1st Birthday was officially launched on 19th April 2002. πŸ™‚


This makes today the first anniversary of In the
beginning, everything was done manually using Microsoft FrontPage. Each
daily update took at least 30 minutes, due to the painstaking and
time-consuming process of adding a new post on the top, changing the
Picture of the Day (POTD), adding the old POTD into the POTD archive
(which held 7 days worth of pictures), running an FTP server, Telnet to
my Silas (now called SNG) Unix account, FTP using Telnet to my own FTP
server, manually getting the files, FTP using Telnet to
and manually putting the files. The final stages were done using a
command line Telnet FTP program and I didn’t know commands like mput or
mget then, so each file has to be retrieved manually by typing commands
like “get 20020403s.jpg”. There was no commenting system, the dates and
times had to be cut and pasted and manually modified, most pages had a
template that was out of sync, and archives had to be manually created
using HTML. In other words, it was a plain old HTML blog – no frills,
no trills.

This was what the main page of the old HTML blog looked like

The plan was to have a 24/7 webcam running, a Picture of the Day
(POTD) at the main page and daily updates. The 24/7 webcam plan fell
through due to the Monash University’s proxy, which requires HTTPS
authentication and most FTP clients were not capable of doing that
then. I’ve only done two manual webcam shots since then before totally
scrapping the plan due to the infeasibility of doing that every day.

The first webcam shot – 19/04/2002 @ 14:28:24

The second webcam shot – 09/05/2002 @ 00:08:04

Ever since the beginning, I’ve always tried to include a picture in
every post, and that was done using a Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000. This
was replaced by a Nikon 885 on 25th May 2002. The time commitment
needed to make daily updates was reduced drastically on 9th November
2002 when I finally pulled myself out of the stone age and installed a
CMS – Movable Type. This decision managed to decrease the daily update
time to 10-15 minutes. The blog essentially started anew and the old
HTML blog was moved to my SNG Unix account. The start of 2003 makes it
evident that has outgrown the old host.
moved to a new host offering more disk space and bandwidth on 21st
March 2003. The old HTML blog which was previously hosted on my SNG
Unix account was (manually) imported into Movable Type after the move
to keep everything on one site. veritas (previously known as “Mr. Foaf”
(friend of a friend) and “friend”) made his first appearance on 30th
August 2002 as a guest author.

This was what the first post of the old HTML blog looked like

The first post was made on 19th April 2002 at 02.44 PM. Click here [] to see the first post.

You might also be interested in seeing the posts for the whole month of April 2002 [].

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September 23, 2002
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Breaking news: Monash University Clayton Campus, Melbourne shooting []
October 21, 2002
Melbourne October 21, 2002. Monash University Shooting. Gunman. Huan Yun Xiang.

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September 08, 2002
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January 18, 2003
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March 26, 2003
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March 28, 2003
Melbourne veritas – Dexedrine. Paxam. Klonopin. clonazepam. dexamphetamine. dextroamphetamine. script.

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March 30, 2003
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April 04, 2003
Melbourne veritas – C21H23NO5 heroin Springvale insufflated smack H.

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April 07, 2003
Melbourne veritas – 4-MAR U4EA U4Euh 4-methylaminorex

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April 15, 2003
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Thanks for stopping by everyone! πŸ™‚

Magnum “The Sixties Nine”


Image from Streets [].

This is the page with direct links to all the nine Magnum “The
Sixties Nine” ice creams that I’ve eaten and reviewed. It’s one of the
highest search strings so I figured a page with direct links would be
easier for those searching for the Magnums in “The Sixties Nine” series.

Magnum “The Sixties Nine” #1 – Wood Choc [].

Magnum “The Sixties Nine” #2 – Cherry Guevara [].

Magnum “The Sixties Nine” #3 – Peace Man Go [].

Magnum “The Sixties Nine” #4 – Candy Warhol [].

Magnum “The Sixties Nine” #5 – Jami Hendrix [].

Magnum “The Sixties Nine” #6 – Guava Lamp [].

Magnum “The Sixties Nine” #7 – Cinnaman on the Moon [].

Magnum “The Sixties Nine” #8 – John Lemon [].

Magnum “The Sixties Nine” #9 – Choc Work Orange [].


Disclaimer: This post and all other drug related posts is made by veritas, who is a guest author on this blog. The owner of this domain is not responsible for the posts made by any guest authors.


I had gotten another foil of heroin about a month ago and it’s been
sitting in my stash drawer ever since. I’ve been worried about this,
being raided and found in possession of heroin is a different scenario
than being raided and found in possession of cannabis. In the interest
of limiting my legal liability, I’ve consumed it last night. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, this heroin is chunkier and more voluminous than the previous one I got
[]. It’s sourced from the same place (Springvale – no harm
in mentioning the name, everyone knows it’s a hotbed of street level
heroin dealing anyway), although from a different dealer. This dealer
was squatting with a friend when I approached him and asked if he had
any smack.

Well, to tell you the truth, I was terrified at the nonchalance of
this dealer. It was in broad daylight (afternoon) when this happened,
and it was at a high traffic area. He said it’s A$50 for a foil and he
nudged his friend, who looked to the left and then to the right to spot
for police activity and then PULLED OUT A HUGE BAG CONTAINING AT LEAST
200 FOILS.


To say I was appalled is an understatement. At this point, I was
about to bolt at the utter indiscretion of the dealers. I was literally
shaking in my boots (although I wasn’t wearing boots) while this deal
was happening. This was in broad daylight, at a high pedestrian traffic
area, and in a place where undercover cops is known to be operating and
yet this dealer just looked left and right and then grinned and handed
me a foil.

Well, that’s the last time I’m going to score on the street.
Theoretically, the police would be going after them and not me, but
still the risk is there. Anyway, I just held on to the foil in my hand
so I could just drop it at the slightest provocation should I be
apprehended. Luckily, nothing of that nature happened and I got back
safely and it’s been sitting in my drawer since then. I’m not a big fan
of heroin, but I just wanted a second experiment.


Well, I crushed it up and insufflated (snorted) it last night. It’s
a common misconception that heroin can only be injected. Although
that’s the most efficient way to use it, I’m not interested in
injecting anything due to the various issues surrounding that route of
administration. [Edit: *cough* Er…yes, I have since decided I
wanted experience with that, so I IV’ed methamphetamine after setting
up a safety framework :p] The second most efficient route (smoking) is
logistically challenging as well, since I don’t own a glass pipe.

Thus, I just crushed everything up to a fine powder, racked it into
a line and up it went. I snorted half into my left nostril and the
other half into my right. I don’t know if there’s any difference in
doing that, but I do know from experience that substances should be
finely powdered and snorting should be hard enough to get it into your
sinuses and yet not so hard that it goes into your lungs or down your
throat (thus wasting it).

This is what I wrote:

burnt really bad going up
the drip was AWFUL
felt like bitterness x 10
chilly weather tonite
wearing little
windows open
yet…warmth πŸ™‚
fuzzy warmth…
slowing down…
clothes is the fabric that shields your nudity from the world
heroin is the blanket that shields you from the world
that is all
god…everything is perfect

ClichΓ©, but that’s what I felt. πŸ™‚ Effects were wearing off after 4
hours and I felt an unbearable and unstoppable wave of sleepiness, upon
which I slept for a solid 14 hours. However, that could just be paying
back my sleep debt from previous dexamphetamine runs. I felt it much
better this time, it’s very nice indeed, I’ll even use the word
‘wonderful’ to describe the effects I felt this time. I won’t be doing
it again anytime soon though. It’s a little too boring (no offense to
people who enjoy opiates) and expensive for me. Also, I’m aware of the
addiction potential, so thus ends my experiments with this substance,
unless there is reason for me to continue.

Melbourne Moomba Waterfest

I went to Moomba with a couple of my friends on Saturday night.
Moomba is an annual festival and the word is from an Aboriginal word
which means “getting together and having fun” and it lasts a week.
There are concerts, street parades, waterskiing competitions but we
just went to the carnival and fireworks show.

The place was totally packed by the time we got there, which was
slightly after 9 pm. I had to apply contrast, gamma correction and
sharpen liberally to some of the pictures coz my battery was low and I
could not use flash all the time.

The east bank was full of people since it’s the best place for
watching the fireworks show. The boats you see in the middle of the
river are the barges they let the fireworks off from. The west bank had
trees and lamp posts that obscure the vision slightly, so it’s not that

Well, there were so many people there that it’s hard to even walk at a reasonable pace!

The barge they’re letting fireworks off from

We watched the fireworks, which was okay, but Christopher said that
it wasn’t as impressive as the one our “Au Yong Contingent” produced
this year. Heh. We both live around the Au Yong Road region back in

Anyway, it was good for me to watch the fireworks since I came back
early this year. I didn’t get to spend Chinese New Year in Sibu coz of
my summer subject and IE. I failed my summer subject, which makes it a
fucking waste, but let’s not talk about that. πŸ™‚

The finale, taken with flash

Well, the atmosphere was pretty good, lots of smoke and that that
fireworks smell which is associated with Chinese New Year in my mind.
It lasted probably 20 minutes, and then we walked around for a bit.

The finale, taken without flash

A couple of us went on the Ranger, it’s that ride that goes 360 degrees.

The Ranger

I was planning to bring my digicam on it and take a photo while it
was upside down but hmm…it’s a good thing I didn’t coz even though
technically you know the centrifugal forces will hold you down, there
is a strong psychological urge to hold onto the bar anyway.

Me in front of the Moomba directions signboard

Anyway, there were a couple of other rides there:

Dodgem bumper cars.

A ferris wheel behind the carnival stalls.

Some kind of swing which “allow your to defy gravity for 4 minutes”.
It’s kinda like a cross between a huge trampoline and a reverse bungee.

The Thunderbolt! A mini roller coaster.

Some kind of spinning thingy which will make you throw up so I didn’t get on it, considering we just had a huge dinner before.

The Scorpion. Another mini roller coaster ride.

This is us – the bunch of high school friends from Methodist High School, Sibu who’re in Melbourne

From left: Chuck Yong, Adrian, Karen, Ung Hing, Huai Bin (me), Chuck Fong.
Not everyone was in the picture.

Moomba is fun!

Project Doctor Shopping I – Project Deep Sedation

Project Doctor Shopping

Episode I – Project Deep Sedation

The Quest for the Holy Benzodiazepine

Happy days are here again

Success rating chart:

0/5 Nothing
1/5 No recreational pharmaceuticals
2/5 Small amount of benzodiazepines
3/5 Medium amount of benzodiazepines
4/5 Large amount of benzodiazepines
5/5 Permanent script

Let us dream and sleep tonight

Note: This is very long, but if you read everything, I’ll love you so much! Thanks! πŸ™‚


Recreational drug user branching into doctor shopping

Mr. Breathing Exercises
New age guy who’s very interested in breathing exercises

Benzo Nazi
Doctor who is very stingy with benzodiazepines

Benzo Gestapo
Doctor who lectures you about the evils of benzos before very reluctantly prescribing

The Angel
Nice counselor who would be very helpful if you really have problems. God bless you.

Benzo Messiah
Doctor who breaks out with the script, no questions asked

Note:Identifying clinic names have been changed to XXX and doctor’s real names have been replaced with pseudonyms.

Part I Mr. Breathing Exercises

Location: University of XXX Counseling Service

I walked into the place because it’s free and they have clinical
psychiatrists which I assumed would be able to script me some benzos. A
counselor invited me into his room and talked to me about my ‘anxiety
problem’. I told him I’ve had panic attacks before and I’m feeling
anxious and unable to sleep recently and I nearly had a panic attack
again so that’s why I came in today. I said I was just lying in bed and
for no reason my heart started pounding really hard and I couldn’t
breath. I thought I was going to have a heart attack and I felt sure I
was going to die.

During all that, I kept fidgeting and tried to look strung out and
anxious. The counselor said it sounds like I have a very bad anxiety
problem and wanted to teach me some breathing exercises. I wanted to
steer the conversation to medication so I casually mentioned that I was
prescribed Valium when I had a bad panic attack a couple of years ago.
I didn’t say it like that, it was like “Hmm…I was given something
called…hmm…I think it was called Valium? and it really helped me a
lot”. He said “Oh, that’s good, but I’m not a doctor so I can’t script
you anything”.

At that point, I was ready to walk out the door, but out of
politeness, I didn’t. He taught me breathing exercises to help control
my ‘panic attacks’. After 15 minutes he looked at the clock and said
“Oh, we have 30 minutes left so let me teach you another technique”.
God save me…I was just here to bum a script. Well, the counselor was a
nice guy so I just smiled and nodded politely when he taught me ways to
control my ‘anxiety disorder’. Do you feel calmer now? Yeah it really
work’s doesn’t it? Yes, yes I said while thinking “Can I please go
now?”. πŸ™‚ He’s a really nice dude though, so I didn’t want to be rude.


My handwriting is very distinctive, so…

A card with a list of things to do to control my ‘anxiety disorder’

Cost of consultation: A$0 – it’s a free service

Cost of medication: N/A

Success rating: -1/5
That’s for making me sit for 15 minutes practising breathing exercises!

Part II Benzo Nazi Visit #1

Location: University of XXX Health Service

This time I went to a real GP (doctor) at the university’s clinic. I
didn’t change my story from the first experiment but I embellished it a
bit. I said I had several panic attacks that I couldn’t control and I
checked myself into a hospital once because I really thought I was
going to die. I also mentioned I haven’t slept for several days and I
have a recurring anxiety problem. The doctor said not many Malaysian
students come in for anxiety problems and said it’s great that I would.
I said I wouldn’t come in too, except I had a really bad panic attack
yesterday and it’s affecting my studies. I stressed on the fact that I
couldn’t sleep and asked if there’s anything that would help me sleep
coz things gets strange after a while when I don’t sleep. I also said I
was given Valium before and it helped a lot with sleep.

Doctor: Have you ever taken any drugs? Ecstasy? Marijuana?
Me: No, I don’t take drugs. (lying through my teeth but maintaining eye contact)
Doctor: Do you go to clubs? Raves?
Me: No. (lying through my teeth and maintaining eye contact but wondering wtf this has got to do with anything)
Doctor: Do you drink alcohol?
Me: No…well, only during special occasions like Chinese New Year.
(again lying through my teeth but added an extra bit for realism)
Doctor: Well, I’m going to put you on something that’s going to help
you with the anxiety and panic attacks. Let me see if I have a sample

The doctor goes out of the room while I cross my fingers and hope
for benzos. The doctor comes in with: Zoloft (sertraline). Oh man…that
has zero recreational potential. I was trying to discourage him from
that and asked “Does it have any side effects?”. He said “Yes, there’s
quite a few” and told me about it. I tried to look doubtful but he said
he wants to try this before anything else. He said that even though it
might increase my anxiety as first, I should not stop taking one every
morning. I did not take any of course.

Temazepam tablets

He then reached into a drawer and gave me three tablets in a blister
pack. “Here, this is to help you sleep”. I wanted to smile so badly coz
it’s almost certainly benzos but I kept a poker face and asked again
“Does it have any side effects?”. Just for the sake of realism you
know. He said not to take it with alcohol and only take one a day. He
also told me to come back again next week and tell me how it goes.

Temazepam blister pack – back view

I thanked him and could barely walk out of the room before reaching
into my pocket and reading the blister pack. Temazepam. 10 mg tablets
marked under Normison. Woo hoo, that’s better than nothing. I had it with some alcohol and cannabis [] and it felt great.



7 x 50 mg Zoloft (sertraline) – no recreational potential

Temazepam blister pack – front view

3 x 10 mg Normison (temazepam) – a benzodiazepine

Cost of consultation: A$0 – used Medibank Private (health insurance)

Cost of medication: FREE

Success rating: 2.5/5
The extra 0.5 is coz it was free! πŸ™‚

Part III Benzo Gestapo

Location: XXX Road Clinic

Disappointed at the meager returns from my previous endeavors, I
decided a change in story is required. This time I didn’t use my
Medibank Private health insurance. That is because my personal
information and medical history is inside and I was planning to tell a
WHOPPER of a story this time. I filled in my details as Tan Kim Leong
and put a fake address and waited in the waiting room. A nurse came out
soon after.

Nurse: “Kim? Kim Leong?”
Me: (thinking) Who the hell is that guy who’s holding up the line?
Nurse: “Do we have a Kim Leong in here?”
I looked around the room.
I was the only Asian.
The nurse looked at me
Nurse: “Kim?”
I gave her a blank look.
Nurse: “Are you Kim?”
Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck! I put Kim Leong down as my name! Stupid me! I didn’t even remember that! /kicks myself
Me: “Yeah, I’m Kim, sorry to have kept you waiting. I kinda zoned out a bit there.”
Nurse: “That’s okay, come on in”

Note to self: If you’re going to use a fake name, at least REMEMBER it, dumbass!

I went into the doctor’s office and told the doctor that I arrived in Melbourne on Wednesday (it was a Friday then).

Doctor: How can I help you?
Me: Well…..I had a bit of a…I guess you can call it a nervous breakdown about a month ago and I had to go to the hospital.
Doctor: What happened?
Me: Nothing, I was just sitting there, eating with my family when I
totally freaked out. I thought I was going to die. My heart was
pounding so hard and I couldn’t breath and the walls seem to close in
on me. I was so convinced I was going to die! The people at the
hospital refered me to a GP and I was diagnosed with panic disorder.
I’ve been put on this medication called…Klonopin I think it was. It’s a
round blue tablet with a K inside and I’m supposed to take it once a
Doctor: Klonopin. Let me check the database. Ah, its clonazepam. What happened then?
Me: Well, I came here on Wednesday and I had a month’s worth of tablets
with me and the customs officer seized it coz I didn’t have an
Australian doctor’s prescription. I didn’t even want to come to a
doctor but I couldn’t sleep and I had a very bad panic attack so I
called my mom and she called my doctor and the doctor said not to stop
taking it suddenly and asked me to see someone here. I tried to go to a
pharmacist but they said I had to get a doctor’s prescription.
(Man, I’m telling absolute whoppers here)
Doctor: Hmm…well that’s a very bad drug.
Me: Why is that? (pretending to be ignorant)
Doctor: It’s addictive
Me: IT’S ADDICTIVE?!?!? The doctor didn’t tell me that! (a bit of overacting but to keep the image right, you understand)
Doctor: Yeah, its very bad for you. I’ll teach you some breathing exercises to help control your panic attacks.

Oh God…not again…

Anyway, after the longest 10 minutes I ever experienced, the doctor
said, I’ll script you some tablets, but only take them if it’s

Doctor: (coming really close and looking me in the eye) Do you take
drugs? Amphetamines? Speed? Ecstasy? Heroin? Marijuana? LSD? (he
rattled off dozens of drug names and street terms, I’m not kidding!)
Me: (forcing myself to look straight into his eye) No, I don’t take drugs and I never have.

I was expecting lightning to strike me down on the spot. Please forgive me God. πŸ™‚

I put mosiac on the address coz it’s just some address I passed by
while on my way to the clinic. It belongs to someone else, so I didn’t
want to show it. Also edited out the script number and doctor’s
signature. Don’t want to cause anyone any problems. Needless to say, my
real name is not Tan Kim Leong πŸ™‚

Well, after that he broke out his script pad and he said it’s not the
same ones I got, but it’s similar in action. He reiterated the
addictive nature of benzos and told me to use the breathing exercises
instead of the tablets unless its absolutely necessary. He scripted me
20 x 5 mg Valium (diazepam) tablets.

I went to the pharmacist to cash in my script and got 50 x 5 mg
tablets instead of 20 x 5 mg tablets! The mind BOGGLES! The script
clearly said:
Diazepam tablets (5 mg)
Quantity: 20 (TWENTY)

The pill container said it contains 50 x 5 mg tablets. I took every
pill out and counted it and sure enough there were 50 inside! What
luck! Thank you Soul Pattinson Chemist for making a mistake giving me
20 extra tablets! That’s 50 mgs extra diazepam goodness. Haha!


Antenax – generic Valium (diazepam). That’s not my real name.

50 x 5 mg Antenax (generic Valium) (diazepam)

Cost of consultation: A$35 – didn’t use Medibank Private to support my whopper of a story

Cost of medication: A$10.65

Success rating: 3/5

Part IV The Angel

Location: XXX Community Mental Health Services and Counseling

This one looks promising. I went inside and made an appointment to
see a psychiatrist. A psychiatrist came out soon and invited me to her
office. She was very friendly and emphatic (psychiatrists are trained
that way) and I felt sorry about telling her my whopper of a story. It
was the same one I told in Part #3 Benzo Gestapo. She was extemally
symphetathic and was very apologetic because she said there are no
doctors here so she couldn’t script me the Klonopins. She was very
helpful and showed me where to go (because my whopper of a story said I
just came here two days ago) and kept on saying how terrible it was to
be under such stress right after coming here and how sorry she was for

She went out of her second floor office and walked with me to show
me where the nearest clinic was. I felt really, really bad at this
point coz I was just faking a story to get a script and she bought it.
πŸ™ She even walked with me the other way to show me where the
pharmacist was so I can cash my script after I get it. πŸ™ That was
beyond the line of duty. I’m sorry! I was lying just to get a script
but your empathy is not wasted. I shower your firstborn with blessings
from the bottom of my heart. Thank you very much, you’re a very good
counselor and I’m sure your real patients think the same and appreciate

Sympathy and a sincere respect for counselors

Cost of consultation: A$0 – they don’t charge

Cost of medication: N/A

Success rating: 0/5

Part V Benzo Nazi Visit #2

Location: University XXX University Health Service

I had made an appointment for one week after the first visit so here
I am again. It’s free anyway. I told the doctor I still hasn’t been
able to sleep and the Zoloft made me so nauseous I could not bare to
take it after 5 days. I got that side effect from
[] – the scripter’s friend. πŸ™‚ It was the highest incidence
among test subjects so I had already decided to use that excuse.

Doctor: What about the tablets for sleep? Did you finish that?
Me: (thinking) Of course I did, ate them on the same day with alcohol and cannabis even.
Me: (saying) No, I only took two because it didn’t help me sleep at all.

Why did I say that?

1.Saying I didn’t take all meant I’m not a benzo abuser

2.It also says that temazepam is not strong enough for me so hopefully a more powerful benzo will be prescribed

Front of brand name Valium blister pack

Well, the doctor said he’s going to put me on something new and went
out to get a sample pack. He came back with a box of Aropax
(paroxetine). -.- For crying out loud…why doesn’t he just script me
benzos. I was obviously steering him towards it. Now I’ve gotta give a
reason as to why I can’t take Aropax. Anyway, if you didn’t know, stuff
like Zoloft and Aropax is not recreational. You just don’t get high off
them but it has valid therapeutic uses.

Good thing he also gave me 3 x 5 mg Valium (diazepam) for sleep so
the trip was not a total waste. Everything was free anyway, so I can’t
complain. He told me to take the Aropax the same way and said its not a
first line defense against anxiety disorder so I’ll have to see him
next week again and see how it goes.


Back of brand name Valium blister pack

3 x 5 mg Valium (diazepam)

Aropax (paroxetine)

10 x 20 mg Aropax (paroxetine) – no recreational value

Cost of consultation: A$0 – Medibank Private insurance

Cost of medication: FREE

Success rating: 2.5/5
Again, the extra 0.5 coz it’s free.

Part VI Benzo Messiah

Location: XXX Medical Clinic

This one has a large sign behind the counter which says:

We DO NOT prescribe:
Or any other benzodiazepine and narcotics

This doesn’t sound good at all. I filled up the new patient form
anyway and put my faith in my acting abilities. I was so dumb as to
write my real family name at first. Force of habit, ya know. I crossed
it out several times before putting Tan Boon Hock as my alias. The
receptionist took one look at my crossed out form and regarded me with
extreme suspicion. Oops!

I had to wait a long time too coz this clinic was very busy. I
noticed that each patient was with the doctor for only 3 minutes! Isn’t
that amazing? Anyway, it was soon my turn and this time I remembered my
alias. :p It was Tan Boon Hock if you want to know. Heh! Well, I went
to the doctor’s office and told him about my problem.

It was the same “customs confiscated my Klonopin” story except I now
said I had been diagnosed with panic disorder for a year and I have
been on clonazepam for 8 months (instead of the previous 2 weeks
story). Personally, I think that this a better cover story because you
can get seizures and other withdrawal symptoms if you suddenly stop
from a long term course of benzos.

Why am I so keen on clonazepam? Well, I have easy access of Xanax
(alprazolam) when I’m in Malaysia and I take that often then so I
wanted something different. Clonazepam is the same strength to
alprazolam when compared milligram to milligram but clonazepam doesn’t
take effect until 1-2 hours while alprazolam is pretty mush instant.
However, clonazepam lasts heaps longer, and I haven’t had it before so
I’m keen to try it.

Anyway, the doctor says he’s not familiar with Klonopin and flipped
through some drug database book. I didn’t want to say clonazepam coz
that makes it sounds like I’m too familiar with the drug. I wanted to
play the ignorant patient, not the knowledgeable scripter. I said it’s
a blue pill with a K shape inside. I could say K shaped perforation,
but that doesn’t fit the ignorant patient image does it?

Doctor: Ah, I’ve found it! It must be this one. Clonodine.
Me: (thinking) Oh my God, no, that’s an anti-hypertensive for high blood pressure.
Me: (speaking) No, that’s not the one. It’s K-l-o-n-o-p-i-n.
Doctor: It could be this one, things may be under different brand names over here. I’ll write a script for you.


Time for something drastic!

Me: Hmm…er, I think…I THINK its also called clonazepam. I’m not sure though.
Doctor: Ah! Clonazepam. Let me read the book and see if I’m allowed to prescribe that.
(riffling for a while)
Doctor: Yes, I’ll write a script for that. How much did you say you’re taking again?
Me: (thinking) Yes! Yes! Yes! Wipe that smile off your face before you give yourself away.
Me: (speaking) I was taking it twice a day.

Doctor writes Paxam (generic clonazepam) and 100 tablets on the script.

/me shouts for joy. Again script numbers, doctor’s signatures and such have been applied a mosiac.

Not out loud of course.

Doctor: How many mgs were the tablets? 2 mg?
Me: I don’t know, it was a blue pill. (FUCKING OVERACTING! WHY COULDN’T I JUST SAY YES?)
Doctor: Hmm…there’s no blue pill in the book.
Me: Well, I just take a blue pill twice a day.
(I wanted to say 2 mg then but I didn’t want to blow it by sounding like I had “drug seeking tendencies”)
Doctor: Twice a day? It could be 0.5 mg then.

Doctor writes 0.5 mg next to Paxam.

I curse the most obscene obscenities in my head.

Me: Thank you very much doctor.
Doctor: No worries, just get the pharmacy to call me if they have problems with the script. Okay? Good.

And then he rushed out to see the next patient.
Total time spent: 3 minutes

I love this doctor, he’s so busy that he just wants to work through the patients quickly.

From now on, I dub thee DR. FEELGOOD. I know who to visit next time
I want some benzos. Thanks doctor, you made me feel so much better
already. Hell, I’m practically cured from my ‘anxiety disorder’. πŸ˜‰


Clonazepam love

100 x 0.5 mg Paxam (generic Klonopin) (clonazepam)

Cost of consultation: A$45 (!) but it’s worth it coz the street prices would be much higher

Cost of medication: A$18.85

Success rating: 4.5/5
The extra 0.5 coz it’s very possible to get a permanent script off Dr. Feelgood.

I’m still kicking myself over not saying yes when he asked whether
it was 2 mg. πŸ™ I could have 200 mg of clonazepam goodness instead of a
comparatively paltry 50 mg. Did you know that I said “Fuck, I’m so
stupid” loudly and countless times while walking to the pharmacy? Oh,
the lost chance to get 100 x 2 mg clonazepam. πŸ™ Seriously, I did that.
People must have thought I was fuckin bonkers…

Oh well, at least I got 100 x 0.5 mg. 100 x 0.5 mg comes up to 50 mg
of clonazepam so that’s nothing to sniff about. That’s 20 doses
assuming you take 5 mg + alcohol + cannabis.

Project Deep Sedation
Episode I
The Quest for the Holy Benzodiazepine



100 x 0.5 mg clonazepam (Klonopin)
50 x 5 mg diazepam (Valium)
3 x 10 mg temazepam (Restoril)
3 x 5 mg diazepam (Valium)

You have to be economical with the truth especially when they ask you
about any drug usage. This is a red flag that you could be a scripter.

Use your health insurance card sparingly. They collate information
and if they happen to notice you’re seeing different doctors and
getting scripts for restricted drugs off them all you’re going to be
flagged as doctor shopping.

Don’t cash scripts at the same pharmacy. You would look very
suspicious if you went up with a fistful of scripts for benzos from
different doctors.

Explosive Diarrhea

I woke up today having to run to sit on my porcelain throne. I
barely made it. In fact, I think maybe I didn’t after all. *cough* I
haven’t expelled such a large volume of watery feces with such force
for a long time and I’m looking back to dinner last night to see what
went wrong. I had:

King Island Dairy Roaring Forties Blue Cheese


This one is not very likely because I’ve eaten from the same wedge without problems yesterday.

Superior Gold Tasmanian Smoked Salmon


Vacuum packed and sealed package, so it doesn’t seem to be the offending party as well.

Coles Croissants


It’s bread. No mold, so not very likely.

Frozen cooked prawns from the Coles deli


I’m putting my money on this one. Are you supposed to eat prawns
labeled as “frozen, cooked” from the deli straight off the package? It
came in a ring of about 40 prawns and it even had a small indent in the
package for dip! It sure looked like it can be eaten without any
further cooking. Well, the prawns still looked a bit raw and tasted
raw, but there was a dip bowl built into the ring! Why would someone do
that if it’s meant for cooking?


Disclaimer: This is a post by veritas [mailto:].

A off-white solid chunk of heroin in foil.

Heroin. The name alone invokes fear in the hearts of man. Okay,
maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you’ve gotta admit, this drug sure
has a bad name. πŸ™‚ There is a particular ‘S’ suburb here that’s known
for having dealers of heroin on the streets. I went to check the place
out at the beginning of the week. There are several dodgy looking
people around the main street, and after standing in front of the
central part, I noticed several guys who seem to be a permanent fixture
of the place. One of the guys were obviously nodding out, stumbling
around with a vacant stare and all that. I went up to one of them and
stuck up this conversation:

Me: Hello, are you from around here?
Dealer: Yeah, what’s up?
Me: I hear you can get stuff here.
Dealer: (cautiously) What kind of stuff?
Me: Drugs.
Dealer: What do you want?
Me: What do you have?
Dealer: I only have heroin, you know, smack.
Me: Okay, how much are they?
Dealer: How much do you want?
Me: I only want a small amount.
Dealer: I have A$50 caps.
Me: Sure, I’ll have one of those. I hear there’s a lot of cops around here too, should we go somewhere else?
Dealer: Yeah, you gotta be careful around here, there’s heaps of
cops in this area. I’m scared man, you don’t look like the type that
buys smack.
Me: Well, I’m just experimenting. I’m a student, actually.
Dealer: Okay, walk with me.
(We walk into a shopping center)
(He seems to chew on something for a bit and inconspicuously slips something out of his mouth and hands it to me)
Dealer: Here you go.
(I hand him a A$50 bill)
Dealer: Is this your first time doing smack?
Me: Yeah. I was planning to just snort it.
Dealer: It works better if you smoke it. Just burn it on a foil and smoke it with a straw or something.
Me: Yeah. I know that method too.
Dealer: Okay, take it easy man.

The bag of heroin, look at the detail in the knot. Very nicely wrapped.

After that exchange, I left with a small package wrapped in balloon
that just came out of someone’s mouth. I heard that dealers of heroin
do that here, so that if they’re arrested by the police, they just need
to swallow the balloon packages and they can just throw up or wait for
it to come out on the other end. Thinking about that disturbed me
somewhat, and I proceeded to walk into a restaurant to wash my hands.

Size comparison – pictured with an A$2 coin.

Upon reaching home, I inspected the package I had just got. It’s a
nicely wrapped bag that’s slightly smaller than the diameter of a
pencil. It’s very, very small indeed. The outer layer of the bag is a
balloon that’s been wrapped and knotted very tightly. I couldn’t undo
the knot so I just snipped it off with a pair of scissors. Inside the
bag was a small piece of heroin wrapped in aluminum foil. Professional
gift wrappers would be proud of the finesse going into the packaging of
heroin. πŸ™‚

The heroin is wrapped in a small piece of aluminum foil and put into the balloon.

Anyway, the heroin came in an off-white solid chuck, which was quite
hard to break up. I used a spoon to split it in half and made it into
powder by running the back of the spoon repeatedly over that chunk.
Sources say that the cap contains approximately 50 mg of heroin. I was
surprised at the small amount contained in the cap, until I learnt that
heroin is active at very small amounts. Usually first time users do
about ΒΌ of the bag if they’re injecting, but since I won’t be using
that method of administration, I decided to insufflate (snort) Β½ of the
bag and leave the other Β½ for smoking in two days time.

The solid chunk of heroin in the aluminum foil.

The off-white solid piece of heroin next to A$2 coin.

Heroin – Insufflated – 25 mg (approximately)

The line of heroin after I powdered it with a spoon.

10:10 pm
burned a fair bit going up the nose.decided to snort half of that
amount to be safe. yeah its definately burning a fair bit when i
snorted it.

10:13 pm
just tasted the drip. bitter.

10.14 pm
yeah…i feel warm. then again its summer. hahaha πŸ™‚

10:16 pm
shit…that just like snuck up on me. i didn’t even notice it until
now. hehehe yeah, its euphoric πŸ™‚ i’m feeling sedated, very nice. gonna
snort the other half in 3 minutes unless something happens.

10:17 pm
this is going to sound cliche, but it feels good just to sit here.i
even forgot to turn on my fan and summer here is that i think
about forgetting to turn on the fan, i’m not even bothering to turn it
on. you know wat i mean?

10:20 pm
very noticable effects already, but i’m going to snort the other half anyway.

10:20 pm
okay, maybe that was a bad idea coz i’m still peaking right now…but whats done is done.

10:23 pm
yeah its very noticable now. i feel like the world is muffled…everything seems so far away.

10:27 pm
very prone to zoning out. just sat there looking at my hand and that just feels nice.

10:32 pm
everything feels so surreal. so surreal.

10:34 pm
i get that numb feeling. my face is numb and so are my fingers. everything has a slow quality to it. slow. tingly.

10:40 pm
its very different to a stimulant high. i’m just feeling so safe and
contented, its a cliche but its true. it feels the way it does when
you’re young and you’ve just woke up from a good night’s sleep and the
warm sun is shining in and today’s a holiday and you don’t have to do
anything, you just lay in bed and read and its comfortable. that made
me smile. πŸ™‚

10:44 pm
this just feels so good. it’s not like other drugs, its not the
ecstatic happiness of MDMA (feels like you’re about to go on a really
good vacation you’re really looking forward to), it’s not like
stimulants where you go “fuck i can take on the world!!!”, this is like
a comfortable, very comfortable feeling that you lose as soon as you go
into puberty. its an innocent sort of comfortable where the best thing
is that you’re feeling comfortable and safe and warm in your house. and
that’s all that matters, nothing can hurt you. its the feeling of
picnics and reading books and eating cheese cake and nice weather and
mom taking care of you when you’re sick and i’ve got it! its the
feeling of being a kid, where there are no real problems, only little
ones, and you don’t need to do anything, you just hang around and feel
comfortable and they’re parents there to take care of you. damn, thats
what it feels like. return to childhood.
its the feeling of waking up on a saturday morning to the smell of
french toast and you just lie around in bed waiting for your mom to
call you down to eat breakfast and you’ve had a great nites sleep and
the only thing you want to do is read a good book, a safe book where
there are no great problems and everything turns out to be okay in the
end. jesus, you just don’t get this feeling anymore after you grow up.
no wonder people get addicted to this shit. it’s really comfortable.

10:56 pm
my lips feel numb and my tongue feels swollen and it’s a little hard to
breath but it’s all good. damn, it’s all good. this is not the Oh my
fucking god, this is great when you take stimulants but the yeah…this
is real good of downers.

11:05 pm
feeling drowsy eyelids keep going to half mast. heh.

11:12 pm
ugh…nausea. gonna lie down and read a book until i sleep. bye.

Afterthoughts: There was no withdrawals or crash to speak of,
but I did have this godawful nausea, dizziness and major stomach
churning at the end. It didn’t make me itch though. It felt very nice
and comfortable, but it’s not something I would do often. I’ve probably
said this before, I prefer hallucinogens and stimulants. It was a very
nice experience though. The feeling heroin gives is hard to describe,
but the best adjective would be comfortable. Very, very comfortable.

Heroin – Smoked “Chasing the Dragon” – 25 mg (approximately)

Paraphernalia – a hollow tube from a Bic pen, aluminum foil with powdered heroin, lighter.

9:02 pm
that warm feeling pretty much came instantenously πŸ™‚ when i burned the
stuff, it smoked a whole lot and i couldn’t get everything thru the
tube (wat a waste) so i started to breath with my nose as well and held
the smoke in for about 2 minutes. i felt The Blanket right about then.
πŸ™‚ i did get a whole lotta foil smoke though. interestingly, the heroin
turned into a liquid when flame was applied under the foil and started
to turn into a mini liquid river which ran down the line of the foil.
part of it turned into a black gunk and part of it turned into a
yellowish stain after all of it has been burnt. yeah i feel numb now. πŸ™‚

9:12 pm
yeah the feeling is the same as insufflating, but i think i got higher
when i snorted it though. perhaps i didn’t get all the smoke when it
started to smoke violently. it does feel nice, but not as intense as

9:21 pm
ah, i’m feeling it now. comformtable. πŸ™‚ made me smile again. heh. what
a late rally, i thought it’s supposed to be near instantanous for

9:37 pm
had fun zoning out. don’t feel like staring at the screen though, gonna lie down and read a book. πŸ™‚

9:44 pm
i just had this bright idea to mix a couple of shots of my cannabis
infused grain alcohol into a beer and take a valium. i am aware of the
potential risks but this is such a small amount it doesn’t matter
anyway. cheers! πŸ™‚

10:00 pm
mmm…i’m feeling very chill now. πŸ™‚ yeah this is good. in fact i can’t be bothered writig, i’m gonna watch a movie.

10:06 pm
don’t mean to sound retarded, but this feels really good actually.

What the foil looks like after smoking – yellow stain where it evaporated from a liquid and a black stain to the side.

Afterthoughts: Heroin is rather overrated in my opinion. It
certainly feels nice, but it’s not the best drug in the world, not by a
long shot. The media makes it seem like such a hardcore drug that you
can’t help but feel let down by the experience. It is however a very
illegal drug due to the problems surrounding its use and the potential
for addiction. Perhaps I just don’t have the type of personality that
appreciates heroin’s effects. I still prefer hallucinogens and
stimulants. πŸ™‚ It is a very nice feeling though, just not something
I’ll do very often. Interestingly, I got higher when I insufflated than
when I smoked heroin.

Heroin is very illegal in most (all?) countries.
Heroin is physically and psychologically addictive.
While it may not be the demon drug the media and government makes it
out to be, it is easy to get into trouble in a very short time if you
do it often. Be careful and respect heroin.

Australian Open 2003

Daniela Hantuchova…mmm

Daniela Hantuchova is delicious! I watched her play today because
Anna Kournikova’s match was held in Rod Laver Arena and the tickets to
those has sold out ages ago. Thus, I went to Margaret Court Arena
instead and watched two matches: Denisa Chladkova (CZE) vs. Alexandra
Stevenson (USA) and Daniela Hantuchova (SVK) vs. Adriana Serra Zanetti
(ITA). I was there at 9 am so I managed to get a good seat.

Denisa Chladkova (CZE) vs. Alexandra Stevenson (USA)

When I arrived at Margaret Court Arena, Denisa Chladkova was already
practicing with a couple of other people at that time. The match was
supposed to start at 10 am and she changed and came back in again at 10
am. She wore a blue outfit and has a seemingly endless amount of new
rackets. I saw her change her racket mid-game. Alexandra Stevenson on
the other hand was wearing a bright pink ensemble. She was wearing that
under a tracksuit while practicing and she got a few catcalls when she
took off her tracksuit. I admit, she does look pretty good in pink. πŸ˜‰

Alexandra Stevenson fixing her racket

Denisa Chladkova stretching

Alexandra Stevenson is the 15th seed but I was rooting for Denisa
Chladkova coz I like her on-court personality. I don’t know how high
Denisa Chladkova is ranked but usually it’s a higher ranked player
(Alexandra Stevenson) against a lower ranked one.

Denisa Chladkova in action

Alexandra Stevenson in action

Anyway, the match didn’t start out well for Alexandra Stevenson,
Denisa Chladkova defeated her 6-2 in the first set and 6-2 again in the
second. It caused Alexandra Stevenson so much frustration that she
uttered some choice quotes during the match:

(heard after missing a ball)

No!!! This is so ridiculous!!!
(heard after hitting an out ball)

It wasn’t even ON THE LINE! It was OUT!
(heard after the umpire’s decision that Denisa Chladkova’s ball was in)

A very high strung individual if I ever saw one. πŸ™‚ Anyway,
Alexandra Stevenson walked off immediately after losing the match, and
Denisa Chladkova stayed a while to sign autographs.

Alexandra Stevenson going off after the losing the match

Interesting notes about this match:
Denisa Chladkova has a stash pocket in her skirt that allows her to store an unlimited amount of tennis balls, or so it seems.

Winner: Denisa Chladkova in two sets (6-2) (6-2)

Daniela Hantuchova (SVK) vs. Adriana Serra Zanetti (ITA)

The next match was the one I wanted to see, Daniela Hantuchova vs.
Adriana Serra Zanetti. Daniela Hantuchova is the ranked number 7th and
you probably know her anyway since she has a large fan base as well.

Daniela Hantuchova walking into the court

Look at those legs

Famed for her long legs, she was wearing a pink skirt/short combo
and a sleeveless white top. Adriana Serra Zanetti was wearing a white
skirt and top. It’s worthy to note that the court was full for this
match and there were people watching from the top of Rod Laver Arena as
well. Daniela Hantuchova is popular with the crowd so that’s not a

Adriana Serra Zanetti in action

Anyway, it must be hard for Adriana Serra Zanetti because she didn’t
get much cheers from the crowd while everyone cheers loudly whenever
Daniela Hantuchova got a point. There were constant chants of “Go
Daniela” as well. A further demoralizing point is that all the cameras
were pointed at Daniela Hantuchova almost all the time.

Daniela Hantuchova resting during a break

The match was very exiting though. It wasn’t an easy win for Daniela
Hantuchova, she was worked VERY hard by Adriana Serra Zanetti. The
first set was close…it went to 7-6 (6). The next set was even closer.
Daniela Hantuchova came back from a 4 game deficit to pull the game
into a tiebreaker. Man, was that tiebreaker exciting.

Daniela Hantuchova ready for action

It went well for Daniela Hantuchova at first, but Adriana Serra
Zanetti gave her a serious run for her money and it went back and forth
many times at game point. I don’t watch much tennis, but that had me on
the edge of my seat, biting my nails or whatever clichΓ© you like.

Daniela Hantuchova making a serve

It wasn’t much fun for Daniela Hantuchova, she threw her racket on
the court in frustration two times after missing two crucial chances to
take the set. Unfortunately, I missed her doing it both times coz my
digicam’s battery was low at that point and I couldn’t turn it on fast
enough to take a photo of her doing that. However, after this back and
forth excitement, she finally took the match. Before that, there was
already a queue to get her autograph and I was near the front so I was
crushed a bit in my attempt to take a close up photo of her. Good game,
I really enjoyed this match.

Daniela Hantuchova in action

Interesting notes about this match:
Daniela Hantuchova has a pretty big bruise on her left thigh.

Winner: Daniela Hantuchova in two sets 7/6(6) 7/6(3).

Anyway, I walked around and watched a couple of matches at the other
courts before heading home. I saw on the big screen TV that Anna
Kournikova lost 6-0 6-1.

The central court

There were several other stuff happening around the central court
too, a lot of tennis related games and other interactive stuff.

Interactive Zone

Oh, and I got really badly sun burnt today. My face and arms are
red, itchy and peeling and it hurts when I touch it. I thought I didn’t
need any sun screen coz today’s forecast was going to be 23 degrees
max. Unfortunately, I’ve learnt that it doesn’t need to be hot to get
sun burnt and also that it is very easy to get badly sun burnt in
Australia. And there I was, thinking “haha pussies” at all those people
putting sun screen while watching the match. πŸ™‚

P/S – Don’t forget to click on the Picture of the Day (PoTD) at the
right hand side menu for one of the better photos I took of Daniela
Hantuchova today.

Why is this man naked?

Spotted @ Jalan Bako, Sibu

Hmm…that’s a good question. I was out having lunch with a friend
when this old man sauntered up and peered at our food. I could see his
patch of pubic hair (it was grey if you want to know), which couldn’t
be covered by that miniscule piece of cloth he wound around himself. I
looked at him questioningly, and he turned away and walked to another
table. The view of his back showed that the piece of cloth was not
sufficient to cover his anus as well. In fact, it left it wide open (it
was black-ish, if you’re interested in the color). πŸ™‚ Very strange guy,
he’s harmless but yet he disrupted the rest of the customers due to his
near nudity. Two families promptly got up and left the moment he came
by them. He was indifferent though, he just stood there and TOOK OFF
HIS CLOTH. I won’t go into details regarding his anatomy, but I could
see everything. He then wound the cloth around himself again and sat
down and ordered some food to eat. He was around 70 by the looks of
it…poor guy, I think he’s trying to make a fashion statement. That,
or he’s mentally deranged.

SEXPO 2002 Melbourne

The best photo I took today. Thanks, Cherie, for being a good sport!

I just came back from SEXPO and it was great. I came in just as the
first stage show was starting. It’s a devil themed striptease by
Brianna from Club X.

Gotta love the cape

She did a very good job, lots of eye contact with the audience and
her set was full of energy too. From her set, she looks like one of
those girls who looks real innocent but can be nasty too.
Unfortunately, she didn’t get much of a response from the crowd, it was
still early at that time and alcohol induced rowdiness was still at a
minimum then. πŸ™‚ I didn’t get many photos though, coz the stage shows
cannot be photographed unless you have a media pass (SEXPO policy). I
only managed to take a couple of photos before a security guard waved
at me and mouthed “no photos”.

Brianna has a nice smile too

Anyway, the next stage show is a male striptease and hmm…I wish I
could perform like that guy. Heh. The stripper is Donny from Crystal
T’s and he was doing a cowboy themed number. It was really good, even
from a guy’s point of view. I also got a G-string rose from the
presenters. They were throwing bunches of them from the stage and I got
one. It’s a G-string hidden in a plastic rose.

The expo started getting crowded at around noon

There wasn’t any more stage shows until 1 pm, so I browsed around
the booths for a while. I got myself a T-shirt with “RELEASE SARAH
TONIN” printed in front for A$25. That just works on so many levels,
and I couldn’t resist. It’s a play on all the Release Kevin
Mitnick/Dmitry Sklyarov/whoever T-shirts. Sarah Tonin, who is in jail
for being too er..ecstatic, can be released by posting bail at your
friendly neighbourhood drug dealer. Bail is set at A$35.

Saints and Sinners

There was a lot of exhibitors there, mostly adult shops, brothels
and alternative culture booths. The biggest exhibitors were and Club X. I browsed around for a while before catching
the next stage show – a Body Bitz presentation of their body moulding
thingy. It’s some sort of cement type stuff which solidifies in 45
seconds. Basically you pour the stuff into a bucket or some other
receptacle and immerse any part of your anatomy in it. It then sets and
you’ll have a mold of the said piece of anatomy. Andy from Big Brother
(Australia) was demonstrating how it works.

Andy topless, but you’ve already seen that before in Big Brother: Uncut

The mold was then auctioned off to the highest bidder. It is
supposed to be one of only two casts of her breasts. The picture didn’t
turn out too well, coz I had to take it from far back. I arrived too
late to get a good spot. However, I could take as many pictures as I
wanted coz the security is only in front.

It’s hard to get shots of the booths in crowded conditions

I walked around some more after that and got another freebie – a
video of The Making of “The Private Gladiator” by Private Gold.
Unfortunately, I don’t have a VCR, in fact, I’ve never even owned one.
Anyway, there was also a rally simulator there and it was pretty good

Not your grampa’s motion simulator

A$5 for entry and it’s a 3 minute ride in a motion simulator. It
rocks, the motions are not your standard run of the mill movements, but
really “hold on to your hats” ones. I was not expecting that and nearly
fell headfirst into the screen. Apparently, the hand holds are not just
for decoration but actually serve a function here. This thing here puts

Kages on King

There was also a lot of booths offering nude pictures with their
girls. A good place to cop a feel if you’re into that sort of thing.
The girls are pretty easy going too, within reason. Gallery
Entertainment had one where you can pose with two fully nude girls.
Club X has two, one is a topless one and the other is with a
dominatrix. Kages on King’s has the best variety of girls and most of
them are pretty hot. Not that I went to any, of course.

Being disabled doesn’t mean your sex life is over as this woman dressed only in sheer netting attests.You can check out an article from PlugLust relating to this one.

There was also a small part dedicated to health and the disabled.

I love this car, it’s made for one driver and the passenger seat is occupied by tank of N20

Anyway, there was also non-sex industry stuff on display. There was
a big car show at the back with vintage and souped up cars. There was
also an F1 boat dealer (like the ones seen in Tomorrow Never Dies).
Those cockpits are really small. I squeezed into it and felt
claustrophobic once the hatch was closed. It could barely hold me.

A different kind of sexy

There was also a light plane dealer. It costs A$16,000, which isn’t a lot considering it’s a aeroplane.

The girls were painted using body paint

The next stage show I managed to catch was a body painting competition with the girls from Kages on King.

The painters then pressed against the girls to get the imprints on their white T-shirts

There was also a shadow theatre running where two couples simulate
sex behind a piece of cloth. This was also done on a highway somewhere
a couple of days back to promote SEXPO. The police have yet to release
the road fatalities statistics from that day.

Shadow theatre. Wayang kulit never looked so good

Other interesting things of note are:

Off Ya Tree having a glass pipe making demonstration

The car show girls taking a break by going into the demostration spas

The walking dick

Crystal T’s girls. I give them best of show. Quality.

Anyway, I did manage to catch Ron Jeremy [] after all. He came in with Jacklyn Lick [] to do autographs together. Unfortunately, the other US porn star who is slated to appear – Serenity
[] did not come with them. I got a signed photo taken with
Ron and Jacklyn. The most commonly heard comments around their booth
were “that dude is a porn star??”, usually said in incredulous tones.
Heh. Ron Jeremy is one of the most recognized male porn stars in the
world, and he has 1600 (!!!) films under his belt, no pun intended.
Jacklyn looks older in real life than in her films, but she’s friendly
and eager to talk. The photo came out pretty good. I was actually
respecting her personal space and just put an arm around her, but she
pulled down her top and put my hand on her breast. For the record, I
moved it to the side, and not just because I didn’t want to obscure her
breasts from the photo, but also coz I’m in a relationship and I don’t
think my girlfriend will appreciate me posting a photo of me grabbing a
porn star’s boobs in my blog. πŸ™‚ So there you go, if you want to touch
a porn star’s boobs, go to SEXPO tomorrow, it’s the last day. Between
you and me, now there’s one less thing on my list of things to do
before I die. πŸ˜‰

Autographed photo taken with Ron Jeremy and Jacklyn Lick

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