McDonald’s & Sega promotion – Sega mini handheld games – Knuckles Soccer

McDonald’s and Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog mini game #2 – Knuckles Soccer



I got this back issue from the McDonald’s Sibu offer last Monday,
where they reintroduce the sold out games (only #2 Knuckles Soccer and
#3 Tails Sky Patrol, not #1 Sonic’s Speedway). It was supposed to go on
sale at exactly 12 noon and man, the place was packed! Everyone was
jostling, shouting around etc. and the staff finally had to resort to
giving out numbers, and I got Number 2. Heh. Anyway, after a long wait
and a lot of pushing around, we (me and gf, she was still in Sibu at
that time) walked out with two copies of Knuckles Soccer. Yay! The game
features Knuckles in front of a goal and you control him using the two
right-left buttons to guard the goal from incoming balls. Fun, but all
too easy to win again. The background has a wider variety of colors
compared to Tails Sky Patrol though – colorful. I couldn’t post it up
before because of my broken digicam (didn’t have photos). Why do I have
photos now? I’ll write about that in the next post, here are the photos
that I took:

The manual for Knuckles Soccer (scanned)

The front of Knuckles Soccer.

The back of Knuckles Soccer.

Knuckles Soccer in action!

McDonald’s & Sega promotion – Sega mini handheld games – Tails Sky Patrol

McDonald’s and Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog mini game #3 – Tails Sky Patrol



I did not wake up early because I was still sleeping, so I didn’t
queue up at 9 am. I only got up at around 10:45 am after a call woke me
up. I rushed down to the local McDonald’s and I’m happy to report that
I have managed to acquire two of Tails Sky Patrol (the Sega mini
handheld game this week – a new one every week). I’m planning to
collect one (unopened, in shrink wrap) and play with one.

Sonic’s Tails Sky Patrol game.



Well, the construction of these Sega mini games seems to be pretty
solid – the only one I have (Tails Sky Patrol) feels light, but sturdy.
There’s a bit of a rattling sound when it’s agitated though. The back
of the game has a simple On/Off toggle switch and the front is molded
to the Tails character from Sonic the Hedgehog. The LCD is about the
size of a postage stamp and has a pre-rendered background. By that I
mean the background is “painted on” and shows up even if the game is
not on. You know what I mean if you’ve been messing around with
handheld games before.


Front of the handheld game.

Back of the handheld game.

The background has scenery of a blue sky, with nicely rendered
cumulonimbus clouds. The two red buttons to move Tails up and down
seems to be able to handle a bit of rough play, but I haven’t put that
to the test. This game also has sound – it emits beeps, boops, and
squeaks, depending on whether you made Tails eat a ring, you missed
one, or the game is over. πŸ™‚

The game in action!

The game is pretty compulsive, a lot of fast reflexes are needed to
get through the levels, but I suspect that this isn’t a device that
would take a lot of punishment, so personally, I don’t think it’ll last
for all that long. It’s great value for RM 5 (A$ 2.50) so I would be
getting the other two in the series. Please email me
if you have the first two in the series, I’m interested in getting two
of each (but one would do if that’s all you’re willing to part with),
just offer a price in the email. Thanks!

The manual

P/S – Has anyone taken photos of the back of Tails Sky Patrol? I
noticed this very interesting visual distortion where the blue bits
swirled and blinked and moved around. It’s not an isolated incident so
I wouldn’t call it a flashback. Try taking a close-up photo of the back
of this mini game and see if you experience the same visual distortion
when viewed through the LCD viewfinder. The front and other parts did
not produce the same effects, only the blue back of Tails Sky Patrol
did. I had to think very hard to remember whether I consumed any
mushrooms or blotters during the night! I’m pretty sure this phenomena
occurs because of the silvery finish at the back of the game – it just
messes with the digicam’s autofocus and that translated to bizarre
visual distortions in the LSD viewfinder.


McDonald’s (Sibu), grainy B&W photo in ze papers and NO DRUGS!


I went to McDonald’s for lunch today. I wanted to get those Sega
mini handheld games they’re having a promotion on – RM 5 (A$ 2.50) for
each one with the purchase of a meal. Unfortunately this is what we saw
upon arrival:


There goes my hope of getting every one in the collection. πŸ™‚
Hmm…come to think of it, if anyone happens to have a spare one that’s
still inside the shrink wrap, I’ll be more than happy to get it off
you, email me and name a price. Well, we had lunch anyway since we were already there.


I had the Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal while my girlfriend had
the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe meal. It seems that the Quarter Pounder has
finally arrived (it says “New” on the menu anyway) and I haven’t seen
it the last time I was back home. I also asked the girl behind the
counter about the mini handheld games and she said they get sold out on
first day they’re available, so I guess I’ll have to queue up before
opening hours on Thursday. It’s not like I have much to do until my
results come out on the 17th of July anyway. πŸ™‚


Anyway, the Quarter Pounder here is pretty sad…they are still using
the standard size buns, so the meat patty was visibly overflowing from
the bun’s edges. It tastes pretty much the same though, except for the
over mustard-ization of this one. Unfortunately, the fries here are
still very dismal. I have eaten at McDonald’s (and other fast food
joints) in Malaysia (various states), Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand
and Australia and no one came even close to the QUALITY fries in
Australia’s McDonald’s (though Singapore’s shaker fries at McD’s gave
it a run for it’s money). I don’t know about the other states, since
I’ve only eaten at McDonald’s in Victoria and New South Wales, but
damn, the McDonald’s fries in Australia is absolutely melt in your
mouth delicious. The fries of the McDonald’s in Malaysia tastes like
the ones in Burger King/Hungry Jack’s in Australia – very unremarkable.
πŸ˜‰ While we’re on the topic of fries, I’ve also eaten the most obscene
ones in Australia – at KFC’s, which is why I can count the number of
times I’ve eaten at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Melbourne over a three
year period on the digits of one hand. I would have gone to a fish and
chips shop instead if I wanted fries of that size and girth.

Well, on another topic, I saw a group photo of the candidates and
photographers from the Miss Photogenic photo shoot yesterday in Sin
Chew Daily, a local Chinese newspaper. It was on the top of Page 8 of
today’s edition, which I’ve scanned here:


I can’t translate the captions because I can’t read the language,
sorry. I can speak it fluently though (this is something I always feel
the need to add). Anyway, I’m the second one from the right in the
photographers group photo. The one in a t-shirt and slacks, biting my
lower lip like I always do while on stimulants. Gotta have something to
keep me awake at that ungodly hour. Of course, when I say stimulants it always means caffeine or another legal substance, while when veritas says stimulants it’s probably something else – can’t be too careful when I’m in Malaysia. πŸ˜‰

Which reminds me, don’t call my cell phone number asking for drugs,
I’m not a dealer. I don’t mean to be rude or anything, it’s just that I
can’t sort you out, so you’re wasting your time. I also have to add
that there are two authors on this blog, the Digi number in one
of the posts below is mine, and I put that up for friends and/or
important matters. To the girl from KL who called this afternoon, what
I’ve told you on the phone is correct, please don’t comment about
anything here as this is a publicly viewable medium. This goes for
everyone who has privileged information as well. Thanks! πŸ™‚ My
apologies if I come off as being discourteous, again, I don’t mean to
be rude.

Anyway, here’s two views from inside McDonald’s in Sibu:



Link: Brain rewiring during learning boosted by drug []

Thanks to Haggas for pointing this out. Very, very interesting read about a study on the use of amphetamines in enhancing learning.

Fender Bender @ Jalan Channel


I saw this while driving back – two cars collided whilst jockeying
for space. I’ll put up the morning photo shoot photos soon. I gotta
catch up with the PPS Beta 1.5
[] launch, which I missed, and all my mails and also
the blogs that I haven’t read in a while, it would be good. πŸ™‚ Updates
regarding the hard disk, sadly it made that disturbing clack clack
clack clackety clack sound upon startup today, and I’ll leave it to
rest for another day (superstition) before crossing my fingers (more
superstition) and trying again. I really hope this isn’t a head crash,
that would be disastrous as all my irreplaceable photos are in there! I
post the flight home ones when (if?) the hard disk issue resolves
itself, which I hope it will. Oh well, I’m going to post up the photos
from the morning. It’ll all be up in a while. I’ll have to change the
front page template too, because my bandwidth is being raped (for the
lack of a better adjective). It’s just 6 days into July and I’m nearing
2 gigs of transfer. I’ll probably set the days to display at 10 days, 7
days or 6 days, depending on what turns out better. I can’t afford to
put 14 days back on the front page anymore, my apologies. πŸ™‚ Oh yeah, I
saw this McDonalds – Sega promotion going on where you get to purchase
a handheld electronic game for RM 5 (A$ 2.50) just now. There’s 5
limited edition ones to collect, one new one will come out each week. I
just love things like that so I’ll head down tomorrow with my gf for
lunch or something. An interesting fact: It just takes 2-3 minutes max
to reach the Sibu town center from my home in good traffic conditions.
Heh. I’m supposed to be living in the suburbs too. πŸ™‚

I was harassed by a gang!

This is a post by veritas.

…of old people, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less dangerous. πŸ™‚
There were 10 of them, and we all know that groups of more than 3
people congregating in public means it’s a gang. Anyway, after a couple
of Valiums (diazepam) and quite a few cones of cannabis, I headed down
to McDonald’s with my friends with the intent of eating at least 3 full
sized burgers, large fries, large Coke, McFlurry and a dessert. I was
rather sedated though, and had quite a bit of trouble communicating my
order…I keep forgetting what she said. Heh! Well, I started
photographing the burgers, and this old man from the next table said:

“Whatcha doing mate?”

in a tone I (mistakenly or not) construed as hostile. Okay, it’s not
nice to be disrespectful to the elderly but I wasn’t sure that the tone
was friendly or hostile under the haze of cannabis and benzodiazepines,
and after appropriate analysis of his facial expression (though like I
said, it’s hard to tell) I decided it was not a friendly greeting, so I
replied in a similar fashion:


“Taking a photo of this. *motions with burger* What’s it to you?”

Anyway, he looked away and that was that…until the old woman
opposite him said something that could not be interpreted as anything
but hostile, to which I replied “What’s your fucking problem?”, which
was well within my rights, because all I wanted was to dig into the
meal while the munchies caused by weed consumption was still there and
these exchanges are making my food cold. I don’t remember what she said
though, it was something derogatory about my photographic inclinations
but I don’t exactly remember the details due to the diazepam.
Benzodiazepines make me forget most details while under the influence.
I even forgot the wonderful visuals I got last night from the acid
until I happened to look at the piece of paper I wrote it on. It was so
nice and realistic that I urged myself to write it down even though I
was so sleepy (benzos) that I could barely drag myself to bed before
passing out. That God for that, I would have totally forgotten about
the nice visual if it wasn’t for that “offline trip journal” (read:
back of an envelope). Forgive me, I digress. Anyway, that didn’t get a
reply, but later on, I dropped the spoon for my Paradise Peach and the
woman said that I might as well take a photo of that as well. I told
her she could have the fucking spoon if she wanted it that much. Yes,
that was rude of me, but Jesus, can’t someone indulge his weed munchies
without random comments from strangers? I did not use flash (flash is
evil in close-up photography – it obliterates the details), so it’s not
like I disturbed them. If anything, I should be pissed at them for
*cough* diminishing my dining experience. Being elderly is not an
excuse to freely make comments without retribution. In retrospect, I
was being appropriately polite (admittedly benzo assisted) since my
reaction would be different if the list of ingested substances include
(meth)amphetamine. Anyway, there weren’t any more exchanges after that,
I went to get a new spoon and finished everything (except the
Filet-O-Fish – too full) in peace. πŸ™‚

The fruits of my labor:

I ate everything except the Filet-O-Fish. Paradise Peach shown separately below.

Big Mac


McOz – Available only in Australia. It has beetroot, so watch out if you don’t like that stuff.

Customized McFlurry. It’s not officially on the menu, but you can ask
the staff to put anything you want inside. I usually go for an Oreo
McFlurry and ask for that strawberry sauce they usually put on top of
sundaes mixed into the blend. That tastes good.

Peach Paradise var. advertisement

Peach Paradise var. real

Yes, the real product never looks as good as the picture. πŸ™‚

Nice cake base though.

Oh, and I’ll re-write the mini binge and put up those photos
tomorrow, I’ve got something important to do later. Thanks for your
patience! πŸ™‚

GABA – it’s not just a genre of music (that’s gabba)

I am so sleepy right now. I had a nice, long sleep from 12 pm to
nearly 10 pm but only the first 6 hours was any good…large cymbals
clashing over my face would not rouse me. It might give me a nosebleed,
but I’ll still be asleep. πŸ˜‰ Unfortunately, the increased binding of
GABA to my GABAA receptors and the resulting opening of the
chloride channel to promote the entry of Cl- which leads to
hyperpolarization and inhibited cellular excitation started to decrease
when I was 6 hours into my nice slumber. I’m being intentionally
obscure here, if you haven’t noticed. πŸ™‚


Anyway, I started to wake frequently after 6 hours – my neighbor
closing her door, our floor’s phone ringing, the resulting knocking on
doors and shouts of “phone call”, even the fucking toilet flushing made
me wake up. It’s all good though, I feel pretty rested but still
slightly sedated, but we’ll fix that later with some…caffeine of
course, what did you think I was going to say? Well, I’ll be off to
McDonald’s with my mates soon, and then it’s no sleep till Monday as I
finish up my written assignments this big fuck off coding assignment
which I haven’t even started. I had better get my laundry done too,
before I have to resort to re-wearing dirty underwear. The photo above
was taken outside the McDonalds we usually go to – it’s a mural of some
sort, with a caricature of someone with the Maccas Krew…thought it was
Simon Creen at first, but his facial features do not look the one in
the deco after a second look.

P/S – Thanks for commenting everyone, I’ll reply when I get back.


This blog went thru a period when the posts were very food-centric.
πŸ™‚ This was a trait that jumped transmission media from email to blogs.
I used to pad my emails with what I had for lunch/dinner/whatever and
this also started appearing in my blog when I couldn’t think of
anything to write. Easiest thing in the world, go out with a digicam,
snap your lunch or dinner, and voila – there’s a post to meet your
daily quota. =D This daily thing is something I commit to, because I’ll
like to remember what I did on a certain day, even if it’s nothing.


Well, here’s another one for old times sake, what with the first anniversary and everything. This is the Ragin’ Cajun burger
[] (scroll down a bit), it’s part of McDonald’s New
Tastes Menu which changes every once in a while. I had this for lunch
today. Now usually, the things on the New Tastes Menu are rather
dismal, but not this…this is actually good. Spicy and nice. They are
having a free size-up promotion on the drink if you’re ordering the
Ragin’ Cajun meal with french fries and drinks. This means that when
you order the large meal, the drink becomes huge. Obscenely so. I don’t
know if you can tell from the picture, but it’s much bigger than the
normal large drink. They don’t even normally have it in this size.


And while we’re on the topic of food, here’s the Flake Noir.
Cadbury’s Flake with dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate. It says
“New” but now that I think of it, I distinctly remember having this
last year. Damn those marketing people…taking advantage of my dismal
memory and making me buy stuff that’s not new after all. πŸ˜‰



Have you ever gotten totally BLAZED and then go out and act normal?
hehehe! That’s what I did today. I haven’t eaten anything for the whole
day and after I came back, I ate 25 (5 x 5mg) mg diazepam (Valium)
tablets and chased it down with two beers. After that, I smoked several
bowls of weed and went out for supper with a couple of my friends. It
was so funny.

Chicken Delight

While on the way there, I was already trying hard not to crack up. I
didn’t tell them I was less than sober. πŸ™‚ Everything was just too
funny for words. Anyway, we got to McDonalds. I was feeling so tickled
that I nearly had a laughing fit while walking to the cashier. I don’t
know why I got so amused, I usually laugh a lot while stoned but never
like this. I didn’t have any problems ordering but I was still trying
hard not to have a laughing fit. πŸ™‚

A half eaten Chicken Delight and an uneaten Big Mac, fries and McFlurry

Well, I had the munchies really bad by then and I ordered a Chicken
Delight meal (with large fries and large coke) and a Big Mac. Chicken
Delight is one of the new menus that they change every once in a while.
It’s okay but then I was having the munchies really bad so I can’t
really say for sure. πŸ™‚ I held my own in conversation but was prone to
zoning out. I just felt so sedated I could slide off the chair with a

I accidentally dropped some lettuce and tomatoes on the floor and slid around a bit on my shoe before realizing it

Well, after eating all that and an Oreo McFlurry I still had the
munchies really bad. AND I ORDERED ANOTHER BURGER! Disgusting and
totally unacceptable right? *hangs head in shame* πŸ™‚ I ordered a
McChicken and I ate that and still felt hungry. This was the munchies
from hell. I usually can’t eat more than two burgers without being so
full as to nearly puke, but I was still fine by then and I had a slice
of Blackforest cake from the McCafe that was conveniently beside it. I
am ashamed of myself. πŸ™‚

The aftermath

My friend was cracking jokes about CONQUERING McDonalds. He meant
eating all 7 of the larger burgers. Even that feat is too much for even
someone with a bad case of the munchies. In fact, I’m feeling very
close to throwing up now. I feel so bloated. I’m feeling sedated now
though. 25 mg Valium isn’t much, but add a couple of beers and some
cannabis and it’s nice. πŸ™‚

I shredded the cardboard ring and arranged it on the plate. Fun.

I didn’t even remember taking half the photos I took…

Christmas Eve 2002

<p>My night out started with a bang so to speak. I headed out at around
8 pm with Johnny, Ting Chuan and Christopher in search of something to
eat. As we were nearing town, we saw this big plume of smoke near the
town center. We headed over to investigate and was caught in a terrible
traffic jam that took us damn near an hour to get out of. There was a
big fire at Tong Sang Road and there was a lot of gawkers and the
police blocked off one stretch of road, resulting in the traffic jam.
Actually a traffic jam doesn’t do the situation justice, a better word
would be gridlock. I didn’t get near enough to get a good photo, this
is the best one I could get:</p>

<p><img alt=”xmasfire.jpg” src=”” border=”0″ height=”225″ width=”300″></p>

<p>The final toll was 20 houses burned down in the blaze, they were all
wooden so the fire spread fast and hard. The papers said 180 people
were left homeless by this. What bad luck to have this happen on
Christmas Eve.</p>

<p>Anyway, we headed to McDonalds after that for our Christmas Eve
dinner coz it was pretty late by that time already. I had Bubur Ikan
McD, a coke float and a toffee sundae. This is my Christmas Dinner:</p>

<p><img alt=”xmasdinr.jpg” src=”” border=”0″ height=”225″ width=”300″></p>

<p>Grand, ain’t it? πŸ˜‰ We went to 1 Q after that to play a couple of
games of snooker and then Christopher had to go home so we sent him
home and we arranged to meet Thai Ling, Alan and Ku Ling at Liquid
where Diana and the rest are. Unfortunately, the tickets were all sold
out and they couldn’t let any more people in coz the place was full. We
then decided to go to the Paramount disco (Happy Valley) instead coz it
was closer and the countdown was about to start. I saw my cousin there,
apparently he’s now working in the Paramount kitchen. I also saw Wan
Wen and her friend. We met Chew Yieng (her dad is one of the major
shareholders of Paramount) inside the disco and she bought us all a
round of brandy. I had a couple of beers too and we stayed there until
well past midnight. There was this old guy on the dance floor who was
really going hard out. Heh. Everyone cheered for him, you go dude!</p>

<p><img alt=”xmasgrp.jpg” src=”” border=”0″ height=”225″ width=”300″><br>
<i>Part of the original group</i></p>

<p>Anyway, we headed to Pool House after that, but the ambience was not
really conducive to a Christmas Eve party (they were singing karaoke
there), so we headed over to Liquid again and found out that the crowd
has thinned out a bit so we went in. We met Diana and I also saw Jane,
who was there with her group of friends. The music there was pretty
good and I met a lot of people who I used to know but have since lost
touch with. There also was this girl who was dancing and offered
everyone her glass of water. Thanks! That was great for ambience. It
made things more like an MDMA-fuelled rave. πŸ™‚ Alan or Thai Ling
(forgot who) bought us another round of drinks and we stayed there till
the venue slowly emptied. </p>

<p>The rest of the guys wanted to head home, and I had another bunch of
friends who were at Heaven and I thought about joining them, but it was
late at that time and so we decided to call it a night. We had a late
supper at Taman Selera (it was still open) and then headed home. All in
all, it was a great night. Good friends, alcohol and the festive season
goes nicely together. πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas!</p>

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