Waffle World, 1U

waffle world

Waffle World is a colorful dessert house specializing in (you guessed it) waffles. The bright, happy shades used in this franchise coupled with their merry “Cheer Up! Waffle World is here!” tagline attracted us to this establishment (as well as their new WW Tower – the tallest dessert ever built).

waffle world montage

The place is located just off a busy shopping mall through way, so if you have reservations about eating at a place like this, well, you’re too pretentious to be reading sixthseal.com anyway. ๐Ÿ˜‰

strawberry goes bananas

I’m not going to write about my girlfriend’s drink since she always orders the usual orange or pineapple juice. Mine is the more adventurous Strawberry Goes Bananas (RM 8) which is a fruit smoothie blended with fresh strawberries and bananas. The two tastes surprisingly well together, with the more subdued banana covering up the acidic aspects of the strawberry.

waffle world walnut

This is the Banana Walnut Waffle (RM 7.90). The presentation is great, with bananas lined in an oblique fashion (I’ve been told to use more common words, but 15 years of reading SK has influenced my writing somewhat, so perhaps angular would be a better word here?). It’s sprinkled with crushed walnuts, a heap of ice cream, and generous squeezes from a Hershey’s syrup bottle. The taste? Spectacular.

waffle world pizza

I opted for a savory waffle, since I kinda knew I was gonna have to eat half of the Banana Walnut Waffle (it’s the reason I’ve been getting so fat lately, my other half can’t finish her portions). I had the Tropical Pizza (RM 8.90), which is a pizza served on top of waffles (as the name of the establishment suggests) and it tasted pretty good. It’s sliced sausages and pineapples topped with melted cheese but at about the size of a modern cell phone, it’s not going to fill anyone up.

waffle world us

The obligatory couple shot.

waffle world tower

This is the WW Tower (RM 7.50) – a new creation from the labs of Waffle World Inc. It is hyped with the hyperbolic statement “AT LAST. The TOWER is BUILT” and is supposed to be the tallest dessert ever created at 280 mm. The WW Tower is a concoction of three scoops of ice cream, chocolate, caramel, blueberry sauces, almond slices, strawberry bits, and sponge cake, topped with two “towering” wafers.

waffle world me

It is every bit as tall as they say (I measured)…though I seriously doubt it’s the tallest desert in the world. It is definitely going to give you a sugar rush though.

I’m told the shade of purple in the dessert matches my G2000 cardigan too.

Three buddies…and a terrapin


I have just moved over to KL to work and noticed a disturbing correlation in the shrinkage of my circle of friends. I left my kakiis in Sarawak and I need more kakiis in KL. Fate works in mysterious ways though, and somehow, I managed to hook up with a great bunch of guys…and a terrapin.

It’s like meeting up with kindred souls, which I didn’t think was possible in the short amount of time I have spent here. Do you have a Kakiis Experience (TM) like this?


Kakiis is running a contest where you can send in a home video of you and your best pals hanging out. The site already has videos of friends singing karaoke, goofing around and generally chilling out together.

The prize of a MacBook Air and 4 x iPod Touch is up for grabs in the video contest, so send in your entries. It doesn’t matter if it’s filmed with a cell phone or a professional video camera, it just needs to be below 10 MB and show you and your friends hanging out.


There is also a photo contest running where you can snap photos of your buddies and blog about it to stand a chance to win the sleek Sony Skinny T digicam. There are 3 of them up for grabs. I have been eyeing this one for a while – I own most of the Sony T-series digicams, all procured this year. The T-2 was…er, misplaced during a clubbing session, the T-70 fell into a waterfall and I’m using the T-300 right now.

You also get a chance to go to an exclusive invite-only party – the Kakiis Night Out on the 13th of December 2008 if your photo or video is voted in the Top 50. The contest starts from the 10th of November 2008 to the 5th of December 2008. Start participating now by logging on to the Kakiis Contest site.

I have registered as a member of the site and instead of calling up random people to get my social circle back to a healthy magnitude (circumference?), I would have been much better off hitting the local social networking sites like kakiis. ๐Ÿ™‚

Madagascar Move It! 2 the Curve

mcd roadshow

Madagascar Return 2 Africa
fever is running high and McDonald’s upped the thermostat with a great road show at the Curve last Sunday when I was at Cineleisure to catch the movie.

move it dance

The promotional booths had games with themes like “one minute to hit it”, “one minute to throw it” and others along that line but it was the Move It Dance Competition that drew the crowd in droves.

This is the crรจme de la crรจme – it’s a group of small children doing a dance routine. It’s choreographed, but the age of the performers makes the choreography all the more remarkable. It received high accolades from both the judges and the crowd, and it was one of the first performances – certainly setting the bar high for the other teams, this one.

madagascar meal

The Madagascar Return 2 Africa promotion by McDonald’s has three components (at least for the edible aspects, and I urge pedophiles to refrain from commenting on the dance competition with the word “edibility” in the same sentence) – the Move It Breakfast Meal (RM 11.90), the Move It Milo McFlurry (RM 5.90) and the Move It Meal (RM 14.90).

move it breakfast

I had the Move It Breakfast Meal at the LCC-T.

move it mcflurry

I had the Move It Milo McFlurry in the McDonald’s in Kelana Jaya.

move it meal poster

However, for the Madagascar Move It meal, I wanted them to Move It (TM) over to my condo so I called 1300-13-1300. ๐Ÿ˜‰

move it charge

McDonald’s McDelivery certainly Move(d) It…and charged me RM 3 for it. Hmph.

move it meal

The Madagascar Escape 2 Africa Move It meal comprises of a Double McChicken, Move It McShaker Fries, and a Green McFizz. The best part is the Move It McShaker Fries, which are flavored fries and tastes great!

monkey fries

If you haven’t watched the movie, you should. It’s better than the original in many ways. I particularly liked the giraffe dying hole. Oh, that had me laughing out loud. It nearly gave me a laughing fit. Morbid humor. Heh!

I want maternity leave!

I lost my balls!

no balls

I have lost my ball(s). It is official, and perhaps a sign of things to come. The first flesh stapling, which is fastened on one side with a ball, came undone and I couldn’t find the ball anywhere. It seems that I have lost my mojo. ๐Ÿ™

Oh well, at least the flesh stapling is subdermal (it goes under the flesh) so I don’t have to worry about the entire thing dropping off. I haven’t posted about my recent body modifications so expect the photos and videos to be up soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

I had two done this year – a double nipple piercing and three flesh staples on my wrist. I will do a full writeup on both this week.

…but before that I shall need to head back to BB Plaza to get a new ball.

Seriously, it sucks having no balls.

Budget inns in KL costs RM 60

lcct lounge

I flew in to KL on the last flight out of Sibu and arrived exhausted, hoping to stay at the executive lounge for the night. Unfortunately, the LCC-T premium lounge experience charges a not-so-low-cost of RM 80 for 3 hours (!). Thus, I took the SkyBus down to KL Central and looked for a budget inn to stay.

hotel de sentral

There is one right opposite the station, called De Sentral Hotel. The front glass faรงade is grilled and padlocked from the inside to prevent untoward incidents. I’ve never thought of KL Central as a crime prone area but the person of Indian nationality clutching a can of Guinness Stout and drinking out of it from a straw (?) while occasionally throwing up foam into the gutter seem to intimidate quite a few passerby’s. ๐Ÿ˜‰

hotel de sentral montage

De Sentral Hotel isn’t anything to write home about – the “hotel” is actually a converted shoplot, as can be seen by the maze-like interconnections between the rooms. It is relatively clean, with shared bathrooms and a room that has a sink and a single bed. It costs RM 60 nett per night and even comes with a small TV to boot.

hotel de sentral room

Much to my dismay though, the rooms are freshly painted. The entire area insults the olfactory senses with the miasma of fresh paint, which never fails to give me migraines. It’s a good thing I’m still down with the flu so my desensitized sinuses were a blessing in disguise.

hotel de sentral light

There is a small window inside every room, which unfortunately has the side effect of causing the hallway light to shine right into your eyes – not exactly ideal sleeping conditions. Oh well. I was just there for the night before picking up the keys to the condo the next morning.

Anyway, I’ve moved into the new condo and am in the process of getting a TM Homeline and Streamyx. I don’t have net access at home so I have been relegated to updating at either Starbucks or McDonald’s. I have been busy moving house during the weekend, but I promise there will be daily updates from now on.


Last day at work

brave new world

Today is my last day at work and I must say that I have mixed feelings about moving to KL. I am excited at the prospect of working at the new company but I will miss all my colleagues and the familiarity (comfort zone?) of working in this company for 11 months.

E, you have been a great mentor and I couldn’t have asked for more from a superior. Always willing to give more than receive, generous with advice from your experience and above all, going beyond the call of duty and being a friend to me instead of a boss. You have a great sense of humor and you accepted me despite all my piercings and tattoos and am able to look below the surface to see what I don’t even see myself – as a talented and gifted person. You have made me more confident about myself and my abilities and for that, I am forever indebted to you. I love you as a bro, heterosexually speaking, of course. You will be missed. Thanks for all the good memories.

J, thank you for your kind offer. It takes a great leader to be able to talk to his employees as a friend and to genuinely care. You will be in my thoughts always.

A, I was surprised that you are such a humble person despite your wealth of knowledge. Always unassuming and quick to smile, your imposing stature which made me think of you as unfriendly in the beginning has quickly changed to one of respect. I will miss your comments about politics and general life. I will miss the good conversation and your easy going nature.

J, thanks for being the first one to approach and befriend me. In spite of all that has happened, I still appreciate that you included me in your social circle when I just started work.

A, thank you for the ride home…and dreams come true. ๐Ÿ˜‰

To my two teammates S and S, thanks for everything, we work as a team and nothing can break that. Esprit de corps!

…off to a brave new world!

Wong Kok Char Chang Teng Hong Kong Restaurant

mongkok teahouse

Wong Kok Char Chang Teng (Mongkok Teahouse) Hong Kong Restaurant is yet another HK food franchise in KL. It seems that ever since Kim Gary took off, HK style quick service restaurants has been sprouting up like mushrooms in KL. This particular establishment comes with the tantalizing tag line “Taste to Feel Hong Kong”. Hmm…

mongkok teahouse montage

Wong Kok Hong Kong Restaurant is nestled in a quiet alcove in 1 Utama and features a warm ambiance with a heavy emphasis on diffused spot lighting. I did not attempt to count the incandescent spot light fixtures both embedded into the walls and in stand alone lantern style versions but I can assure you that there are quite a lot of them.

kwok chun on

This restaurant is apparently endorsed by a Mr. Kwok Chun On – a pretty boy chef with a forced smile and a unenthusiastic thumbs up. It comes with a lot of Chinese characters on the side, which I can’t read, but I gather he’s the establishment’s ambassador for a reason.

mongkok teahouse drinks

Doris had the Salted Lemon Sourplum Juice (RM 6.80) while I had the Chocolate ice-cream milk shake (RM 7.50). Salt with sour bases makes it sweet so her drink is quite pleasantly saccharine. The latter is coated with chocolate and crushed peanuts on the side of the glass, much like a frozen margarita is lined with salt.

mongkok shanghai rice

This is the Shanghai sauce roasted pork with mixed vegetables and rice (RM 9.50) which Doris ordered. It looks a little bit on the plain side, but it tastes good.

hong kong bak chang

I had the interestingly named Hong Kong waxed meat rice wrapped with lotus leaves (RM 9.50). Doris reads Chinese and told me this is a bak chang of sorts. I love the way it came out though – it’s like a tall, slim pyramid that’s almost phallic in nature.

hong kong bak chang open

It unwraps to reveal glutenous rice marinated in soy sauce with little treasures of pork, mushrooms and other ingredients inside the rice. It’s served with Taiwan sausages and a complete shiitake mushroom on the side. It tasted pretty good, and it’s novel.

mongkok french toast

We also ordered French Toast (RM 4.20) – it would be heresy to not check out the quality of the French Toast in a HK eating establishment. HK style French Toast has peanut butter inside and is deep fried with batter before a slab of artery clogging butter is put on top. I found Kim Gary’s French Toast to be much better than the Mongkok Teahouse version.

mongkok simmering

Mongkok Teahouse also has a premium menu – this is the Seafood and Vegetable in Paper Pot (RM 21.80) which we ordered from that menu. It seems to be one of their signature dishes from the prominent placement on it’s premium menu and comes simmering to your table courtesy of a small boiler beneath the pot.

mongkok premium

The Seafood and Vegetable in Paper Pot is filled with prawns, fish, seaweed, rice vermicelli and other Chinese herbs and vegetables. It tasted rather bland and we both felt it wasn’t worth the premium price tag.

mongkok teahouse us

I am so juvenile sometimes…

mongkok teahouse end

Wong Kok Char Chang Teng Hong Kong Restaurant is one of the less popular HK style eatery chains out there but it’s worth checking out the phallic Hong Kong waxed meat rice wrapped with lotus leaves.

…if only just to take a photo of it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Old friends are like comfortable clothes

lung comment
I have been neglecting my comments as of late due to the impending move to KL and was delighted to see a comment from a very, very old friend. We’ve known each other for more than 10 years and he’s one of my best friends. I have been searching for him ever since I got out of rehabilitation – he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Heck, even my dad loves him, he invited the both of us to his wedding reception and was the only one who came regularly (every single day!) while I was hospitalized in SGH for a week. He comes from the old skool heng tai (brotherhood) school of thought and has always been around when I needed his help.

He heard I was hauled into rehab from a mutual friend and only knew I came out when another friend told him my blog is back online. I haven’t seen him since 2006, but old friends are like comfortable clothes, it just feels good when you get back together again, and it’s just like old times.

ah lung

I had dinner with him and his wife last night and he hasn’t changed much. I admire him for his jovial attitude towards everything. Despite being embroiled in legislative issues and non-revenue generating operations, he’s always one to laugh generously and that’s something I can learn from.

Lung, if you’re reading this, you the man. Cheers buddy!

Much (heterosexual) love.

The empire strikes back

empire strikes back

I’ve just gotten a flu shot and will be taking antibiotics and cough preparations for a particularly nasty bout of flu I contracted. I’m very drowsy now from the shot and will be getting some much needed Z’s. Now all I need to do is to let the X-Wing take care of the TIE fighter and get rid of the influenza in my system. I hope I feel much better tomorrow. Cheers all!

La Gourmet House @ the Curve

la gourmet house

La Gourmet House is a Mediterranean restaurant located at the Curve. I was actually planning to go elsewhere but there was a heavy shower (not the golden type, the kind that rains on your parade) so we took refuge at the place. I haven’t heard of the establishment before but I reckon the “Buy 4 bottles of Tiger and get 1 free” promotion was quite alluring, so we decided to sit down for lunch.

la gourmet house montage

La Gourmet House claims European, Mediterranean and Spanish influences in the cuisine, creating a homely fusion of sorts. The interior seating arrangements are adorned with various Turkish (to my untrained and uncultured eye) fixtures and some of the tables have intricate designs. The al fresco dining area is thankfully protected from Mother Nature by a canopy system and is plumed with throw rugs.

la gourmet house beer

The beer is not the cheapest at the Curve (some places offer RM 32++ jugs) but it’s a pretty good deal at RM 48 for 5 bottles of local beer. The other beer they serve sounds German in origin and it’s priced at RM 22 per bottle, so I assume it’s an import. The ambiance of the place is great, very laid back and casual, with excellent service to boot.

anthonys sausage and pasta

I had their signature dish – Anthony’s Sausage and Pasta (RM 25.80). It’s a pasta dish with your choice of two (2) sausages, tossed with balsamic and olive oil, mozzarella cheese and walnut pesto. I chose Chorizo (a Spanish sausage) and the German bratwurst. The dish is served with sauce on the side – a mixture of mustard and something else my unrefined palate couldn’t identify.

anthony sausage and pasta

The pasta is done al dente and it absolutely delicious! Unfortunately, it was a little of the cold side when it got to our table. I wouldn’t discount the weather (it was raining) as a factor for the rapid cooling of the dish but it just didn’t taste as good as it would have, had it came out piping hot. The sausages are flavorful though, and I like the fact that you get to choose the types of sausage you want.

gourmet value meal

My girlfriend opted for their set lunch, dubbed “Gourmet Value Meals” at La Gourmet House. She had the Baked Seafood (RM 15.80), which comes with either juice or tea. The Baked Seafood dish is served on a bed of steamed rice (!), which I thought was quite unusual. We expected the entire dish to be baked e.g. topped with cheese before being baked in an oven.

baked seafood

There were a few premium ingredients in the dish – mussels, prawns, fish and other miscellaneous marine life, enough to justify the price…but it just didn’t taste quite right with steamed rice.

stuffed bell pepper

I also ordered an appetizer – the Stuffed Bell Pepper (RM 23.80) that is marked with a little chef’s hat indicating a house specialty. The starter further intrigued me by the “Subject to availability” tag line appended to it. It’s filled with aromatic chicken mortadella and served with the chef’s special sauce. There are two peppers – one red and one green, each sliced in half and stuffed.

bell peppers stuffed

Unfortunately, this appetizer (dessert?) came only after we finished our meal, and it was cold when it came to the table. I didn’t quite understand this, as we were the only ones there besides another family that just got seated. I imagine it might have tasted better had it been warm at least, but in its current condition; it just didn’t do the dish justice.

la gourmet house us

La Gourmet House at the Curve has a lot of potential, but it seems to be plagued by kitchen logistical glitches that manifests by cold dishes arriving at your table. The 4+1 beer promotion is also supposed to come with free tapas, which we didn’t get, and I didn’t realize until I looked at the bill today. I can’t attribute that to bad service (it was good, and quite attentive) so I really don’t know what’s going on there. I will go again for a second review a couple of months down the road and see how it goes. Cheers!

Total damage: RM 124.74 for two @ The House of Meals & Memories.

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