Koko, Bangkok


Koko is an eating establishment in the busy Siam
Square district of Bangkok, Thailand. I went in with MDC coz she was
really hungry and it’s the nearest restaurant.

koko interior

Koko seems to be popular with the locals as a lot of Thai natives
were in there when we walked in and only one person speaks English.

koko decor

I take that as a good sign for authentic Thai food. The interior of
Koko is nicely decorated with interesting pieces like this plant in a
test tube.

koko coffee

I had Thai iced coffee (which tastes like the iced coffee over here)
and MDC had mineral water since we both had the runs after eating
street food the night before. The interesting thing about Thai tube ice
is that it’s much smaller in diameter than ours.

koko shrimp

Lunch was ordered a la carte with rice and this is the appetizer
which we didn’t order. It’s raw prawns in chilli paste. Koko messed up
our order something awful and they don’t speak English (except for one
person, and he wasn’t that good) so it was certainly an interesting

koko macaroni

Macaroni cooked in Thai sauce was served up (which we didn’t order)
and the waiter took it away and gave it to the guy behind us (who
ordered it). Koko really needs to get their orders right.

koko curry

This is curry pork which we DID order for once. ;) It’s really good
– the pork makes all the difference in the curry – and that’s the
verdict from MDC and me.

koko morning glory

We also ordered a dish of morning glory stalks which was really sweet and has an interesting texture.

koko chicken

The other dish we ordered is deep fried chicken which was alright.
Koko serves good food but I cannot recommend it based on the mixed up
orders which happened at an appalling rate.

The lunch set us back about 600 baht or so (RM 60) so it’s not cheap either…

McDonalds in Thailand

mcdonalds thailand

McDonald’s in Thailand has one
important menu item that Malaysia doesn’t – pork. The Thai sure love
their pork (and mangos) over here. I make it a point to go to
McDonald’s in every country I visit (and managed to drag MDC with me
despite her new found reluctance for all things McDonalds).

mcdonalds interior

The McDonald’s at Siam Paragon (the newest shopping
center in Bangkok) has a nice interior – there is ample seating and
iPod stations for listening to music. I checked out the Thai McDonald’s
menu and couldn’t read it so I got passed and English menu. I found
four different menu items – McSalad Shaker, Samurai Pork Burger, McPork
Burger and Pepper Chicken Burger and ordered them all.

Samurai Pork Burger (66 baht)

samurai pork burger wrapper

The Samurai Pork Burger was ordered as a large value meal so it came
with fries and Coke. The Samurai Pork Burger is wrapped in an
appropriately aggressive red wrapper.

samurai pork burger

Samurai Pork Burger consists of a pork patty topped with mayonnaise
and lettuce. I don’t know what’s so Samurai about this concoction but
it tastes great eating pork. Malaysia doesn’t server pork due to
religious considerations.

McPork Burger (19 baht)

mcpork burger wrapper

McPork Burger! I just love the name. McPork! McPork! McPork!

mcpork burger

The McPork Burger is the lower end offering (equivalent to a no
frills cheeseburger) priced at 19 baht (about RM 1.90) and it comes in
a purple wrapper and has pork in it. Mmm…(Mc)Pork.

Pepper Chicken Burger (23 baht)

pepper chicken burger wrapper

MDC ordered this one coz I ordered all the pork. The pepper chicken burger comes in a blue wrapper and tastes like chicken. ;)

pepper chicken burger

Pepper Chicken Burger in Thailand is not slathered with pepper sauce
but rather grounded pepper on a deep fried crumbly chicken patty. It’s
alright, but it’s not pork.

McSalad Shaker (32 baht)

mcsalad shaker

McSalad Shaker is the current promotion in Thailand and it’s salad
in a plastic container with a choice of “Salad Cream” (mayo) or 1000
Island Dressing.

mcsalad shaker contents

The McSalad Shaker in Thailand has REAL HAM as in ham made out of
pork like God intended it to. MDC says it makes all the difference in
the salad. It certainly made it very savory.

mcsalad shaker dressing

I put the Salad Cream into the McSalad Shaker…

mcsalad shaker shake

…and shook it as per the instructions. It was quite fun actually, or perhaps I’m just retarded.

mcsalad shaker shaken

This is what the McSalad Shaker looks like after it’s been…er, shaken.

mcsalad shaker done

MDC and I agreed that it tasted great. They have cherry tomatoes, lettuce, carrots and most importantly – ham!

mcdonalds end

McDonald’s in Thailand is great if you have a hankering for pork since we don’t get pork in Malaysia.

Mango Tango @ Bangkok


Mango Tango is a dessert specialty shop in Siam
Square, Bangkok that found it’s niche in mango desserts. Thailand is
famous for its mangos and they certainly like their mangos over here.
Mango Tango offers a variety of mango desserts and is a franchise with
chains all over the world.

mangotango display

Jia Chui had came here the previous night and she brought me and MDC
here coz the Mango Tango outlet was supposedly very delicious – we were
not disappointed. The front of Mango Tango has a nice display of fresh
mangos and replicas of their mango desserts outside the counter.

mangotango interior

The interior of Mango Tango is divided into two floors with seating
arrangements for two and four. Mango Tango is very clean by Bangkok
standards and the walls are adorned with phrases proclaiming the
benefits of mangos. It has a really nice and cozy ambience.

Mango Tango (130 baht)

mangotango mango tango

Mango Tango is their signature dessert and consists of a halved and
partially diced mango served with a side of mango pudding topped with
whipped cream and a ball of mango sorbet. It tasted really good – it’s
THE must try flagship dish.

Mango Delight (120 baht)

mangotango delight

Mango Delight is a selection of tropical and imported fruits served
with huge mango chunks. It’s a great dessert for people who like fruit.

Mango Sticky Rice (100 baht)

mangotango sticky rice

Mango Sticky Rice consists of a scoop of mango sorbet, sliced fresh
mangos and mangos with glutinous rice (sticky rice). It tastes
surprisingly good – especially the mango mixed with sticky rice…it’s
out of this world!

Mango Iceberg (74 baht)

mangotango iceberg

Mango Iceberg is a dish with mango ice cream, milk sago and mixed
fruits. It tastes a lot like cold bubur cha cha except it’s full of

mangotango me mdc jia chui

The Thai sure like their mangos (and pork) and mangos are practically a national dish over here. Check out Mango Tango if you’re in Siam Square – it’s worth every single baht to eat the famed Thai mango desserts.

Patpong – Red Light District of Bangkok

patpong redlight

Patpong is the red light district of Bangkok
offering live topless and nude shows in the many alleys that has pimps
(promoters?) offering live shows and girls. I went to Patpong just now
with MDC to check out the place at night.

patpong massage

Patpong is a lot like Petaling Street and Jalan Alor combined
together – it is full of narrow and crowded alleys with the sides lined
with street vendors selling everything from t-shirts to BB guns. There
are also bars and the relentless glow of neon lights advertising “Hot
Go Go Girls Live Show” as well as massage centers (which don’t just
give you a massage if you catch my drift).

patpong vendors

Patpong is not just a red light district but also a shopping haven. There are goods ranging from bags…

patpong shirts

…to attire…

patpong shoes

…and shoes. It’s possible to get cheap stuff from here but you
need to have strong bargaining skillz. I usually try and get discounts
for bulk purchases and walk away if the price wasn’t right. It usually
works – the vendor will beckon you back with a “OK, just for you,
special price” and the deal is sealed. ;)

patpong girls

Patpong has a really lively nightlife that constitutes mostly of
live shows of women in various states of undress. There are also pimps
that would approach you to offer women or lap dances in addition to the
various self-promoting girls standing outside their topless bars.

patpong pimps

I was walking with MDC and got accosted many times by promoters
despite the fact that I seem attached. I did want to go in and check
out the live shows but MDC gave me THE LOOK when I casually brought it
up. One promoter who saw that blurted “Girls can also see!” which I
found rather funny and kept on bugging MDC about it.

patpong gogo

She didn’t let me go so I’m sorry guys, the best I can do is show
the outside of the clubs and strip dance places and the girls standing

patpong video
Download: Patpong red light district video [sixthseal.com]

Patpong is a great place to go if you want to shop
for cheap goods and catch a live sex show while you’re at it but I
highly recommend that you leave your girlfriend or wife back at the

Trust me, you’re gonna thank me for it. ;)

Street food in Bangkok

street food stall

I woke up this morning and walked around during peak office hours to
get some food. I wanted to check out the street food by the roadside
(it’s kinda like a moving hawker stall) so I ended up going to this
noodle place that a lot of Thai people were at so I assume it must be

street food noodle girl

The friendly girl manning the noodle stall didn’t speak much English
but I managed to point at a dish that most of the people there are
eating. It’s a noodle dish soup with a choice of original, round or
green noodles and I chose the original one.

street food water

The tables are arranged around the hawker stall and plastic stools
are available for patrons to sit on. I was a bit puzzled when a little
boy handed me a tin cup filled with ice until he motioned to the water
containers on the table (complimentary). Iced water! Sweet.

street food noodle

This is what the noodle dish (40 baht – around RM 4) looks like – it
had more ingredients than noodles. There are pork slices, pork balls,
pork dumplings (they sure love their pork over here) and another kind
of smaller pork dumplings at the bottom covered by wiggly noodles and
vegetables in soup. It tastes surprisingly good, it’s different from
the noodle offerings back home.

street food juice

I went to get some drinks after that and noticed a street hawker
doing brisk business selling fresh, chilled local mandarin orange juice
(20 baht – around RM 2). I saw a lot of people patronizing the stall so
I deduced it must be good if local Thai office people were ordering it.
The man at the stall is real friendly too and showed me how it’s done.

The local mandarin juice is really good – cold and refreshing after
the hot soup meal. Check out the street food when you’re in Bangkok,
it’s interesting.

Tuk-tuk in Bangkok, Thailand

tuk tuk

The tuk-tuk experience is a must have for first
time Thailand visitors. Tuk Tuks are practically an icon of Bangkok –
small motorized rickshaws that can seat up to three people at the back
and it’s really fun to ride during breezy Bangkok nights.

tuk tuk seat

The tuk-tuk consists of a driver (who usually drives in a manner
that would make most professional F1 drivers green with envy with their
daredevil weaving through traffic and general disregard for safety) who
takes you on a comfortable seat at the back, which is partially sealed.
I went with MDC (My Dining Companion) and Jia Chui (read previous post)
for the tuk-tuk experience.

tuk tuk me driver

It is advisable to negotiate the fare before going coz we got
charged 300 baht (RM 30) for a trip from Siam City Hotel to Siam Square
(for a comparison, a metered taxi would cost 45 baht – RM 4.50) but it
was worth it coz of the photo op and the experience. I bargained for
150 baht for the return trip. This shows me with the driver and Jia
Chui at the back. MDC took the photo.

tuk tuk video

Download: Tuk tuk video [sixthseal.com]
Get a virtual tuk-tuk ride! The video shows the tuk tuk going through
Bangkok streets and also Jia Chui (but not MDC who must not be named,
or seen for that matter).

Tuk tuk drivers will also not-so-subtly encourage you to patronize
certain outlets, e.g. we got asked many times if we wanted to go to a
particular seafood restaurant by the return tuk-tuk but the first tuk
tuk didn’t do that so YMMV.

The Platinum Fashion Mall

platinum fashion mall

This is a public service announcement – The Platinum Fashion Mall
in Bangkok is evil. It’s a wholesale emporium of attire, a shopper’s
paradise and it will drain all your baht away. I think I spent 3,000
baht just on clothes just now.

platinum mall inside

The Platinum Fashion Mall has a lot of floors dedicated to all sorts
of attire you can think of – I spent a lot of baht in one shop alone.


It’s called Marijuana. How can you not buy stuff from this place? I
got a lot of t-shirts for myself and also – Cherie, Irene, Joanne,
David, Jimmy and Robyn, I got you all stuff from this place, you’ll
love it!

platinum mall me

I ended up looking like this…and I’m not even much of a shopper! I
just couldn’t resist the counter-culture, drug and sex reference
t-shirts. The place is really cheap too, if you bargain, you can get
probably 5 t-shirts for 500 baht (RM 50).

platinum food center

The Platinum Fashion Mall is a baht drainer coz it has its own food
court as well so you can spend the entire day there if you’re so
inclined (and you probably would if you visit every shop in this huge

platinum food center coupon

The food court at The Platinum Fashion Mall uses a coupon system for
purchasing food. There were three of us, and we each got 100 baht
credit coupon cards and shared the food.

somtam pounding

I ordered Somtam (the famous Thai mango salad) with
blue crabs and chicken feet (55 baht) and the mango salad was pounded
into a dish that looked like this:

somtam thai mango salad

It tastes REALLY GOOD. I can’t describe how good it tastes, it was
just so good that I nearly came while eating it. My dining companion
(MDC from this post onwards to protect her privacy) and Jia Chui (a
pharmacist from KL that I met at the hotel) both agreed somtam is THE

somtam macro

Please do try Somtam if you’re ever in Thailand, it’s orgasmic!

me jia chui mdr

Other highlights is this dish with really hot sauce (don’t know what it’s called) that was really good as well.

thai bread make

There’s also a local home made grilled bread that we ordered.

thai bread pork

This is the chilli paste and pork floss version (15 baht). It’s great!

thai bread tea

This is the Thailand tea custard version (12 baht) which MDC ordered. It tastes like tea custard.

the platinum fashion mall

Just be careful when you walk down the many aisles of The Platinum
Fashion Mall…it’s temptation personified in a large concrete
building. You’re going to spend a lot of baht here coz everything seems

Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand!

me bangkok

Sawadee ka! Greetings from Bangkok, Thailand. I
just arrived yesterday and spent most of the night walking around. I’m
staying at Siam City Hotel in Bangkok.


The flight from Kuching to KL to Bangkok was timed perfectly and
Bangkok is one hour behind Malaysia (GMT +7) so I’m going to pre-date
all the posts I make in Bangkok by one hour coz that is the time over

arrival card

There is a Thailand immigration card that you need to fill in (both
the arrival and departure details) so you can clear customs real fast
(took me all of one minute). The immigration in BKK airport has one of
those new Logitech webcams that swivel to your direction.

bangkok air

I arrived at Bangkok International Airport at 4:30 pm local time (that means the time in Thailand, not Malaysia) which would be 5:30 pm back home.

thai girl

The people in Thailand are decidedly more polite and accommodating
and friendly than the Malaysian counterparts (sorry, it just had to be
said). Which part of it is due to the tourism industry is debatable but
I haven’t had a bad experience so far.

bangkok customs

I breezed through BKK customs via the green lane (who said Bangkok
was strict?) and took a taxi to Siam City Hotel from the airport for
650 baht (about RM 65 or US $30) coz I wanted to do the tourist thing
at night.

thai video

Download: Bangkok video [sixthseal.com]

bangkok street

Check out the video, I took it in the airport limousine service and the driver was kind enough to teach me some Thai phases (khopun kap – that’s Thank You in Thai) and even took the liberty of passing me a catalogue for a massage center close to my hotel. ;)

siam city hotel bangkok

This is Siam City Hotel, Bangkok where I’m staying.
I’m staying at this place coz it’s clean (just got a new tattoo and
gotta take care of it remember?). I’m more of a traveler than a
tourist, but then there’s also this event I wanted to gatecrash (more
about that later ;))

siam city hotel room

I tipped the driver 50 baht coz he was being real nice and told me where to catch some real muay thai
(Thai kickboxing) action and taught me some Thai phrases which I used
immediately upon arrival at the hotel. I think the receptionist was
quite impressed but she told me that it’s gender specific, khopun kap as a gender neutral but decidedly masculine tone and khopun ka (without the p sound) for a more feminine address.

siam city room service

I’m rambling a bit over here…there’s so much to share with all of
you, I’m having fun over here in Bangkok. I’m going to make more posts
today okay? In sequence, as a travelogue, did so much in a single day
over here and net access costs 640 baht for a day (that’s a whopping RM
64) so I might as well make good use of it right?

Till then, la got!

That’s Thai for goodbye. =D

The Medium from Thailand

thailand medium house

I was dragged to a new and “really good” medium during the weekend
after boozing at a pub. My friend was really keen to go and no one
wanted to go with her (I wanted to go clubbing too, actually), but I
thought wtf, and humored her. I went with nothing except my cell phone
(which explains the image quality or the lack thereof).

thailand medium prayer

There was a counter at the front of the semi-detached house in the
middle of nowhere and a group of devout believers at the front with a
book (which my friend told me is equivalent to a tithe) so I gave them
RM 20 and we were allowed into this room with a lot of religious
figurines and prayer paraphernalia.

thailand medium joss sticks

It was rather Zen-like actually, and my friend told me to take the
joss sticks (totaling 3 in number) light it, say a prayer and then take
it to the container outside and repeat the same incantation while
planting the joss sticks into the container. I’m not familiar with the
rites and rituals of such proceedings so it was interesting to find out.

thailand medium beer

The best part about the entire fiasco? Free beer! No shit, they had
free beer and a (small) buffet tablet lineup for food. I didn’t eat but
I drank a lot of beer. It was definitely worth the RM 20 admission fee.
I got to meet with the medium from Thailand too (he was also holding a
can of beer, strangely) and he gave me four digits for Toto (Lotto).

I didn’t use it. ;)

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