Happy 27th Birthday!

“More, has been found out, and I must warn you fairly that a reckoning is due” – The Strange Case of Charles Dexter Ward, H.P. Lovecraft


I had my 27th birthday at RH Hotel. Joyce had helped me in reserving a table for the Great Weekend Buffet at Oriental Bistro.

This weekend’s spread had an Italian theme:


Mixed Vegetable with Garlic Butter
Sausage with Onion
Prawn Skewer
Potato Au Gratin
Baked Spicy Fish
Lamb with Rosemary Sauce
Oat Meat Chicken
Beef Goulash
Aglio Olio
Chicken Broth Soup

…as well as local and Oriental fare like mee mamak and Teochew Duck.


There was also squid in nice cocktail glasses…


…and small saucers with hors d’ oeuvres.


They also kindly brought a cake, which is pretty useful, considering I neglected to furnish one. ;) I’m not sure about the customs regarding birthdays and cakes actually. Does the host provide the cake? Or the guests? Food for thought…

cutting cake

The drawing of the three…


L-R: Faye, Huai Bin (me), Katherine, Chiew Keing, Colin, Joyce, Amy


Four of us also headed over to Hijau Lounge


…for a bit of an after party.


There was a live band called Samsara playing at the venue, belting out titles like Sweet Child of Mine, I Will Survive and other miscellaneous covers.


L-R: Chiew Keing, Katherine, Huai Bin (me), Faye

I had a lot of cocktails and several bottles of wine (in addition to the bottles of red and white wine during dinner) and I must admit, I felt a tinge of regret when I woke up the next day. ;)


It was also the first time in my life that I was on the receiving end of a bouquet of flowers. This was delivered to my workplace on Saturday morning, and it caused quite a commotion and more than a few jokes. :)


Faye had given me a card with RM 400 in RM 100 dollar notes folded into hearts pasted on the inside. I promptly accused her of not trying hard enough to think of a present to get me. ;)


Joyce, Colin, Katherine, Chiew Keing, and Amy got this bottle of Osana BiOmega Omega-3 capsules which would probably do my poor liver and kidneys a whole world of good.

happy birthday

Happy 27th Birthday!

This is your kidneys on drugs

kidney damage

I was admitted to ICU courtesy of a methamphetamine overdose which
made my creatinine levels skyrocket. There is some permanent damage to
my kidneys from my decade of drug use and my doctor says that the
damage is no joke.


I had to do a dialysis with tubes sticking out of my neck while I
was in there and had a catheter stuck inside me (a very unpleasant
sensation – trust me) and I was discharged in a week’s time. The latest
blood sample showed that my kidneys are basically alright but now my
liver is starting to fail…

…which my doctor says is no joke either.

I guess this is my cue to quit drugs. *shrugs*

It’s for you AL. :)

Latest tattoo: For the devil my soul, for you, my flesh tattoo on back

steph celtic cross tattoo

I got another tattoo done on impulse on Sunday evening. I decided to
commemorate the breakup with *x with the new tattoo and said so in the
video (actually I said “Steph” in the video, this is a semi-honest
mistake, I meant to say “star crossed”). It was done at no other than Borneo Headhunters Tattoo and Piercing for RM 500.

steph celtic cross tattoo wrap

The tattoo is the very same Celtic cross tattoo [sixthseal.com] that I had wanted to do for a long time. Celtic cross sounds too generic so I gave it a name – “For the devil my soul, for you, my flesh“. It’s a tattoo of a Celtic cross with the inscription “In nomine patris, et filii, et spiritus sancti” which means “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Sprit” in Latin.

steph celtic cross tattoo borneo headhunters

The tattoo was done at 5 pm on the 3rd of September 2006, the very
same day I was warded for psychosis. I was in a manic state then, and
wanted to get a tattoo so I called up Ernesto at Borneo Headhunters
(who won the best Celtic/Tribal tattoo award twice in a row) and got
myself inked.

steph celtic cross tattoo video

Download: Celtic tattoo video [sixthseal.com]

“This is dedicated to Steph, because of you; I never stray too far from the sidewalk.”

steph celtic cross tattoo tracing

This is the tracing of the tattoo being done…

steph celtic cross tattoo outline

…and getting the outline on my back.

steph celtic cross tattoo me inked

This is me getting inked.

steph celtic cross tattoo forming

There’s the tattoo forming…

steph celtic cross tattoo done

…and it’s done.

For the devil my soul, for you, my flesh.


The Final Solution: The day I tried to kill myself

hb suicide attempt

I don’t even know how it started but I was having suicidal thoughts
for the past two days. I even made plans to “finish” everything e.g.
get my hard disk home (photos) and had thought about which was the best
way to go (jumping is not coz just in case I didn’t die, my balls won’t
survive the fall and my offspring-to-be will be thwarted).

I planned to use my cigarette break to get out of ICU and then grab
a scalpel on my way out to slit my throat. I had also planned to have
the backup option of getting a box cutter from the front desk (grab it
if I have to) and slitting my wrists.

I had also considered (though not to a great extent) running over to
the pharmacy and swallowing a bottle of pills (won’t work coz they’ll
just pump my stomach and shove me with a huge medical bill and I’ll
still be alive).

I stole a syringe from the ICU and a pair of big scissors I intended
to stab my vital organs with. I called my dad telling him that I love
him and told him to tell my mom that I said “Hello”. I also asked him
to finish my business (hard disk) for me in not so many words. He said
he’ll pray for me.

I tried to go to the toilet to lock myself in but the ICU nurse
found me out. He asked to check my pants and he found the scissors and
syringe. I was watched like a hawk after that. I looked around the
entire place for sharp things and I finally found one…a fire
extinguisher encased in pure, thick glass.

I looked at the glass and I told myself to smash it and get a large
piece of broken glass to slit my wrists. I said I’ll count to ten and
I’ll jump over and do it.



I jumped out of bed and smashed the thick glass with my fist. I
could hear the ICU nurses running over and I knew I had to be quick. I
pulled out a big piece of solid glass with my bare hands (got a lot of
cuts on my palm coz of that) and slit my wrist.

It was too blunt. I had to stab it in.

Mr. Poh! Don’t do this!

I stopped in my tracks. I don’t know why but having your named
called when you’re about to commit suicide just brings you back. I
looked at her.

“This glass isn’t even sharp”, I said while halfheartedly slitting my wrists.

I knew I wasn’t going to kill myself then.

There was blood all over the place from the broken glass and my
right arm which grazed through the thick glass and where it nearly
passed through muscle.

hb suicide stitch

The next few moments passed in a blur. One nurse held my hand to
stem the bleeding (was bleeding like a pig) and another got gauze and
another got the RMO (Resident Medical Officer) to come up to stitch me

I was manic at this point, cracking jokes and making small talk and
said to put the broken glass on my bill (they didn’t). The RMO came in
and started to suture me. I said I didn’t want any opiates and not even
topical analgesics like lidocaine/lignocaine coz I quit drugs.

He said “This is cruel” while stitching me over and over. I didn’t
even feel a thing. I told him I like physical pain but I have
emotional/psychological pain.

He was impressed when I was stitched up. “Wow, you didn’t even move despite having no painkillers”.

I repeated my stance on physical vs. psychological pain.

hb suicide superficial

I got bandaged on my wrist for superficial wounds as well as on my fist for various cuts and incisions from the broken glass.

hb suicide wound

It’s ironic that the most serious wound (the one that pieced through
muscle) was the one sustained while punching through the glass with my
bare hands.

I got transferred to Sarawak General Hospital and nearly to Kota
Sentosa Psychiatric Hospital. Luckily, I answered all the right
questions and was too sedated (they gave me a sedative, not a benzo coz
I would have had tolerance and they knew) from something so I fell
asleep and woke up in SGH.

hb suicide nicorette

They don’t allow you to smoke in SGH so I had to resort to smoking Nicorette Inhalers. I nearly wanted to kill myself again. ;)

New tattoo on chest – Phoenix (marking fresh out of detox) Rebirth photos

phoenix rebirth

I just got a new colored tattoo on my chest – it’s a phoenix to
symbolize rebirth and marking the day I stopped using drugs (opiates).
I don’t want to elaborate much about the ICU matter but it doesn’t take
a genius to figure out why I was in. It’s my third day off drugs now
and I’m doing good.

phoenix fresh

Phoenix Rebirth is the tattoo I got to commemorate
this day. It’s a custom design, I wanted an aggressive phoenix that
looks like it has flames and is soaring up. New beginnings and all
that. I had it done at Borneo Headhunters. It’s located on my left
chest, close to my heart.

phoenix rebirth video

Download: Phoenix Rebirth tattoo video [sixthseal.com]

Photos of the tattoo:

phoenix rebirth tattoo start

The base design of Phoenix Rebirth

phoenix rebirth me ernesto

This is me and Ernesto the tattoo artist

phoenix rebirth tattoo ink

This is me getting inked

phoenix rebirth tattoo bloody

It’s a little bloody over here

phoenix rebirth tattoo bloodbath

It’s a bit of a bloodbath when the coloring of the phoenix in red was done

phoenix rebirth tattoo blood

This is the finished tattoo

phoenix rebirth tattoo clean

I proudly present to you – Phoenix Rebirth

phoenix rebirth tattoo end

This is my latest tattoo – it’s the third one and it’s going to be a constant reminder that I’ve quit drugs.

Phoenix rebirth.

The Royal London Circus 2006

royal london circus

The Royal London Circus came back to Malaysia again
and is doing a tour of the major cities in Sarawak. I caught the show
in Sibu, where it is still currently running at the Old Airport (near
UCS new campus).

royal london circus ticket office

The big top for The Royal London Circus 2006 is set up at the old
airport of Sibu and tickets go for RM 25, RM 35, and RM 55 for Class C,
Class B, and Class A seating respectively. I got two tickets of the
Class A seats for RM 110. Class A seats are closest to the circus ring.

royal london circus tickets

The Royal London Circus holds a lot of fond memories for me – I’ve
been to the show three times in my life (counting this one). The first
one was during my childhood – my dad took me to watch the late night
show when I was 5 years old and the second time was when I was 13 – I
went to watch a couple of shows when The Royal London Circus were here
(free tickets).

performers arriving

This time, we caught the 2 pm show and saw some of the acrobats from
China arriving with their Romanian coach in car before the show. I went
early with my gf to get prime seats so I could take videos and photos.
It turns out that we didn’t have to worry coz practically no one went
for the RM 55 tickets, preferring the back seats, so we had pretty much
free reign in the Class A area.

royal london circus entrance

The Royal London Circus big top is enclosed in a sealed camp which
has toilet amenities as well as food and snacks – classic circus fare
like popcorn and pink cotton candy. There are some mildly amusing
quotes carved into blocks of wood near the concessions area with
phrases like “All who spend money here goes to heaven. The more you
spend the closer you get to heaven!!!” and “I don’t like to commit
myself about heaven and hell – you see, I have friends in both places”
a little further down.

food coupon

The food sold inside The Royal London Circus compound requires food
coupons to purchase. The food coupons are purchased at face value and
can be redeemed at any of the food stands. One bottle of mineral water
costs RM 3 and the same goes for popcorn and cotton candy. Strangely
enough, there were vendors inside the big top during the show which
sells the same items for cash.

big top

The Royal London Circus seems to have a smaller big top this time,
with different entrances on one facade leading towards the three
different seating areas. Class C tickets are to the back and barricaded
away from the main action while Class B tickets are behind the Class A
area and is cordoned off with latch doors. Class A spans the sides of
the circus performer’s entrance and the front of the stage.

monkey cage

The Royal London Circus also has animals on show outside the big top
to entertain patrons before the show starts. The animals are show
animals it seems like the animals are rotated coz I saw small monkeys
in cage before we went in and ponies when the show was over.

stage front

The big top opens at around 1:30 pm and we went inside to get good
seats – I sat directly in front of the stage, and the circus ring was
close enough to touch if one reaches out with the fingers. My gf was
apprehensive about stampeding circus animals at this proximity but I
told her nothing bigger than an elephant is on the show (which was
true). ;)

circus stage

The Royal London Circus has a stage which consists of one ring – the
main circus performing area and a live band setup with drum kits and
all at the top, elevated from the circus ring. The entire setup is
colored a cheerful red with white drapes hanging down (which are used
for a circus act, as we found out) and the famed Sphere of Terror – a
spherical locked cage – prominently displayed on one side.


The Royal London Circus popcorn goes for RM 3 inside the ring (same
price but paid with cash) and it’s a good thing they sold food inside
the circus ring coz I ate quite a lot of stuff from popcorn to sodas to
burgers. Classic circus fare, ya know, you gotta partake it in for the
full experience. ;)

clown start

The Royal London Circus show started with a familiar
clown/ringleader that seems to have been in the last two show I’ve been
– he’s a rather old (but grandfatherly) British chap, and a little too
skinny for a clown. The first routine in the circus introduces the
clown (which also acts as the ringleader) waking up from a slumber…

clown clothes

…and putting on his clothes…

clown hat

…with his hat provided by the assistant…

circus cast

…before introducing the entire circus cast! :)

intro video

Download: Royal London Circus intro video [sixthseal.com]

china hats

The three Chinese acrobats from China started off the show with a
funny three hat juggling act. It’s funnier than it sounds; you really
have to watch this one to appreciate the slapstick humor. It’s a
combination of choreography and over the top facial expressions that
makes this act work.

chinese video

Download: Royal London Circus Chinese acrobats [sixthseal.com]

arabian dance

The next circus act is the obligatory Arabian dance by sharp
featured, skimpily dressed Caucasian females. It has been a Royal
London Circus tradition to have an act like this interspaced throughout
the show and I swear I can recognize some of the women from a Can Can
dance routine back when I was 13.

arabian video

Download: Royal London Circus Arabian dance [sixthseal.com]

drape dance

The white drapes at the back of the circus ring mentioned previously
was used as a prop for the next act – it was the most beautiful and
moving performance in the entire lineup. The performance was done by a
pair fusing elements of acrobatics and ballet with choreography,
defying gravity by moving fluidly through the air using just the cloth
drapes…an absolutely delightful and charming performance.

ballet video

Download: Royal London Circus ballet [sixthseal.com]

poodle show

There was also a poodle performance entailing simple arithmetic done
by the trained dogs through barking and the act also has the dogs
running around and jumping through hoops and standing on chairs.

elephant act

The next performance is also animal related – it’s the elephant! The
elephant was brought in by two Indian handlers and the chained animal
was made to do some tricks around the ring.

elephant lift

The act had the elephant lifting up one of the handlers at one point and they also got the pachyderm to play ball.

elephant video

Download: Royal London Circus elephant [sixthseal.com]

circus photo

The intermission came at this point and there were photo ops with
the elephant and also a pony. I went for the elephant. It cost me RM 15
to sit on the elephant and I felt sorry for the big dude, he has really
sad eyes (it’s a he, I looked) and a bony body.

mexican act

The Royal London Circus started the second act with acrobats from
Mexico in a double ring contraption that works by having both of them
standing inside the respective rings and moving them around.

mexican blindfold

One of the circus performers was blindfolded and then started moving
around the inner ring while his partner stepped out and walked on the
contraption itself. It was entertaining, but it made me dizzy.

mexican video

Download: Royal London Circus Mexican act [sixthseal.com]

pony act

The pretty kicking ponies came out next…

pony dancers

…followed by more pretty kicking ponies, sorry, I mean performers. ;)

dance video

Download: Royal London Circus dance [sixthseal.com]

chinese trio

The Chinese trio came out with another slapstick humor act after
that. I noticed that one of them had a perforation in his suit, right
where his crotch was, and I pointed that out to my girlfriend. That was
pretty funny. ;)

romanian ballet

The dreamy ethereal ballet dancer from Romania came out next to do an elegant routine, which I enjoyed tremendously.

romanian trapeze

This performance also included a trapeze act with her partner in addition to the choreographed gymnastics.

trapeze video

Download: Royal London Circus trapeze [sixthseal.com]

sphere of terror setup

The Sphere of Terror was set up to mark the end of the show. There
were four motorcycles in total revving their engines and going around
the metal sphere in carefully choreographed loops.

sphere of terror

It’s another cliche circus act, but the crowd seems to like it.

sphere video

Download: Royal London Circus Sphere of Terror [sixthseal.com]

royal london circus end

The Royal London Circus cast and crew came out for an encore after
that, marking the end of the show. It lasted a good 2 1/2 hours in
total and it was pretty entertaining and nostalgic to watch.

encore video

Download: Royal London Circus encore [sixthseal.com]

The Royal London Circus is a great circus act – it
may have been trimmed down in terms of cast and acts since its
inception but it’s still entertaining as always.

Game Boy micro review

gameboy micro display

Nintendo came out with the Game Boy micro
as a revamp of the Game Boy Advance SP system with the tagline
“smaller. sleeker. brighter.”. It takes in Game Boy Advance SP
cartridges and the Game Boy micro is one small and sleek unit, which
prompted me to purchase it. I bought it bundled with a game for RM 410
– I chose Need for Speed: Most Wanted for the GBA.

gameboy micro buy

The Game Boy micro retails for RM 380 (stock) and it’s marketed
towards the iPod generation with its sleek design. It’s very small –
just slightly larger than the cartridges it accepts. You’ll be hard
pressed to imagine just how small the Game Boy micro actually is until
you see it. It’s about as large as the screen on the Sony PSP. That’s
how small it is.

game boy micro box

The packaging of the Game Boy micro is suitably
sleek (sorry for the repeated use of this word) – it looks like a
product from Apple instead of from Nintendo. The design of the Game Boy
micro returns to the horizontal screen and it looks like a controller
for a conventional console with an LCD screen built into it. It is easy
to mistake this new product for an iPod instead of a handheld.

game boy micro box open

The Game Boy micro package opens up to reveal the Game Boy micro
unit – it’s exactly the same size as depicted on the packaging. (!!!)
The handheld is protected with a mini bubble wrap covering and the Game
Boy micro is going back to basics with the D-pad (directional pad) and
the bright and high resolution LCD screen coupled with the A and B
buttons on the side.

game boy micro charger

The charger for the Game Boy micro is included with the package. The
Game Boy micro has inbuilt rechargeable batteries (non-removable) that
charges up with the included AC adapter in about two
hours to full battery status. The play time for a full charge is about
6 hours with the speakers on (which is the only bad part about the GBM
– the speakers are tinny) and about 6 1/2 hours with a self-powered

game boy micro unit

This is the Game Boy micro unit itself (still
inside the shrink wrap). The Game Boy micro accepts a standard
headphone jack and I found gaming to be more interesting with one of my
powered vibration headphones. There are Start and Select buttons at the
bottom of the unit and two Left and Right buttons on the top. This unit
is built to look sleek (apologies for the repetition).

game boy micro manual

There is also a Game Boy micro Instruction Manual.
The manual describes the operations of the Game Boy micro and it seems
that most of the GBA accessories are incompatible with the Game Boy
micro due to the smaller form factor of the latter. However, all the
GBA (Game Boy Advance) cartridges are fully compatible with the GBA.
Nintendo has also stated that they’re coming out with a Wireless
Adapter for the GBM.

game boy micro pouch

There is also a black traveling pouch included in
the Game Boy Micro box. It’s built perfectly for transporting the GBM
and has a pull-shut string on the top to seal the cotton pouch. It is
however, made of cotton and thus would not protect the GBM from shocks
and drops. However, I have dropped the Game Boy micro from waist point
to solid concrete once and it powered up without any problems. It seems
pretty solid for a design of its size. That good coz I tend to drop
things…a lot. ;)

game boy micro box contents

That’s the standard accessories included in the Game Boy micro box –
the Game Boy micro unit itself, the AC Adapter for recharging the built
in lithium ion rechargeable batteries, a carrying pouch, and the
Instruction Manual which comes with an international warranty. It’s
priced at RM 380 which is affordable enough for an impulse purchase and
there’s value for money in this latest release from Nintendo.

game boy micro

This is the Game Boy micro handheld unit. The Game Boy micro is made
of aluminum metal and looks like brushed silver. It looks good for a
handheld – small and sleek. The LCD screen is incredibly bright with
high resolution due to its smaller dimensions from a GBA unit (which
are the games you would be playing with the Game Boy micro). The simple
D-pad with A and B buttons is perfect – back to minimalist handheld gaming.

game boy micro bottom

There is also a Start and Select
button on the bottom of the Game Boy micro unit. It flashes blue for
several seconds if it’s on a full charge and goes dormant (same color
scheme occurs during the charging process – the Start and Select
buttons go blue during charging and goes dormant when it’s fully
charged). The two buttons goes red when the Game Boy micro unit is low
on battery. The Start and Select buttons should be familiar to gamers.
The On/Off toggle switch is also located at the bottom of the GBM.

game boy micro top

The top of the Game Boy micro unit is built in with the receptacle
that accepts the AC Adapter included with the Game Boy micro unit. This
placement is crucial, as I found out, as it allows gaming even when the
unit is being recharged (and this is very important for long RPG’s like
Final Fantasy IV for the GBA – there is a problem with saving games and
you basically have to go through the game in one shot). There are also Left and Right buttons at the top. It’s all very intuitive for console and handheld gamers.

game boy micro back

This is the back of the Game Boy micro unit. The bottom of the unit
accepts the game cartridges. The Game Boy micro is compatible with all
Game Boy Advance (GBA) and Game Boy Advance SP cartridges. That’s a
huge library of games at your disposal. However, the cartridges are
expensive though – it would be cheaper to get one of the aftermarket
GBA cartridge converters that accepts an SD Card – which you can use to
download ROM’s for the GBA online and transfer it into the SD Card for
gaming on the go (beats playing it on an emulator on the PC any day).
Please note that this is illegal if you do not own the original copy of
the GBA game though. ;)

game boy micro size compare

Here is a comparison to show the actual size of the Game Boy micro –
it is pictured here with a normal King Size cigarette box (20’s). It is
only slightly longer than the cigarette box. The official dimensions
for the Game Boy micro is 4 inches by 2 inches. It’s the smallest
handheld unit on the market.

game boy micro size depth

This is a picture to compare the thickness of the Game Boy micro.
It’s hardly near the bulk of the cigarette box – the Game Boy micro
measures 0.8 inches in depth. The cartridge adds minimal bulk to the
unit, which is surprising. The Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP
cartridges all fits in snugly with minimal outcrop.

game boy micro nfs most wanted

I bought Need for Speed: Most Wanted for the GBA bundled with the game. The Game Boy micro does not have a library of its own – it takes in GBA and GBA-SP cartridges for games.

game boy micro cartridge

This is how the cartridges are slotted into the Game Boy micro. It
has an auto-interlock system for safe insertion of the cartridges and
the raised portion of the cartridges allows you to pull out the
cartridges instead of depending on a push-out button, which minimizes
mechanical failure during constant swapping of cartridges.

game boy micro cartridge insert

Here is the Game Boy micro with Need for Speed: Most Wanted for the
Game Boy Advance. The GBA cartridges all slots in with minimal outcrop,
which is great for pulling out cartridges and inserting them.

game boy micro splash

This is the Game Boy micro boot up screen – it shows the Nintendo
Game Boy micro boot up sequence (video below) and the Select and Start
buttons are red – indicating low battery status.

game boy micro bootup

Download: Game Boy micro (GBM) boot up sequence video [sixthseal.com]

game boy micro nfs most wanted game splash

Here is the Need for Speed: Most Wanted splash screen on the Game
Boy micro. The LCD screen is incredibly bright and has a very high
resolution compared to the GBA (first and second editions), partly due
to the smaller LCD screen, which compresses the pixels. I was impressed
by the clarity of the screen on the Game Boy micro.

game boy micro nfs most wanted game

This is how Need for Speed: Most Wanted looks on the Game Boy micro.
The rendering is impressive on a handheld of the Game Boy micro
generation (GBA). I was interested in how a racing game would perform
on a Game Boy micro and it performs much better than on the original
platform (GBA) – probably due to the faster processor.

game boy micro nfs game

Download: Need for Speed: Most Wanted game play movie [sixthseal.com]

game boy micro final fantasy

The faster processor on the Game Boy micro can also lead to problems with classic GBA games…Final Fantasy IV Advance
runs much faster than I remembered on the Game Boy micro compared to
the Game Boy Advance SP. The graphics and the sound has depth to it
though – much more than the GBA. The tests were run with a self-powered
headphone attached to the stereo jack – the sound output is dismal on a
stock Game Boy micro.

game boy micro ffiv

Download: Final Fantasy IV Advance on Game Boy micro [sixthseal.com]

The Game Boy micro is a great handheld system for classic games
though – the return to the basic D-pad and the A and B buttons with a
higher resolution and brighter LCD screen and the sleek form factor
just cannot be beat at this price range.

I’ll give the Game Boy micro two thumbs up but one of them is on the directional pad and the other on the A button. ;)

sixthseal.com drug possession court case coverage in the papers

I wasn’t planning to explain anything on this blog. I wanted to keep
the court case under wraps, but since the papers came out with it
today, it seems that they have forced my hand. I did not talk to the reporters. It seems they got my details from the Kuching High Court staff.

Assistant Engineer fined for having drugs

borneo post court case

Source: Borneo Post

KUCHING: An assistant engineer of a security alarm
system company was fined RM 2,500 in default two months jail for
possessing 2.85 grams of ganja.

H B Poh, 25, pleaded guilty before Magistrate Tengku Sharizam Tuah
Lah who convicted him under Section 6 of the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952.

He possessed the drug at his home at Jalan Tabuan at 2:30 pm on November 21 last year. He paid the fine.


ASP Clermund Sim persecuted in both cases.

Notes: Two thumbs down for revealing my area of work. This case is personal and has nothing to do with the company.

Also, thanks for butchering my title – it’s Systems Engineer, not Assistant Engineer. I know it sounds the same, but it’s not.

Engineer fined RM 2,500 for drug

eastern times court case

Source: Eastern Times (ex Sarawak Tribune)

KUCHING: An engineer of a private firm was fined RM
2,500, in default, two months jail by a magistrate’s court here
yesterday after he pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis.

Magistrate Tengku Sharizam Tuan Lah imposed the sentence against Poh
Huai Bin, 24, from Sibu after he pleaded guilty to a charge framed
under Section 6 of the Dangerous Drugs Act, 1952.

Poh admitted to possessing 2.85 grammes of cannabis at 2:30 pm in a
room of an apartment at Chong Lin Park near Jalan Tabuan on November
21st, last year.

According to the facts of the case, a police party led by Inspector
Kumaran a/l Sanmugam arrested the accused in his office near Jalan Rock
for alleged involvement in drug activities.

The accused later brought the police to his apartment at Chong Lin
Park where he showed them a cigarette packet containing dry leaves. The
police seized the packet and immediately arrested him.

In mitigation, Poh pleaded with the court for a lenient sentence
saying that he was the sole breadwinner of his family and promised to
turn over a new leaf.

Poh paid the fine.

Notes: OMG! How did the Eastern Times get such detailed information?!?!?

That said, thank you very much for showing professionalism by not revealing the line of work I’m in.

There is something to nitpick though – it is technically impossible
for someone to be arrested TWICE. I was only arrested ONCE – at my
office. The PDRM Narcotics raiding party had details of me (directive
came from Bukit Aman) so I had to lead them to my apartment.

Speaking of which, I also have much thanks for revealing where I
live. Seriously. I’m indebted. I don’t know how to thank you enough.

After notes:

I will only say what the papers have said. I don’t know if the
Chinese dailies came out with the news as well, coz there were a lot of
reporters there (Hello Connie!). I was indeed raided by a team from the
PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) Narcotics Division
(Sarawak State contingent, instead of the local Kuching Division
contingent) and arrested to be remanded (it’s a euphemism for locking
you up) for 14 days in jail under the standard provisions to the Dangerous Drugs Act 1952 (ADB 1952) last year.

I was in jail for three days. It was not a pleasant stay, but at
least they gave me access to my medication (benzodiazepines). I might
or might not be doing a CPS Jail Kuching report. I met a lot of
interesting people in there (some were in for Penal 302 – murder) and
before you ask, my asshole is perfectly intact and still very much
virginal, thank you very much. :p

I went to the remand court twice (being handcuffed behind your back
is a bitch especially if you have an itch to scratch – and the
handcuffs are not like the ones you see in movies – these are handcuffs
with only a single short and solid metal bar in between, there is no
chain link, so movement is SEVERELY restricted) and the first appeal
was turned down and I resigned myself to a 14 day stay in jail (which
isn’t really that bad, if you disregard the dirtiness – it’s the
BOREDOM that gets to you).

However, I was released on my second appeal due to heavy lobbying
that I wasn’t going to pull a runner (low risk skipping bail profile
due to my career) and I was allowed bail before the standard 14 days so
I was released after 3 days in jail. One thing I learned in jail is
that it’s practically a University of Crime. I learned things in my
short stay and made acquaintances that were heavily into crime.

I made a guilty plea during my court case yesterday. I did not want
to fight the charges as it was a very much reduced charge. I had
planned to plead guilty from Day 1.

This is my story and please do not complicate matters by asking inappropriate questions like “Why weren’t you charged with drug use as well during your urine test?” (instant 2 year rehabilitation sentence) or “Wasn’t there drug paraphernalia at your apartment?” (another DDA 1952 charge) “Aren’t there other drugs at your premises since you’re a poly-drug user?” (please refer to reduced charge comment above).

I maintain that only cannabis was found at my apartment and I am not
a drug user. *cough* I don’t know how the cannabis got there, but it
was there, so here I am with a drug possession charge. That is my
official statement and that is the only thing I am being charged with –
drug possession.

Thank you very much, dear readers, for all the support. I gave a lot
to sixthseal.com and I sure hope you enjoyed it coz I sure didn’t enjoy
my time in jail. ;)

Now that everything is over – regular sixthseal.com programming will continue as scheduled. :)

Long live sixthseal.com!

Hail to the King, baby! =D

sixthseal.com 4th Birthday!

sixthseal.com was officially launched on 19th April 2002. :)

4th birthday

sixthseal.com celebrates it’s 4th anniversary
today! It’s been up to close to half a decade and still going. There
were several setbacks this year, mostly due to a drug possession case
which severely restricted the nature of my posts so I’m going to do one
last experience report to commemorate the fourth anniversary of the
site (which is a traditionally unlucky number in Chinese culture, and
certainly is an unlucky year for me).

Ecstasy pill name: Red apples
Pill color: Pink with red specks
Circa: KL, Malaysia 2006 (er…I mean 1906, sorry about the date confusion ;))
Suspected contents: MDMA with ketamine (qualitative findings, not reagent tested)
Other substances consumed: Yes. ;)

4th anniversary ecstasy

MDMA and ketamine pill combinations are actually pretty common in
Malaysia. These are nicely pressed pills (hard) with beveled edges and
a solid, high quality imprint of an apple. These are nicely done pills,
not a shoddy home kitchen pill press product.

The subject (male, 60 kg) and a companion (female, 50 kg) swallowed
1 1/2 pills each (crushed up) on an empty stomach and interesting
dissociative effects characteristic of ketamine started to manifest, so
the decision was made to powder the remaining pill and insufflate it.

Subjective characteristics associated with MDMA (empathy, initial
“Ecstasy coming up rush”, blurred vision) started to manifest so the
remainder powdered pill was split into lines and selective sensory
deprivation (scientists refer to it by the technical term “switching
off the lights and turning up the music” ;)) was initiated.

4th anniversary lines

Nystagmus and mild hallucinations started setting in at the peak (T+
0:45) and the lines were insufflated over an unknown period of time
(snorting the powdered pills produced a “speedy” rush with dominating
ketamine qualities e.g. confabulation and time-space disorientation).

4th anniversary cannabis

Cannabis was smoked at about T+ 1:30 and throughout the next few
hours which mellowed out the trip (not an intended effect) but the
visual anomalies and nystagmus and CNS MDMA effects lasted until T+
3:00 before tapering off. Subject’s companion also reported similar
experiences. Other substances consumed:

4th anniversary other substances

Erimin 5 (nimetazepam)
Xanax (alprazolam)

Rating: 6/10
(The “pig” imprinted pills circa December, 2005 from Kuching seems to have a higher MDMA content)

Thank you for allowing me to make one final experience report of a substance consumed in…er, 1906. ;)

Without further adieu, here’s a recap of the troubled history of sixthseal.com during the past year:

I got arrested, everyone knows that by now, so I won’t go through any drug or pharmaceutical posts.

A tongue-in-cheek comparison between the two popular ED
(Erectile Dysfunction) pharmaceuticals. Oops…did I just say
“pharmaceuticals”? ;)

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year. MapleSEA.com is another corporate time drainer – active in
sixthseal.com via MapleStory since 2006.

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In the name of science!!111

PPS Bash 2005 [sixthseal.com]
The Project Petaling Street Malaysian blogger meetup writeup. Quite a mouthful.

Google AdSense cheque [sixthseal.com]
sixthseal.com was doing good on Google AdSense (trial case
study since the site involves drug and pharmaceutical content) until
too many complaints flooded in (from other bloggers *rolls eyes*) and I
was informed of it by my trial case handler after only the third cheque
was received.

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sixthseal.com vs. South China Sea

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sixthseal.com vs. The Establishment
(sixthseal.com lost – “vs. The Establishment” is never a good nor fair, fight – I strongly suggest you avoid it ;))

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and the other “Noteworthy Post” in the sixthseal.com blog year from 19th April 2005 to 19th April 2006:

I won the Sports Toto 6/42 Jackpot! [sixthseal.com]
I won the 4D TOTO (Lotto) Jackpot!
…but only got RM 30 (USD 8) out of it.

Read more in the sixthseal.com archives [sixthseal.com].

Despite everything, sixthseal.com has managed to conquer sand, sea
and surf during the past year. We’ll see what challenges the next year
provides. :)

sixthseal.com has been online for 4 years and counting and it won’t stop until I stop.

The first anniversary of sixthseal.com can be viewed here [sixthseal.com].

The second anniversary of sixthseal.com can be viewed here [sixthseal.com].

The third anniversary of sixthseal.com can be viewed here [sixthseal.com].

A big “Thank You” goes out to all the readers of sixthseal.com. The support is very much appreciated, as always.

It’s been great, guys! :)

Hail to the King, Baby!

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