The fish at Komplex Antarabangsa


This is a photo of the fish pond at the entrance of Komplex
Antarabangsa (next to where I work). I have been meaning to take a
photo of it ever since I realized that Kenanga International and
Komplex Antarabangsa is interconnected internally, but never got around
to doing it. I passed by today while going to the bank (and realizing
that my account balance is very low – I will not turn down any
voluntary donations ;)) to pay for my new domain registration and
hosting fees and took a photo, but unfortunately, the fishes do not
congregate the way they do in the mornings…there’s a lot more fishes
than the photo suggests.

Anyway, I have some Coldfusion + Fusebox stuff to do, so I’ll post
again tomorrow. I am pleased to announce that is going to
have a sister site, where veritas would post and I would host some of
my images (for load balancing – bandwidth bills are killing me). I
won’t reveal the domain yet, to allow it the 48 hours to propogate to
all the DNS servers, but the new site will go live on Friday! veritas
says he’s already got a good first post, so stay tuned! πŸ™‚

How I update my blog


This is the view from the break room window of my workplace. I
cannot take photos of the interior to avoid violating the non
disclosure agreement I signed.

We had a TGIF monthly meeting at my company last Friday and someone
raised the question about how I have the time to update my blog. Just
to make things clear, I DO NOT use company time to write. Since I don’t
have net access at home right now (going to Telekom now to sort that
out), I write the posts BEFORE going to work (usually at night) and do
post production on the photos then, so I just need to cut and paste and
click Publish on MT and I do that during lunch hour or in the mornings.
I have made short posts in real time though (like the cereal giveaway
one) and that just takes minutes, plus it was before working hours (I
came early). For the readers, this is only a temporary measure due to
my lack of net access, all posts will be real time (or as close to real
time as a blog can be) once I get my net connection up (probably a
couple of days, depending on how efficient Telekom Malaysia is).

I’m sorry I have been kinda neglecting the comments and daily visits
lately, my apologies, I have a lot of work to do and by the time I get
home it’s time to sleep. Anyway, that would get better once I have a
net connection, I will reply every comment and mail soon. Thanks for
your patience!

P/S – is expanding. New domain up within the week. πŸ™‚

Bangsar Pasar Malam (Night Market) @ Jalan Telawi


A couple of us headed down to Bangsar pasar malam last night to get
some fresh produce. It’s only open on Sundays from what I heard from
Richard, unlike Sibu pasar malams which are open every day of the week.
Anyway, we had dinner at the place right in front of the pasar malam
before heading in. I saw this perfect roti tissue while walking in, so
I ordered that but unfortunately, there seems to be two roti canai
stalls because my roti tisu was quite dismal:

One of the less aesthetically pleasing roti tisu’s around.

Anyway, I didn’t finish that one, don’t really see the appeal in
roti tisu since it’s just a roti canai. Shaped like a hat. I got
another roti pisang to eat, that was great, I like eating roti pisang
without the curries, coz it’s sweet by itself.

Roti pisang (with bananas inside).

Well, after that we walked around the pasar malam to get some
vegetables and other stuff for cooking. Here are the photos of the
Bangsar pasar malam at Jalan Telawi photo shoot:





Fresh vegetables!

Shin Kee Beef Noodles Specialist @ Petaling Street


We went to this place after mass on Sunday for their beef noodles.
It’s called Shin Kee and it’s supposed to be famous for their beef
noodles. The location is somewhere around Jalan Petaling, it’s within
walking distance of Kota Raya. Anyway, I had the dried beef noodles and
I thought it was alright, but I’ve had better in Sibu. Remember the old
Chopsticks in town (not the new one in Pedada)? Yeah, those beef
noodles were the best I’ve ever had. πŸ™‚


Anyway, back to Shin Kee, you can ask for a mix instead of pure
noodles eg noodles and hor fun or noodles and rice vermicelli and so
on. I just had the pure noodles one. It came with some concentrated
beef sauce (with beef meat) on top of the noodles and a bowl of soup
with beef pieces (cooked just right, slightly on the rare side), beef
stomach (there’s another word for this, but the term escapes me right
now), and fish balls. The soup was bland compared to the beef noodles
in soup.

Here’s what the beef noodles with soup looks like:


The soup is much tastier than the dry beef noodle’s soup.


This is a photo of the cooking area – the place is clean and looks new, a nice place to eat and the beef noodles are good too.

(KL, Malaysia) “Ecstasy” (feng tau) pill report: Pink Penguin

This is a veritas [] post.

Heavily sharpened photo of the Pink Penguin imprint.

“Ecstasy” Pill Name: Pink Penguin
Circa: September 2003
Pill Color: Pink
Pill Description: Pink pill with beveled edges on both sides and
no score. The pink seems to be a coating, the insides of the pill is
white. The imprint is shallow, not impressive.
Tested: No. Don’t have reagents here.
Suspected Contents: Ketamine and other stuff (see below).

Original photo of the pill.

I will not go into details regarding the aquisition of this pill –
it doesn’t seem to be a good idea, so let’s just skim over the details
and get on with the review. I paid RM 50 for this “Ecstasy” pill – I
asked for a feng tau pill and the guy didn’t have it, he only has
Erimin 5 pills for RM 20 (horrible price) but he will call someone who
has pills to come over, and it’s RM 50. It’s not the price I’m used to
paying. This is expensive, due to the location of the transaction, but
I thought wtf, I haven’t done a pill review in ages, so why not?

What is it about dealers here putting stuff in cigarettes? It’s so bleeding obvious…

Anyway, I passed him RM 50 and he said come back in 5 minutes. I was
wary of being ripped off, but I have er…surveyed the area for a while
and he seems to be a permanant fixture of the place and he wasn’t going
anywhere (runner gets the pill) so I decided to give it a go, haven’t
been ripped off here before anyway. Well, I went to the toilets and
came back in three minutes…I made eye contact and he pointed to an
empty cigarette pack conveniently located an arms length away from
where he was sitting, so I picked it up and checked – yes, there is a
pill inside.

Pill inside the cigarette pack.

Well, I went to a public toilet to study the pill (I like imprints)
and the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the (shabby) pill
imprint was that it’s a cockroach or some other bug. I looked at it
from all possible sides and the best I could think of is Pink Penguin.
A pink penguin smoking a pipe (or using a walking stick). Runner ups
are Pink Golf Bag (not very catchy), Pink Archer, Pink Ninja (well if
you look at it real hard and squint) and Pink Singer (the long pipe
beig the mike and the main shape the person).

Pink Penguin front view.

I did not ask about the pill name, does anyone know what these are
called in KL? It was obviously made by a chemist with an interest in
abstract art because it isn’t a word (eg ‘CU’, ‘Tp’, ‘AK47’) nor a
readily identifiable image (eg dove, nike swoosh, clogs). Anyway, I
crunched up the pill on an empty stomach and recognized the taste –
that salty, tangy ketamine taste that makes people retch. πŸ˜‰ Ah, wasted
lah, if I knew it was ketamine I would have crushed and insufflated it.

Pink Penguin back view.

Anyway, the pill hit me SURPRISINGLY fast! Within the minute, I was
feeling an acute sense of vertigo and there were visual characteristics
consistant with ketamine (world moving faster than you etc). Now this
is the most disturbing part…within 3 minutes my whole tongue burned,
started tingling and turned numb. Next thing I knew, my throat was
closing up on me and I had to struggle to breathe! Wtf? I was worried
about this for 30 seconds, until the throat constriction passed and I
could breath again (albeit through a swollen tongue and throat – or so
it seems). Very smart ar, want to make your pills Very kick hor!

Outlined the imprint for better visibility.

I wonder what did the chemist cut it with…possibly novacaine or
another similar compound coz the tingling and numbness was really
intense with a rapid onset. It could be anything for all I know, just
watch out for this effect and stay away if you don’t want any unknown
tangibles in your pills. Anyway, the tingling, burning sensation and
throat constriction lasted about 30 minutes. From my experiences with
ketamine, methamphetamine and MDMA, this seems to be a ketamine pill,
possibly with a bit of caffeine inside as well, but no
(meth)amphetamine that’s for sure. It is definately not an MDMA pill. πŸ™‚

Well this was what I wrote while under the influence (transcribed with errors intact):

Numbness in extmemities
k space
very blur
ketamine – dnno wats going on
lost the plot
fucking bizzare
people are strange
i stepped into alice in wonderland
eat me
not a k hole dose obvously since i,m out in public and can scribble this

The effects were consistant with ketamine – rapid onset and fast
peak with effects tapering off at the 1 hour point. I don’t know how
much Special K (not the cereal) this pill has, but it’s fairly ok,
would have been good to insufflate this. I was able to maintain a level
of sobriety (or at least I think I did :)) in public and respond to
stimuli. Conversation is very possible, though not complex ones. Peak
felt great, visual distortions – the tunnel vision that I get on
ketamine. Perhaps I didn’t behave properly as I remember laughing out
loud at the peak. πŸ˜‰

Sealed – for your convenience. πŸ˜‰

Don’t expect to get K-holed by one of these, but snort a couple in
quick succession and you might get near the line dose. It’s a fairly
good pill but I wouldn’t pay RM 50 for a ketamine pill. I experienced a
full return to baseline after T+ 2.

Next up: veritas’s guide to taking photos in public – Chapter
1: Managing unsanitary conditions (eg public toilets) while maintaining
a reasonable level of sterility. πŸ˜‰

BTW, I used a card as the base and then a white receipt as the
background. Both were flushed after the session. Needless to say if you
drop the pill on the floor, forget about it, consider it gone.

Hmm…I might try one of those Erimin’s he’s selling, could be something interesting.

This is the last post I make on I will be moving to
another domain soon to provide a clear distinction between the
different posts.

Disclaimer: I am a guest author on and I’m not
related to the main author in any way. I am NOT the owner of this
domain or the main author. The owner of is not legally
responsible for the posts made by any guest authors but retains full
distribution and ownership rights regarding posts made by its guest
author(s) as intellectual property.

Photos of Jalan Sultan Ismail – Jalan P. Ramlee – Suria KLCC – Bangsar

Here are photos of my trip back from work. I took these set of
photos yesterday coz I left the office at 7 pm which is early (I left
at 9 pm the day before) and still bright so I decided to take photos of
the route I use to get home:


This is what it looks like when I step out of the building I work in. The KL Monorail currently only runs limited hours.


Walking down the street – it’s Fitness First. There’s always some sort of program going on.


This is Warp Disco, I hear it’s the place to be if you don’t
like pretentious “trance” clubs. πŸ˜‰ It’s just a 3 minute walk from my
work place. Kananga International is just beside and interconnected to
Komplex Antarabangsa if that helps.


Walking into the intersection, there’s this mysterious metallic structure.


This is the intersection of Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan P.Ramlee, where there’s a string of entertainment venues.


The metallic structure is Nouvo – it’s the sister club of Salt (Melbourne) if you’re wondering what kind of club it is.


Next up is Chakri White House.


Modestos and Bar Ibiza is opposite it.


After that, it’s Suria KLCC – the shopping mall beside the Petronas Twin Towers (tallest building in the world as of now). You can catch a glimpse of the girth of the twin towers beside it.


Walking through Suria KLCC to the KLCC Putra LRT station.


Still walking…


It’s straight down the left of the main entrance. Head right into the station.


Here’s the ticket vending machines.


This is the train pulling into the KLCC station. It runs once every 7 minutes.


I get down at Bangsar LRT station.


and take the Ecstasy bus home. Triton 02. It’s a yellow tablet with
a smiley face imprint. Didn’t test out as anything with Marquis or
Simons. Suspect bunk, but when I take it, it brings me where I want to
go. Home, that is. Enough stupid jokes, I’m going back to work, I have
to stay back tonight to finish up a project that’s going live on
Monday. By the way, I don’t have time to apply for a phone line and an
ADSL connection at home yet due to my work hours, so I won’t be posting
until Monday. Please don’t refresh during the weekends ok? πŸ™‚

Nestle Fitness Promotional Giveaway @ Kenanga International, KL


I saw this Nestle Fitness cereal promotion going on at the ground
floor of Kenanga International (office building where I work) when I
came in this morning. There were two girls giving away cereal – got
them to pose for a photo, my apologies for the quality – I used force
flash to avoid motion blur.


The cereal they were giving out for free – Nestle Fitness and a
“Save RM 1.00 with a purchase of Nestle Fitness, Nestle Almond Clusters
or Nestle Banana-Nut Clusters” coupon.


Here’s a close up of the Nestle Fitness cereal.


I ate it with Horlicks, couldn’t find milk in the office kitchen.
What does it taste like? Cornflakes, but then everything tastes like
cornflakes to me.

Thanks for the comments on my piece of art in the previous post. πŸ˜‰ I have to start work now, will reply later ya.

Best photo for lunch hour viewing!


It just makes your lunch all the more tastier doesn’t it? I’m
feeling so hungry right now after taking this photo, I really have to
run down to the food court and get something to eat. I’ll reply the
comments when I get back, this photo from the Ground Floor male toilets
of Kenanga International is really whetting my appetite!

Digi MMS Roadshow Performance 2003 @ KL Plaza


There was a Digi MMS Roadshow event going on at KL Plaza last week.
I happened to be there because I wanted to get a new SIM card. I
managed to catch the 7:10 pm dance performance on the outdoor stage at
7:10 pm. It was a roadshow to promote Multimedia Messaging Service
(MMS) capabilities, organized by Digi. Here’s the photos of the
performance on the 29th of August 2003:








The event has a Hitz FM DJ (didn’t catch his name, don’t listen to
radio) and an assistant giving out free showbags. I still remember the
starting phrase he made “I hope you enjoyed that performance…it seems
like one of the girls had a little too much to eat for dinner though.”
Even though it was made in jest, that girl looked plenty pissed when
she walked off stage, too bad I was taking a photos of the crowd so I
didn’t get that.


He said I probably only wanted a photo of his assistant. Heh.

Anyway, the DJ asked the crowd who wanted a showbag and no one said
anything or moved so I said I’ll have one since I was just in front of
the stage taking photos while the others were standing a respectful
distance behind. πŸ˜‰ I got the DJ and his assistant to pose for me while
I was at it too. Anyway, they just gave it to me but the other people
who came up after me had to answer questions or do stuff.


I didn’t stay on to see what happened after that, but here’s the contents of the show bag:

1 x Digi travelling bag
1 x Digi metal coin container (piggy bank?)
1 x Digi pen with neck strap
1 x Digi MMS promotional brochure

Here’s a photo for reading till the end:


A place of my own in KL


I’ve moved into my new room today – it’s the first of the month and
the previous guy moved out this morning while I was getting a mattress,
a chair and other very bulky stuff at Carrefour in Mid Valley Megamall.
I’m heading over to Richard’s (whom I’ve been living in for the past
week) with my gf for dinner. I would be bringing a 2000 Corbieres (I
don’t earn that much a month you know :p) and then I’ll be hitting the
sack when I get back. I will update again tomorrow and reply all the
comments. My apologies, moving is always a hassle and tiring.


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