Nuffnangers head down for the vPOST Christmas Bash 2008 in Singapore!


I know, I know, I’m slow – despite getting a SIN 26 broadband connection (24 hours), I was out most of the day so I didn’t get to update. I didn’t get to sleep much too. We stopped at a rest area on the way to Singapore for lunch. The food is nothing to write home about (it’s a rest stop!)…


…and I found out that Audrey really is 4 feet 9. She makes me feel tall. πŸ˜‰


We checked into the Marriott at Orchard Road and some hijinks which should probably not be published happened e.g. this dubious photo of Eiling being er…molested by us…

girl girl

…and some naughty girl on girl action.


(as well as the infamous 7 second shot)

no caption

I don’t even have a caption for this photo.


Sneak peak: The girls dressing up. Eiling and Natalie dropped by to change.

getting dressed

I was about to get changed. Sorry for being late (and passing out). :p

dressing up

We got all dressed up for the costume party – I was assigned the letter O so I went as Osama bin Laden (after being brought into US custody but still given a cigarette before being sent away) but I ended up being P.

More details and photos tomorrow! πŸ™‚

Road Trip: Malaysian Nuffnangers off to Singapore!

nuffnang office

Nuffnang Singapore is organizing an event tonight so us Malaysian bloggers were invited to the event. There’s 18 of us is this bus and we’ll be reaching Singapore for the costume party later tonight.


We’re supposed to rendezvous at the Nuffnang office in KL, where the bus will shuttle us all the way down to KL. There’s a lot of familiar faces here, most of which you’ll recognize from the blogging scene.


Tumpang glamour a bit. Cindy!


Ginny Yap, who’s sick and half asleep.


Hugh Hefner impersonation.

Here’s a video of our road trip with everyone introducing themselves. More updates coming soon. πŸ™‚

Suanie and gang came the latest and all she had to say was this. πŸ˜‰

Breaking news: Osama bin Laden apprehended in Malaysia, transporting to Singapore tomorrow


I have just received word that Osama bin Laden has been apprehended and will be heading down (heavily guarded, of course) to Singapore at 10 am tomorrow morning. He will be making an appearance at the vPOST-Nuffnang Christmas Bash 2008 tomorrow night. I hear he’s staying at the Marriott Hotel at Orchard Road for the night.


Please do not expect the Osama bin Laden you’ve been used to seeing in the infrequent videotaped appearances he has made in channels like Al Jazeera. The US forces has shaved off his beard (and some of his hair) and made him take off his headscarf. He is expected to be blindfolded and restrained on his way to Guatemala Bay. He will also be wearing a military issue bulletproof vest instead of his usual camouflage jacket and his AK-47 will naturally not pass Singapore customs.

Osama bin Laden is so 2001, so thanks to Edmund, he has received a total makeover. I had a great idea for a 2008 Poh Huai bin Laden and the storyline that goes with it and his costume shop is a treasure trove to manifest my sudden fit of inspiration! πŸ™‚

The Nuffnang Malaysian bloggers are heading down to Singapore tomorrow.

See ya all in the Sin City! =D

F&N Free Party – Last minute preparations

I have posted about my attempts to win myself (and you) a free party here and here. It has come to my attention that there’s no possible way I can drink so many cans of F&N drinks in such a short time, so I magnanimously shared it with all and sunder. I even gave some to the condo security guards. Anyway, I noticed something about the F&N cans after having opened so many cans:


I’ve discovered a method where you can get a smiley face (!) on the can by removing the pull tab in a certain way. Hold the can and twist the pull tab to a 90 degree position. Do not make contact with the opening. This is very important. Pull the tab upwards without excessive force and gently remove the tab.

Do you see the F&N smiley face with the eyes (two dots), nose (the pull tab fastener) and smile (the opening)?

It even has a halo on top, like an angel. I’m getting a good vibe about this.

Looks like someone up there loves me. πŸ˜‰


I shall be sending in my entries on Wednesday. I’ve gotten a bunch of the contest forms and will be posting them via regular mail with two pull tabs each. I’m bracing for the postal charges since it seems that I will have to send it in one by one.


Pos Malaysia, here I come! =D

James was kind enough to email a friend of his in F&N and direct her to my post so I’m hoping they will take notice of this. Help me spread the word my fellow bloggers! Unite!


They may take our lives, but they’ll never take our FREEdom!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

Breaking news: War between and PamSong


The rogue nation of PamSong has attacked our nation’s homeland as of 0800 today. As the President of the Sovereign State of, we cannot allow the dictator of this rogue state to terrorize our citizens. The buck stops here! It ends here, right now!

The terrorist nation of PamSong, with her Weapons of Mass Persuasion…er, I mean Destruction must end. PamSong has oppressed her citizens, deprived them of their human rights. My Secretary of Defense has informed me that she is harboring WMPs in some vague, remote site on her blog.

Although I personally doubt the veracity of the claims, I must act in the interests of the citizens of

I hereby declare a State of War between the nations of and PamSong.

This is my Presidential Address:

You are either WITH us or AGAINST us.

There is no middle ground.

These verbal terrorists operating under a fake regime must be stopped at all costs.

I hereby announce Operation Enduring FREEPARTYdom against the State of PamSong.

We shall launch our attacks against this regime at 0800 tomorrow. Our (net) carrier fleet is on its way as I speak.

P/S – Did you know that the brother of PamSong is renowned for abducting virile chicks off the streets of Baghdad, er…I mean PamSong Nation? Join the allied forces in preventing these atrocities towards bloggers!

There’s no such thing as a 9 to 5 in KL

condo power

Straight from the horse’s mouth – Pinky Tham Waiping, born and bred in KL. I just came back from work, have been working OT a lot lately. It’s okay with me though coz I am one of the rare (lucky?) people who like their jobs. I’m a copywriter by trade so I have to watch out for grammar and typos – but not on my blog…on my blog, I’m free to make as many mistakes as I like! It’s an outlet for me! πŸ™‚

Anyway, I saw the notice above in the condo lift just now. Some tenant who needs to attend anger management classes ripped it off, but it was stuck back by security. Power outage from 2 pm till 6 pm. Doesn’t affect me, I usually get home rather late. This is a crappy post coz I have to work on a pitch later so let us segue into something else.

pc fair

I went to PC Fair (by proxy) to get a 640 GB USB 2.0 drive and a pair of Sony MDR headphones. I couldn’t actually go coz I had to go to an event so one of my coworkers got the stuff for me. Damage to the wallet: RM 418.


I shall post again tomorrow – in the meantime, I’m going to pimp an event for a friend – Comic Fiesta. It’s going on this weekend at Sunway Convention Center. I will not be going since I’m going to Singapore for the weekend, unfortunately. Click on the link to read more about it if you’re into anime, manga, cosplay or just games in general.

Pat, you owe me lunch. πŸ˜‰

Kakiis Night Out @ Euphoria, MOS


I went to the Kakiis Night Out event last night at Euphoria by Ministry of Sound. I think it’s the only non-smoking club in town. I went there with KY and Eiling as my team members.


I am honored that the organizers felt my 27-year-old self worthy of an ID check for a free voucher of Carlsberg Draft…until I realized they asked everyone for ID.

pinky tham

Pinky Tham! I less than 3 you! OMG, that was so random. Moving on.


I haven’t been to Euphoria before but the place has a great sound system and excellent lighting. It’s operated by the esteemed MOS in London.

The Kakiis event kicked off with a performance by the Break B’Boys. They’re quite good at what they do and it got the crowd pumped up for the games. Kakiis Night Out has 10 booths with 10 games where you go and get footprints. DJ Steve from FlyFM was the MC for the night and briefed the crowd on the challenge.


The games range from Kakiis Extreme (with electric shocks and dubious sea creatures and worms) to the more intellectual games like Kakiis IQ. You’re supposed to complete all 10 challenges. I didn’t go there expecting to win, but I was surprised (in a good way) that Eiling is rather competitive by nature and wanted to finish all the games. πŸ˜‰


I wanted a drink before that though, I just had two and needed a bit more of the amber fluid inside me to be in the right frame of mind. I managed to bum quite a few beer coupons off random people. I didn’t know it wasn’t free flow or I would have started drinking at home first. πŸ˜‰

team 37

Meet Team 37! We actually won one of the games and walked away with a prize, which we didn’t expect.

The most interesting challenge of the day is the Kakiis Tornado where a blower blows pieces of paper around in an enclosed phone box type contraption and we grab the pieces from the air. We had to wear goggles – watch our team in action!


Dinner was provided and we stopped to grab a bite to eat before continuing the games. “Dinner” was mainly finger food without any substantial carbohydrates except for the cakes and desserts. Coke and other soft drinks were free flow but they ran out of ice at one point.

pinky us

Me: Look Pinky, you have like two leng chai sitting beside you!
Pinky: Where? Where got leng chai?
Me: …..


Anyway, we went back to attempt to complete the games after that. The more memorable is the one where you have to dig for coins in covered boxes. Two contains water and eels and the other two contains sawdust and sago grubs. There are four groups and each group of three people tag-teamed the way through.


This is the game where we won (fastest time). It’s a contraption which delivers an electric shock with the two mesh wires inside. You have to reach through and grab a ping pong ball to spell out…

kakiis win

…KAKIIS. I got shocked twice, KY got it once and Eiling didn’t get the electric treatment. I think you need to touch both the wire meshes for it to deliver a shock. We thought we did pretty well on this one but didn’t think much of it.


There was also a challenge called Kakiis Chill where you dip your feet into a small pool of ice-cold water and attempt to fish out ping-pong balls with your feet spelling KAKIIS. Fun.


This is the best-dressed group IMHO – they were wearing reindeer antlers and matching outfits. They won one of the video awards too.


There was a yodeling competition going on at center stage while we were outside fishing ping-pong balls with our toes and everyone got a 16 GB Pendrive Sliq so our group immediately joined the next game…which was cat walking and showing off our kakis (kaki also means feet in Malay, wordplay on the social networking site).

I’m sure there are at least two compromising videos (and probably some photos as well) of me taking off my shirt and showing my beer belly (potbelly?) for all and sunder to see. I was about to start taking off my belt too before DJ Steve from FlyFM shook his head. πŸ˜‰

Our team won the Kakiis Shock challenge though. I think we all knew we had a chance and looked at each other before the winner for that challenge is announced…and true enough it was Team 37!


We each snagged a 16 GB Pendrive Sliq for having the fastest time in that challenge. Team 37, FTW!

…and no, we did not meet Mr. Fariz there. πŸ˜‰

Centerpoint, PJ is the center of the world

blogger meet pj

I went to Starbucks Centerpoint after an event to meet up with people I haven’t met for a good three years – Kimberly, Suanie, and Paul Tan. Other bloggers in attendance were KY and Eiling, who were with me at the event (post tomorrow), ShaolinTiger, and KY’s roommate. We were there from about 10 pm till 2 am.

eiling cigars

I smoked one of Eiling’s cigars which probably costs more than what I’m paid in a week. πŸ˜‰

outing aftermath

I paid a huge price for it though. My girlfriend pushed me around a little when I got home and kinda got one of my surface bar piercings to bleed.

Outing aftermath, sial.

See how much I love you guys and sacrifice so much for you all. :p

Cactus Point @ Cameron Highlands


Cameron Highlands is known for its strawberries and roses but it also has a relatively obscure but healthy cactus industry going on.

cactus point

Cactus Point is a popular tourist attraction, and why not? Cacti are easy to take care of – they don’t need watering or any other affectionate gestures.

cactus spine

A cactus is a very lovable plant, with sharp spines protruding from every inch of its surface. I have a few sharp protuberances as well, so perhaps that’s where my affinity for cacti stems from. Pardon the lame pun.

cactus eat

You can break it open in times of dire need for water if your office or house is lacking. Or so I heard.

cactus camwhore

You can even camwhore with it.

cactus sale

Cactus Point has a wide range of cacti for sale…

cactus nfs

…and some marked NFS (Not For Sale).

cactus buy

Cactus Point has almost every species of cacti, according to the brochure. There are miniature versions as well – I bought some to bring back home. I’ll probably bring one to the office too.

I am now the proud owner of an evil looking cactus.

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