Blogger name cards


It has come to my attention that bloggers have started to pass out name cards. I seem to have lost touch with the blogosphere during my time in rehab coz I didn’t even know that was going on. It’s a vanity thing but I got a friend of mine who’s really good in design to do one for me. Heh!

phoenix card front


phoenix card caps

Back #1

phoenix card 2 back

Back #2

I’m not sure which one looks better? Does the “Poh Huai Bin” with caps or the “poh huai bin” without caps look nicer? Comments are appreciated.

I’m going to run a limited 100 pieces print using a standard laser printer coz the KL printers won’t be able to produce them in time for the really good quality ones. The local printers are charging me RM 40 for the 100 pieces run. I’m going to get them printed from KL using four color offset printing with double sided matte lamination and spot UV on 260 gsm art card for only about RM 62 for 200 pieces.

Does anyone have a better deal? I’m looking for high quality printed name cards. Feedback about the back portion of the card would be appreciated. Cheers! Guide to Eating Live Sago Worms

sago worm guide

Sago worms are eaten raw in Mukah, where it is considered a delicacy of sorts. Sago worms looks a lot like huge, fat maggots with spiny fangs.

sago worms header

The worms will actually bite you if you touch it’s head, which is why it’s advisable to tear the head off before consuming it raw.

sago worms packet

Sago worms are sold live, in packets of RM 5 and you can still see the worms wriggling around in the packet.

sago worms

The native habitat of sago worms is inside the trunk of a sago palm tree. The worms are kept in the sago flour and picked out and packaged into manageable sizes.

The Guide to Eating Live Sago Worms

step 1

Step 1: Pick a big, fat and juicy worm. Care should be taken to not touch the sago worm’s head since it has pincers that will bite you. The pincers are used to burrow into the sago palm trunk so it’s quite sharp.

step 2

Step 2: Look the sago worm in it’s eyes. You’re about to pull it’s head off and eat it so it’s only polite to smile at it before doing so. Worms have feelings too.

step 3

Step 3: After the niceties has been done away with, it is time for heads to roll. Grip the squirming worm firmly with one hand and use the forefinger and thumb of your other hand to grasp the sago worm’s head and rip it off.

step 4

Step 4: Insert the still wriggling worm into your mouth.

step 5

Step 5: Chew. Take the time to savor the taste of live sago worms. There is a burst of flavor when you first bite into the wriggling worm from the innards spilling out onto your palate. Delicious!


splash damage

Care should be taken when plucking the head off the sago worm. The innards can cause a bit of Splash Damage (TM) as can be seen with Clare’s spaghetti strap top.

sago worm stall

Thanks to the friendly people at the sago worm stall in Mukah for showing us the proper way to consume a live sago worm.

Sago worms are delicious! It’s a little bit like Pringles, once you start, you can’t stop. I ate a lot of the worms with Clare. She overcame the Fear Factor bit and ate a couple of the worms too.

Here’s another video guide to eating live sago worms. I took three videos of the process just to get it right. Heh!

Sago worms. Mmm…tastes like chicken! πŸ™‚

Mukah – The journey

bus mukah

I went down to Mukah for a night’s stay at Kingwood Resort, Mukah during the weekend. Mukah is the nearest beach to Sibu and is about 144 km away. The journey takes approximately 4 hours despite the relatively near proximity due to the road conditions – there are potholes galore and parts of the road is made of gravel.

bus ticket

I didn’t want to drive down to the resort since it would cost me more to change the suspension of the car and all that after the ordeal it’s been though in Mukah. πŸ˜‰ I figured taking the bus would be cheaper so I headed down after work on Saturday with my travel companion Clare. It’s RM 18.70 for the Sibu – Mukah ticket and we took the 2:30 PM bus down.

bus inside

I had gotten a really good deal for the Kingwood Resort in Mukah thanks to Henry. It cost me RM 160 nett for a Premier Room – Sea View with breakfast for two and lunch thrown in to boot. The published rate for that room is RM 368 nett during weekends and peak season. Cheers for that!


The rooms comes with two queen sized beds which is a Good Thing (TM) since Clare claims she snores in her sleep. Heh!


I had gotten supplies the previous night (namely alcohol) and we found this drink called Joker. I figured having some liquid entertainment would help with the tedious journey to Mukah. πŸ˜‰

It’s a really crappy locally produced liquor but I can’t help but get two bottles of it just coz of the “Why so serious?” quote from The Dark Knight.

bus blurry

The journey took 4 hours and the road was so bumpy that I couldn’t even take a proper shot. See all the photos all blurry one. It’s also senget a bit due to the potholes and all that. I’m really glad I didn’t drive my car down – it would wreck havoc on it.

paddy fields

The view is scenic though if you’re into paddy fields and all that. I managed to get some sleep and you can tell the bus driver to drop you off at the Kingwood Resort in Mukah (which is about 14 km away from Mukah town).


The fresh breeze from the sea and the beach made it all worth it though. πŸ™‚ vs worm

sixthseal worm

Oh, you poor delicious morsel of a sago worm. I am so gonna rip your head off and eat you alive. πŸ˜‰

I just came back from a trip to the beach in Mukah. We stayed at the Kingwood Resort and managed to sample live sago worms as well as umai during our trip there. More posts coming up later today. Cheers!

The Making of the Oreo Advertorial

script 1

The Oreo Twist Lick Dunk advertorial was one of the ones I really enjoyed doing. I enlisted the help of a couple of my friends and coworkers to participate in the script that I had written. It was more of a doodle of sorts with stick figures of scenes I had envisioned and a rough idea of the text.

cream o

The first problem came even before the photo shoot – there were no Oreo cookies to be found in the entire Sibu town. I searched every single supermarket and shopping mall and it seemed like there was a town-wide shortage of Oreo!

mary frustrated

I finally managed to find out the reason behind it – the manufacturer had recalled all the existing Oreo cookies and issued a memo to the retailers with instructions to take it off the shelves pending the arrival of the new packaging. The ship was supposed to have arrived but it got delayed at some port and no one had any idea of when it’ll actually come.

script 2

I thought about changing the script to a “Pepsi Test” writeup with people being blindfolded and asked to determine which cookie tastes better – Oreo or a local emulated version e.g. Cream-O but that would require Oreo biscuits as well. I was a bit concerned about the uncertainty surrounding the arrival of the shipment of Oreo to the Sibu market so I decided to take matters into my own hands.


Thus, I called D, who was in KL at that time and staying at the Cititel hotel in Midvalley Megamall. She was kind enough to go to Jusco and get two packs of Oreo cookies and send it back via next-day courier service. D had to go in search of a box (so the Oreo wouldn’t get crushed) and hunt for a post office at the mall, so it’s thanks to her that I managed to meet the deadline. πŸ™‚

mary stereo sad

In the meantime, I enlisted the help of Mary in my alternate scripts. I remember one of the alternate scripts was about not being able to find Oreo and wanted to title that post as “ and The Quest for the Holy Oreo“. The script went along the lines of being unable to get my hands on genuine Oreo cookies in Sibu and having to resort to having it sent from KL.

hb mcflurry 1

I even went to McDonald’s just to get a shot of their Oreo McFlurry, which was just about the only Oreo containing product in Sibu at that time.

hb mcflurry 2

This was the backup plan in case the package of Oreo didn’t arrive for reasons attributed to our fine postal service. πŸ˜‰


Lady Luck was on my side though and the package containing Oreo from D arrived the very next day! Thus, I re-shot several of the scenes with the real Oreo. It took me two days to complete the Oreo shoot. One particular scene that stood out was the shoplifting scene.


I did the first one with Cream-O, a local biscuit “inspired” by Oreo, and I had serious reservations about submitting that since the client would obviously not want to see a competitor’s product in the photos. Cream-O looks almost like Oreo due to the blue packaging but I didn’t want to tarnish the advertorial by passing off another product as Oreo.


Well, the reason this particular scene was memorable was due to one of my friend’s interaction with the clerk at a local supermarket. He has a really funny and sarcastic response during the Sibu Oreo Shortage (TM). We were at Ta Kiong and they haven’t received their shipment of Oreo as well, but one of the clerks said that there had Oreo biscuits and walked with us down the aisle and pointed to…Julie Stereo.

This prompted my wise-cracking friend to launch into a funny tirade against the poor girl.

Friend: Stereo? We said OREO not STEREO.
Clerk: Ya lah, Oreo. (points to Julie Stereo)
Friend: That’s not Oreo! How can you compare Oreo to Stereo? Do you compare a Mercedes to a Kancil? We wanted the original Nabisco Kraft Oreo.
Clerk: (speechless)

Anyway, we didn’t even know if the clerk understood English which was a bit of a mistake on our part. I walked in on Tuesday again to get some chocolates and the very same clerk called out to me and told me that my Oreo has arrived. She then proceeded to talk to a fellow clerk across the counter about getting “suan” (Hokkien for sarcastically teased) by my friend the other day.


In hindsight, it was really kinda funny. I apologized to her and told her we were only having a bit of fun, albeit at her expense. She was very nice about the entire thing though, so kudos to her for that. I got a DoubleStuf Oreo and the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Oreo to supplement my meager supply of Oreo from KL. I even got her to pose for a photo and we returned the next day to do a proper shot of the shoplifting scene with their ample supply of Oreo as the backdrop. πŸ™‚

Deleted scenes:


Reason: Product placement overkill. The pose with the Oreo is too fake.

shoplifting 1

Reason: The expression on my face wasn’t right. I didn’t look shocked enough – in fact, I look a little bit too aggressive.

shoplifting 2

Reason: Same as above. I look more irritated than shocked at being apprehended by a security guard for shoplifting. I needed the comical horror expression at being caught in the act.

Bonus features:

mary 1

mary 2

mary 3

I was delighted to find out that Mary was such a good model to work with. She has a wide repertoire of facial expressions. She can do sad, frustrated, angry, cute and happy when called to. She’s really a pleasure to work with and has been a great help to this project. Thanks Mary! πŸ™‚

The funniest thing about this advertorial is that most of the shots were done using a single Oreo pack. I had to conserve my resources and had planned out which scenes needed the pack to be open and which ones didn’t. I was so stingy with the two packs of Oreo that consumption was strictly controlled even during the scenes except when absolutely necessary. Heh!

Cheeserland – Wildest Football Fantasy

I told Cheesie that I’ll be doing her Wildest Football Fantasy contest and after a bit of procrastination, I’ve finally managed to get it done. Hey, I needed a bit of time for the props okay? :p


I had a dream that I was Hellboy and somehow landed in the middle of a shopping mall. I was searching for the missing piece of the crown that would enable to me control the 4,900 strong Golden Army. Interestingly, I found the missing piece in a “China Mali” shop and instead of controlling the Golden Army, I found myself controlling the Chelsea team during the Chelsea – Malaysia friendly match.

I dreamt that the score was 3-1 to Chelsea (had to let the Malaysian team score a goal since it’s a friendly). I remember winning a ton of money from betting on the forecast scores…and the last thing I recall saying was “You’re in love. Have a beer.”


…and waking up as Hancock. πŸ˜‰

Curry fish head @ Phoenix Court, Paramount

phoenix court

I had promised to buy a curry fish head dinner at Sheraton for some fellow bloggers who had helped me out in the Oreo and Heineken posts and they never really let me forget it. πŸ˜‰ Unfortunately, Sheraton was closed for the week due to the proprietor being out of town so STP suggested that we head to Phoenix Court at Paramount instead.

phoenix court interior

Now, the interesting thing about Phoenix Court’s curry fish head is that the chef was originally from Sheraton (which has a legendary flagship curry fish head dish) but apparently the proprietor was the only one who knew the exact ingredients so the chef didn’t have the complete recipe for it.

phoenix court setting

Thus, the original Sheraton curry fish head secret recipe is still intact and Phoenix Court does a passable, but inferior version of the dish. However, that didn’t stop Phoenix Court from promoting the curry fish head as one of their flagship dishes. The other flagship dish of Phoenix Court is the the giant prawns in gravy. It’s served with a fried dough that’s cut into slices like a cake.

phoenix court tiger

I’m sorry I ordered Tiger beer, the place doesn’t have Heineken. πŸ˜‰ Oh, I read in the papers today that it seems like there’s going to be no alcohol served at the Chelsea – Malaysia friendly due to certain religious affiliated political parties being unreceptive to the idea. Oh well. Anyway, The Mysterious D (TMD) had also saw it fit to grace us with her presence so it was a bit of a “Welcome Home!” occasion for her as well.

phoenix court peanuts

You pay RM 2.50, you get peanuts. πŸ˜‰

phoenix court curry fish head dish

The curry fish head (RM 40) at Phoenix Court resembles the famous Sheraton curry fish head in all but taste.

phoenix court curry fish head

It still tastes pretty good though, but they really shouldn’t be comparing themselves to Sheraton.

phoenix court prawns

The giant prawns cooked in a special egg sauce (RM 42) is, in my opinion, the real flagship dish of Phoenix Court. The sauce is probably the chef’s secret now, and they should be promoting this instead.

phoenix court bread

It is served with a side dish of a huge chunk of fried dough much like a cake. It serves well to soak up the delicious gravy of the dish.

phoenix court prawns macro

This comes highly recommended from me – it’s really that good.

phoenix court us

Thanks to STP, Mary and D for helping me out with the posts! Cheers!
I know, my Photoshop skillz is really POHfessional. πŸ˜‰

phoenix court napkins

The total was about RM 107.30 which is on par with Sheraton. Nowadays, napkins also RM 1.20 okay.

KFC Toasted Twister

kfc toasted twister

KFC is having a new variant of their popular Twister Wrap. The KFC Toasted Twister is basically a toasted version of their Twister with the tagline “Great Taste On The Go”.

kfc twisted toaster colonel

I spoke to the good Colonel himself and he was promoting the KFC Toasted Twister combo with the toasted twister with honey pickled sauce, flavored fries, 7Up Revive, and a mini radio for RM 14.90.

kfc toasted twister combo

The a la carte Toasted Twister goes for RM 5.90 and my dining companion, not being a big fan of drinking fluids in general, opted for that instead.

kfc toasted twister phallic

I shall refrain from making any phallic jokes.

kfc toasted twister inside

The Toasted Twister tastes much better than the previous wrap. The honey pickled sauce is sweet and offsets the saltiness of the chicken inside the wrap. The toasting process also imparts a nice charcoal flavor to the wrap, which tantalizes the taste buds but probably wrecks havoc on your antioxidant diet. πŸ˜‰

kfc radio

The combo meal also comes with a free KFC miniature radio that looks suspiciously like an iPod. This radio can also be purchased separately for RM 9.90.

kfc radio batteries

Batteries not included. I have mastered the art of camwhoring.

kfc oral

Please, no references to acts falling under crimes against nature laws.

Oreo Twist Lick Dunk


Oreo is the world’s favorite biscuit and the famous cream filled chocolate sandwich cookies have been “emulated”, shall we say, by a lot of local biscuits manufacturers. Imitation being the sincerest form of flattery and all that aside, nothing beats the original Oreo in taste – the others lag a very distant second, and most of them are quite…well, crappy to be honest.

I’m a big fan of Oreo cookies and have been known to single-handedly consume several tubes of the stuff when I have the munchies back in Australia. I have committed most of the 7 Deadly Sins, gluttony being no exception, and the method I use to eat it is to stuff several of the cookies into my mouth and wash it down with milk. I know, I’m an animal. πŸ˜‰

oreo milo

Oreo has been emphasizing on the Twist Lick Dunk methodology as the proper method of eating Oreo cookies and I have been learning to eat Oreo biscuits with the latest decree. I won’t say that it tastes better this way, since I still prefer the stuff-my-mouth-full-of-Oreo-cookies-and-wash-down-with-milk consumption angle, but at least I’m not packing on the pounds by eating Oreo cookies one by one.


What would you do for an Oreo cookie?

little sister

The sharable Oreo tube packing also allows for easily portability when out window shopping with your little sister.


Oreo is the perfect snack for those OT sessions. You don’t actually have to stop working, and it can be passed around easily for cubicle slaves like us. It won’t even make your hands sticky, unlike some other chocolate biscuits.

byo dessert

BYO dessert. The petrol price hike is affecting everyone. Instead of complaining about it, certain cost cutting measures can be taken to maintain the same quality of life. With the constant global increase in fuel prices, we may stand witness to a trend of diners bringing their own Oreo cookies to share with friends after dinner. πŸ˜‰

loved one

Oreo memories – Sharing a pack of Oreo sandwich cookies over a mug of hot Milo on a rainy Saturday afternoon with a loved one.


This being the Year of the Rat and all, I figured the happy rodent should get his fair share of The Good Stuff. Sharing is caring.

Oreo Twist Lick Dunk

You will need:
Oreo chocolate sandwich cookies

oreo doublestuf

Step 1: Take one (1) Oreo cookie. I prefer the Oreo DoubleStuf filling.


Step 2: Twist the cookie by holding on to both ends while applying pressure in a clockwise direction. This separates one cookie from the other, with the filling sticking on to one side. I love this bit about Oreo cookies. It doesn’t disintegrate, it doesn’t have half the filling sticking to both sides, and it just twists to form a perfect plain cookie on one side and a cookie with TWICE the filling on the other.


Step 3: Lick the cream stuffing on the side with the creamy filling. You can either then reassemble the cookie or just dunk the other (or both) ends.


Step 4: Dunking is not just for donuts. You can dunk Oreo cookies in cold milk too. The proper time required for the dunking varies according to personal preference but generally, it should be saturated with milk, but not too soggy.


Step 5: Consume the dunked Oreo. The best thing about Oreo cookies is that it allows for a large margin of error in the dunking process. The Oreo won’t completely disintegrate (unless you zone out for an hour, and I’m not even sure it will disintegrate then) even if you dunk it in for longer than you anticipated.


Step 6: Wash down with milk. I just can’t get over this habit. I’m sorry, I know it’s not in the official Oreo Bible as part of orthodox dogma but I just like doing it.

Oreo – Twist and Dunk Video Guide
This is a video guide for the readers who prefer to watch rather than appreciate the written word. πŸ˜‰

Oreo is indeed a world favorite and very versatile biscuit to boot. It’s also available as wafer rolls and with double fillings like Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cream. Mmm…

Fisherman Restaurant review

fisherman restaurant

Fisherman Restaurant is located at a rather decrepit part of town and maintains an unassuming facade. I’ve always wanted to check the place out and went with a couple of friends last night for dinner.

fisherman residents

The place even has it’s own 24 hour security detail…living out of cardboard boxes. I’m sure that provides a very nice ambiance for some people, but it didn’t do much for me. πŸ˜‰

fisherman interior

Fisherman Restaurant’s main claim to fame is being featured on TV3’s Jalan Jalan Cari Makan. They’re the first in Sibu to get on the TV food program as an eating establishment serving authentic Melanau food.

fisherman crackers

Complimentary keropok (local prawn crackers) is served when the diners are seated. It’s actually made of fish and expands to a gigantic size when deep fried.

fisherman waitress

The service at Fisherman Restaurant is excellent, with a lounge waiting area and attentive waitresses in uniform. The proprietor also came over to ask how the food was, which is a nice touch.

fisherman menu

We ordered mainly from the TV3 selected menu for their program. This was recommended by the owner as the best of the best.

fisherman umai

This is Umai (RM 10) which is hands down the most well known Melanau dishes out there. It’s made with raw, thinly sliced black pomfret (a kind of fish) marinated in onions, chillies, and calamansi lime juice. It’s a staple of Melanau fishermen out at sea and eaten with sago.

fisherman paku

The proprietor also recommended the Paku Santan (RM 7) which is a special that’s not on the menu. It’s local jungle ferns cooked in a rich coconut milk sauce with shrimps and chillies. I loved it but the two girls didn’t like the Spice Factor (TM) of the dish.


Lokan (RM 9) is another one of Fisherman Restaurant’s flagship dishes and it’s supposedly “the only one in Malaysia”. I’m a little skeptical about this claim since I’ve had the very same molluscs in Sabah. Lokan is a shellfish from local rivers.

lokan inside

This implementation takes the lokan flesh and minces it with a combination of other ingredients before stuffing it back in and deep frying it. It tastes great, this is easily the best dish of the night.

fisherman beehoon

The final dish was also recommended by the proprietor since we didn’t want to eat rice. It’s Melanau Fried Bee Hoon (RM 3.50). Bee Hoon is rice vermicelli and the owner was so proud of this that he insisted we try the rice vermicelli instead of noodles. It’s actually pretty good, and the only dish that the two girls ate any significant amount of.

fisherman group

Fisherman Restaurant is a great place for authentic Melanau food in Sibu and it serves great food despite it’s unassuming exterior. The Lokan is a must try if you eat there.

I heart lokan! =D

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