Harajuku girl

harajuku girl

This is one of the hairstylists for Alan Hair Saloon that I met during the BCF 2008 festival. I found her rather attractive and took the opportunity to carve another notch in my belt, er…I mean, create content for the XX Chromosome category. πŸ˜‰

harajuku girl me

She has this innocent look that renders well for image capturing…very photogenic indeed. I’ll have the full writeup of the BCF 2008 closing ceremony up later tonight. Cheers!

The Sibu bloggers welcomes bongkerz

ruby bongkersz

STP called me up this morning, awaking me from my slumber, to inform me that bongkersz a.k.a. Bong Chan Siong from KL has arrived. I called Mary up and told her to meet us at Ruby Restaurant to give bongkersz a dose of Sibu hospitality.

ruby butter prawns

bongkersz has been craving for the butter cheese prawns from Ruby Restaurant and STP brought him there to indulge in The Good Stuff (TM). I arrived fashionably early due to my driving skillz (of which my repertoire includes running red lights and driving in excess of the speed limit) and Mary arrived fashionably late due to her being the tau keh nio that she is. πŸ˜‰

stp coffee

This is STP’s famous ice blended coffee which I didn’t partake in, preferring to go for Heineken instead. Catch sixthseal.com on Wednesday, there’s a surprise in store for football (soccer) fans. πŸ™‚

us bongkersz

L-R: STP, bongkersz, Huai Bin (me), goolooloo

ruby xx

Mary is probably going to do an XY Chromosome post on bongkersz and we’re having this friendly competition going on, so I dragged the nearest XX Chromosome (which happened to be the waitress) for a photo shoot. πŸ˜‰

ruby xx me

I have been told that my XX Chromosome entries are biased to a certain extent towards people of a similar ethnicity and I’ve addressed that issue in the annals of sixthseal.com – it’s not about racial relations but a more pragmatic reason – there are just more Chinese in Sibu than other races.

I have put this up once and for all to debunk the myth that the XX Chromosome category favors aesthetic looking people from a certain race. It doesn’t. XX Chromosome in sixthseal.com is pro affirmative action. =D

Guide to taking photos of girls

xx target

I have received a few requests to compile a general list of the techniques (also known as skillz, mojo) I use to create content for my XX Chromosome entry. It has come to my attention that a lot of my readers are curious pertaining my methods of approaching and persuading a female (see synonym chicks, girls) to pose for a photograph to appear on sixthseal.com.

The sixthseal.com Guide to XX Chromosome posts

Approach a.k.a. Target acquisition

target aquired

This is a very important, and often overlooked aspect of taking photos with strangers, especially girls. Your approach is key, since it’s the first impression you make. It helps if you don’t look like a stereotypical horny old man or gangster but even if you look like one, there are several disarming methods that can be applied.


A smile shows your friendly intent and Smashing Pumpkins sang “disarm me with a smile” for a reason.



Look like it’s the most natural thing in the world to be asking for, without being overconfident, pushy, or overbearing. It’s fine to be friendly, but it’s not okay to be assertive in situations like this.

Eye contact

Also related to confidence, always make and maintain eye contact when you see someone you want to put in the XX Chromosome category. Never break eye contact first, it’s one of the rules of dating and also a cardinal rule in doing this. It makes you look unsure, shy, and even weak, not particularly attractive traits for a male.



I tend to introduce myself first, touching the shoulder (the back and arms are fine too, but not other areas) to get the person’s attention if she has broken eye contact. I say something along the lines of “Hello, I’m Huai Bin, and I like the dress/uniform/shirt etc you’re wearing. You mind if I take a photo of you?”

chiew fong

It is important not to give misleading statements or potential minefields e.g. “I like you” but go for the non-animated stuff e.g. clothes, hair, eyes etc. I noticed that I have never gotten a “No” for an answer if I have already pulled out my digicam. It’s this thing about people and handshakes – it’s like how you never see someone NOT shake your hand when you’ve already offered it. It’s something of an automatic gesture.

Lead in


Take one or two photos of the girl and then grab a bystander and tell the girl something along the lines of “Hang on a second, I want to take a photo with you too” and give your digicam to a passerby and start giving instruction on how to take shots. All you have to do now is to stand next to the girl, put your arm around her shoulder (optional) and pose for a photograph.


This happens, I’ve had girls says “I really don’t like taking photographs coz I look ugly in them” or something along that line. That’s not a straight out rejection, the model just needs some convincing, so say something complimentary like “I think you look great, let’s see how the shot comes out”. Most of the time, they agree.

I’ve also experienced one or two straight rejections. The thing to do is to take it in stride. Perhaps she’s had a bad day, is stressed out or just had an argument with her boyfriend. Don’t take it personally. Smile, thank her, and move on. She might be receptive the next time. Always be polite, and chill out, it happens to the best of us. πŸ™‚


dining xx

If you’re single and unattached and you see a lone diner that’s to your liking, sit down and make conversation. Who knows what it may lead into? You’ve gotta eat anyway, so might as well talk to someone while you’re at it. Make the most of every day, live it like it’s your very last.

Cheers from sixthseal.com and thanks for reading!

Happy Hunting! πŸ˜‰

JCI Seduan Wet & Wild Pool Party

pool party

JCI Seduan organized a “Wet & Wild” pool party at Tanahmas poolside on Saturday at 5 pm. I went there dressed in little more than shorts and a T-shirt (the dress code was casual) with my trusty Speedos underneath.


Our contingent (which were not from the JCI movement) arrived to disrupt the proceedings and behave in a generally rowdy manner. I’m kidding, we were invited to go there to boost up the attendance rates and liven up the pool party. πŸ˜‰


The poolside at Tanahmas Hotel has a great view of Sibu and the evening sun was just right for a bit of swimming and pool games.


Some of the girls didn’t want to get in the pool but ended up being chucked one way or the other into the water anyway. Participation is mandatory, resistance is futile. πŸ˜‰

me eddy

This is me and Eddy, who needs no further introduction. He’s a really fun guy to be around. Our group staked claim to the pool for the rest of the evening, using a great fence for this pool since this is really important for a pool party.

no intro

I’m sure most of the people here needs no further introduction, being featured before in sixthseal.com and all that.

me mary land

This is Mary Ngo who didn’t want to get into the water…

me mary water

…but somehow ended in there anyway. πŸ˜‰

me gatecrashers

There were three (3) girls in bikinis that didn’t seem to be from the JCI Seduan group so being, the nice host that I am (har har) I approached them and introduced myself to them.

girls bikinis

It turns out that they really were gatecrashers but I got them into the pool anyway to join us for the games.

me girls

It’s sixthseal.com lar, what did you expect. πŸ˜‰ Please do not focus on me sucking in my stomach when there’s plenty of T&A for your viewing pleasure.

other gatecrasher

This is the other gatecrasher who took the previous photo for us.

me rali

Just to break up the excessive display of skin, here’s a shot of me and Rali. I actually met him in NZ when I was studying there. He’s a Past President of JCI.

water polo

Anyway, we got a game of water polo (of sorts) going…


…and I sprained my ankle during a particularly enthusiastic block.

Water polo video

water polo second

Next round was with the gatecrashers, who really could swim.


I hard such a hard time keeping the pace with the girls that I nearly drowned.




Eddy asked them how they came to be such good swimmers and it turns out that they grew up near a river and swam all the time.


Dusk came soon and the pool was temporarily cleared while dinner was being served.


The platters were carted in from the restaurant below and put into the buffet warmers.


Dinner was prepared buffet style and contained:

sharks fin soup

Shark Fin Soup

salad bar

Salad bar


Steamed rice

bee hoon

Fried rice vermicelli

curry chicken

Curry chicken


Beef rendang

sweet sour fish

Sweet and sour fish pieces

mixed vegies

Mixed vegetables


Dessert of sliced fruits and cakes

my plate

I filled up my plate with an impressive amount of food…

my dessert

…and a visibly less impressive amount of dessert. My stomach literally increased in size after that huge meal.

dry games

Night fell and rendered the pool into a nice shade of green. The dry games session started soon after that. Our contingent was represented with Joyce teaming up with Colin and Mary teaming up with me.

balloon ankle

The game is about tying a balloon to the male partner’s ankle while the female tries to burst all the other competitor’s balloons.

balloon hold hands

The pairs must hold hands and the male must not lift up his feet (but shuffling and defensive gestures are allowed) at any time.

balloon game

Mary and I did pretty well, with her bursting quite a few balloons and me defending myself from all the other females. I made a pact with our side (the 10 teams were in a circle) to go after the opposite team first but promptly broke that pact by getting Mary to attack our immediate neighbor. Alls fair in love and war. πŸ˜‰ We lost though, due to a certain someone surprising me from behind. :p

me shirley

I teamed up with Shirley for the next game which involved a complicated dance around within a certain amount of tiles routine.


You’re allowed to dance within the confines of the stated tiles but you must keep within the tiles or you’re automatically disqualified.

smaller tiles

The amount of tiles you’re permitted to step on keeps getting smaller and smaller…


…until you end up sharing two tiles so you either have to lift your partner up or get her to stand on your feet.

Mary and Shirley singing karaoke

pool green

It was fun, despite the rain that came pouring in towards the end of the pool party. Cheers to JCI Seduan for a well organized event.

Pedophile Heaven

girls basketball

I went to the Borneo Cultural Festival 2008 just now to catch the high school girl’s basketball competition. The BCF is an annual week long event held to celebrate the diversity of cultures in Sibu and I went to the opening ceremony last night (full write up tomorrow, got a pool party to go to in an hour).

girl sweatshirt

You may recognize the female in the gray sweatshirt from the previous XX Chromosome entry. I didn’t want to take photos with minors for that particular category lest I get hauled off for 10 years of jail time and 10 strokes of the rotan (caning). πŸ˜‰


She looks much better in person actually, and she’s a teacher (albeit a very young one).

girls playing

The girl’s basketball competition was surprisingly entertaining (and not for the reasons you’re thinking). I meant that in the most platonic manner.

girls tussle

There was a fair bit of competition going on, being a contact sport and all that. It turned me on…to sports. You didn’t let me finish speaking. I meant I’m into basketball now after watching all that. πŸ˜‰

my ball

It’s my ball. No, it’s my ball. The other girls weren’t looking at me by the way. The referee was standing beside me and they were waiting for her to make a decision.

raise hands

…and as we raise our hands in silent prayer,


We beseech thee to be our guiding light in times of duress.

I took too many photos to upload, so here’s a video of the girl’s basketball competition.


This is my favorite player (in a totally non-sexually connotative way). I just like her repertoire of expressions. πŸ™‚

Siew Ling

siew ling

This is Siew Ling. Adorable! She’s really cute in real life. Unfortunately, she’s a minor so unless you want to be locked up for 10 years with 10 strokes of the rotan (whipping) her age makes her off limits. πŸ˜‰

siew ling me

I managed to get her number but since she’s only 16, the relationship shall remain strictly platonic. *cough*

Hey, I really am down with the flu, okay? Don’t blame me for coughing all over the place. Ask the other bloggers, I have been coughing the whole weekend. :p

Massive Park

massive park

Massive Park
is an attire outlet in Miri that has a portfolio that features mainly Taiwanese street wear.

massive park owner

Faye decided to buy me two casual long sleeved shirts since she noticed that my wardrobe for work on Saturday is limited to a Nike sweater and a DKNY trench coat (both from my days in Melbourne).

massive park present

I have to wear long sleeves even on our Casual Saturdays at work due to my visible tattoos which is officially against company policy.

massive park girl

I also got the cute shop assistant to pose for a photograph. I didn’t manage to get one with her we were late for a movie but this will go into the XX Chromosome category anyway due to the MILF proprietor and the adorable shop assistant. πŸ™‚



This is May, a friend I met in Miri and got acquainted with while out clubbing three (3) nights in a row. I didn’t actually remember seeing her the first night but she saw me and was surprised to see me the second night and didn’t actually recognize me at first. I was…er, under the influence of a certain NMDA antagonist and had to be helped out of Balcony the first night and the second time I saw her was when I was completely sober during dinner and she was kind enough to pay me the compliment that I was a lot more good looking than her initial impression. πŸ˜‰

may me

May looks really hot in person but she’s unfortunately spoken for and unavailable. Hmm…I seem to know a lot of “Calender Girls” – I know two (2) Aprils, five (5) Mays, and a June. It was fun hanging out with her for three nights in a row in Miri.


mas xx

I was at the boarding gate on the Sibu to Kuching flight with Phoenix when she noticed a middle aged man of dubious appearance attempting to stealthily take a photo of a pretty, young cabin attendant with his cellphone camera from a distance. She nudged me and I was struck by an irresistible urge to show the man how it’s done sixthseal.com style. I walked up to the cabin attendant and requested an audience with her adorable babyish looks and my digital camera. She happily complied and I was flirting and joking with her throughout the impromptu photo session. I strolled back to my seat and couldn’t resist giving the man a smirk. This is how we do it here at sixthseal.com, I thought silently.

…and then Phoenix pinched me on the arm for flirting with the flight attendant.

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