with a nice robust aroma. It was strong and good, just the way I like it.

adem trung nguyen

There’s coffee service in the form of milk, ice cubes and sugar, but I espoused that in favour of the dark, rich coffee.

adem garlic toast

It also comes with complementary garlic bread toast, and man…I
can’t describe the feeling of chewing on a bit of garlic toast and
taking a sip of hot coffee to chase it down. It’s divine!

adem vietnamese omelette

As for the food, I ordered “Vietnamese Omelette” to start things off…

adem omelette

…it was just egg and sausages, nothing to write home about.

adem beef pho

I also ordered their famous Vietnamese beef noodles, shown here in all its glory – hot, steaming pho!

adem pho condiments

The pho came with three condiments – lime, chilli sauce, and sea salt.

adem vietnamese noodles

The pho was absolutely fabulous…it’s the understated but rich
type, with nearly clear stock, but it was well made and the natural
flavours of the ingredients fused together to provide a superlatively
wonderful meal. πŸ˜‰

Seriously though, their pho is good…go and try it!

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