One Tree Hill Restaurant review

one tree hill

One Tree Hill Restaurant is located at the ex-campus of Lim Kok Wing
college. It was converted into an eating establishment recently and
there was some debate to the actual name of the said eating
establishment (One Hill Tree, One Branch on a Tree and so forth were
evocated, mostly by me) until we got there. My dining companion told me
I’m dyslectic.

one tree hill restaurant

One Tree Hill restaurant is nestled nicely on top
of a hill and there is ample parking space. It is one of the new
Magenta styled themed eating establishments except One Tree Hill has
one hell of a menu. “Diverse” was the word my dining companion called
it. There was Asian cuisine, Italian food, as well as more general
dining fare people here associate with “Western Food”.

one tree hill al fresco

One Tree Hill has a shaded al fresco dining area out in the front.
It’s nice but perhaps a little impractical for the Malaysian climate.
It may be good at night though, and it’s shaded under tent-like
structures at least.

one tree hill bricks

The bulk of the One Hill Tree dining experience is stage left. There
are nice brick textures to the structure of the restaurant and it
imparts a general feeling of coziness. The interior of One Hill Tree is
completely air-conditioned and reservations are recommended.

one tree hill interior

One Hill Tree has a full bar and serves alcohol as well as a variety
of wines and has seating accommodations to cater for just about any
number of people. The tables for two are nicely done, it’s not too
small like most dining establishments but it’s cozy enough to allow for
meaningful conversation at the same time.

one tree hill painting

There is an oil canvas in featured in the dining area of One Tree
Hill and I thought it looked very much like the mansion where One Tree
Hill is currently now based. The restaurant is perhaps better described
as being a mansion converted into an eating establishment.

one tree hill natural lighting

One Tree Hill has one wall that has see-though glass for sunlight to
come in. The area is curved so it allows what little light that filters
in is able to permeate the entire dining area. It has a nice view of
the car park and surrounding areas.

one tree hill view

This is the view from the window at One Tree Hill restaurant. The
lush gardens and trees featured is quite pleasing to the eye (lots of
green ;)) and that’s probably where the name of this restaurant came
from – there is a huge single tree that stands out from the rest of the

one tree hill shrimp salad

Shrimp Salad (RM 15)
Delicious shrimps, apples and potatoes tossed in our special cocktail dressing served on a bed of crispy lettuce.

It’s good. It’s a little over-dressed (too much 1k Island Sauce) but at least it’s cold. ;)

one tree hill chicken kiev

Chicken Kiev (RM 25)
This is what my dining companion had. It’s good, I had a bite of it and it contains ham (?) in between the chicken fillet.

one tree hill chicken kiev inside

I cannot name my dining companion due to certain issues of circumstance so don’t ask. :p

one tree hill burger

One Tree Hill Beef Burger (RM 23)
Mouth watering grounded patties of lean sirloin with crispy lettuce,
cucumbers, tomatoes, chilli and tomato sauce, dill pickle and a touch
of creamy mayo. Comes in a sesame seed bun.

It also contains a note that all One Tree Hill burgers are accompanied by their home-made coleslaw and French fries.

one tree hill roasted lamb

Roasted Lamb (RM 32)
This came recommended from our waitress and it did not disappoint. Its
good roasted lamb in slices and the presentation is great, with baby
corn and other miscellaneous items adding color to the dish. We shared
this one and this is the best item on One Tree Hill’s menu to date.

One Tree Hill restaurant comes highly recommended from me – the service is good, the ambience is great, and the company is immaculate. ;)

Minoru Japanese Restaurant review

minoru japanese restaurant

Minoru Japanese Restaurant is an authentic Japanese
cuisine eating establishment in Kuching. It is supposed to be the best
place to go for authentic Japanese food. It’s located in Rubber Road
and it’s a cozy corner lot, relatively unknown, but a gem of a place if
you find it.

minoru interior

The interior of Minoru Japanese restaurant is furnished in classic
Japanese decor and there are various seating arrangements to
accommodate patrons as well as a sushi bar area where you can watch the
sushi chef prepare the orders.

minoru service

The service at Minoru Japanese restaurant is excellent – the
waitresses are accommodating, friendly and attentive…probably coz we
were the only ones there. ;)

japanese menu

There is a menu plastered on the wall with Japanese writing which I
can’t make sense of and I don’t know why it’s there since probably
0.0035% of the population here actually can read Japanese.

fish tank

I went there with Cherie before she left for Melbourne in the
afternoon and the place exudes an ambience of serenity. There is a fish
tank at the bar seating area (which used to have piranhas) – it’s very
tranquil, perfect for a quiet afternoon lunch.


There are various condiments interspaced with sake place cards every
meter or so on the bar seating area. The condiments are all imported
from Japan, unlike other “Japanese” eating establishments.

paper lanterns

The view from the sushi bar into the area is decorated with lighted
paper lanterns and the area behind it is full of Japanese paraphernalia.

sake selection

There is a wide selection of sake and shochu (including the ones in
the cardboard boxes – love them) and naturally, Asahi beer in bottles,
cans and mini cans.

fresh sashimi

The sushi bar has a transparent glass counter at eye level with the
fresh tuna and octopus as well as other provisions…all air flown in
from Japan.

sushi chef

This is the sushi chef behind the counter. Minoru Japanese restaurant also serves fugu (puffer fish) but the dish is seasonal.


I ordered Hon Nama sake (RM 35) which can be served
either at room temperature, chilled or warmed. It comes with a shot
glass so I decided to take shots instead of savoring the sake coz I have an alcohol problem I didn’t want to be pretentious.

california rolls

This is the California Roll (RM 20) which Cherie
recommended. It’s really good! Unlike other establishments, the Temaki
is filled with all sorts of premium ingredients right down to the
bottom of the roll. It’s a must have if you’re going to Minoru.

sashimi platter

This is the sashimi platter that we had. There is salmon sashimi (RM 25), shrimp sashimi (RM 22), octopus sashimi (RM 15), Ikura (RM 30) and Tobiko (RM 14).

exotic sushi

We also ordered Akagai sushi (RM 30) which is rare in Kuching. It’s fresh ark shell. The other one is Kazunoko sushi (RM 25) which is herring roe.

unagi eel

The Unagi (RM 25) with rice topped with seasoning
(RM 2) tastes great as well. I can’t resist eel with rice; it’s what I
used to eat in Melbourne.

chawan mushi

The Chawan Mushi (RM 6) in Minoru Japanese restaurant is good as well…it’s full of ingredients inside.

soft shelled crab

This is the soft shelled crab (RM 16) which we did not manage to finish coz it’s obvious that we ordered too much food. :)


The most interesting décor in Minoru Japanese restaurant is this
glass encased selection of miniature dishes that the establishment
offers. The bill came to about RM 300+ which is reasonable for
authentic Japanese cuisine.



bla bla bla … restaurant review

bla bla bla restaurant

bla bla bla… restaurant is a relatively new
eating establishment that opened up in Kuching. It has a purplish pink
neon sign with a speech bubble around the restaurant’s name. It looks
like a small place but it’s actually 180 meters inside!

bla bla bla bridge

The interesting bit about bla bla bla restaurant is that there is a
water walkway/bridge with “stepping stones” which you have to pass
through in order to enter the restaurant. It kinda screens the patrons
a bit, coz you have to be at least reasonably sober to navigate
through, ya know. ;)

bla bla bla water

The square block bridge is also where the eating establishment
branches into the upstairs dining area or the al fresco seating areas
to the back. There are goldfish swimming around in the flowing water if
you look close enough.

bla bla bla produce

Bla bla bla restaurant has a great ambience with the water features
and other well placed decors like this great platter of fresh produce…

bla bla bla futon

There is a futon mound where you can relax and have a couple of
drinks coz you can get rather thirsty after saying the restaurant’s
name a couple of times. ;)

bla bla bla green walk

There is a second water walkway with lush greenery that leads to the
end of the long 180 meter dining area. The place feels like a lush
tropical paradise with the generous plant life placed around the area.

bla bla bla roof

There are chandeliers and (another) interesting thing about bla bla bla restaurant is the retractable roof on top.

bla bla bla long

The narrow aisle is nicely arranged with tables for groups on one
side and tables for couples of the other side so there’s room to move
in the middle. The interior design is amazing.

bla bla bla margarita

I had a couple of margaritas (RM 18) which came with the signature pandan leaf that this place serves with most drinks.

bla bla bla mussels

This is the spicy mussels (RM 20). It came in a huge platter and it tastes great!

bla bla bla ostrich

This is the ostrich roll (RM 22) which comes with a morsel of battered ostrich meat on a flat roll.

bla bla bla lamb

This is the lamb shank (RM 23) which came with a cutting knife and serving fork. It’s tender and delicious.

bla bla bla prawns

This is the cashew nut prawn (RM 28), a decadent serving of HUGE prawns (it’s gigantic, actually) with mayo. This is easily the best part of the meal.

bla bla bla group

L-R: John [], Huai Bin (me), Ericka, Sebastian, Kenny [].

bla bla bla … restaurant is a great place to have dinner. It opens till late and the ambience and food is great.

…and admit it, you love the name too. ;)

Sheraton Restaurant

sheraton restaurant

My mother-in-law to be had her birthday dinner at Sheraton Restaurant
in Sibu on Saturday night. Sheraton Restaurant is an eatery that’s been
around Sibu in one form or another – they recently moved into their own
building due to the high customer demand.

sheraton interior

The birthday dinner was a family event with about 10 people for a
dinner gathering. Sheraton has a nice and subtle interior (which is a
nice change from their previous occupancy). The restaurant is almost
always packed – it’s famous for their fish head curry. This is what we
had for dinner:

sheraton cucumber juice

The cup overfloweth (with cucumber juice)

sheraton egg dish

This is a Foochow tradition where whole eggs are boiled and then
deep fried before being cooked in chicken soup. It’s a must have for
birthdays (for Foochows anyway).

sheraton noodle dish

There was also a thin noodle dish (not quite rice vermicelli) that’s served at the same time as the egg dish.

sheraton first dishes

Here’s a closer look at the deep-fried boiled eggs soup dish and the noodles dish.

sheraton chinese pancakes

The next course is deep fried Chinese pancakes filled with savory meat.

sheraton chinese pancakes inside

It’s very nice – crispy and filling, best to eat while it’s still hot.

sheraton pork

One of the house specialties was served after that – its pork cooked
Chinese style over a simmering steel bowl perched precariously on top
of a flame served straight to the table.

sheraton vegetables

The next dish was vegetables (think it was asparagus) dipped in hot water and served straight.

sheraton fish

The mandatory fish dish came straight after that – the fish was
evenly sliced in half and the pieces cut into bite-sized manageable
bits arranged around it like a whole fish. Decorative slices of orange
peels were arranged around the dish – these are edible as well.

sheraton birthday

Happy Birthday!

Carvery restaurant review


Carvery restaurant is a charming little restaurant tucked away in
the middle of nowhere (if I don’t know how to drive there, it’s in the
middle of nowhere :p). Carvery gets its name from the way meat dishes
are served – its brought out right from the kitchen by the chef and
then carved onto your plate.

carvery inside

The interior of Carvery is very tastefully done up, with attentive
staff and subdued lighting. I went with Penny and Sufian yesterday for
the buffet lunch, an all-you-can-eat set meal which is priced at RM
29.90 – a very reasonable price, as you will see from the review.

carvery table

Carvery has clean, pressed table linen waiting for the lunch crowd.
There’s also two slabs of butter waiting on a plate, clean cutlery and
plates all laid out, and a wooden block in the middle.

carvery bread

I found out that the wooden block was meant for one of their
generous home-made bread – freshly baked from the oven. It tastes great
when slathered with butter and dipped into cream of mushroom soup.

carvery hot

Carvery has a hot dish area beside the large soup cauldron that has everything from baked potatoes to spaghetti.

carvery cold 1

The opposite side is flanked by cold cuts, deli meat, cold pasta…

carvery cold 2

…seafood salad, various dips and sauces, vegetable sticks and bread sticks.

carvery side plate

I filled half of my plate with salami, cold cuts, pasta, potato salad and a bread stick.

carvery start

The main meal is soon announced by the chef carrying out the first
of several meat skewers. The chef wields this large carving knife and
goes around to…well, carve servings of meat on the plates of the diners.

carvery carve

This is the leg of lamb, which I found delicious. The portions being
served can be specified, if you want more, or less. Just tell that to
the guy with the big knife. ;)

carvery chicken wings

A quick succession of their offerings soon came into circulation.
This is the chicken wings, which comes highly recommended. It’s good.

carvery meat

Before I knew it, I had lamb chops, BBQ chicken wings and smoked
beef on the other half of my plate. It’s a battle of dominance between
the diner and the parade of unholy skewers of various meats that comes
out quicker than you can eat.

carvery sauces

Carvery also served up home-made sauces to each table to complement the food.

carvery sausages

Just as I thought the infernal parade of meat was ending…it started again! This time there were sausages…

carvery smoked chicken

…smoked chicken

carvery chicken ham

…chicken wrapped with beef ham

carvery fish

I started to lose count before respite, in the form of fish with a wedge of lemon and a side of tartar sauce was served.

carvery steak

However, the Meat Parade (TM) must go on, and steaks of various
denominations started to come out – rib-eye steak, rump steak, before I
finally conceded and started eating smaller portions.

carvery last meat

In the end, man triumphed over meat, as I managed to finish the last
serving before the entire parade was started all over again for the
second round for those with more robust appetites. The meat dishes
cycles twice through the course of lunch. All of us were extremely full
when the meal at Carvery was finally over.

Carvery has a delicious meat based portfolio that would appeal to
all the carnivores out there. The ambience is great, with meat being
served on large skewers and personally carved on your table and served
on your plate. Highly recommended!

Babaganoush restaurant review


Babaganoush restaurant is a place that’s famous for serving Peranakan food, although its name is derived from Baba Ganoush,
a middle-eastern dish. It’s eggplant puree, basically. I’m puzzled as
to why this particular establishment chooses to call itself after a
middle-eastern dish, but I decided not to lose any sleep about it and
just get down to eating.

babagahoush interior

The interior of Babaganoush has a distinctive Baba and Nyonya (or
Peranakan, if you will) motif to it with the traditional Malay-Chinese
fusion of cultures…

babagahoush cabinet

There’s a nice period cabinet made of wood…

babagahoush washbasin

…and the best thing about this place is the wash basin area, which is decorated to look like a wooden hut. Nice!

babagahoush cincao drink

I ordered Baba Cincao Kalamansi (RM 2.00)
for the drink. It’s very unique, I haven’t had a cincao (black jelly)
drink served this way before. The drink has a tart and sour bite to it,
which is surprisingly refreshing.

babagahoush appetizer

The appetizer we ordered is Chicken Hgoh Hiang
(RM 4.50). It’s described as “minced chicken with mushroom wrap in bean
curd skin”. We also detected prawns and hints of chestnut in this dish.
I was told that it’s not usually served so decoratively, it’s
speculated that the chef saw me taking photos, so the presentation was
given a higher priority.

babagahoush oat chicken

The main dish that I had is the recommended Oat Chicken
(RM 5.50). The menu description says its “sliced chicken meat stir
fried with curry leaves, chili and oats”. It comes with rice.

babagahoush oat chicken close

I have to say that I was very impressed with this dish. The
oats were very generous and it provided a sweet and coarse texture to
the dish. The chili complimented everything well, lending a bite of
spiciness to it. The baked oats smells delicious and this is one dish
you don’t want to miss. Highly recommended!

Babaganoush does not seem like a pure Peranakan food establishment,
but they have unique fusion food on their menu. I would go for the Oat
Chicken again, it’s great!

Little Lebanon restaurant Ramadan Special review

little lebanon

Little Lebanon is the premier restaurant serving middle eastern
cuisine in Kuching. It’s located in a very central location and it
currently has a Ramadan Berbuka Puasa set meal promotion for RM 25++.
Little Lebanon is a very popular eating establishment and is frequently
fully booked.

little leb al fresco

There is an al fresco dining area lining both balconies and nice
indoor seating as well. There is prayer mats aligned to Mecca to the
back and we saw several customers utilizing this commodity before
breaking fast. It’s the fasting month for Muslims now and there are a
lot of places vying for the lucrative end-of-day breaking of the fast.

little leb yoghurt drink

We arrived early so we had to wait for about half an hour before
dinner was served. We had fresh yoghurt drinks while we waited for the
meal. It’s offered in sweetened and natural options – I would recommend
the natural, unsweetened version. It’s almost pure yoghurt, thick and
filling. Divine!

little leb glow

Little Lebanon comes to life at about 7 pm…the interior lights are
turned on; everything is ready for the patrons, the table linen all
done nicely. Notice the Sahara tent in the middle? It’s a huge private
dining area for large groups – there’s room for 20 people in there.
It’s the prime dining spot in Little Lebanon.

little leb menu

There are two choices for the Arabic menu in the Little Lebanon –
the main difference is in the main…chicken or lamb, something that
reminds me of long haul flights. ;) There are also two choices for the
Local menu, but people don’t go to Little Lebanon for that, we’re here
for Middle Eastern cuisine, so we went for the Arabic menu. Both Menu 1
and Menu 2 were ordered to provide the best variety.


little leb dates

This is the first dish that came out – dates or kurma. It’s good –
the seeds are not as large as the ones I got the other day. It’s
customary to break the day’s fast with kurma (dates).

Bandung Drink

little leb bandung

This is a local favorite. It’s rose syrup with evaporated milk. It’s
creamy and thirst quenching at the same time. There are two options in
the menu – bandung drink and selasih drink.

Selasih Drink

little leb selasih

I’m not familiar with this one, but its very thirst quenching. It
seems to be a cordial of some sort, with jelly that looks like passion
fruit seeds.

Soup of the Day

little leb soup

This didn’t come out from a Campbell soup can – it’s made in house. It’s good, real soup, creamy and hearty.

Plate of Hommus and Baba Ghannouj with Lebanese Bread

little leb bread dip

The Lebanese bread came out piping hot.

little leb bread

It’s baked bread, with an interesting crispy/chewy texture that’s
unlike any other I’ve ever had. It goes very well with the two dips.

little leb dips

Mashed chickpeas blended with sesame seed paste and baked brinjal
blend. This is easily the best dish coz I like bread. I like oven baked
bread even more. Oven baked bread served hot is tops in my book. :)

little leb dips flash

This is a photo of the two dips taken with flash. I love the
presentation – the way they got the oil into the middle of the dip
intrigued me. It’s good, soaked up very well with the Lebanese bread.

Spaghetti with Yoghurt

little leb yogurt spag

This is an interesting appetizer…it’s a cold dish of spaghetti
cooked with yogurt and yogurt only. The spaghetti is done al dente and
the yoghurt sauce makes the whole appetizer cold.

little leb yogurt spag flash

Here’s what it looks like, taken with flash. It’s interesting, that’s for sure. It’s cold. It’s sour. It’s different! :)

Meat Sambousah

little leb samosa

Minced beef, finely chopped onions and pine nuts wrapped in thin pastry.

little leb samosa flash

Here’s a photo with flash, this warm sambouhsah is a nice item on
the menu since it came after the warm Lebanese bread and cold Yoghurt
Spaghetti. It’s a hot item again this time and this hot-cold-hot
appetizer leading up to the main meal is a very interesting decision on
the chef’s part.

Chicken with Polanjar Potatoes

little leb chicken main

It’s described as roasted chicken with buttered potatoes and that’s
not too far from the dish’s offerings. It’s given a Middle Eastern
twist with the unique blend of herbs. It also came with a side serving
of what looks like coleslaw, but isn’t.

Lamb Mansaf with Arabic Rice

little leb lamb main

This is the difference between Menu 1 and Menu 2. The lamb is served
around the rice, it’s good, cooked in some kind of creamy stew. The
Arabic rice has some mixed chopped nuts topping it up. It’s dubbed as
sliced lamb served with lamb sauce and rice. It’s good. This one has
more of a Middle Eastern twist to it than the Chicken. I’ll recommend
the lamb.


little leb fattoush

Finely chopped tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, parsley, mint leaves
dressed with pomegranate and lemon juice. It’s an acquired taste,
that’s all I can say. You can’t really see anything from the ambient
lighting so here’s one with flash:

little leb fattoush flash

It’s an interesting vegetable based dish with all sorts of crunchy
stuff lining the plate. There are nuts and hard biscuits and crunchy
bread crumbs. It’s an interesting dish. I use the word interesting
liberally to describe the food coz it’s…er, interesting. ;)

Arabic Dessert and Seasonal Fruits

little leb dessert

This is the dessert to end the, er…interesting course. The Arabic
dessert is some sweet concoction which I can’t put my finger on and
there’s some fruits served to the side.

little leb dessert flash

Here’s a clearer but more washed out picture taken with quick flash.

little leb sisha

We were offered sisha during the dessert
and this, to the best of my knowledge, is the only eating establishment
that offers sisha in Kuching. I immediately agreed – there was an
option of various fruit flavors and we went for the mixed one. Sisha
looks like a bong, heck, it is a bong, but the cone doesn’t have anything psychoactive inside.

little leb filters

There are two filters provided with the sisha for hygienic reasons.

little leb sisha cone

Sisha is like a bong, except the smoke you’re inhaling is fragrant
incense. The fruit mix is a good choice, it’s a nice fusion. There’s no
nicotine or anything psychoactive in there, so don’t expect to get
anything out of it, but there’s something about smoking sweet fruit
smoke while talking and relaxing with a great view of the city…

little leb view

…it’s simply divine. Sisha seems like a popular choice here,
there’s at least one to every table. It only costs RM 12. Highly

little leb me bernice

This is a farewell dinner of sorts for Bernice before she goes off
to KL. Little Lebanon is a nice place and their Arabic Berbuka Puasa
set at RM 25++ is a great deal. This time of the year is the best time
to try out the promotions going around as it allows a wide range of
dishes to be sampled for the breaking of fast ritual.

little leb sisha me

Peace be with you all, my dear readers… ;)

La Bodega, Bangsar

la bodega

La Bodega in Bangsar is supposedly the first authentic Spanish tapas
bar in Malaysia. I went there on my final night in KL to celebrate my
RRMA win. The ambience in Bangsar was as lively as usual, despite it
being a Sunday night.


La Bodega tapas y vinos is a bistro restaurant that serves their flagship tapas as well as other Spanish cuisine.

la bodega bar

The interior is nicely designed, with bar style seating arrangements around the bar, and tables on the side.

la bodega wall

The walls of La Bodega are covered with B&W pictures, showing
life, as it were. I liked it a lot. There’s also something very
interesting, if you look up…

la bodega wine top

The top of La Bodega in Bangsar is custom fitted with a wine rack!
There are literally bottles of wine hanging on top of you. Nice!

la bodega order

We placed our orders and I got a bottle of champagne to celebrate,
but they were out, and the attendant recommended Torres Grand Coronas
Cabernet Sauvignon, which was okay with me, coz I like red wine.

la bodega food

We ordered from the hot tapas and raciones menu as well as from the
paella menu. The photo above shows the various tapas that we ordered.
It all tasted good, the sauces were soaked up well by the bread.

la bodega tapas 1

Pollo al ajillo (Chicken sauteed in olive oil, garlic and parsley)

la bodega tapas 2

Chuletas de cordero a la parrilla (Grilled lamb cutlets gratinated with garlic mayonnaise)

la bodega tapas 3

Albondigas “Saint Climent” (Lamb meatballs in a rich brandy sauce)

la bodega paella

This is the main meal – Paella Valenciana mixta. It’s prawns,
chicken, mussels and clams cooked in a paella with saffron, peppers,
peas and rice.

la bodega paella flash

Here’s a photo of it with flash. This dish requires a minimum of two
people and a 30 minute wait, but that wasn’t a problem with us as we
all had this for the main.

paella mixed

This is what it looks like after it’s mixed. It’s counted per
person, at RM 18, so if there’s four in your group, the dish is RM 72.

paella mixed flash

Here’s a clearer photo, with flash. It’s surprisingly filling and they were generous with the ingredients. It tasted wonderful.

la bodega group

This is a group shot of us at La Bodega in Bangsar. L-R: Alice,
Richard, Louisa, Huai Bin (me). The bill came up to about RM 300, but
it’s worth it. Good food, highly recommended!

Casabella Mediterranean Restaurant

casabella restaurant

This is Casabella Mediterranean Restaurant, located at the Ground
Floor of Crown Square. It serves Mediterranean and Asian fusion
cuisine. I went there with a dining companion for dinner. It was at
about half capacity on a weekday, perfect for dinner with conversation.

casabella interior

We took a corner table at the restaurant. The interior has paintings
with a Mediterranean motif and the seating arrangements (a pretentious
term for tables and chairs ;)) are nicely square. The service was
pleasant and accommodating, by Kuching’s standards. It’s a good place
to have dinner.

casabella fruit drink

casabella mango smoothie

We were served drinks first – my dining companion had lime juice
that came with bits of jellied fruits at the bottom while I had a mango
smoothie that was frothy and rich.

casabella turkish mussels

The entree dish which we shared is the Turkish Style Pan Fried Mussels.
It was served with a tomato based sauce and two pieces of garlic bread.
The garlic bread was made the way I liked – crusty on the sides and
soft on the insides, which soaks up the sauce well. There was quite a
generous amount of mussels served with the shell intact and split for

casabella egyptian fish

I asked about their specialty and was recommended the Egyptian Fish.
This is deep fried fish with Egyptian spice, served with a special
sauce fries on the side. It tasted pretty good – the fish was nicely
fried on the outside with batter and soft and tender on the inside. I
liked the sauce too – goes well with the fries.

casabella kebab

My dining companion had the Chicken Kebab. It was served in a
kebab skewer with alternating chicken pieces and button mushrooms on
top of a piece of nan bread. The dish also had a whole piece of lettuce
and half a grilled tomato. I had a taste of that – the naan bread was
toasty, yet springy, but the chicken kebab was nothing to write home

Nevertheless, I liked the ambience and food here – recommended if you’re in Kuching.

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