Tongue Piercing – Photos and videos

tongue piercing today

I had my tongue pierced together with Cherie at Borneo Headhunters Tattoo and Piercing on a whim about three weeks ago. I used to have a tongue piercing back in Christchurch, and it was more towards the front of the tongue. I tried to get it done in the same place (there still is a visible hole) but decided against it since I have a career so I went for one towards the back so it isn’t too visible.

This is the second time for Cherie (she has a navel piercing) while I had most of my face pierced in NZ, so I’m used to it. However, we both have a very high threshold for pain so we didn’t feel much at all.

I didn’t want to post about this but since a previous entry depicted my tongue piercing, I might as well put up the photos and videos. πŸ˜‰

You will need QuickTime for the videos (.3gp) and double size it coz I didn’t bring my digicam (it was an impulsive decision) so it was filmed using a cell phone. Check out the background soundtrack – there was a procession…I found it very appropriate. Heh!

hb clamp

Download: Tongue clamping []
This is a video me getting my tongue clamped for the piercing.

hb pierce

Download: Tongue piercing []
This shows the needle going in and piercing through the tongue with the follow through with the bar.

cherie clamp

Download: Cherie tongue clamping []
This is Cherie getting her tongue clamped.

cherie pierce

Download: Cherie piercing []
The needle going through…

cherie barbell

Download: Cherie barbell []
…and the process of screwing in the barbell.

hb piercing

Download: HB tongue piercing aftermath []
This is a video taken right after the tongue piercing.

cherie piercing

Download: Cherie tongue piercing aftermath []
This is a video of Cherie right after the tongue piercing.

tongue gold stud

We used a 14 gauge bar for the piercing. Cherie went for the surgical steel bar while mine is an 18k solid gold barbell

tongue bling bling

…and it’s topped with a jewel.

It’s a bit of an overkill on the bling bling factor, yeah? πŸ˜‰


Deadline: 3rd December, 2005

Harian Metro
[Image from Harian Metro Ahad]

I have been contacted by the authorities and I’ve agreed to delete
all drug and pharmaceutical related posts in two days (before this
Saturday – GMT +8). I will not write about drugs and pharmaceuticals in
the future on this blog.

I hope that all of you understand why I have to do this – the alternative is very
unsavory. I will still continue to write about other things (alcohol
and tobacco is still okay, as is all legal things) on and
I hope that you can understand and accept the decision I’ve made.

RIP to the first drug blog in Malaysia with photos and videos.

2002 – 2005

It was good while it lasted…

Thanks to:
Sashi []
Lainie []
John Kuan []
mahagurusia []
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mmulibra []
annabella []
Applegal []
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and everyone else who showed their support during this difficult
time. Thank you everyone – from the bottom of my heart, as always.

Viva la veritas!

Snorkeling at Manukan Island, Sabah

pulau manukan

Manukan Island or Pulau Manukan is a 20 minute boat
ride from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. It’s one of the more popular islands in
Sabah due to the attraction of its white sandy beaches and rich hued
waters teeming with marine life. The abundance of corals and
availability of water sports makes this a premier destination for
island hopping in Sabah.

manukan island jetty

Manukan Island is part of the chain of islands that makes up Tunku
Abdul Rahman Park in Sabah, Malaysia. The island can be reached by the
jetty at Kota Kinabalu city. The boat ride costs RM 15 and can
accommodate 10 people, so if you’re in a group that’s less than the
quorum, be prepared to wait a while until 10 people sign up.
One can rent a boat for a day too.

manukan island heading

The boat that takes you to the island is a modern speed boat and it
easily navigates through the clear waters towards the island of your
choice. The boat had a mixture of travelers from all over the world and
the early morning skies were perfect as we headed towards Pulau
Manukan. Snorkels can be rented from the boat operator at RM 10.

manukan island boat

The boats that are allowed to dock at Pulau Manukan has to be
registered with Sabah Parks and it’s required to meet safety
requirements e.g. life jackets must be worn during the journey. The
waterfront of Kota Kinabalu zips by as the boat departs and there is a
constant wind from the speed of the boat billowing at you. The boat
occasionally runs into waves so splashes of water into the boat are
pretty common.

manukan island docking

The lush green island soon comes into view as the boat slows down to
dock at the Pulau Manukan island. The natural beauty of the island is
apparent – calm, green waters with a diverse amount of fishes swimming
around and white, sandy beaches at the fringe with deep green lush
trees lining the island.

manukan island friendly fish

The rich marine life on Manukan Island is apparent as we disembarked
from the boat – the high tide submerges the lower part of the jetty and
people can be seen feeding the fishes with pieces of bread. The island
is a protected zone so no fishing or harming of the marine life is
permitted. This makes the fish breed with abundance and they’re quite
friendly and unafraid of human contact.

manukan island bouys

Pulau Manukan has chalets for overnight stays but most people come
here just to relax and enjoy the natural offerings of the island on a
day trip. The red buoys bobbing around the perimeter extending 100
meters out from the beach are designated swimming areas. There is a lot
of boat traffic outside that demarcation and the speed boats carrying
island visitors frequently passes very close to the line so it’s a good
idea to keep inside the perimeter.

manukan island pier

The Manukan Island pier is a wooden catwalk hovering over the
vibrant green waters and the natural tranquility of the island is
palpable as you walk towards the beach…

manukan island welcome

There is a “Welcome to Pulau Manukan” sign at the end of the pier and a RM 3 conservation fee is to be paid at the booth before entry to the beach is permitted.

manukan island chalet

The chalets nested in lush greenery greet you as you first step on
the beach. The polished wood chalets look perfectly in place on the
island, due to the matching theme and decor of the architecture.

manukan island lets go

I did not waste any time in hitting the beach as the warm sands and
appealing shade of water looks too tempting to resist. I donned my
snorkels and started to float and swim around, appreciating the
wonderful diverse and unique marine life in the waters.

manukan island snorkelling

This is me in the snorkels. The water on Pulau Manukan is incredibly
calm and hosts a wide variety of fishes. I wish I had an underwater
disposable camera to show the readers of the incredible
scenes that I saw while snorkeling:

There was friendly little swordfish swimming at the top of the water, skimming over my snorkel masks every now and then.

There were many different multicolored fishes which come over
and take bites out of pieces of bread that you offer then, occasionally
nipping at your fingers.

There were sea cucumbers of all sizes, lining the seabed…

There were starfish and corals of mind-boggling variety and complexity.

Since I didn’t have an underwater camera, I had to snorkel out into
the waters to retrieve select pieces of marine life so I can take
photos of them:

manukan island starfish

This is a starfish taken from about 30 meters out to sea. It’s an unusual blue color with a brown underside.

manukan island sea cucumber

OMG! My thing fell off! πŸ˜‰

manukan island corals

This is a piece of the ubiquitous dead corals that wash out onto the
beach. I couldn’t very well lug one from the seabed, so this would have
to do.

manukan island guard

There are lifeguard posts located at the beach for drowning swimmers (though most non-swimmers I saw were wearing life vests).

manukan island beach

The beach at Manukan Island is beautiful – the scenic islands surrounding it are easily visible from the shore.

manukan island waters

The tranquil waters of Pulau Manukan…perfect for snorkeling…

manukan island reading

Reading a good book by the shade of a tree on the beach…

manukan island girls

These are two travelers that I met while I was on Manukan Island – very friendly people, they were snorkeling as well.

manukan island bombs

This is a WWII memorial at Pulau Manukan…there were bombs and
shells on display by the beach, which were presumably recovered on the
beach after the war.

manukan island fishes

The fishes in the water are clearly visible through the calm, green waters…

manukan island leaving

…and all too soon, it was time to depart the island.

Pulau Manukan in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is a great place to relax and unwind. It’s a great island…

Mount Kinabalu summit – Climbing Lows Peak

lows peak

Mt. Kinabalu is the highest mountain in Borneo. The majestic mountain is also a feature of the Sahah flag and the highest peak is called Low’s Peak,
clocking in at an elevation of 4102 meters. The height of the summit
changes from time to time though, and it’s currently listed as 4095.2 meters.

The climb up began at 0230 hours from the rest house at 3,320 meters
above sea level. We had already scaled the first part of the mountain
earlier and the summit attempt was made after 4 hours of sleep. I was
the only one to reach the top amongst my buddies – one didn’t want to
go and the other gave up half way.

summit attempt

The mandatory guide that was assigned to us woke us up at 2 am in
the morning and I had a quick snack of Pringles and brought along a 1.5
liter bottle of water and several energy bars. The altitude at the
start of the summit climb made the ambient temperature very cold, with
an extremely icy wind chill factor.

I suited up in climbing gear and grabbed a torchlight before
following the guide up the summit at 2:30 am. It is important to wear
gloves as you will need the grip to scramble up the mountain using a
rope and as protection from the rugged granite terrain. The altitude
also makes scaling the mountain difficult and it is important to take
breaths to get used to the thinner atmosphere as you climb up the peak.

dangerous cliffs

The first part of the summit attempt is through rocky terrain and
there are some dangerous areas where the path is narrow and there’s
only a rope separating you from a long fall down the cliff. This isn’t
visible when you climb it as its dark – but watch your step, as some of
the ground is slippery.

km 8

I made good pace and reached the 7 km point with relative ease, so I
told my guide to stay with my friend as he’s moving slower. There were
other groups climbing so I decided to embed myself with the faster
moving groups. It started to get difficult after 30 minutes of climbing
– the weather was extremely cold and my windbreaker couldn’t seem to
keep the cold out. The temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius at
night and ice forms, though there’s no snow up there.

I started to get altitude sickness again after the first hour and
had to stop frequently to catch my breath. I practically sprawled at
the ground and as I got higher and higher, the more exhausted I got,
and I was close to giving up…except I wasn’t going to give up, so I
just soldiered on and at one point was practically clawing my way up
the jagged rocks by sheer willpower alone.

sayat sayat check point

I finally reached the Sayat Sayat checkpoint (where
you register your summit attempt) and had to take a 10 minute break
there just trying to catch my breath. I don’t usually exercise and
that, compounded by the unfriendly climate and the previous day’s
exhaustion made my summit attempt very difficult. My heart was jack
hammering and I was breathing raggedly, but I was just as determined to
reach the top. πŸ™‚

steep rocky incline

I could barely feel my fingers due to the cold, when I reached the 8
km point, despite the gloves. I met Connie, a Hash House Harrier from
Kuching who asked me if I was alright when she saw me trying to get
warm in a gully. The wind chill factor is a serious concern at this
altitude – I couldn’t ever shield my face from the wind. I decided to
climb steadily without stopping despite my exhaustion and timed my pace
to Connie’s, who’s more experienced.

scaling mt kinabalu

The next few hours passed with a blur and all I remember is the
sharp rock face and the sporadic flash of light from a torchlight as
the climbers scaled up the mountain. It got to a point where I was so
exhausted, my mind went blank and I just forced myself to keep my hands
and legs moving in the general direction of the summit.

It got better as dawn started to break and I could see the peaks of
Mount Kinabalu. That gave me a burst of adrenaline and I started to
climb with more vigor. I didn’t feel exhausted anymore at this point
(probably coz of the endorphins) and marveled at the beautiful face of
Mt. Kinabalu that is starting to reveal itself.

I soon reached the ridge at the bottom of Low’s Peak (the highest
peak in Mt. Kinabalu) and started scaling up the face of the peak.
There is a rope to guide you through the large limestone and granite
peak – it has a very steep inclination and the final 15 meters requires
unassisted climbing, so rock climbing skills would come in useful here.

dawn breaking summit

I managed to pull myself up the steep face of the peak and finally
got to the peak of Mt. Kinabalu just before sunrise. The dawn was
breaking over the mountain and it’s truly a sight to behold…I was
glad I made it to the top. πŸ™‚

Here are some photos from the summit:

summit views

Dawn breaks on the summit of Mt. Kinabalu

summit breathtaking

Breathtaking views of Mt. Kinabalu from Low’s Peak

summit clouds

The clouds below the summit – on the top of the world!

victorias peak

Victoria’s Peak taken from the summit at Low’s Peak

me at summit

Lows Peak – reaching the summit of Mt. Kinabalu


Connie Wu, also from Kuching

connie me summit

Connie and me, taken at the summit

summit wire

Low’s Peak – wire to prevent a fall down the peak

summit ice

Films of ice forming at water pools at the summit

summit rock formations

The beautiful peaks of Mt. Kinabalu as seen from the summit

summit descending

Descending Mt. Kinabalu – the mountain has been conquered!


Download: Mt. Kinabalu summit video []

mt kinabalu certificate

Mt. Kinabalu is an impressive granite and limestone mountain and is
a sight to behold in itself. The scenic view at the summit of the
highest mountain in Borneo is breathtaking! I highly recommend scaling
the mountain to anyone who’s visiting Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

PPS Bash 2005 @ Charlie’s Place photos and write-up

pps charlies place

The PPS 2nd anniversary gathering, dubbed the PPS
Bash was held at Charlie’s Place. I just got back from the event and
this is the write-up of the largest blogger meet in Malaysia. The PPS Bash
[] was scheduled at 7:30 pm and I arrived at about
7:35 pm and immediately saw a couple of familiar bloggers – Lainie [] and Fip []. πŸ™‚

pps aizuddin booth

This is the sign-up booth, which was manned by Aizuddin
[], the organizer of the event. There is the official
PPS Ping! 2nd Anniversary T-shirt that everyone signed and also orange
stick-on tags to identify the masses of bloggers that attended the
event. It was packed, this is without question the largest gathering of
Malaysian bloggers to date.

pps ping sign

Here’s a closer look at the Ping! 2nd Anniversary T-shirt with all the signatures of the attendees. I got myself a PPS Ping! T-shirt too – it’s a great memento of the event.

pps charlies bar

This is Charlie’s Place Restaurant & Garden, the venue for the
PPS gathering. It has nice interior decor, and there’s a full licensed
bar as well as various seating arrangements, both indoors and outdoors.

pps indoors charlies

Here’s a look at the interior seating arrangements…

pps steak

…and this is the Charlie’s Place Chef Special Grilled Steak
that I preordered. I had the blue cheese sauce and the tenderloin steak
(RM 41) came out nicely done, despite the deluge of orders. I liked the
steak but I can’t say much about the vegetables coz I don’t really like
vegetables. Nessa ate my grilled tomato, so you should probably ask her
what it tastes like. πŸ˜‰ The tenderloin steak was great though.

pps nessa lains fip me

Now, here’s the most important bit about the meet up – the bloggers!
These are the pictures from my digicam, in order. Here’s a shot of me
with (L-R) Vanessa, Lainie, Fip, and me.

pps nessa lains fip me alt

This is another variant of the shot – you just gotta love these people. πŸ˜‰

pps nessa me

This is Nessa [] and me.

pps lains me

Here’s Lains and me.

pps fip me

This is Fip and…er, me. I’m using the first person adjective too much, my apologies. :p

pps lucia me

This is Lucia [], who came all the way from Penang.

pps joyce

Here’s a shot of Joyce (see, I remember ;))…

pps adam

…and Adam, who’s the host of an 8TV program.

pps aizuddin

This is the man of the day – Aizuddin, the host.

pps st

I present to you, the very tall Shaolin Tiger [].

pps chooki

This is Chooki
[], and true to her word, she’s wearing nothing. There
was a bit of a frenzy to take shots of her boobs, sorry, I mean
T-shirt. πŸ˜‰

pps the star

The Star (the newspaper) also came to cover the event – here’s a
shot of me with the two journalists. I’ve always wanted to be one…but
alas. :p

pps suanie

This is Suanie []!

pps jolene

Here’s a shot of me with Jolene [].

pps prema

I finally managed to meet with Prema []…

pps kim

…and Kimberly [], the blogger with the sexiest legs. :p Her Aloe entry cracked me up too, surf over to read it. It’s a classic!

pps peter

Here’s Peter Tan [], whom I finally managed to meet up with.

pps david

This is David Teoh [], another blogger whom I’ve wanted to meet, but missed him when he came to Kuching.

pps bloggers 1

Here’s the photos I took with the other bloggers who attended the
event…forgive me, my benzo impaired memory makes short term to long
term memory storage difficult, so please give me your URL so I can link
the person to the blog.

pps bloggers 2

I really should have brought my Pocket PC to note down the blogs but it was still charging when I left…

pps bloggers 3

Please comment with your URL and email address if you want the full
sized photos, would love to share with all the bloggers who brought
along their digicams to cover the event! πŸ™‚

pps bloggers 4

This is James
[] of loopymeals fame and his wife Mae. It’s a pleasure to
meet with all of you, but it’s really difficult to remember the blogs
of 80+ people. Seriously, it would take a very sober person with a
large memory capacity to perform that feat…and that person is not me.

pps bloggers 5

Here’s more photos of the bloggers who attended the PPS Bash – the
one on the right is Callista, whom I’ve read when I was in Melbourne.
Old skool.

pps bloggers 6

There are actually 100+ photos of various bloggers that I took just now.

pps andre

This is Andre Phua, who was kind enough to introduce various bloggers to me.

pps awards mc

The PPS 2nd Anniversary was also the time when the awards for the three categories were presented. This is Mack [] of – the MC of the day. Great speech, and he has a nice sense of humor too.

The winner for Neophyte Blog of the Year did not want to have his picture published, so I’m respecting his wishes.

pps awards jeff

The next award is for the Ping of the Year – it went to the renowned Jeff Ooi []. Congrats!

pps awards kenny

The Blog of the Year was snagged by Kenny Sia
[], who did not show up with coconuts. :p This is the man I
voted for, coz his funny entries lights up my day. He’s from Kuching
too. The Neophyte Blog of the Year was a close one, with 4 votes
separating the finalists. I voted for Jaded, if you really want to
know. She wasn’t there though.

pps cake

Finally, the PPS birthday cake was brought out – it says “Happy 2nd Anniversary PPS!” and appropriately has two candles on it.

pps cake aiz

Here’s a shot of Aizuddin with the cake. Cheers for organizing the event!

pps group shot

We gathered for a photo shoot after that – this is (L-R) Kenny Sia, TV Smith, Jeff Ooi, me and Elaine.

pps kenny nuts

This is me checking out Kenny’s coconuts. πŸ˜‰

pps elaine

Here’s a shot of me with Elaine.

pps tv smith

This is the legendary TV Smith [], King of Satire!

pps tv smith friend

…and here’s one of his friend. Sorry, I didn’t get your name!

pps lains fip

This is Lainie (complete with her trademark pose) and Fip…

pps nessa me tag

…and here’s one of Nessa and me.

pps fip car

I managed to get back to Cititel by getting a ride home from Fip. I
went back with Fip, Lainie and Nessa. It’s a great privilege to meet
all of the bloggers in Malaysia and I’ll be looking forward to the
second PPS event.

It’s been a great night, and it’s been a pleasure to meet all of
you. Please leave your URL in the comments if you’re covering this
event on your blog, would love to hear from you! πŸ™‚ 3rd Birthday!

3rd birthday has been leading the wild into the ways of the man for three years and counting! πŸ™‚

This blog has been around for nearly 1/3 of a decade. Oh, and
doesn’t switching the chronological measurement units make it sound all
the more impressive? πŸ˜‰ I’m in this for the long run…tomorrow will be
the premier of the fourth season of – a big thank you
goes out to everyone who has been with me for the past three years!

The words of encouragement and support despite my numerous
shortcomings and constant relapses means a lot to me…it shows me that
no matter how bad I fuck up, there will still be friends there to help
me. People like you make me think that maybe the world is not that bad
after all. I know I don’t reply my emails as often as I should but I
want everyone to know that I read every single one of them and it’s
nice to know that you care. I love you all.

I have been blogging for three years now, and it always brings me
down a nostalgic memory lane to see what I’ve been doing for the past
few years. I was a university student in Melbourne, Australia when I
started I worked as a programmer with XM Malaysia in KL
after I graduated, and I arrived in Kuching to be the system engineer
for Huygens Asia after that. I’m still with Huygens Asia, and have been
since I moved from KL to Kuching.

The past year of has been interesting…the blog
started receiving a lot of publicity, and that has resulted in many
situations where people stopped me in town and asked if I’m the
“ guy”. It’s nice to be able to meet new people from
different walks of life through an online weblog…I’m glad I managed
to bump into readers outside – it brings a more personal touch to
blogging. πŸ™‚

It seems to be a strange coincidence that happens to
change a different digicam each year – my trusty Nikon 5700 was
replaced by the more compact 7.1 MP Nikon 7900
[]. The mobile solutions for updating anytime and anywhere
in the world have also been realized this year, with the purchase of a
capable notebook equipped with Wi-Fi and CAT-5 network sockets. The
connectivity has depended on mainly GSM cell phone GPRS/EDGE networks
using IrDA or Bluetooth.

3bday hx4700

The purchase of an iPAQ hx4700 also allowed Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and
IrDA connectivity modes, with ample dual memory slots (SD-Card and
CF-Card). The Pocket PC running Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
ensures that is just a fingertip away and allows the
replying of comments without lugging around a notebook. The pocket able
iPAQ has been very useful in comment management. The connectivity is
provided by a SE K700i with Bluetooth and IrDA ports [].

This year also witnessed several expansion and
diversification efforts. There was a supernova in the
universe which resulted in an aggressive push in domain name
[] was registered on the 1st of February 2005 to be used as
the “official” forum. It has been planned out to be a
self sustaining operation and thanks to the help of the moderators team
BIG D, Vertigo, PatrickISU, Swedish-Chef, Lainie, kisps, deadbill, sweety, justine, Astrum, Dear Sergio, shanks, chemist_tip, simplicity, *Limo*, Skwermy and jadephoenix;
the forum has been running smoothly. Let’s hear a big one
for the moderator team for helping out! Cheers!

The conglomeration of sites also added two new domains to the family – [] and
[] on the 29th of March 2005. The two mirror domains
are meant as a sociological experimental catch-all for trolls. The
other domain acquisitions made this year includes and, which would not be used to avoid diluting the main
blog’s name. Another little known fact is that the forum is
also associated with, and domains,
although it’s not recommended for use or book marking as I only plan to
maintain the .com domain.

The “Holy Trinity” of .com, .net and .org was also acquired for – it all redirects to the main premium
blog. The .net and .org domains was registered on the 9th of April,
2005. The domain name
[] was also registered on the same date – it’s going
to be a portal of Malaysian based or owned blogs, a directory of sorts.
I haven’t gotten that project up and running yet, but it’s going to be
fully automated – so bloggers can just add their own sites into the
relevant categories. and was also
registered on the same date but those two are going to remain dormant
till I find an application for it.

3bday castitas offline

The group of sites also witnessed a downsizing exercise, with
[] shut down for good on the 17th of September, 2004. will no longer be updated. However, the domain name is
still going to be maintained and all the previous posts will be kept as
a historical archive. The first drug blog in Malaysia has been forced
to be discontinued due to various reasons. If veritas decides to post
again, it will be at, not at – future content will be absorbed into the main blog
from now on.

[] assignment outsourcing service has also ceased to operate
due to logistical and human resource issues and the associated twin blog
[] about substance use problems is going be suspended
indefinitely. The decision is aimed at streamlining the
universe to allow more time to be spent on the main blog. The past year
has also been hard on a personal basis due to escalating substance
dependency issues, in regards to excessive and dangerous
methamphetamine binges. My struggle with methamphetamine use will
hopefully be contained before the 5th anniversary of the blog comes by.

There were six main events during the third year of
that were directly responsible for creating greater awareness about
this blog:

1. The MAC Red Ribbon Media Awards (RRMA ’04) held at Mandarin Oriental, KL

I was honored when Ely Azyze from MAC informed me that my entry on Guide to HIV Testing in Malaysia
[] won the main award for creating HIV awareness in the
new category of Non-Traditional Media (Blogs). It was an all expenses
paid trip, including the stay at Mandarin Oriental, courtesy of

I was actually flabbergasted that I got the main award coz if you
remember, the post has a link to another post regarding methamphetamine
in and the Red Ribbon Gala Dinner 2004
[] had the Prime Minister of Malaysia YAB Dato Seri
Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi, the ex-Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir and MAC
president and daughter of Dr. Mahathir, Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir in

Thanks to Ely Azyze and the staff at MAC who made this happen! πŸ™‚

2. in The Sunday Times, Singapore

The biggest newspaper in Singapore, The Straits Times, came out with
a front page blurb with another full page pull-out inner insert bearing
the title “Drug dealers with stethoscopes?” on the Sunday issue of
their publication – The Sunday Times, on the 20th of June, 2004.

This is the only newspaper in Singapore – the other one is
considered a tabloid. Thus, I was surprised when one of my readers in
Singapore emailed me to inform me that has been mentioned
in a drug related article of their national newspaper.

The full page printed paper and online article talks about doctor
shopping and the moral and professional judgments GPs have to make on a
patient-by-patient basis on whether benzodiazepine therapy can be
justified in patients fitting the monograph indication and also goes
into the exploits (I prefer the term “working the system” ;)) of doctor
shoppers such as myself. It paints a picture of a Singapore that seems
to portray doctors apparently forcing benzos on their patients and
mentions that:

“But the practice continues, and not just in Singapore. There
are Internet chatrooms – like weblog – where addicts
share their favourite drug recipes and experiences.”

I think this is the first time the blog made it into a foreign paper.

I remember writing a long rebuttal letter to the author to let our
side (doctor shoppers) explain and raised the issue of sensationalism
by getting a stereotypical “junkie” like “Micheal” (if he even exists),
instead of attempting to maintain journalistic integrity and interview
a more realistic representation of the substance users of today –
young, well-paid professionals with respected careers.

…and I’m not even going to go into the offensive and derogatory
ending phrase “It would not only cut down on addiction, but also
shoplifting and other crimes that go hand-in-hand with drug abuse.”

I’m not even going to look up, it’s only going to throw me into a
righteous rage. The last statement is a logical fallacy and is just
there to create anti-drug use sentiments and spread FUD. It’s like
making the statement “a couple of journalists make up characters for
their articles to fit the story, therefore every single journalist uses fictional characters”. Logical. Fallacy.

That said, I understand that the columnist had articles to write,
deadlines to meet, and may not be aware of the more intelligent
recreational drug users choosing to enter altered states of mind to
seek more life experiences. I’m glad the columnist was kind enough to
get Singapore Press Holdings Publications to mail a complimentary copy
of The Sunday Times to me. Thank you!

P/S – Thank you, Salma, for mentioning my blog. πŸ˜‰

It made traffic jump by an unpreceded 16 fold. The article helped me
reach the average Singapore family unit by mentioning as
a place where “where addicts share their favorite drug recipes and
experiences” to pique paper reader interest into the online world.
Spoken like a marketing spin doctor, I only need to retain the interest
of *pulls number out of ass* 3.5% of the original paper inspired
visitors to sustain my readership for several years, with an estimated
*again from the place where the sun don’t shine* 0.1% of those telling
acquaintances and co-workers about the blog, which in effect creates a
grassroots viral marketing campaign.

Okay, I’ll stop now. πŸ™‚

I’m not pissed off at all about being mentioned in the paper. is a firm believer of the truism that goes “any publicity
is good publicity”. πŸ˜‰

3. City, state and nationwide newspaper coverage

The third catalyst that is responsible for either directly or
indirectly leading dead tree media readers to the blog is
the coverage that’s divided into three sections:

4. Personal

These include personal appearances on the papers e.g. like in the Jolin Tsai concert.

5. Work-related

These are the news releases that are work related and involve the company.

6. Site-related

This is the direct publicity and reference to site(s) in the conglomerate. This one involves a magazine featuring

Here’s a review of the more notable posts featured in from 19/4/2004 – 19/4/2005:

Note: (V) denotes that the post contains a relevant downloadable video clip.

May 03, 2004
The Devil’s Kiss
Home baked Devil’s food cake with Hershey’s Kisses write-up. The entire process, from mixing the batter to baking is documented. (V)

May 07, 2004
Kuching bloggers meet @ Hot Seat
This historical event marked the first time a large scale Kuching bloggers meet has been organized.

May 18, 2004
Kapak (axe) brandi (brandy)
The Kapak brandy local distilled liquor is sampled and reviewed in this post. (V)

June 05, 2004
Download my nosebleed video while it’s still fresh! πŸ˜‰
This post is another one that contains potentially disturbing material. (V)

June 12, 2004
Jolin Tsai Promo Tour Malaysia – Kuching Concert
Jolin Tsai is the young Taiwanese actress/artist that starred
in a few TV series and has a string of albums to her name. She came to
Kuching, Sarawak to perform for the first time.

July 12, 2004
Mild Seven PITPARTY 2004
It has F1 racing cars, girls, beer, and more girls. What more can a guy want? πŸ˜‰ (V)

July 19, 2004
The Definitive 7th Mile Teh C Peng
The Teh C Peng at 7th Mile (Kota Sentosa) is a local favorite –
families drive up from Kuching just to drink the three layered teh c
peng. This post features the original outlet.

July 31, 2004
Meth Dragon Video Download
The controversial video which features me smoking crystal meth. (V)

August 02, 2004
Kuching Festival 2004
This is the annual August Kuching festival which marks off a
month of celebration with fireworks, boat processions and a converted
gigantic outdoor food court. It’s a popular event with the locals and a
must-see for tourists.

August 07, 2004
Ice Sculpture Exhibition
The famed ice sculptures from Harbin, China comes to Kuching to
show their legendary ice carving skills by creating various monoliths,
including a complete palace made out of ice with an ice slide. The ice
sculpture exhibition was held in Kuching for a month in a -8 Celsius
temperature controlled enclosure.

September 21, 2004
Red Ribbon Gala 2004
The Malaysia AIDS Council biannual gala dinner and Red Ribbon
Media Awards ceremony that was attended by the Prime Minister of
Malaysia. I managed to win the Main Award for Non-Traditional Media
(Blogs) which was recognized with a large engraved pewter bowl and RM
2,500. The Red Ribbon Gala 2004 is the crowning glory of my blogging
career to date.

October 06, 2004
“I don’t want to feel” – Videos of me cutting myself
Self-inflicted wounds made with a balisong (butterfly knife)
during a period of depression. This is not a suicide attempt or a plea
for help, but just one of the things you do just coz you haven’t done
it before. I want to experience the feeling of holding a knife, knowing
exactly when and where you’re going to start slicing yourself. The
feeling of having full control towards the pain mechanism provides a
totally different scenario in an uncontrolled environment e.g. a fight.
It’s novel.

October 12, 2004
Magenta, Kuching
Magenta is an excellent art deco concept restaurant in Kuching with great service and excellent food.

October 26, 2004
Louisa’s 23rd @ TGI FRIDAY’S, 1 UTAMA
TGI Friday’s at 1U in PJ is where we celebrated Louisa’s 23rd birthday. Happy birthday! πŸ™‚

January 14, 2005
Carvery Restaurant Review
The best restaurant for meat lovers in Kuching.

April 02, 2005
Guide to rolling a concealable cigarette joint
How to make smoking cannabis look legitimate. πŸ˜‰ (V)

April 05, 2005
It’s my birthday today, but don’t wish me a Happy Birthday
Methamphetamine IV use videos…on my birthday. (V)

April 11, 2005
Slash and Burn – The compulsion to self-inflict pain and leave scars
We have our ups and we have our downs. πŸ™‚ (V)

There will be constant changes and improvements to enhance the universe and feedback from readers is always welcome.
This year saw the introduction of heavy bandwidth utilization content
such as video files and movie clips. There are no plans to cease this
practice as video clips have managed to complement text and photos to
provide a more satisfying and media rich experience. There will be a
server migration planned in the third quarter of 2005 to manage the
increasing demands on the current server.

The visitor stats have also shown tangible growth in readership
numbers over the years, and I thank each and every one of you for
taking the time to drop by and share. πŸ™‚

The first anniversary of can be viewed here [].

The second anniversary of can be viewed here [].

Much love to all the readers out there!

Long live! πŸ™‚

McDonald’s and Sega2 mini video games promotion

sega2 compilation

The Sega2/McDonalds mini video game promotion has ended. McDonald’s
released a new mini video game made by the Sega team every week on
Thursday. It’s a joint promotion that continues where the first one
left off, thus the name Sega2. The mini video games retails for RM 6
each with every McDonald’s meal purchase. There were six different mini
video games in total, and it’s all reviewed and linked here:

Sega2 Mini Video Games #1 – Sonic Skateboard []

Sega2 Mini Video Games #2 – Cream Flower Catch []

Sega2 Mini Video Games #3 – Tails Soccer []

Sega2 Mini Video Games #4 – Shadow Basketball []

Sega2 Mini Video Games #5 – Amy & Rouge Tennis []

Sega2 Mini Video Games #6 – Knuckles Baseball []

The Sega2 series is a definite improvement over the first Sega series. I’ll love to see a third promotional run.

Red Ribbon Gala 2004

red ribbon gala 04

The Red Ribbon Gala Dinner is a charity dinner where the Red Ribbon
Media Award winners get their prizes. I was fortunate enough to be part
of this – RRMA is a biannual award and this year, it was
DaimlerChrysler who sponsored the event.

gala dinner

The Red Ribbon Gala Dinner is a very formal event organized by the
Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) and the Malaysian AIDS Council (MAC).
It’s a very expensive dinner – thousands of dollars per head, as this
is a charity dinner to raise funds for the Malaysian AIDS Council.

me ely

I liaised with my primary contact at MAC – Ely Azyze, who was kind
enough to arrange everything from the air tickets to KL and the stay at
Mandarin Oriental to smooth what was a very short notification of my
winning entry due to my tardiness in checking my email. I didn’t know I
won coz I didn’t even enter the contest.

stage markers

The evening started off earlier for the award winners – I didn’t
manage to attend the morning rehearsals so I was very quickly briefed
about where to stand on the stage and who to shake hands with. I still
remember my spot – second duct tape marker on stage, and the order with
whom I was supposed to shake hands with…it was Dr. Mahathir first,
followed by Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir and the DaimlerChrysler


I got my red ribbon and handed over my invitation and signed in the guestbook…

gala speakers

The pre-public evening started with some rehearsals from the
speakers and I could see the table attendants from Mandarin Oriental
setting up the tables. The motif of every table was different, each has
a set piece on it to be auctioned off at the end of the gala and the
table decorations go with the motif.

rrma tables

Download: Red Ribbon Gala 2004 tables []

The gala dinner was held in the Grand Ballroom of Mandarin Oriental,
KL. The place was large and two big screens were also put up so that
people could see the speakers.

red ribbon table

There was a special table in the middle for the guests of honor,
which includes the previously mentioned VIPs as well as YAB Dato Seri
Abdullah Haji Ahmad Badawi, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

rrma marina

Download: Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir speach []

cocktail reception

I was interviewed by an Astro Ria anchor and unfortunately, I didn’t
think I managed to get my message across due to my lack of sobriety
coupled with being slightly uncomfortable with a microphone in front of
me and a camera man standing smack dab beside me pointing the business
end of the video camera at me.

hors de overs

The evening started off with a cocktail reception at 6:30. There was
wine, beer, non-alcoholic beverages as well as hors de ours (sp?).

me meesh

I had several glasses of red wine and I met Meesh, who won the Special Mention in the Non-Traditional Awards – Blogs category.

chris me meesh
L-R: Chris, Huai Bin (me), Meesh

I also met a really nice guy called Chris, who sat at the same table
as me (he won an award as well). I think he got the broadcast media
award. He’s really friendly and was the life of the table. πŸ™‚ I talked
with Meesh at the staircase and we were not quite sober and took photos
of each other:

rrma meesh

rrma me

table 11

The dinner started after that. I was at Table 11 – the winners are
divided into two tables, Table 11 and Table 66. My table had Audrey,
the winner from The Star (Print Media), Chris and some other MAC staff.

mac gift bag

There is a gift pack from MAC (Malaysian AIDS Council, not the
cosmetics label) on every chair. It seems that they arranged it so that
there are alternate male and female oriented packs so some swapping
took place.

mac bag contents

This is what it contains. Mine was the right one, since I sat
between two females, so my MAC pack was a male pack, so to speak. The
female version has lipstick, foundation and some other stuff.

rrma gala

Download: Red Ribbon Gala 2004 []

Let me introduce you to the people in my table:

audrey chris

This is Audrey and Chris.

me shaz

This is Shazlina from MAC and me. Ely was also sitting at the same table, as was a journalist from the Malay Mail.

me reporter

This is another winner of an award from Oriental Daily or Daily
Oriental, she’s an ex-journalist and seemed as inebriated as I was. πŸ˜‰

coke table

The Red Ribbon Media Awards goes after the Red Ribbon Gala Dinner,
so I was admittedly not quite sober by the end of the night, due to the
free flow wine, which I took advantage of. Every dish was paired with a
wine and the dishes are specially prepared by “Asian Master Chefs”. It
sure was different and interesting.

breads butter

There were several varieties of bread and liberal amounts of butter
to soak up the liquor, er…I mean to start things off. It was alright.
It’s bread.

dinner first

This is the starter, which I absolutely loved. The martini glass
contains chicken bits hidden in shaved ice. It was like nothing I ever
had experienced. Divine. This appetizer was paired with Jacob’s Creek
Chardonnay Pinot Noir.

dinner first flash

Here’s a photo taken with flash version of the dish so that
everything can be seen. The Red Ribbon Gala dinner literature describes
it as A Symphony of Gourmet Appetizers, by Jereme Leung from
Shanghai. It’s Poached Chicken with Chilled Soba Noodle Salad with Five
Spiced Shaved Ice, Chinese Tea Smoked Egg White, Apricot Smoked Salmon
topped with Sevruga Caviar Foie Gras Terrine with Garlic ‘mantou’,
Apple and Citrus Compote. The description made my head spin.


Shazlina from MAC who was sitting beside me, is a vegetarian, so she
got different dishes from us. Me and Chris tried to decipher just what
exactly her dish was but the results were inconclusive…All I know is
there’s asparagus in there.

dinner second

This is the second course, by Sam Leong from Singapore. It’s Puree
of Yellow Pumpkin infused with Superior Chicken Consomme and Crabmeat.
The pairing wine is Jacob’s Creek Reserve Riesling 2003.

dinner second veggie

This is what the vegetarian version is…it tasted like tapai, but richer and sweet instead of sour.

dinner third

The third course is from Jimmy Chok of Salt Restaurant in Singapore.
It’s Baked Miso Chilean Seabass crusted with preserved Chinese Cabbage
(Mui Choy), sauteed Japanese Mushroom, Fava Beans and Sweet Soy Glaze.
The wine is Jacob’s Creek Reserve Chardonnay 2002.

dinner third veggie

The vegetarian version for this course is equally puzzling but it contains beetroot.

dinner fourth

The next course is from Cheong Liew from The Grange of Adelaide,
Australia and is Medallion of Kampong Chicken, Lobster and Sweetbread
with Shitaki, Abalone Mushroom, Liver, Roast Garlic, Chicken Jus paired
with Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz 2001. This was very, very good.

dinner dessert

The dessert was prepared by Bong Jun Choi of Lai Poh Heen Restaurant
of KL and it’s Chilled Snow Skin Lychee Ice Cream Delight, Warm Jasmin
Marinated Plum and Morello Cherry Praline Mousse. The presentation was
great, but the mousse was not.

rrma main award

We went up for the RRMA award ceremony after that – I won the Main Award for Non-Traditional Media, and got…

salad bowl
A specially engraved huge pewter bowl (which we affectionately dub the
salad mixing bowl, but of course we’ll do nothing of that sort) from
Dr. Mahathir

A Certificate of Excellence from Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir which has my winning blog entry Guide to HIV testing in Malaysia [] as well as her signature on it.
cert marina sig

rm 2500
A check for RM 2,500 for being the main winner.

candle table

The Special Mention winners get the same thing as the Main Award
Winners, except their pewter is a plate and the check is RM 500. I
wished I got someone to take a photo of me standing up there, but the
MAC staff and all the winners were on stage so no one could.

table 11 setpiece

The charity auction for the table displays happened after that and
most of the winners left, and I made my leave soon after that. I’m
still kicking myself for not staying till the end and getting a photo
with Dr. Mahathir and Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.

gala end

I’ll like to thank Ely Azyze and all the MAC and MAF staff for this
honor and recognition. It was a great experience. My sincere thanks to
everyone who made this happen. Cheers!

Ice Sculpture Exhibition

ice sculpture fest

The Ice Sculpture Exhibition is dubbed “The Coolest August Festival”
and they mean it literally – the temperature inside is -8 degrees
Celcius. That’s minus eight degrees below zero to prevent the ice
sculptures made by the ice carvers from Harbin, China from melting.

ice sculpture tickets

The ice festival feature amazing works carved out of gigantic blocks
of ice and is housed inside a temperature controlled room. I managed to
get a half priced ticket (RM 10) by using my old uni student ID card.
πŸ˜‰ The normal admission price for adults is RM 20.

sweater change

That’s inclusive of a free sweater, and an unlimited time inside.
The coats are handed out before you enter the freezing enclosure.

ice 2004 kuching

The first thing that greets you (besides the blast of freezing air)
is this huge cat made completely out of ice. I was amazed by the size
and finesse that must have gone into this piece of work. It’s based on
the Kuching cat, one paw raised in greeting.

ice nativity scene

This is a nativity scene showing the birth of Jesus Christ
(bananas). Look at the intricate design of the hay in the manger
interpretation. The cot itself has a lot of carved patterns on it. It’s

ice eiffel tower

The Eiffel Tower of Paris is also featured in the ice sculpture exhibition. The scale of it is amazing, it towers above people.

ice gates me

Here’s another massive ice sculpture to show you the scale of the
interior. This is me standing in front of the Beijing Ceremonial Arch.
The entire interior is made out of ice!

ice pheonix sun

This is another design I like – it’s a piece of work called Phoenix Facing The Sun.

ice turtle

Turtle: OMG, the world has frozen around me and I can’t get up!

Here’s a mini tour of the ice sculpture exhibition, a longer video will be available at the end of the post:

ice inside

Download: Ice Exhibition Interior []

ice an pergola

This is another marvelous piece of art – the An Pergola. I give this Best of Show. The design is impeccable.

ice chairs

Lest we get tired, there is ice chairs located inside for people to
rest their weary legs. The entire bench is made out of huge blocks of

ice barren trees

The side of the interior is decorated with barren winter trees and
small piles of ice. It really contributes to the ambience of the ice
sculpture fest.

ice 12 zodiac

This is a long display of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac. I have a movie featuring the ice sculpted animals here:

ice zodiac

Download: Ice 12 Chineze Zodiac []

ice me rooster

I was born in 1981, so that makes me a Rooster.

ice maze

There is also an ice maze made out of blocks of ice in the middle of
the exhibition. It’s wonderful, the variety of interactive sculptures
available inside.

ice palace

Speaking of interactive sculptures, this is the ice palace, with
steps leading up to a balcony which overlooks the entire exhibition…

ice slide structure

…and an ice slide down to the bottom! πŸ™‚

ice slide

I went down the ice slide twice – they charge a nominal fee of RM 1
per slide, and you get a mat so your pants won’t get wet and make your
underwear all soggy and all that.

ice longhouse

There is also an intricate ice sculpture of a longhouse – possibly the most complicated sculpture inside.

longhouse detail

Look at the detail the ice carvers put into this one – it has a proper structure, with rooms!

longhouse very detailed

It’s very detailed – steps going up into the longhouse and windows on each room.

ice slideway russian 1

Here’s another complicated ice sculpture – A Slideway Russian Style Building.

ice slideway russian 2

It also features a mini ice slide, this one is free, but the slide
is too short for most adults. I would recommend giving the long curving
slide a go instead.

ice liuhe pagoda

This is the Liuhe Pagoda – a massive structure that competes with
the Eiffel Tower in size. I liked this one more, the lighting is better.

Here’s a video tour of the ice sculpture festival:

ice tour

Download: Ice Sculpture Exhibition Tour []

ice snake end

I would highly (no pun intended) recommend a visit to the Ice
Sculpture Exhibition if you’re in Kuching. It ends on the 15th of
August and it’s located at the MBKS grounds. I’ll rate it as a must
visit – you won’t be disappointed, it’s beautiful in there!

Kuching Festival 2004

kuching festival

Kuching Fest 2004 is the annual Kuching city festival which starts
on 1st August 2004. I was there last night with a couple of my friends
and this is the coverage of the event on the first day. The main focus
is on the food fest – that seems to be the most popular one every time.
There are also two videos for download – one with the fireworks display
and the other with two girls singing on the stage.

This is the video of the fireworks display to start of Kuching Festival 2004:

kf04 fireworks

Download: Kuching Fest 2004 fireworks []

This is a video of the fireworks display of Kuching Fest 2004 on the
first day. It was good – lasted for about 15 minutes or so and some of
the fireworks were impressive.

open air food court

The ground of Kuching Fest 2004 is largely taken up by a massive
open air food court. There were numerous stalls offering everything
from Iban Bamboo Cooked Chicken to Taiwan Sausages (with spicy, regular
and sweet options) lining the sides and tables and chairs in the
middle. There is also an indoor and outdoor area for exhibitors but I
did not find that noteworthy, so this will mainly cover the food fest –
the one which everyone goes to Kuching Fest for! πŸ™‚

food court people

The stalls offer a staggering amount of food options and we were
spoilt for choice…so we had a bit of everything. I remember eating
crab claws, yam prawn, blueberry yoghurt, ice cream, nasi kandar,
Taiwan sausages, sour duck, lok lok, roti susu, and something called
“love noodles”. It was a feast!

sausage iban food

L-R: Double Dragon Taiwan Sausage stall, Tenggiri + Pork Sio Bee/Mua
Chee stall (delicious), Iban Food stall with tuak (native rice wine at
RM 6), and chicken cooked in bamboo, amongst other things.

taiwan sausages

Here’s another stall selling Taiwan sausages at RM 2 each. Very,
very nice. It’s much better than the first one. I think there’s at
least 4 different stalls selling Taiwan sausages there.

briyani cafe

Briyani Cafe offering different rotis, murtabaks and briyani dishes.

lok lok

Lok lok!

ching chen noodles

Ching Chen and their Cinta Noodles.

mukah seafood

Mukah Seafood Center was there too. They have umai, a local raw fish dish.

regular sausages

Sausages galore! This is the regular ones though.

seafood cha kueh

Asian BBQ Seafood stall beside a hawker stall selling cha kueh, fried kueh tiaw and other staples.

richmond place

Richmond Place offering New Zealand Fish and Chips. There are also other franchises like Sugarbun and KFC there.

yoghurt stall

There is a stall offering Natural Home Made Yoghurt. I was a bit
dubious about this, due to the odd color of the yoghurt. It looked more
like agar agar than yoghurt to me. However, I got one and was
pleasantly surprised.

yoghurt blueberry

The blueberry yoghurt is surprisingly good. It tastes like what
proper yoghurt should be and the blueberry adds to the texture of the

emperor dragon whisker sweet

Emperor Dragon Whisker Sweet. It’s those little balls of rolled confectionary.

sour duck

Batu Kawa’s 1st Sour Duck.

banana leaf

Banana Leaf – offering dishes served on…well, a banana leaf.

tables of food

Proletarians like us can only dream about seating in this cordoned
off area. πŸ˜‰ The tables are filled with the various stalls offerings
and are for invited “guests of honor” also known as the “I paid RM
100,000 for this Datuk title” club.

food eating competition

The proles had their own eating competition though.

crab claw

Crab claw with minced chicken and yam prawns. The former didn’t have
much crab in it and but the latter was good – prawns fried with a yam

sweet corn

This stall offers a novel twist to the standard sweet corn snack – it’s barbecued. The stall beside is Emperor Grill Chicken.

ice cream

This is an ice cream cone with two scoops of chocolate and corn
flavored ice cream. It’s topped with a wafer, a single cherry and nuts.

indon asam kari mee

There are all sorts of culinary delights at the fest – this one is Indon Asam Kari Mee. There’s a stall selling paus beside it.

Here’s another kind of feast – one for your eyes:

kf04 stage

Download: Kuching Fest 2004 Stage []

This video shows two girls singing the Sha La La song with choreographed movements on the stage in Kuching Fest 2004.

kuching fest crowd

The festival ground was packed – people, people, everywhere. Each
one of them jostling to walk past the mass of humanity that was
present. It seems that Kuching denizens came out in full force for the
first day, don’t expect to park anywhere near the location since the
roads were lined with double parked cars.

kuching fest 04

It was worth it though – Kuching Fest 2004 lasts for a month, and you won’t be disappointed if you drop by.

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