Ritalin (methylphenidate) experience report


Ritalin is the first line drug used to treat ADHD inflicted
individuals, and in some cases, for narcolepsy. It is the only
satisfactory stimulant compound that is approved for pharmaceutical use
in Malaysia. Ritalin is most well known for being used to treat ADHD in
children and it contains methylphenidate hydrochloride, which is a CNS
stimulant which does not bear a chemical resemblance to amphetamine but
is pharmacologically similar in action.

ritalin blister pack

I managed to get 3 blister packs of 10 x 20 mg Ritalin-SR from
someone who has a legitimate script. Ritalin-SR is methylphenidate
hydrochloride USP sustained-release tablets and it’s the sustained
release version of Ritalin. The time release mechanism can be defeated
by crushing the tablets, but the Ritalin-SR was evaluated over a two
session period – one with the time release intact (oral) and the other
without the time release action (crushed, oral, insufflated).

ritalin ritaline ritalina

Ritalin is manufactured by Novartis, the pharmaceutical giant. The
blister packs I got is interesting – there are variations of the
trademark Ritalin printed at the back of each blister pack. The first
has “Ritalin SR” on it, the second column has “Ritaline SR” written on
it and the third column has “Ritalina SR” printed on it. This is then
cycled back to Ritalin SR on the next column. These are obtained
through legitimate channels (psychiatrist) from a friend who has a
script in Malaysia.

ritalin batch code

Here’s a closer look at the blister pack – there are batch codes,
the manufacturing date and the expiry date printed on one end.
Recreational Ritalin use is not very common in Malaysia due to
sociological factors and the availability of cheaper and stronger CNS
stimulants like methamphetamine here (though the latter is illegal). I
will be benchmarking Ritalin against methamphetamine, since I have a
lot of experience with meth with every route of administration from
smoking to IV injections.

ritalin bubbles

The Ritalin blister packs contain 10 tablets of 20 mg
methylphenidate hydrochloride in sustained release form. The
interesting thing about Ritalin is that unlike amphetamine, the mode of
action in Ritalin is not completely known in man. The bubbles on the
front of the blister pack shows white tablets imprinted with CIBA and
16. The flipping of the tablets seems to be random, with some showing
the front (CIBA) and some the back (16). CIBA 16.

ritalin ciba 16

These are the Ritalin-SR tablets – it’s white, round tablets with
beveled edges and the letting “CIBA” and “16” imprinted on the front
and back in black font respectively. I took 240 mg during my first
session – that’s 12 x Ritalin-SR tablets without defeating the
sustained release mechanism. This was taken orally, and effects could
be felt within 30 minutes, slowly building up to peak at the 45 minute
mark. The 15 minutes between the time the Ritalin can be felt and the
time it peaks is the most euphoric part and it’s somewhat comparable to
oral dexamphetamine (which I used to have a script for in Australia).
It lasted about 8 hours but stopped feeling pleasurable at around the 6
hour mark.

ritalin ciba

The peak isn’t as euphoric as oral dexamphetamine or
methamphetamine, but it’s better than other pharmaceutical solutions
available in Malaysia. Please note that I’m experienced with
methamphetamine and thus can justify a massive dose of 240 mg (12
tablets of 20 mg Ritalin-SR taken on an empty stomach). The safety
profile of Ritalin depends on various individual factors and the amount
I took was many times the recommended dose and can be dangerous. This
is not a dosage guide, but a personal experience report.

ritalin 16

The second session was aimed at breaking the “sustained release”
mechanism. The Ritalin-SR tablets have a white coating and an inner
formulation that looks like crystallized powder. I crushed 3 x 20 mg
Ritalin-SR tablets for insufflating purposes and took the other 15 x 20
mg Ritalin-SR tablets orally. That’s a massive 360 mg of Ritalin
throughout a 1/2 hour period, which in hindsight was not a good idea.

ritalin crush

I wanted to finish the rest of the Ritalin blister packs so I took
15 x 20 mg Ritalin-SR tablets orally (crushed to defeat the sustained
release formulation, making it instant release) and then started to
insufflate the 60 mg of crushed Ritalin (from 3 tablets). I knew it
wasn’t a good idea by the time I finished snorting the powder…my
heartbeat was racing, my chest started to hurt and high intracranial
pressure was experienced.

ritalin tablets crush

…but the rush is rather pleasurable. πŸ˜‰ It did take a bit of a
toll on my body due to my hypertension problems though. I noticed that
flushing is very prominent on high doses of Ritalin, something I did
not experience with other stimulants like methamphetamine but is also
present in prescription amphetamine based compounds like phentermine.

It lasted about 8 hours in total before tapering off during the
second massive 360 mg dose. It has a lot of similar properties to
amphetamine based stimulants in high doses, and is quite euphoric. I
felt like I’ve been worked over by a 300 pound man when it was over,
but it was worth it. The high dose I took made me see Ritalin as a
legitimate stimulant instead of the “weak CNS stimulant” I presumed it

However, like with most prescription amphetamine like compounds I’ve
consumed, it seems to have a much heavier body load compared to
dexamphetamine or methamphetamine. I would not take this over
methamphetamine, but it was nice to experience Ritalin. Just be careful
with the dosage, I’m being lighthearted here, but 360 mg nearly gave me
a heart attack. πŸ˜‰ Take care if you have hypertensive or cardiovascular
problems when experimenting with CNS stimulants.

The jealous boyfriend at 4 am

344 am wake up

I was awakened at the unholy hour of 4 am on a working weekday for
no apparent reason this morning. I laid there in bed (well, it’s
technically just a mattress, but I digress) wondering what in God’s
name woke me up this morning when I noticed the distinct sounds of a
couple having a verbal disagreement.

jealous bf

Download: Hear my neighbors having a petty argument [sixthseal.com]

I don’t know what they were going on about, but I could catch
snippets of their conversation. The guy apparently has his panties all
in a twist about his girlfriend talking on the phone with some other
guy, and the girl became defensive and said it’s just a phone call, and
then they segued into the
oh-I’m-so-sick-of-you-let’s-just-call-it-quits bit and then came the
ultimatums and all that.

I shouted “Oi!” and that led into another onslaught about who was
responsible for talking so loudly in the middle of the night until they
“woke the guy upstairs”.


I tell you, there was once when lim peh was the one who did the
waking up, with my all night tweaking sessions which would usually be
characterized with frequent bouts of me bursting into song…it seems
that the glorious days are over. πŸ™

Durian candy

durian sweets

Durian candy mysteriously appeared on my table today. There was
durian sweets wrapped in translucent wrappers which tastes like…well,

durian nougat

…and also durian chews, which tastes like durian nougat (the crunchy type).

It’s not even durian season…

The cell phone with the most accessories and Jesus Christ (bananas)

ninety nine

I went to 99 during the weekend and I saw two things that greatly impacted my outlook towards the meaning of life.

99 awesome cell phone

There was the cell phone with the most accessories for one…the
sheer audacity of the wanton accessorization of this cell phone had me
speechless for the most part of an hour. There are various trinkets on
it as well as a Buddhist amulet.

99 jesus christ

I also accidentally took a photo of Jesus Christ. The Savior of Man
is alive! He was seen holding a can of beer, presumably to understand
this beverage that wasn’t available in the days of wine and bread in
which he lived in. We postulate that he was trying to understand
civilization in this day and age…so there you have it. WWJD @ 99
(What Would Jesus Do at Ninety Nine).

He would get a beer, that’s what.

Jesus Christ…what a question to ask. πŸ˜‰

Sambal Bak Chang / Zhong Zhi (Rice Dumplings)

penny bak chang

I’m told that it’s the Bak Chang festival today. Penny brought a
couple of the rice dumplings to the office today – it’s a twist on the
popular bak chang, with a unique filling catering to Malaysian taste
buds…it’s a sambal bak chang.

what bak chang looks like

This is what bak chang looks like – it’s a pyramid shaped rice
dumpling wrapped with a single, long pandan leaf and bound with string.
There are various different shapes and sizes, some smaller, some
looking like a box, there’s literally all sorts out there.

sambal bak chang

This is what the inside of the sambal bak chang looks like. Sambal
is a spicy paste that’s commonly eaten with nasi lemak in Malaysia.

Phensedyl cough syrup (pholcodine, promethazine, pseudoephedrine) experience report

phensedyl aventis

Phensedyl dry cough linctus is a cough syrup by the pharmaceutical
giant Aventis and it supposed to be the number one cough syrup being
abused in Malaysia, India and parts of Bangladesh. It is reportedly banned in Bangladesh [essentialdrugs.org] due to its high rates of abuse and pharmaceutical diversion into the black market.

phensedyl box contents

However, the cough formulation listed there seems to be different
one from the Phensedyl I got – it seems that Phensedyl used to contain
Promethazine HCl 3.6 mg per 5 ml, Codeine Phosphate 9 mg per 5 ml and
Ephedrine HCl 7.2 mg per 5 ml. The one I got when I went back to Sibu
costs RM 25 for a 90 ml bottle and lists Promethazine HCl 3.6 mg per 5
ml, Pholcodine 5 mg per 5 ml and Pseudoephedrine HCl 20 mg per 5 ml (!).

phensedyl bottle

It seems that they swapped the (relatively) high codeine content in
the previous formulation of PHENSEDYL for pholcodine, which is widely
known in recreational circles as having no recreational value at all,
despite being an opioid (synthetic opiate agonist). This is due to the
inability of pholcodine to be metabolized to morphine
[opioids.com] unlike codeine and its ilk. The promethazine content is
retained, but ephedrine is replaced with a higher content of
pseudoephedrine, at a staggering 20 mg/5 ml.

phensedyl bottle wrap

Phensedyl also contains a small amount of ethanol (that’s just a
fancy name for alcohol ;)), but the content is negligible. I ingested
this in the hopes of evaluating the psychoactive potential of
pholcodine (wanted to see for myself), but alas, the experience was not
in that direction, but it went in a direction that provided a rather
insightful, but unpleasant direction – anticholinergic activity…

Substances ingested:
Pholcodine 90 mg (total)
Pseudoephedrine 360 mg (total)
Promethazine 64.8 mg (total)


Download: PHENSEDYL [sixthseal.com]

I did not feel the pholcodine at all, and I’m convinced that it does
not have any recreational potential, like the medical literature
suggests. The pseudoephedrine manifested itself by keeping me awake and
making my blood pressure skyrocket and giving me constant cranial and
retinal pressure for about 6 hours, but the worse (or most interesting,
depending on how you look at it really ;)) bit was the promethazine. I
drank the whole bottle of PHENSEDYL and that gave me 64.8 mg of

Promethazine is a phenothiazine derivative with antihistaminic,
sedative, antimotion-sickness, antiemetic, and anticholinergic effects.
The last bit is that part you have to watch out for – an
anticholinergic overdose gives you hallucinations. These are not LSD
type hallucinations, and I would not call it a hallucinogen by any
definition of the word. The experience is more like delirium –
anticholinergics are a well known delirient. There are a lot of
substances such as belladonna alkaloids, scopolamine and others which
can cause a anticholinergic activity – the most well known of it being

Yes, it was like a Dramamine “trip”, but shorter in duration.
Promethazine in that dose was apparently enough to push me into a
delirium for close to 6 hours, with after effects lingering on for an
hour or two after that. I had full blown audio hallucinations and some
realistic visual hallucinations. The problem with an anticholinergic
trip is that you can forget that you’re on something – it feel like
you’re sober, but the world just turned upside down on you. I’m glad I
had sufficient experience with other psychedelic substances to ride out
this one…it wasn’t a pleasant experience, but it was enlightening. πŸ™‚

The audio hallucinations were the most vivid and realistic component
of the anticholinergic trip. I keep on hearing conversations, one of
which was about me by two of my coworkers, and I swear, their voices
were completely realistic, right down to the intonation, and the
“conversation” came from beside me, but when I turned, the voices just
shifted to the other side. I also kept on hearing vivid ringing sounds,
bells, sirens, and most of all, my name being called out by various
parties, some voices of which I recognize, and some I didn’t. I was a
little disconcerting, but I knew I was on the anticholinergic
rollercoaster, so I just…er, held on for the ride. πŸ˜‰

This is what I managed to write during that sleepless and delirious night:


the first thing inoticed afte the initial; “high” (if uou can call
it that has passed is that the RGB netting seems to have stck on the
walls so i excused myself.

thats the interesting bit -there s a ehporic lift when the syrup
hits, and that lasts for about 15-30 min before going to delerious
mode, without euphria.

i was having problems with orienttion and motor cordination but i
managed to get into my room and then BAAM the fuckin syrup hit. v.
intense and can be frigthening…except i already know that i’m due for
a delieriant trip, so i just rode it out.

the entire night was filled with full blown auditory hallucinations,
from other people speaking, to people i know talking, and there’s more
= there’s alwas a voice to your side, smetimes calling your name,
sometimes just stating a irrelevant phrase or calling another person.
but the entities are so close to me that i always think they’re talking
to me.

extremally dry mouth
auditory hallucinations, can hear various people conversing natually (ny coworkers
sounds are frightenig

severe disorientation, hard to appear sober

i looked into a mirror and saw a parellel universe. it was
amazing,it looks REAL, so real that the mirror is forgotten. i saw
myself too, and he was smiling at me. i knew it was me, but he still
managed to startle me.

ringing sounds are always on (eng eng eng eng eng sounds) but when other audio sources are obtained the ringing goes away

I HAD a severe case of cotton mouth (dry mouth) too. it’s appaling, no fluids can quench the thirst.

posters can appear to be 3d and deeper meanings are reveaked, i just saw it on this old one i put up when i was 13.

strong deleriant effects, i had full blown real hallucinations twice
during the trip, and the field of view is always wierd, like something
is wrong here. Auditory hallucinations are so strong (fucking
impressive) that i heard a 3 way conversation with some of the people
in the office. their sounds are reproduced perfectly too. CEV;s are
also present, very good ones too.l but the auditory hallucinations
impressed me the most.

this is an accidental use of a anti-choinegic substace – i was after
the pholcodine, but i got an anti=chlogenic insteaed. but i appreciate
the unintentional ride though. πŸ˜‰

not for inexperienced users or those who can’t handle substances.
since youre in for long ride, you need to be able to tell yoursef tht
you’re okay anything strange is just hllucination not for the weak of
mind. it’ll blow your socks off.


The most interesting experience about the anticholinergic delirium
was the bit where I looked into the mirror and saw another parallel
universe and another person looking back at me. I didn’t realize that
it was me at first. I smiled at him, and he smiled back. I tried to
touch the face, and it almost appeared as if I was going to
go through the mirror before I started and realized that it was just
me…before forgetting it was me, and then remembering it was just me

That’s the interesting bit about anticholinergic delirients – it’s
like a fever dream, it feels so realistic, you can forget you’re
delirious, and the audio hallucinations are so vivid, with bouts of
complete delirium with accompanying visuals which you can forget are
visuals. It can be very disconcerting, and most people would call this
a bad trip. I would like to try this again, in higher doses (but
without the pseudoephedrine) to see what complete delirium feels like.

Orange Peel cigarettes by DJ Tobacco

orange peel cigarettes

Orange Peel cigarettes are one of the interesting cigarettes out
there in terms of being obvious about their target market. The
packaging of the cigarettes is distinctly orange and the wrap liner
shows that this is another line from DJ Tobacco, the manufactures
behind the DJ Mix series of cigarettes.

orange peel cigarettes dj tobacco

The Peel series seems to be a new line of cigarettes for DJ Tobacco’s portfolio, and this is the flavor that Mr Lim [gmail.com] in Langkawi is kind enough to mail me – it’s called Orange Menthol Peel and the cigarettes are just exactly that…they taste like oranges!

orange peel cigarettes zesty

The aluminum foil that can be seen as the pack is opened up can only
be described with one word – zesty! There are various different angles
and font sizes of PEEL on the cigarette foil in bright orange and it
appears to look like a citrus windfall. The sharp citrus tang can also
be smelled upon opening the pack – it smells like oranges too!

orange peel cigarettes colorful

There is another surprise when I removed the…er, zesty foil. The
filters on the Orange Peel cigarettes are brightly emblazoned with PEEL
Orange Menthol with colorful dioramas of orange representations. This
cigarettes not only looks like its orange flavored, it tastes and
smells like oranges too!

orange peel cigarettes single

PEEL Orange Menthol cigarettes come highly recommended from me – it’s the closest thing to smoking an orange! πŸ˜‰

The cough syrup that locals abuse

cough syrup locals abuse

I went to the pharmacy when I was back in Sibu last week and asked
my friend for something new to try. I’ve always been curious about the
cough syrup that the locals in Malaysia abuse, since it’s not pure
codeine based syrup, but also contain other potentially CNS active
ingredients such as antihistamines in possible large doses and
pseudoephedrine. I was wondering what kind of “high” they get off from

Thus, I went up to my friend (who owns the pharmacy) and told him I
wanted “the cough syrup that locals abuse”. He’s familiar with it,
obviously, since he’s sold quite a bit of it to various characters of
generally dodgy disposition. He immediately pulled me over to one side
of a cabinet which has cough preparations of various colors.

“This is the one you want,” he said, while pulling out red colored
syrup in pharmacy filled cough syrup plastic bottles. It’s the one that
the locals who want a cheap high get, I was told. I asked him what it
contains, and he said it just contains codeine, a small amount of
antihistamines and some pseudoephedrine. It goes for RM 1 per bottle
and I’m told that most users drink 1-2 bottles to get “high”.

Right then, I said. I’ll drink 3.

cough syrup

Download: The cough syrup that locals abuse [sixthseal.com]

…and so I did.

I felt a mild sedation consistent with codeine after ingesting 3
bottles of the generic cough syrup on an empty stomach. I also felt the
pseudoephedrine, but that was also mild. My estimate on the contents
would be about 20 mg of codeine and maybe 35 mg or so of
pseudoephedrine per bottle. I did not felt the antihistamines, nor did
I feel any high dose anticholinergic side effects, so I postulate that
the antihistamine content is too low for any significant impact on this
cough syrup formulation.

It wasn’t much fun, IMHO. It feels like a low dose of codeine, a
very slight, hardly noticeable opiate warmth with a concurrent slight
CNS stimulation due to the pseudoephedrine content. It’s a cheap and
dirty high. I would not take it again since there are more elegant
pharmaceutical solutions out there.

Pizza Hut Pesto Meatballs Pizza

pesto pizza hut

The new Pizza Hut Pesto Meatballs Pizza comes with
the tagline “A True Italian Feast Awaits You” and it’s described as “a
freshly baked pan pizza coated in savory tomato pesto sauce made of
basil leaves and garlic, then topped with juicy, premium Italian

The advertisement for the Pesto Meatballs Pizza even features the
word “Eccellente!”. Excellent, I thought. πŸ˜‰ We went to Pizza Hut to
check out the new Pesto Meatballs Pizza – this was in Sibu, I forgot to
write about it until now.

pesto meatballs pizza double spinner

The tradition of having a spinner game is still retained with this
new Pizza Hut promotion. The Pesto Meatballs Pizza comes with a Double
Spinner game to allow the patron to choose (kinda, it depends on Lady
Luck) from a wide range of Pizza Hut menu items from drinks to pizzas.

pesto tortilla pasta salad

We ordered the Pesto Set 2 since there’s a party of four, and that
comes with a large Pesto Meatballs Pan Pizza, a tortilla pasta salad
(choice of Cool Lime Veggie or Thousand Island Tuna – we went for the
former), 4 pieces of Breadstix (choice of Parmesan or Hazelnut Cinnamon
– we opted for the latter), 4 soup of the day and a pitcher of Pepsi.
The Cool Lime Veggie tortilla pasta salad was good – I love meals where
the serving receptacle can be consumed. πŸ˜‰

pesto icy golden delights

Pizza Hut also has a new dessert promotion – The Golden Icy
Delights, which is “an exciting combination for the adventurous”. It’s
rich golden potato balls served with vanilla ice cream and topped with
yummy drizzles of chocolate. It’s really good! The hot potato balls
(doesn’t sound quite right, but it tastes right :p) with ice cream
provides a contrast and texture that’s very interesting and tasty.

pesto meatballs pizza chicken

Here’s the Pizza Hut Pesto Meatballs Pan Pizza – there is an option
for chicken or beef meatballs and we choose the latter for maximum
compatibility (everyone eats chicken). The new Pesto Meatballs Pizza is
delicious, although the initial sight was a little disappointing due to
the discrepancies between the marketing literature, which shows
absolutely huge meatballs and the much smaller meatballs in the real thing.

pesto meatballs pizza wing

I suggest that Pizza Hut can pick up our new variant of the Pesto Meatballs Pan Pizza – I present to you, the Pizza Hut Pesto Chicken Wings Pizza! πŸ˜‰

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