Movie Review: Watchmen


Watchmen is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. I caught it last night with a couple of co-workers at GSC, 1 Utama. The trailer did not impress me; I’ll have to be honest. We went for that movie coz Race to Witch Mountain (I know, don’t ask) was sold out.

Unlike most other superhero movies, Watchmen is set in the past – during the Cold War period between the US and the USSR. It’s dark, gritty and realistic. The “superheroes” do not have “powers” per se – with the exception of Dr. Manhattan. They rely on armed and unarmed combat (mostly the latter) to defeat their foes. Perhaps vigilantes would be a better term to describe this group of believable superheroes.

Watchmen also gives us a glimpse into the everyday lives of the superheroes – they are just as fucked up as we are, if not more. We have an alcoholic who can’t let go of her glorious past as a superhero and we learn that most of the original Watchmen (Minutemen) are either dead (some due to their personal debaucheries – one female character was murdered in a what looks like a lesbian S&M scene) or in asylums. One character had to prostitute herself to make ends meet.

My favourite character in the movie is without a doubt Rorschach. His character is named after the Rorschach inkblot test and he is a man incapable of compromise – a sociopath if I’ve ever seen one. He’s idealistic in his own way and sees the world in black and white – no shades of gray.

The end of the movie is a classic example of pragmatism – the end justifies the means.

Rorschach would have none of it though.

He stands up for what he believes is right.

It’s like an adult version of The Incredibles.

Rating: 5/5

Nightfall at Sekeping Serendah Retreat


Sekeping Serendah offers just about the ideal place for a barbecue at night – there’s the sound of nature seeping through the peace and quiet of the forest, a cool breeze blowing into the patio, and the sound of running water from the brook. It’s just so chill. The caretaker has already…er, taken care of the BBQ when we finished our extended swim and soak session in the private pool.


The BBQ pit is an old fashioned receptacle with a mesh grill over it and good old fashioned charcoal covering the bottom. I helped to man the BBQ pit for a while, ensuring all the charcoal is evenly burned before Joyce and Windy took over. I’m not good in gauging food readiness, since I can eat raw food so I left it to better hands. πŸ˜‰


There are no restaurants or anything of that sort in Sekeping Serendah so you’ll have to either bring your own food or cater from the caretaker (RM 20 per pax) for dinner. We had the foresight (?) to bring our own food. A trip to the local Giant for supplies ensured we had enough food and drinks to last the night. The grocery shopping bill came close to a whopping RM 400 but a large part of that was due to ethanol based beverages.


We got lamb chops, fish, chicken wings, corn on the cob and eggs for the barbecue. I got eggs coz no one believed me when I said eggs can be cooked on a BBQ by just putting it right on the grill. It really works – I’ve done it numerous times before. We also got a lot of bottled water and fruit juices for hydration. For the dehydration part, a bottle of Absolut Vodka was procured.


I would have thought that would be enough but apparently not – I’m in the company of veterans here, much to my surprise. It was decided that we’re getting another bottle of liqueur – Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur which Windy swears is the best thing she ever had. The bottle describes the history of the liqueur very poetically – “Emperor Ming of the Tang dynasty supplied his charming consort with a specialty for which she craved and was richly rewarded with her delightful smiles and appreciative heart.” Okay.


We also got a bottle of Merlot for good measure. I was a bit apprehensive about the amount at first – a bottle of vodka, a bottle of liqueur and a bottle of red wine for three people, two of whom I didn’t think could drink much.

bbq sauce

…and guess what, we were drinking the Absolut Vodka neat from the bottle without any mixers and nearly finished it before we even got to Sekeping Serendah Retreat! OMG! I knew we wouldn’t have enough alcohol at that point. Thus, I managed to persuade the caretaker to drive out to town at about 10 pm and get us some cheap, locally distilled vodka (RM 45).


This is our dinner. I had the black corn, lamb, fish, and an egg. Everything was grilled to perfection! Kudos to the girls for manning the BBQ.


I didn’t even know fish had to be disemboweled before slapping it on the grill. We used real butter to cook the food and had a bottle of BBQ sauce to go with it. It was great eating under the moonlight with a Styrofoam cup of red wine. The food somehow tasted better under the stars.


We started playing Blackjack after that with the bottle of Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur and finished it in less than 10 minutes. (!) That leaves the dodgy vodka which left everyone (including me – and I’ve drank a lot of shitty alcohol) apprehensive as soon as it was opened. The smell of the vodka is…revolting. I don’t have a better adjective to describe it.

bbq food

I think everyone puked that night courtesy of the dodgy vodka with a distinctive methanol odor. It probably had a legion of other unidentified non-ethanol spirits inside. I puked straight after drinking it but was still sober and slept only at around 4 am. I made sure that the caretaker would bring us breakfast (RM 5 per pax) which is a choice of either roti canai or nasi lemak before sleeping for about four hours.

food done

It was a great trip despite all three of us throwing up before the night was over. πŸ˜‰


Regurgitation Register:
Joyce: 7
Windy: 2
Huai Bin: 1

It was technically twice for me too, but the first time was not directly ethanol related. I forced myself to puke coz I was full and wanted more space in my stomach to…er, fit more alcohol in. :p


I have much respect for Windy, she drank almost as much as me and managed to hold her liquor. πŸ™‚

Who’s going to Sunburst KL09?


Who’s going to Sunburst? I’m particularly interested in this music festival coz Korn is headlining it. I’ve always been a big fan of Korn and the first ever korncert (pardon the pun) I went to was their show in Christchurch, New Zealand when I was 15. I was in the mosh pit. It was awesome – they had gigantic replica blow up genitalia hanging from the ceiling and the crowd was super energetic. I love their music, even though they kinda fit the term “sell-out” after the second album.

…but that’s digressing. I still love them (don’t know why, it’s just like how I still love Green Day and Offspring – they’re the bands I grew up with).


We’re very passionate about music in the office – we even have a resident DJ (who’s actually a designer) playing music all day long. Naturally, all of us at the office are looking forward to Sunburst KL09 – we have a couple of Korn fans (literally a couple, there are only two Korn fans in the office, I’m sad to report), a legion of Erykah Badu admirers and a sprinkling of people into the local music scene. I guess that says a lot about the demographics of our office…mainstream. πŸ™‚

Sunburst KL09 is the annual music festival held on the grounds of Bukit Kiara Equestrian Club with the biggest names in international music playing alongside regional and local talent. It’s a source of great discussion at my workplace (usually centered on whether Korn is coming). It’s also home to the iconic Sun and Sky stage:


The Sun and Sky stage will be the main platforms though there are 6 different stages in total. This one day 12-hour music festival features names like Korn (I like!), Erykah Badu, Skye, and Butterfingers. There is also a beer garden, so you won’t have to worry about liquid refreshment. πŸ˜‰

I’ve gotten myself a ticket to Sunburst KL09 early on but relinquished it to a coworker coz I’m kinda broke this month. I’ve been saving up for the tickets when I saw the U.O.X. Sunburst promotion. There are a lot of people under 25 in my office and some of them are U.O.X. members so I persuaded one of my coworkers to join and pass me one of the tickets if she wins.

It’s just two simple steps to win 2 FREE tickets worth RM 203 each if you’re a U.O.X. member:

1. Type REGFREETIX and send to 28881
2. Upon receiving confirmation via SMS, just reload RM 30 before 17 March 2009 for a chance to win

MeTV is also running a promotion where you can win a pair of exclusive Meet & Greet passes plus 2 FREE tickets worth RM 203 each.

I like the idea of submitting fan videos so I decided to shoot a video using one of Korn’s tracks. Plus, I figured joining both would increase my chances of winning. πŸ˜‰

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Record your best “I want to be at Sunburst KL09” video or picture.
2. Send your video or picture via MMS to 26388

Meanwhile, if you want to watch, rate & download Sunburst videos on MeTV:

Step 1: Log on to from your mobile
Step 2: Go to Fun Stuff and select MeTV
Step 3: Click on the Sunburst category.
Step 4: Watch, rate (my video) or download any of the listed videos.


This is my interpretation of Korn’s a.d.i.d.a.s. – the video took a rather long time to shoot due to some of the cast not being able to make it on a weekend night. I like how it turned out though – it’s remarkably similar to my vision despite having to make some last minute changes to the script.

My Sunburst submission is a departure from my recent videos and a return to the old videos – dark, gritty, and realistic. I feel it kinda gels with the mood in the first and second album Korn produced. I wanted to pay homage to my favorite band and do something extra for the MeTV Sunburst promotion.


I really hope I win. *fingers crossed* I want to go to Sunburst KL09! Just look at my mundane and boring existence in the video! It’s all work, surfing the net at home, and casual se…er, searching for meaning in life. πŸ˜‰ I need to get out more.

…more than anything, I want to win the Meet & Greet passes to see Korn! =D

Absolut Pears

absolut pears

I managed to get a 1 liter bottle of Absolut Pears for RM 43 thanks to Charlz. Her friend was in Langkawi and managed to bring back one bottle for me, which she passed to me just now. BTW, the beverage on her desk is guava juice – note that the seal to the Absolut Pears is intact. πŸ˜‰

Charlz, we put it to Good Use (TM). =D

In sleep he sang to me
In dreams he came
That voice that calls to me and speaks my name
…and do I dream again for now I find
The Phantom of the Opera is there
Inside my mind

Sing once again with me
Our strange duet
My power over you grows stronger yet
…and though you turn from me to glance behind
The Phantom of the Opera is here
Inside your mind

Sekeping Serendah retreat

mud shed

Sekeping Serendah is a Zen like retreat in the middle of the jungle. Touted as a place with a minimal footprint on the environment, I was introduced to this retreat by a coworker who’s been there. Sekeping Serendah literally means “A piece of Serendah” in Malay. Serendah is the town where the retreat is located at – it’s an Orang Asli (native) settlement area.


Karen (my coworker – seen in the breakfast photo) was quite pleased with her experience there last time so I called up Christina and booked a glass shed. Unfortunately, being a long weekend and all, they were all out of glass sheds. The other option is the timber shed, which is also fully occupied. Sekeping Serendah only had the mud huts left so we went for that option.

serendah sculpture

This is the famous Sekeping Serendah metal sculpture. It turns out that there’s only a couple of sheds in Sekeping Serendah – 5 in total, if I’m not mistaken. It’s a very private retreat, perfect for relaxing in the green forest reserve and swim in the pool and just generally chill out – BBQ at night, hear the crickets sing their song. It’s a little slice of heaven just an hour away from the bustling city.

serendah sign

The sign to turn in the place is a little obscure (understatement of the year) so watch out for a white house with a blue roof. You need to turn left right before that. If you get out of your car, move some shrubs away and brush at this little concrete block on the ground, you’ll see that it says “Sekeping Serendah” if you squint hard and long enough. πŸ˜‰

serendah entrance

You’ll head up a small dirt road lined with trees which will bring you to a rustic looking wall made of bricks. You’ll see the retreat right after that – if you’re on a heavily graveled road instead of a smooth dirt road, you’ve taken a wrong turn and would very likely need assistance if you go further in.

arrive montage

You can park right outside the only road to the sheds. The sheds are all partially covered by shrubs, with only clay brick steps leading up to the elevated living quarters. It offers a lot of shade (from the sun), shelter (from the rain), and privacy (from other people) – all three of which we experienced.

hut montage

The mud sheds have air conditioning, a fridge, a wash basin, open concept showers and washrooms, and clay partitions. The beds are thoughtfully fitted with mosquito netting to ensure a night of untroubled sleep. There are no modern distracting amenities like TV and your cell phone won’t work over here so it’s a perfect place to get reacquainted with nature. Everything is concealed – they do have hot water but the piping is hidden so you feel like you’re really living under the trees…

serendah montage

…which in fact you are. The forest canopy combined with the brilliant open style architecture allows the open skies to be literally above your head when you lounge in the patio and when you shower. Coupled with the truncated tree trunks in the patio and the brook running through the entire retreat, it’s like you’re completely isolated from your worries, and there’s just you and your friends.

pool montage

The private swimming pool is an excellent place to soak after the ordeal that we went through. We headed straight for the pool as soon as we got there and put our bags in the mud shed. The caretaker was kind enough to ask if we wanted to barbecue stuff at night and kindly offered to provide charcoal and light the fire.


Meanwhile, we hit the swimming pool, relaxed in the cool, refreshing water and talked about stuff while soaking in the refreshingly cold water. I would say it’s a great place for company outings and bonding sessions, stuff like that. I was in the pool with Joyce and Windy until we were all wrinkled from the water and it was getting too cold to stay. It was dark by the time we got back to the mud shed.


The canopy of trees above your head as you swim and laze around really makes for a relaxing experience.

It’s like a slice of paradise.
Just be careful of the pole supporting the curtain that covers the shower and washroom – it’s not anchored and very prone to falling down at the most inappropriate moments. -_-”

The epic journey to Sekeping Serendah


The trip started off normally enough – it was supposed to be an overnight stay at a relaxing retreat about an hour away from KL. We had breakfast and bought some groceries for the barbecue at night before driving down…


…I even managed to drop by my alma mater. πŸ˜‰

Sekeping Serendah
is supposed to be about 10 km after Serenti Serendah. I drove up too far, got some wrong directions from a local and drove into a gravel stretch of road. The website did mention a “narrow road” so I pushed on despite the numerous hazards on the road, nay, gravel path.


I drove into a deep pothole about 2 kilometers in. I tried to reverse,
failed to get a grip on the sandy gravel and had to get out. We came
out with this idea of putting rocks under the tires for traction and I
managed (with much acceleration and damage to the car) to reverse out…

…straight into another deep pothole. -_-“


This time I was really stuck and Joyce and Windy came out with a couple of…er, innovative ideas, including jacking up the front of the car (Windy: You have comprehensive car insurance right?) but it was to no avail. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere!


Thus, I called the retreat and asked for a tow truck. We were stranded there for two hours while waiting for the tow truck guys to come. It was certainly an Experience (TM). πŸ˜‰


The people fixed a length of rope to my car…


…and I reversed it out with the help of the 4WD towing me. The strange thing about these kind souls is that they wouldn’t accept payment of any sort. Cheers!


The ordeal gave me cracks on both my rear tires and it was decided that a trip to the tire shop was in order so I won’t burst it driving back, lose control of the car, crash, and kill everyone. Damage for replacing both rear tires: RM 320.


Oh well, at least I got a certificate as a testament to my driving skillz. πŸ˜‰

The house does not always win

a.k.a Genting and back in 3 hours and RM 1,500 richer

genting ftw

I was having dinner last night when Sze and I came out with this incredibly impulsive idea – we’re going up to Genting Highlands to hit the casinos and come back after winning RM 1,000. It was about 11 pm then and I was determined to get back the RM 35k I lost about a year ago. I was thinking positive this time – WIN! =D


Thus, we called for a taxi to get us up at 11:45 pm and arrived at there at about 1 am. It was very impromptu – I didn’t even bring my dSLR. I quickly headed for the ATM to withdraw my bankroll of RM 3,000. Unfortunately, the ATMs at Genting do not allow more than RM 1,000 to be withdrawn in a day. I only had RM 200 with me in addition to the RM 1,000 and I couldn’t very well walk in with just a 1.2k bankroll. Sze was kind enough to withdraw RM 800 to make it an even RM 2k.

Thus armed, we proceeded to the casino and I headed straight for the Baccarat tables.

I put RM 500 on Player after getting my cash changed for chips.

I lost. Banker wins.

I put another RM 500 on Player.

I lost again. Banker wins.

Motherfucker! I was down to half of my bankroll. I put RM 300 on Banker. Player wins.


I’m down to RM 700. I put RM 200 on Banker. Banker was on 1/2 payout but at least I won.

RM 800.

I put RM 500 on Player.

Player deals a 7. Player stands. Banker draws a third card. I thought this was in the bag until the Banker got a 9.

I’m down to RM 300. What can you do with RM 300?

Desperate times calls for desperate measures. In a fit of inspiration (or desperation, rather) I put RM 100 on Player and RM 100 on Player Double.

I was down to my last RM 100 (not counting the RM 200 on the table).

Player Double is a variation of Tie (8 to 1 returns). Player Double pays out 11 to 1. It’s only available on some tables and requires the first two cards for Player to be the same cards.

Player draws a 7 for the first card. I wasn’t looking, since I was a bit dejected at my FAIL plan to win RM 1.5k and was thinking about putting my last RM 100 chip on Roulette.

Suddenly, I felt someone grab me from the left. Sze was at my right so I was rather perplexed. This Chinese woman chattered excitedly to me and I looked at the table.

I’ll be fucked.

Player draws a double 7. 7 of diamonds and 7 of spades.

The Banker won the game but I didn’t care. I only had RM 100 on Player and RM 100 on Player Double.

I got RM 1,100 (11 to 1 payout) from the double 7 cards. =D

The Chinese woman kept on talking to me, telling me that I was very lucky. Yeah, it’s pure luck. Fortune favors the bold. πŸ˜‰

Bankroll: RM 1,300

I’m still down RM 700 and the cards were being reshuffled so we moved to the next table, where there is a lot of commotion. It seems that Banker is on a winning streak and there are tens of thousands in chips on the table – all on Banker.

I’m a big fan of Player and generally going against the odds (which is why I lose most of the time).

I put RM 500 on Player. I was the lone one in the entire table betting on Player.

Player draws a 6. The crowd goes berserk, coz Player stands while the Banker draws a third card. I don’t know why but I’m sure I was gonna win this round. I’m not gonna lose going against the grain. No way, Jose.

Banker draws a 5.

I watch with glee as the dealer takes all the chips on Banker and pays out RM 500 to the sole Player bet – mine. =D

I’m at RM 1,800 right now, just down by RM 200.

I decided to go over to the Roulette tables and put RM 200 on 6. I usually don’t stay this long in a casino; I like to get in and out fast coz the odds are always stacked against you the longer you stay. The house always wins.

The ball settled on 11. I think this is a pivotal experience and made me do what I did later.

I went back to the Baccarat tables with RM 1,600. I put RM 300 on Player. Player wins.

My chips are now at RM 1,900 – just RM 100 short of my initial bankroll. I need to increase my bets and get the hell out of there ASAP.

I put RM 500 on Banker, thought better of it, and moved it down to Player. Player wins!

RM 2,400. I’m up RM 400.

I put RM 500 on Player. It’s a tie. The same Chinese woman beside me lamented her situation with great fervor to me, saying that she was about to put some money on Tie.

I left my RM 500 chip on Player while the other players take their chips back and think (or whatever it is they do). I’ve never understood this. It’s not gonna change the odds. It’s like a superstition of sorts. I always keep it at the same place.

Before the dealer starts to deal, I impulsively put RM 100 on Player Double again.

This time, I’m watching. I had hoped to win the RM 500 player bet, the RM 100 on Player Double is just an random bet I made from seeing the number 11 on Roulette just now.

Player draws a 6. I wasn’t looking at the Banker cards. The dealer took out the second card for Player and opened it. I’ll be fucked. It’s a 6!

The Chinese woman was OMGWTFBBQ at my sheer luck. She just witnessed me winning RM 1,100 twice on a very improbable bet (Player Double).

Now, I had to play closer attention. I still had RM 500 riding on Player.

The game was a tie.

The Chinese woman again lamented excitedly about how she was gonna put some money on Tie since the previous game was a tie too. She also attempted to touch me to “get some of my luck”.

I would have loved it if Player had won since I’ll have walked away with RM 2,000 if that had happened. But I can’t be greedy. I told Sze we’re leaving. She asked me how much I’ve won.

genting counting

RM 3,500. Thanks to the double six and the tie, I’ve won exactly RM 1,500 (after deducting my bankroll of RM 2,000).

genting drinks

I returned Sze RM 800 with some interest and we adjourned for drinks.

genting money

I was quite happy about walking away with RM 1,500. I never stay back after I’ve won what I decided to win. You can’t be greedy coz the house always wins.

beer tower

I ordered a Beer Tower (RM 179++) which has the equivalent of 2 1/2 jugs of beer. The price is kinda steep but this calls for a celebration!

genting food

I tipped the bartend
er about RM 15 or so and he was quite happy about it. He gave us complimentary sausages. πŸ™‚

genting us

I hailed a taxi after we finished our beer tower and got back at about 3 am. Dinner was about RM 88, the taxi ride to Genting cost RM 80 and the return trip RM 110. Minus the cost of the beer tower, I had netted RM 1,000 that night.

The house always wins, but not last night.

genting end

Last night, I won. πŸ™‚

The Second Coming of Hypp.TV


Hear ye, hear ye! I stand witness to the latest revolution in broadband TV. It happened not in a manger in Bethlehem but at Laundry Bar, the Curve and instead of three wise kings, we had a motley crew of characters including Captain Jack Sparrow, Elvis Presley, and Princess Leia.


I registered at the Media/Bloggers booth and checked out what they have to offer. Hypp.TV is the first online broadband TV service in Malaysia – exclusively for Streamyx users. There were demo computers showing the service pre-launch but before I checked them out, I indulged in the customary ritual whenever a significant amount of bloggers congregate…




You gotta admit, I look the part. I substituted gin for whiskey. Sign of the times, my friends. πŸ˜‰


ABBA – Mamma Mia!


Elvis has left the Curve.


Princess Diana survived the crash.


There was a highly energetic dance performance to hype, er…Hypp.TV up the crowd…


…before the official unveiling ceremony was done.


I quite liked the short and concise introduction to Hypp.TV – it flits through the channels they have, touches on the new features of the Hypp.TV media player before flicking through the sheer amount of content genres in the system.


The best thing about the Hypp.TV media player is the ability for you to click on a link you’re interested in, which opens up a browser window while minimizing the broadband TV screen (much like the Picture in Picture function on TVs) so you can read the news while watching the latest soccer match. Of all the features, this is the one that impressed me the most. Another click takes you back to the full screen broadband TV screen. Nifty, eh?

Interested? Getting started is just 3 easy steps away!

1. Sign Up for a Hypp.TV account

Register a user account for free under the Free SIGN UP tab.

2. Launch Hypp.TV Media Player

Launch Hypp.TV Media Player under the Watch NOW! tab.

3. Sign In on Hypp.TV Media Player
Once Hypp.TV Media Player is launched, just sign in to watch!


There is another press conference after the public unveiling, but before I could digest all that information (no pun intended) I needed some food first.


The Hypp.TV relaunch is explained in further detail in the press conference, which we were privy to. It costs RM 9.90 per month for a full subscription to the service, which allows you to watch more than 30 channels. You’ll be spoilt for choice with channels like Al-Jazeera English (great for the occasional Osama videotaped broadcast), Channel NewsAsia, CCTV 4, WOW TV, Fashion TV, Wedding TV, Yoonic Fight Club, X-treme Video and even the 2010 FIFA World Cup broadcast for the Europe playoffs.
There are just too many channels to type – that’s just a small part of the 30+ channels Hypp.TV has to offer. There’s something for everyone! It’s perfect for the “I want it now” generation with its freedom of choice of what to watch and when to watch it.


Gone are the nostalgic days of eagerly waiting by the TV at 9:45 pm armed with a mug of Milo to catch the 10 pm action movie every Thursday. It’s a whole new generation now, thanks for the extensive penetration of broadband, and the choices and options that comes with it. I digress.


The best thing about Hypp.TV is the rich media integration – web, broadband TV, everything but the kitchen sink in one media player that’s so easy to use my grandma can probably navigate it with her eyes closed. Well, probably not with her eyes closed, but you get the point.


Hypp.TV has a very user-friendly interface without any stop and start buffering in the video. That’s either great compression or just the nature of the system – I’m on Streamyx and Hypp.TV is hosted on their servers.

group end.

Hypp.TV – Freedom & Choice. Just a click away!

The appeal of bad girls


I stumbled upon this article in The Star today. Jess Teh, aged 30, and still looking mighty fine, is facing two drug charges. One is for methamphetamine consumption and the other is for the possession of 0.79 grams of cannabis. I’m puzzled. 0.79 grams is a minuscule amount for cannabis – it’s usually sold in amounts of 10 grams and above.

I digress. I like how the article described her as “always fashionable” and my favorite description of the delicious Jess is “She walked past pressmen in her usual unapproachable manner, with a scowl and in a black T-shirt with the words “Don’t ask why” printed on it.” (emphasis mine).

She’s got attitude, and the photo I nicked from The Star shows that she isn’t too hard on the eyes either. It got me wondering though, why do guys like “bad girls”? I know why women like “bad boys” and the dark triad of personalities theory but how does that hold for the XY chromosome persuasion?

I sat down long and hard thinking about this and all I could come up with is The Offspring song Want You Bad. πŸ˜‰

I know your arms are open wide, but you’re a little on the straight side, I can’t lie
Your one vice is you’re too nice
Come around now can you see?
I want you all tattooed. I want you bad.
Complicated. X-rated.
I want you bad, bad, bad, bad, bad.

Seriously though, for me, I think it’s the appeal of familiarity and the thrill – Aries are notorious thrill seekers.

What about you? Do you get attracted to bad boys/girls?

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